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The New York Senate has just approved the new gun bill that bans a wide range of semi-automatic firearms (like most of them), limits all magazines to seven rounds and removes the grandfather clause on “high capacity” magazines. Empire State Senate Republicans said they wouldn’t block the bill. And so they didn’t. The New York Times reports that “the state Senate, controlled by a coalition of Republicans and a handful of Democrats, approved the legislative package around 11 p.m. by a vote of 43 to 18. The Assembly, controlled by Democrats, has been strongly supportive of gun control. It planned to vote on the measure on Tuesday.” After which the bill will head to the Governor to sign. Which he will. Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts will no doubt pass similar legislation, despite its unconstitutionality. More news as it breaks . . .

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  1. I know they’re Yankees, but I’d have expected SOME of those Republicans to have backbone. Yet anothe reason to never visit that place.

    • Being a Yankee living in the South for the past 9 years, I won’t take offense…. 🙂

      Seriously, though, did anyone else catch this:

      “Ammunition magazines would be restricted to seven bullets, from the current 10, and current owners of higher-capacity magazines would have a year to sell them out of state.”

      Not only does this render most existing magazines illegal, but what a way to push your problems on other states. (Though this could open up a brief but lucrative market.)

    • Howdy, It’s done, over, finis, good as law.

      It has to pass the assembly, but they have a 51-seat lead over Republicans. (Not 51/49 – but 100 to 49).

      Expect other states to be emboldened and follow suit. MA, NJ, MD, CA, CT, DE definitely. I worry about CO, but let’s hope they maintain sanity.

        • It’s days like this I’m grateful I live in Washington (Not D.C.). That being said, if the gun rights movement doesn’t get it’s sh!t together and make a move to stop these unconstitutional laws before they pass, the White House will make a poor decision and it won’t be a matter of moving to another state – more like another country, like Switzerland, or Israel.

        • WA_2A, I completely agree, but we’ve got fights here too. There are going to be gun ban bills introduced and we’re going to have to work to keep our rights.

        • Robert, you can turn tail and run, but you can’t hide. I know that discretion is sometimes the better part of valor, and that sometimes a tactical retreat is necessary to stay in the fight, but if all of the so-called patriots just made splits-ville for their own private Idaho, don’t you think that ceding all of that territory to the blue state/statist pinkos of this country would allow their cancer to metastasize further, beyond the hope of any cure?

          These patently unconstitutional measures being hatched in New York and elsewhere will be fought in the courts. New York’s latest volley will probably be hit by an injunction to stay the legislation the day Governor Cuomo affixes his signature. What we need to do is remain steadfast, tool up, build a strong team of dedicated, well resourced litigators to fight these bastards every step of the way. If every freaked out panic buyer that just ran up his credit card to the limit to get his hands on an AR had put a couple of hundred bucks aside to support a legal defense fund for the 2A, would we even be here right now?

          I’ll leave you with a few words to reflect upon while you pack your bags. Harsh? Yes, but there you have it. Embrace the suck, that’s what I’m going to do. I, for one, am staying right here in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts to join the battle and fight, through the jury box, the soap box and the ballot box, for now anyway.

          “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” – Letter to John Pitts, January 21, 1776

          “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom – go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” – Speech at the State House, Philadelphia, August 1, 1776

          Their swords and every terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of Americans. The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments but where, I trust in God, it will always remain, in the hands of the people. Tench Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

        • Your are welcome to come to Idaho. Sun Valley is a great area to live or have a house. You can always move your supplies here and keep them. Good luck!

  2. let’s see the crime rate rise and have the libs be proven wrong. pretty much the only hope NY has now

    • You’re joking right? Liberals are impervious to logic–the only things they care about are power & control.

      • Exhibit A: Rahm Emmanuel going to Washington this week to push gun control.

        Because it’s working so well in Chicago?

    • Liberals don’t care about crimes against the poor. The purpose of gun control is to eliminate resistance to government and prevent crimes against the rich.

  3. We need a reinforced republican voting block in Va. I’ll help any NY residents to locate property in the commonwealth.

  4. That is absolutely disgusting. If these ideas had any merit you would see a Navy Seal, Secret Service Agent, or competition shooter leading by example. Rights and freedoms are going fast. Don’t give up your gear – you might not ever see it again.

    • Not sure I follow – are you talking about the 7-round limit?

      Yeah, that would work really well in the Secret Service P90 submachine guns.

  5. I hope the constituents of these Republican representatives respond with their vote and vote them all out of office.

    • So who are they going to vote for? The democrats or the other republicans who wouldnt do anything either?

      • Exactly, people who put all this faith in the GOP are going to be very sad. You have to draw a line and say ‘No more’ regardless who is violating your morals. More often than not for Republicans it will be Republican politicians. Wake up to the reality that it’s politicians vs. the people, not the false duopoly of (D) vs (R), blue vs. red, left vs right.

        • Ralph When was the last time you went to a republican caucus or meeting. I went and found out it is easy to take charge and run your local republican committee! Take charge of the Republican party in you local area this is where we can all make a difference! Get off your duff and do it. We can take back our country.

  6. Is it possible that these dumb ass republicans let this go in hopes of a legal challenge that might set precedent? No way can this be constitutional!

  7. I don’t see how this is even remotely constitutional. Seems some elected officials in NY state need to put down the vagisil and grow a friggin pair PDQ.

  8. Little by little America falls. Will someone please go tell the criminals and gang bangers they have to change out their mags please. I would hate for them to be caught unaware while they are robbing and looting.

  9. My state senator voted nay, thank God… but it doesn’t count for much. I specifically called the majority leader, Skelos, this evening telling him DO NOT COMPROMISE. And what did he do? He compromised.

    The fight is over, we tried. I’m moving.

  10. Absolutely disgusting…didn’t think any state could be worse than CA. Makes me worry what’s in store for the west coast. NO WAY this is constitutional.

  11. Okay, I have had a few beers so maybe I am not reading this right. A 7 rnd magazine limit and no grandfathering? Seven?

    • You read it right.

      Also laws in there about how many “assault firearms” you may own, registered or not.

      Oh- and you can keep your 10 round mags; just don’t load them past seven.

      Seriously. Like a spree killer is gonna go “Damn, I want to put 10 rounds in this 10 round mag, but…”

    • Yes seven. Because with an eight round magazine you could slaughter an entire town. But not with seven.

    • The grandfathering is removed, but I don’t see the limitation to seven rounds at all. Not that 10 is better. Oh well, one less state to visit.

  12. I have, unfortunately, read the bill several times and can find no mention of the seven (7) round magazine capacity limitation. It mentions a limitation of (10) ten rounds multiple times, but I simply don’t see seven. Point me to the paragraph, if you would be so kind.

    If accurate; why such an odd number (literally and figuratively)? Seven? Plenty of ten-blocked mags out there. Why force a new and potentially custom made mag block and spring?

  13. This is 10 shades of ugliness. Hows about a big FU to the NY Senate. You should all be unemployed like so many of the rest of your fellow countrymen and women.

  14. I want to climb aboard a small space ship (with my guns) and head out for an unexplored section of the galaxy.

      • if all the republicans leave new york then what happens to the 29 electoral votes in 2016? might as well just start looking for the next Democrat President.

        • When was the last time the Republican nominee won New York? Reagan?

          Not much point in chasing those votes.

        • Hahahahaha. Thats pretty funny. NY is about as blue as you can get, besides maybe CA. I dont see NYS going red in the foreseeable future anyway. Do yourself a favor and get out now.

        • Can’t win a red in NY anyway so does it really matter if all the republicans move or not? Just a statemant not an attack.

        • Actually,

          If the population of the crazy states keeps diminishing, so will the number of electoral votes they control.

  15. This is exactly why everybody needs to understand that the Republicans are not our friends. They are just as corrupt as the Democrats. The country has to get over the left vs. right paradigm. BOTH parties out to take away our Liberty.

    • THANK YOU!! I have posted the same facts on this site a billion times. If this does not prove to EVERYONE here that “Democrat” and “Republican” are just meaningless labels politicians use to con us then I don’t know what will.

      Here’s a fact many overlook. Look up “Democide” that is a term used to describe the mass murders, by governments, of their own people. Last century, over 200 million. That does not include wars, or criminals. Guess what? U.S. has some interesting history in that regard.

    • I’ve said that a few times, however, which party is not intimidated by an armed populace? I’ll throw up in my shoes, but that is the end of my voting dem nationally, I already vote repub locally, Randy

  16. 7 round limit when they already had 10 (which is what they are hoping to get at the Federal level). As if we needed further evidence, but it’s loud and clear: What do the grabbers want? MORE. I guess people will step up and make 7 round mags for many guns, but until then I guess alot of owners are out of luck. Where the hell did they come up with 7, anyway.

      • As issued and designed the 1911 of JMB came standard with a 7 round mag. And millions of .30-30, the all American deer rifle had a 7 round capacity. 6+1. And hunting shotguns normally hold fewer than 7.

        It’s a calculated attempt to seperate “traditional” hunters from the “crazy preppers” and their evil black rifles.

    • very simple, most 1911 mags hold 8, so 7 makes even those illegal. they’re not stupid, they went after every gun. God bless S&W and their 8 shot 357 revolvers.

  17. Ugh. Opening shots of the war, and we just lost NY. Not that there was much chance we could hold the line, but it would’ve been huge to see them stumble.
    I sure as hell hope to see Kimber, Bushmaster, and any other NY-state based gun companies pull up their stakes and leave. Tax money is the only thing these assholes understand, and even that’s only when they’re not getting yours.

      • Exactly, in every contact I’ve had with Cuomo and various state legislators I’ve said that NY gun laws are *too* strict already and I actually want them rolled back, not tightened.

    • They should come down to SC, right to work state, better distribution to free states and hopefully our bill to allow anything made, sold and kept in state will be exempt from federal law will pass.

  18. Nick,

    I spoke with RF earlier on the telephone. We are already mounting a challenge to the law. The seven rounds limit is an unconstitutional, ex post facto law. I sent all of the information, including my contact information to the contact address on this page.

    • Good luck to you, sir. I’m going to see if I can get some Firearms Policy Coalition volunteer work this weekend when I’m off. These gun control laws are getting beyond ridiculous.

    • I wonder if Second Amendment Foundation will be making an appearance? It might be time to test SCOTUS’ idea of “reasonable” regulation in regards to the Second Amendment.

  19. What are we supposed to do when the democrats we didn’t vote for are shoving this stuff down our throats and the republicans we did vote for are stabbing us in the back?

  20. Lets make things clear about NY. I keep hearing how NY did it to themselves by voting these goons in. The truth is that NYC is half the state population and is overrun by lazy ass well fare loving SOBs that elect those that give the handouts. That’s why these people control the state. Period.

  21. Like Ive been saying on every post about NY, IL, CT, etc. Gun owners need to get out while the getting is good. Take your tax dollars and gun business to states that dont actively try to make you a felon at every turn. These are dark days we live in for freedom.

  22. New York City and Albany are the problem. They are clearly detached from the rest of the state. I didn’t vote for these a$$hat clowns. Now they are dictating what firearms I am allowed to own. I don’t know what I can do now. I wrote and wrote, but my letters were read by blind eyes.

    • I really do feel for you and other New Yorkers like you, Steve. I live in a very pro-gun state, but even so, it’s a different story when you go into our biggest cities. I am reminded of one of Don Colacho’s aphorisms:

      It is not just that human trash accumulates in cities—it is that cities turn what accumulates in them into trash.

  23. This is tyranny, folks. Don’t think this cancer won’t spread from the deep blue states out to middle America if we do not fight hard and fight smart. These closed-door deals will continue, just like Biden has not made his “suggestions” to the President public. Keep fighting. Call your Congressman, your senators, and your state representatives.

  24. I’m thankful I don’t live in NY. At this point with all the bills and laws our elected officials are passing I think I would rather be fighting the Zombies!

  25. The text of the law seems to indicate that you can have a 10 round magazine but can only load it with 7 rounds. Who could possibly think that this would save any life, but the life of a criminal?

  26. This worries me. It will may be one State at a time. We need to support the gun owners of NY even if we don’t live in the State. I don’t know exactly what to do, but we have to discuss ways to help. Hopefully the NRA will take this to the great court.

    My biggest fear is people will just give in and give up.

    • You raise a good point. Where is the NRA? Have they simply given up on NY state legislative action?

      Seems like the NRA should have been there to flog some backbone into the NYS GOP.

      • The NRA has been part of the problem. NRA helped to pass some of the worst gun laws here in PA, including those in Act 17 of the Special Session on Crime of 1995 (thanks, Republican Tom Ridge — you bastard).

        At the federal level, NRA actually asked Congress to pass the Brady Bill, then the so-called Insta-Check (instant gun registration).

        Now NRA wants a second TSA for the public schools, instead of repealing the Gun Free School Zones law (which is a law LaPierre supports).

        I quit NRA years ago; today I’m a proud Life Member of GOA. GOA doesn’t compromise essential principles.

        • The NRA (or any other donation dependent gun rights group) cannot be too successful or they risk having their revenue stream dry up. LaPierre wants to keep his $900,000 salary intact.

          Not to mention 46 cents of every dollar sent gets spent on fundraising.

      • In NY…the NYS Rifle and Pistol Assn. is the NRA affiliate, that leads the fight in NY, with support from the NRA…but the NYSRPA is the lead organization….they’ve been very active….

  27. Also consider that NY city and state governments have a huge number of employees. I’m sure that inspires the politicians the full speed ahead mentality. I’m now crossing NYS off my job search. Too bad because I have some good friends imprisoned, I mean living, there.

  28. They are going after the Garands!
    They are going after the Garands!
    No more 8 round en-bloc clips!
    The Great Garand of the Greatest Generation is – Neutered!
    The M1 Garand!

  29. In this corner, the mighty obama & his police force & national guard, in the other corner a group of freedom lovers with no one but themselves to protect them, opps, my mistake, there are others. Lets Get Ready to Rumble, Randy

  30. This scares the bejeezus out of me.
    Some will hand them in. Others, maybe even militias as getting ready right now to take on whomever.
    The NYPD better have lots of body bags. It will get ugly fast…

      • Start by showing up at the rally in Albany this Saturday. There’s another group having one in Feb. Add your name to the class action lawsuit being filed by that lawyer in Buffalo. Its not quite time to start watering the tree.

  31. The New York state GOP has effectively committed suicide.

    The Conservative Party in New York is active and will likely replace them as the second largest party in New York in a couple of election cycles.

  32. I wonder how Cuomo thinks he has a snowball’s chance in hades of running for president? He will be lucky if he gets another major political position ever again at this rate.

  33. An email I just sent to the RNC.

    I just wanted to let you know that as long as these people:

    Kenneth LaValle
    John J. Flanagan
    Carl Marcellino
    Kemp Hannon
    Dean Skelos
    Charles Fuschillo
    Martin Golden
    Andrew Lanza
    Jack Martins
    Mark Grisanti

    are part of the Republican Party, I will never donate another dime to any Republican party, campaign, or cause outside of Texas.

    Either Republicans understand and support the Constitution, or they do not. The above ten men do not. Bad apple? Maybe – but until you purge the barrel of these bad apples, I’ll have to consider the whole barrel spoiled rotten.

  34. By passing this bill they are also losing hundreds of high paying jobs and millions in taxes because companies like Remington and Kimber have to leave the state because most of the products they manufacture will be illegal to posses in New York State!

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  36. It starts, we let them get away with this much. We gave them “lee-way”. Once you give someone something they are just going to keep pushing a little but fartjer each time. Our guns are giing to be gone.
    “one who lays hands on me to govern me is an usuper and a tyrant, and I shall declare them my enemy”

  37. It is indeed a sad day for NY’ers and Americans everywhere….I worked the phones, emailed and wrote letters….my State Senator did not support it, but ones who did are cowards, and petty tyrants that our forefathers warned us about. I’d ask ALL TTAG readers, regardless of your state of residence to write or call Dean Skelos and His Royal Highness Cuomo (a/k/a Mao Tse Cuomo) – and let them know what a travesty of liberty this is…just flood their office with mail and calls until they can’t conduct other business….but, sadly, it ain’t over yet NY….next bill up for consideration (posted already) mandatory 5 hear renwals on pistol licenses. God help us… I decide…I have a year to fight (help SAF), work to remove the tyrants from office….or move (Vermont is on 22 miles away from work, but I have to give up my non-resident licenses in some other states (that require you to have a home state license)….either way, we mustn’t give up….. we must all hang together, for we will most assuredly hang separately if we loose this war. God help us….

  38. Ok, so how come this didn’t get the massive call & letter campaign that the Illinois bill did? I didn’t hear anything about specific legislation on this site until last night.

    Secondly, what major buisnesses are based in NY? Aside from gun manufacturers, that is. I’d hate to be sending my money to a repressive state.

  39. Hey all you bolt only guys that let this ride and didn’t get involved you just watch: next they’ll outlaw scopes because they turn a bolt action deer rifle into a sniper rifle. Congratulations NYS you just turned a whole bunch of law abiding citizens into criminals.

  40. Folks pls note that that the 7 round limit applies to any mag. That includes tubular mags on lever guns other than 22lr. So my Marlin 1894 in 357 is now an illegal assault weapon. It holds 10 rounds.

    PLUS this law when signed by the governor takes effect IMMEDIATELY. Stores must stop selling today EBRs.


    I strongly suggest that ALL of you call and write the offices of Cuomo and make your disgust at their proposals known. They should not be able to get anything done for the next decade.

    Contact the Governor’s office by phone (518) 474-8390 or mail:

    The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
    Governor of New York State
    NYS State Capitol Building
    Albany, NY 12224

  42. So i read through the law (glad i live in the commonwealth right now), but one point i cant understand – is .22 rimfire exempt?

    Am i reading that right?

  43. There are many exceptions, but if you’ve spend time in the northeast you know why I call them Nazi Yorkers. Don’t know why, the just love licking government boots. They do so in a nonthinking manner. Kind of weird actually.

  44. Will FOPA still apply? I have to drive through NY once/year, and usually bring a evil toy with with me (10/22 with 25 round mag, or a Ruger mkii which is just as evil at 10) as I go visit family ( who live far away from NY). Bad enough I have to stay in CT for the night but it is starting to sound like I will be a felon if I just think about driving near there.

    • I drive through Illinois a couple of times a year from Virginia on my way to Colorado so I have some of the same issues . It all depends on how the state interprets the law. The strict letter of the law is free passage if you never stop. Even the creeps in Chicago give you that. If you go through downstate Illinois the local police and county sherriffs will generally allow you to stay over night.

      As far as New York foes unless you are driving a diesel I don’t see how you can make it through the state without stopping for gas. As we all know the NYC positions is screw FOPA. I would say good luck and drive exactly the speed limit. If the cops don’t pull you over they won’t know if you have you guns with you.

  45. By limiting magazines to 7 rounds they ahve effectively neutered just about every gun that uses a magazine period. Most guns only have 10 round variants.

  46. There is a bit of silver lining in this dark cloud. A seven round magazine limit should put an end to the caliber and material wars. If seven rounds is the limit then it better be a 1911 in 45 caliber!

    With that little bit of levity out of the way I want to say that I am willing to let the blue states run the experiment to determine if less guns equals less crime. Let’s see how crime rates change with respect to non-control states over the next five years. Mikey are you in?

    • It won’t help. They’ll just continue to blame all their problems on guns coming in from freer states. They don’t understand they have gang problems, drug problems and family breakdown problems, not gun problems.

      • While they say that now I have to ask them then why don’t the criminals just move down to the easy pickings in states like Virginia where there are lots guns and “no laws” to protect the public?

  47. Sadly, I must say to any NY residents:

    You elected these guys. You made your bed, now lay in it. When even what passes for a Republican in that state rolls over, you get the government you deserve.

    Trust me, I know. For now, I live in Maryland, racing to catch up to NY and NJ.

  48. Any armed guards and the police themselves would be in direct violation of the very law that they enforce. Possession of magazines that hold more than seven rounds. Oh I forgot POLITICIANS = HYPOCRITES and they’re going to charge you more money for the privilege of bending you over.

  49. And in other news: Finding a shovel in a store in the state of New York is now harder than finding a Santorum at a pride march. No word yet on wether there is a connection.

  50. If I can’t have my 10 rounds of 9mm in my Glock 26 for my CCW then I’m going to get a S&W 500 Snubby, but it’s time to jump ship PA here I come!!

  51. BTW…I don’t see any provision/exception for competition. So that effectively ends pistol and service rifle matches in NYS.

  52. Does anyone think that the NY congress-critters are completely unaware of the fine work the SAF has done in the last few years? That not a one of those treasonous fools hasn’t heard of DC v. Heller?

    This is a test. This is pretty much their dream bill, and they passed it knowing full well it will be challenged the instant it is signed into law.

    How long will it take the bill to get to the SCOTUS? How long until the prez gets to appoint people to that position?

    It doesn’t take but a moment to write a bill and pass it whem you control all the chambers. If everything in this bill is struck down they walk it back 10% and try again. It costs them nothing, and they have time on their side.

    We all know there is going to be another incident (whether actual, contrived, or other), and if it occurs while this bill is being challenged, they win (if they wouldn’t have challenged our bill this never would have happened.) If their bill is struck down, they win (Hey, look, we tried but the conserative/repub SCOTUS said no) , if it passes they win.

    There is no way that this ends that they can’t spin it to their benefit, esp with the ridiculous msm on their side. Their will be other states that will want to do stupid things too, get together and have a big circle jerk about how ‘awesome’ their legislation is. This was jsut the first, and won’t be the last. All of them have the same chance of being upheld in the end (provided the prez doesn’t get to stack the deck.)

    Everyone here is acting like the bill passed, we lost. No, we just started the first step on a 2-5 year adventure.

    There was one comment that caught my eye though. There should be an orgainzed effort to set up ‘vacation homes’ for all these firearms if needed. Sell them to a trusted friend for a dollar, ship them so they are safe, retrieve them when this knee-jerk anti gun crap has passed. Make a legal contract – you will hold my gun for x duration, you can shoot x rounds to familiarize yourself, you must keep it in good working order, etc. Surely there are many sympathetic owners in non-nazi states that don’t want to see these firearms destroyed, and have a few sq ft in their safe.

  53. Is it true that this bill was presented at 11pm and voted on 1 hour later? This isn’t what democracy is all about. Even the UK system seems less corrupt, at least legislation is publicized, debated & voted on (mostly).

    • Isn’t 11:00 PM on Saturday nights the time when the Dems write new laws?

      It was the same thing with Obamacare bill……

  54. Those rinos deserve the tar and feathers of old ! We should see an injunction to stop this treason in its tracks! Peaceable resistance and the courts, civil disobedience , and if need be civil war. But let it never be said that we lit this fuse, or initiated violence.. God bless, I and mine will honor the memory of those whos blood was spilled in defense of our Constitutional Republic! Domestic enemies will find that the washing of that blood into the gutter has consequences they cannot imagine.

  55. NYS has been trying to come to a decision on Fracking for years now. Their economy is in ruins, Taxes are through the roof and all of the evidence points to the fact that fracking could single handedly fix their budgets. Yet after 5 years still no decision (because even though it works, it does not make libs happy so they keep delaying). A mass shooting at a school in CT. Andrew Cuomo puts a bill together and gets it passed in 30 days. REALLY how about stop worrying about the fictional assault weapons problem that NY has and fix our economy in 30 days. Drugs are Illegal just like assault weapons but they are everywhere in NY.

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