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“A violent, hours-long operation in a Paris suburb ended Wednesday with two suspected terrorists dead, seven detained, new attacks potentially thwarted and further proof, according to French President Francois Hollande, that his country is ‘at war’ with ISIS,” reports. Which is why Hollande still wants to extend France’s post-Parisian terrorist attack state of emergency by three months. Hollande admits that the state of emergency restricts “certain liberties” (i.e., removing the need for a search warrant or the requirement of formal charges for detaining citizens) but insists . . .

that the new law will give France the means to re-establish citizens’ liberty. Meanwhile, it’s not yet known if terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud was among those killed or captured. reports that “A woman detonated a suicide vest as the apartment was stormed, according to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office. It was not immediately clear how the second person died. Five police officers and a passerby were injured during the incident. A police dog named Diesel was also killed.”


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  1. Suspending rights to reestablish liberty.
    I swear I’ve heard that somewhere before. Oh yeah, freedom is slavery.

    • That stood out for me as well. We must destroy liberty to save it. Sounds like the guillotine might need some oil.

    • More proof that political correctness (in this case, letting all those “refugees” flood in) is a sure, if not always direct, route to tyranny.

    • This is exactly what came to my mind when I read it. Re-establishing liberty by taking people’s rights away? Re-establishing liberty or re-establishing their illusion of safety? Hollande seems to be confused on the difference.

    • No kidding!

      This smacks of Hollande and the French security establishment just trying to show they are “doing something.” Playing to the progressive dimbulb gallery full tilt: “Evil masterminds, women sitting around the kitchen table with bomb belts ready to explode at a minutes notice, mean mastermind killing poor fido……But the Government made us all safe again!!” Vive La Nonsense!

    • And that’s the result of “tolerance” of Muslims. The pinheads in charge of western governments are willing to sacrifice the rights of everyone on the altar of political correctness, all so we don’t offend a bunch of people who, in the past, proved to be among the most offensive people in history.

      • Sorry, that’s the result of tolerance of involuntary government. The idea that any such government has legitimate authority to decide who should be allowed to live.

        • Nailed it, ML. The march towards a police state has been going on for much longer than anyone has been worried about offending Muslims.

        • + An awful lot!

          Muslims will become a bigger threat than governments, only once their superior fertility allows them to become the government. Until then, they’ll remain, at most, threat number very distant 2.

    • Well that explains the big O’s hard on for Syrian ‘refugees’. Once they start killing Americans he can launch that police state he’s been coveting for so long.

    • By design. The last thing the gov wants is would-be terrorists getting put down by regular folk with guns.
      From the perspective of a petty tyrant only good things come from inviting tens of thousands blood lusting jihadis into the country while simultaneously binding the hands of the citizens who already live here.
      You’ll be frightened, disarmed, emasculated and curled up fetal begging for me and my cronies to take full control.

      • And when they are made citizens – they’ll vote democratic! More voters for the democratic base. That is why they want them. They don’t care if they commit terrorist activities or not – if they do, they will just use it as fuel for more gun control legislation.

    • Already CT Gov. Malloy has enacted “commonsense” gun safety legislation, all that need be done before the IS infiltrators are welcomed to CT is to enact “commonsense” suicide vest safety legislation. /sarc

    • Yes, Americans will never stand for police searching homes without warrants *cough*Boston bombing*cough*, or indefinite imprisonment without charges, warrantless wiretaps, “sneak and peek” warrants, or other abuses of their civil and human rights.

      • While I agree what happened in Boston was BS, it was the result of the average Americans’ programming to let police do whatever is necessary to catch the “bad guys”

        You can perhaps get away with this in a specific locale in the immediate wake of a terrorist attack. Expanding it to a nationwide operation of firearms confiscation on orders of the president is not even close to being the same thing, and the majority of gun owners would not allow it.

        Then you have the “how do your guns work on jets or tanks” crowd. As far fetched as that scenario is – by the point that the government is bombing residences and deploying armor into neighborhoods, the civil war has already begun, and the government has already likely lost.

      • Probably the AC-556 version. I think those were Beretta PM-12 sub guns a bit later.
        It must suck that your own country doesn’t make a gun your elite units can carry.

        • That’s because the positions of the selector switch on a french made gun is: safe, retreat, and surrender

    • A-ha, Mini-14s! That explains why they fired 5000 rounds* and only hit two bad guys…

      * I heard that number from a reporter on the radio, so take with as much salt as necessary.

    • Police officers are not “good guys”. They are much better than that. They are the ‘authorized’ guys.

  2. If Liberals have their way, Cops will be trading in their guns and fearlessly storming terrorists strongholds with flowers.

    • Nah, liberals seem to have no problem with agents of the state being armed to the teeth (unless they shoot a black person). They just don’t want regular Joes to have guns.

    • That reminds me of the pathetic attempt by a French father lying to his child that flowers and candles will protect them from bad men with guns (on CBS World News last night). It made the little boy “feel better” and made me sick to my stomach.

  3. “Hollande admits that the state of emergency restricts “certain liberties” (i.e., removing the need for a search warrant or the requirement of formal charges for detaining citizens) ”

    Coming soon to an America near you…

  4. Cognitive dissonance continues to run amok in France, despite the grim horrors of the recent Paris attacks by Islamic State creepos, as President Hollande recently announced that his nation will allow hordes of Syrian “refugees” asylum.

  5. Nice trigger discipline at least, although I have to smile at the one guy using the other guy as his shield.

  6. Ruger must be loving all the publicity:

  7. Peace and safety! And the whole world wondered after the Beast…yeah it’s coming here. Just watched Assault on the 2nd narrated by Ice Tea-imagine Katrina only 1000 times larger-Molan Labe…

  8. I doubt if this is really accurate, but USA Today said an estimated 5,000 rounds were fired in that incident. But what ever the real round count, suffice it to say that they fired a excrement-load to kill two terrorists. I think the NYPD has been usurped as the “spray and pray” champions of the world.

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