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“I’ve never seen a piece of legislation that tramples on so many court decisions,” Todd Vandermyde told The NRA’s man-on-the-spot told TTAG he was “cautiously optimistic” that enough State Senators would vote against HB1263 and HB815 to defeat the profoundly unconstitutional legislation, should the bills make it to the floor. “Gun owners have answered the clarion call,” Todd said. “I’ve got irate secretaries who can’t get anything done because the phone’s ringing off the hook.” Vandermyde advises gun owners to keep up the pressure. The bills are in Executive Committee this morning for more amendments. “The Senate adjourns tomorrow (Friday), but they could cancel that because there’s not enough work. In that case, it’s high noon today.” Meanwhile, ArmaLite has threatened to move if the laws are enacted. As well they might.

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  1. One can only hope…

    That being said, Illinois’ politicians are making that state the laughingstock of the nation..

  2. Why does the URL of this post say “other states lining up to follow”? The story doesn’t mention it…

  3. I hope the NRA is correct, and that this little gem of a bill becomes nothing more than a tool to be used in the next election cycle, “I voted for your safety by trying to ban these evil guns and the other guy didn’t, so re-elect me”. Sad that a lot of proposed legislation is done solely for that reason.

    • Indeed — he demonstrates the willingness to take immediate action in the face of [insert-crisis-here].

  4. Armalite should move to a southern state like, oh, South Carolina, where we have a triving arms business. Come south young man, come south. 🙂

      • Jesse, I made a mistake coming to Memphis from Connecticut but still the people are very welcoming out here. In the words of the anmouncer guy from The Price is Right, “come on down!”

    • I live in Orangeburg and I know that the state would gladly welcome all arms makers and anyone that loves this great country and the Constitution. South Carolina is a wonderful state in which to live.

  5. Have you ever noticed that every one of these gun ban bills reads exactly like pages for 80s action movies? I think I figured out the sole source of these politicians’ gun education.

    • Look at the timing of the ban on “cop killer” bullets and “porcelain guns that don’t show up on xray” and when those items showed up in movies. Copkiller bullets in Lethal weapon 3, and “porcelain guns” in Die Hard 2. Tragically, it looks like you’re 100% right.

  6. This is also what Todd and a couple of others have told me. I’m cautious about reporting it, because I don’t want anyone to get complacent.

    We SEEM to be turning this thing around THANKS TO tens of thousands of phone calls and lots of emails.

    Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote this morning at

    What’s gotten into Illinois gun grabbers to spark their orgy of action?

    Well, the hysteria from the Connecticut massacre gave them the impetus for this, combined with the fact they know they are going to get bent over the barrel with regard to right-to-carry here in Illinois this spring – and they want a consolation prize for losing the last state in America to right-to-carry.

    This is also serving as a test bed for Bloomberg and his friends at the national level, and if their freedom-hating leftist allies can pass sweeping gun and/or magazine bans and range-killing legislation in Illinois, using legerdemain as needed, they will take this template to other states to enact similar legislation.

    The only problem is that Illinois has a fairly-well organized gun rights community, with two of the nation’s largest gun rights organizations in the state, along with a full-time NRA contract lobbyist. Gun rights in Illinois aren’t a Democrat vs. Republican issue, but rather a Chicago leftist Democrat vs. Republicans and moderate Democrats outside of Cook County. (With notable exceptions of the borderline communist representatives from Champaign and East St. Louis.)

    So far, it’s looked “easy” for the freedom-hating folks who would rob you of the means with which to protect your home and family from criminals. Rest assured, it’s going to get a lot tougher for them when these measures come up for a senate-wide vote.

  7. question:
    does it help for out-of-staters like myself to call/fax/email?

    and, how, if so? won’t those folks simply ignore?


    • jmk, a lot of campaign money comes from out of state. In some districts throughout the US, most of the money comes from out of state. So yes, out of state comments are important.

      • So how and who do we contact to voice opposition? I will voice my complaint ASAP, when I know just whose ear to chew on.

    • How’s it help?

      It makes their staff’s life a miserable, living hell as the ancient Chinese telephone ringing torture continues unabated, non-stop, all day.

      It’s so bad they have to use their personal cell phones to call out kinda bad.

      Mess with gun rights and your life becomes miserable.

      Call. Call right now.

      Need numbers? There’s plenty of morons on our Senate, but here’s two for the ringleaders:
      Sen President Cullerton office (217) 782-2728.
      Sen Dan Kotowski office (217) 782-3875

    • They ignore signals but count totals. So if they start getting 1000’s of calls, letters, and emails they care. Note one important thing. Letters count more the phone calls. Phone calls count more then emails. Everything counts more then nothing.


  8. If it wasn’t for TTAG, I wouldn’t have known about this. Thank you so much! Here in Chicago, I haven’t heard a peep about this. The only legislative item I’ve been hearing about on the radio is some gay marriage law. Which if you think about it, grants a “right” to a ultra tiny number of people, yet these gun grabber laws strip a Constitutional right from millions.

    OT, Here’s some insanity due to our super awesome state’s attorney: – time to make more than 10 gals of gasoline illegal.

    Oh, and we’re up to 5 homicides so far this year. Go team!

  9. If you didn’t hate Illinois politicians enough – just MINUTES after the initial alert from the ISRA – the “find your legislator” website function was mysteriously disabled; forcing people to call the Illinois State Board of Elections to find out who their rep/senator is.

    Fucking scum.

  10. The Chicago machine is constantly and consistently proving that they DGAF what the supremes say – they’re going to propose and pass whatever legislation they see fit. So what if it gets knocked down in court later. It isn’t costing *them* a single dime. And they’ll gladly come up with some other version of a ban. Cause guns are bad, and the more illegal they are, the less likely it is that criminals will get and use them, right?

  11. this could set a precedent. If it were to get struck down, and they can’t do it in a state like IL…..well then………..hopefully the fed gov will reconsider their plans.
    i’m not holding my breath though.

    • I would love to see what happens when the get shot down at a national/federal level. I mean after three shootings and what seems to be a majority US population against new laws, not to wish harm on anyone but I think losing this battle will cause DiFi to sucumb to her old age.

  12. People like Cullerton & Kotowski need to be removed from office and tried in court for treason & complete and utter dereliction of duty. When an *elected official* feels the need to trample the rights of the people into the dirt, they are wasting taxpayer money that this bankrupt state can’t afford to waste. It is gross negligence and they should be removed from office at once.

  13. Somewhat off subject but not. Why do major gun manufacturers remain in anti gun states? As a Connecticut native I would love to own a Colt and can understand wanting to maintain their history, but arent these manufacturers kind of hurting our/their cause by staying in places that would be more than happy if they just FOAD?

    • 1) Inertia. Costs money and effort to move, and it means disrupting sales. 2) leverage. There’d be little to stop anti-gun politicians to ban manufacturing of firearms in their states once all the factories are gone. Not that banning a type of business that is directly associated with an enumerated right would pass muster, I don’t know. Or the small amount of influence they might exert on national political figures on the anti-gun side.

      • I have to agree. In order to really move right you need to spin up the second plant prior to moving. So it means a lot of capital investment.

  14. Hope they are right. I feel too this ban is so radical they might die. Lets pray and for your Illinoisans call!

  15. From….Illinois senate democrats say….

    “It is clear that we will need bipartisan support in order to take floor votes on gun safety … this week. We will take some time to work on these important issues to advance them in the near ”

    I hope near future means never!!

  16. Barrack Houssen Obama is going to be the man responsible for the collapse of the united states of America. His and Feinstein plan to disarm every citizen of gun ownership is suicide. How will we protect ourselves and children when the terrorists that live in the US say “its time”. And they start the war on our grounds. I think every American citizen knows it will happen sooner or later. The military and police force is not enough. This will make us very weak and vulnirable. Countries are probably laughing at us right now just waiting. It is scary. I for one, do not trust Obama or any other government orginization because to them we are just sheep in their farm. He needs to do make some REAL changes and start getting us out of debt by starting a mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients. Then watch the riots as the poor and lazy fight for their free money that is making America the weakest country.

    • Al Jezirra just bought a TV station from Al Gore no less to get their word out in the US… You know like telling sleepers it is time lol

  17. They and every other gun manufacturer in anti-gun states should move. The pro-gun states won’t waste their time by trying to ban their products and they’d welcome the jobs.

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