BREAKING: Multiple Casualties Reported After Shooting at Texas Church

UPDATE: 1:52 PM Reports are coming in that there has been a shooting at the small First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, just east of San Antonio. Police state that an individual entered the church and began shooting, which resulted in multiple people injured and killed. NBC News is reporting 24 people are dead. Some people near the area have reported that the shooter was in “full tactical gear” and was chased off by church members. The suspected perpetrator has been “taken down” and the situation is now resolved. Details are still scarce, stay tuned for more information.


    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      3:01 PM Update –

      Over 20 dead, 30+ injured…

  1. avatar notguiltfree says:

    How long for the police to figure out the time line and what the shooters reasons were?

    1. avatar DoomGuy says:

      They already know. He was a white, right wing, NRA member, who voted for Trump, and is a representative of all gun owners and regular Americans and therefore “we” need more gun control. /sarc

      1. avatar Shotgun Sam says:

        All white redundancies aside, it sounds like a semiauto was in play. And if the 20 shot or more holds up it’s probably an AR or AK with a Glock and happy stick rounding out the final probability.

        Small town, depressed economy, my money’s on an AK.

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          “All white redundancies aside, it sounds like a semiauto was in play.”

          Neighbors nearby reported shooter re-loaded multiple times…

        2. avatar Merlin says:

          In such a tight, densely packed space, it might be equally probable that it was a pump action 12ga. Especially in that kind of an area.

        3. avatar DoomGuy says:

          I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was a liberal who wanted to kill ordinary Americans in a sort of “political protest” about the second amendment.

          Hell its been done before vis-a-vis Chris Dorner.

          But if it was the case then you’ll never hear of it.

        4. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

          If the body count is that high and the killed-to-wounded ratio is that high, then I would expect a shotgun has been used. Attacks with handguns or even unmodified semi-auto rifles generally don’t yield a count that high, but certainly not a kill ratio that high.

      2. avatar tom says:

        you liberals make me puke ,if everyone had been armed the shooter would have been stopped at the door .the attack in NY,was by a muslim liberal that you people are so fired up to protece

    2. avatar Merliln says:

      The real question is how long will it take for the bloody-shirt waving to begin?

      1. avatar Noishkel says:

        Oh already. Some of the reports that reported on it first also put gun control please in the same tweet they announced the shooting to being with.

        Personally I’d be more interested in the details, because of the details aren’t politally useful for the left then this will get buried. Much like the recent case of Emanuel Kidega Samson, a black man that shot up a white church in retaliation for The Charleston shooting.

      2. avatar Noishkel says: Just in case anyone missed it. Which is likely given that the media went out of their way to bury the story.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Early reports — which are never accurate — says at least 15 shot, two or more dead plus the murderer.

  3. Another Day, Another act of NRA sponsored genocide.

    This does not happen in Europe, Canada, Japan or Australia a daily basis.

    No matter how hard you pseudo-intellectual twats try to just it.

    The rest of the world still has not turned into something out of a dystopian fantasy.

    Incidents like this have become a daily occurrence and the rest of the civilized free world wonders why we haven’t evolved through the idiotic debunked notion that “more guns make us safe” mentality.

    This happened in pro-gun texas which along with little rock, AK & New Orleans, LA has a higher per capita murder rate of new york and the “dreaded chi-town”.

    I weep for the victims that have fallen pray to a gun-obsessed madman.

    1. avatar former water walker says:

      It’s PREY dimwitted one. Back to mommy’s basement. Where were all you sissies yesterday?!?

    2. avatar Karl says:

      You don’t weep.

      1. And Im sure you’re not on here derailing a thread and trying to promote your absurd politic beliefs.

        This had nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the fact innocent people lost their lives to a gun-obsessed madman.

        This incident like every other incident that has happened in this country saddens me and proves my point that it happens here more and more than what happens in the rest of the world.

        And people like you and everyone else on this fake news website is too willingly blind to see.

        Keep believe there is no gun problem in this country, of course.

        While I go weep for the innocents that lost their lives to the debunked belief that “more guns save lives”.

        1. avatar notguiltfree says:

          Sorry to hear about your passing down in Sutherland. Most of us won’t miss you.

        2. avatar Stereodude says:

          > “This had nothing to do with politics. It has to do with the fact innocent people lost their lives to a gun-obsessed madman.”

          So of course the natural solution is to take the guns away from the potential victims of the next “gun-obsessed madmen” amiright? That certainly make the next “gun-obsessed madmen” think twice about shooting people.

          Oh wait…

        3. avatar bmr says:

          Gun problem? And I guess the problems that alcoholics face is the existence of alcohol, not their lack of self control. It helps to think before you speak, you might even find the results favorable.

        4. avatar joetast says:

          It’s the Illuminati, it’s wanting to enslave the world. America is an armed nation, that must be disarmed before “It” can have total control. It uses North Korea, ISIS , prostitute slave trade, drugs, cell phone spyware, oil,laws , poverty, ignorance and disease, on and on.That’s what I believe and no “facts” can change my mind.,,,,.,,,, On another note, it’s duck season here in Kansas and I haven’t seen one big flight of ducks yet, some geese but I think those are resident geese.

        5. avatar CC says:

          1) The European average murder rate of non criminals is 20%- 30% higher than the US.
          2) never happens in Europe? Europe has had more mass murder, in fact 5 events over 60 people killed by a single individual in the past ten years.
          3) On average Europe has much lower fourth and fifth amendment rights too, which Europeans say prevent crime. Do you want to have double jeopardy? Much much more no warrant collection of information, more no warrant searches? Magistrates who sever as prosecutors? anything found in a warrant search, including things off warrant allowed in court? Much easier wiretapping? Much lower thresholds for forced confinement of mentally ill? lower burdens of proof? Stop and frisk for walking on the street, ability of cops to demand ID with no reasonable suspicion?

          Blame the ACLU for US violent crime.

          As far as where US murder occurs, 80% of all us murder occurs in 100 out of 3,000 US counties — ALL of them Democrat. In terms of Texas ;in fact Maryland has a higher murder rate than texas.

        6. avatar CalGunsMD says:

          “gun-obsessed madman”
          Where do you get that?
          Since we don’t know the killer’s motivations or how many firearms he owned, it would appear that you are the only one who is “gun-obsessed” here.

          This is a gun blog. Not a news site. Fake or otherwise.

          We do not have a gun problem in this country.

          Our violence and brutality do not even begin to compare to that of places like Mexico, Brazil or ….. well….. all of Africa. Just look at sites like best gore dot com.

          Guns save lives. One save mine.

    3. avatar Kyle says:

      Did the “professor”get a new screen name already?

      1. avatar Stereodude says:

        This one was around before the monkey showed up.

        1. avatar Rob "NazyCegroWithAGun" Williams says:

          And thanks to Stereodude for reiterating the overt racism on this site, racism that happens repeatedly, racism that is never removed by the racist mods, and racism that no one on this site ever criticizes, in fact the racist posters are supported by their fellow racists here… Thanks for being open about your racism, its good for folks to see what the values of folks on here are…

        2. avatar Stereodude says:

          Rob, you’re too stupid to even get the joke. How do you think someone might pronounce Manque? Monkey perhaps?

          Further, how could anyone here be racist against someone whose race they don’t even know? You really should familiarize yourself with the terms you’re slinging around.

        3. avatar No one of consequence says:

          However, I hadn’t expected the “Professor,” bless his heart, to figure out how to change his screen name quite this soon.

          Actually using that moniker as bait and then waiting for someone to make the “monkey” comment was cunning, in a low-brow sort of way. I wonder whether he/she thought of that all alone, or had help.

      2. avatar Rob "NazyCegroWithAGun" Williams says:

        I share a duplex with ProfessorManque, hell be flatter to know you appreciated his informed substantive posts before the blighted censors here muzzled him… free speech not being respected as usual on such childish sites… I happen to be even more erudite than the Prof so dont be shy if you need someone to remedy your ignorance : D Im always happy to help the common man!

        1. avatar joetast says:

          ” he will be flatter to know” ? Flatter like a truck ran over him? Racists that’s what NASCAR does and Im hoping that I can watch them Racist race they’re cars today. Duplex huh, is that kinda like trailer trash only not in a park?You sayed you’d help a common man, I need to borrow about $3600, that would help

        2. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

          Clearly someone censored his informed, substantive posts, because all we saw here were his ad-hominem-laden rants about how much smarter he was than us.

          They did have quite a bit of entertainment value, though.

    4. avatar JohnnyL says:

      Sounds like your not happy here maybe you should move to the places you mentioned…

      1. So what would you suggest what would have been done to stop this?

        Oh wait, I forgot.

        Better Crank up those “thoughts and prayers” gOp/nra. We certainly wouldn’t want to talk about common sense gun laws in the emotional wake of this tragedy.

        Yeah, blame the unarmed as well, the nra/ttag motto!

        1. avatar CC says:

          Longer prison sentences have been the most effective. Look at Australia — it tripled its incarceration rate and homicide fell by 50%

          1) The European average murder rate of non criminals is 20%- 30% higher than the US.
          2) never happens in Europe? Europe has had more mass murder, in fact 5 events over 60 people killed by a single individual in the past ten years.
          3) On average Europe has much lower fourth and fifth amendment rights too, which Europeans say prevent crime. Do you want to have double jeopardy? Much much more no warrant collection of information, more no warrant searches? Magistrates who sever as prosecutors? anything found in a warrant search, including things off warrant allowed in court? Much easier wiretapping? Much lower thresholds for forced confinement of mentally ill? lower burdens of proof? Stop and frisk for walking on the street, ability of cops to demand ID with no reasonable suspicion?

          Blame the ACLU for US violent crime.

          As far as where US murder occurs, 80% of all us murder occurs in 100 out of 3,000 US counties — ALL of them Democrat. In terms of Texas in fact Maryland has a higher murder rate.

        2. avatar Sian says:

          I’m not hearing any solutions from you, troll.

          So tell me, what would have stopped

          A dishonorably discharged veteran (for whom gun possession is illegal)

          from acquiring a firearm (a felony for a prohibited person)

          from entering a church while armed (places of worship are GFZs in Texas)

          and committing assault and murder (Clearly also illegal)

          I’m listening, troll.

    5. avatar Mercury says:

      NRA-sponsored genocide? Really? The membership of this church is almost entirely white, and the membership of the NRA is largely white (not unlike the demography of the country.) So either you’re claiming that the racial minority members of the NRA are in control and trying to genocide whites (which you would obviously never say), or that the white members of the NRA are trying to genocide… themselves?

      I used to think you were a troll, but you’ve convinced me otherwise today. You’re clearly mentally ill, like a tinfoil-hat wearing shut in raving about mind-control nanobots in plastics. You see a murderous white boogeyman at every turn, even when the facts blatantly contradict it. Seek professional help.

      1. The NRA is part of the problem. They choose to be. They can easily help work towards a solution, but their money is too good for you russian traitor puppets.

        You people bleat on about how Europe, Canada, japan or Australia are so unsafe after passing gun control laws but you people are so far from the truth.

        Let’s describe the numerous incidents that happened that happened that far outshine the tragedy of Paris, Australia or the rest of the free civilized world and what could have been done to stop it but nothing.

        This shooting like all the others that happened here. Nothing will be done because terrorists like you want this to happen.

        Vegas shooting, with “bump stocks”? Nothing done.
        Sandy Hook? Nothing done.
        Dylann Roof? Nothing done.
        Aurora Theater? Nothing done.
        UPS shooter, San Francisco? Nothing done.
        Awning Co., Ft. Laudedale? Nothing done.
        Macy’s shooting, Burlington? Nothing done.
        Orlando nightclub? Nothing done.

        ………………………… ad infinitum.

        Cause these incidents were far worse than what happened at charlie hebdo when some extremists armed with guns provided to them by the NRA or the nightclub in paris or the chocolate cafe in Sydney Australia. These incidents were rare. While the ones I’ve mentioned happened constantly.

        Who needs to be afraid of radical nutbags overseas when there are radical nutbags everyday here in america pushing their gunophillia on us everyday.

        1. avatar JohnnyL says:

          Like I said regarding your previous comments “Sounds like your not happy here maybe you should move to the places you mentioned…”

        2. avatar OODAloop says:

          Sweden has had 13 bombings in the past 25 days. Not a firearm involved, but please do go on about how it’s all those evil guns causing the problems.

        3. avatar joetast says:

          Your pretty smart,.., that’s not sarcasm. And your committed, I can not fault that.However, the Constitution guarantee’s many rights, being armed is one of them, Keep the Faith and PEACE OUT to you Real American Patriot.

        4. avatar Stereodude says:

          The bodies are still warm and our resident TTAG trolls are already here dancing in the blood of the victims. What that say about people like you? You find out about a mass murder and your first instinct is to head to TTAG and start trolling. You must live a very miserable and unfulfilling existence taking pleasure and joy in the murder of others.

        5. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

          “They can easily help work towards a solution” – What is this easy solution they can work towards, that will actually solve or even reduce the problem of mass murderers?

        6. avatar CC says:

          Australia has had the same per capita mass after gun control than before it. And US jurisdictions with similar age, income, race demographics as Australia or Canada have no higher murder rates.

          What Australia and Europe have is WAY less fourth and fifth amendment protections. Since all the studies show 90-95% of US homicide perps are prior criminals, and 80% have ten or more arrests, being able to jail people more assuredly if they commit a crime is what will get us down to their levels.

        7. avatar Sian says:

          Prohibition-related gang violence: Gun control passed; No effect on crime or murder

          President Kennedy Assassinated: Gun control passed; No effect on crime or murder

          President Reagan assaulted: Gun control passed; no effect on crime or murder

          101 California street shooting: Assault Weapon Ban passed; no effect on crime or murder

          Do you see a pattern, troll?

    6. avatar mick1706 says:

      I see you’re back as usual so I’m going to recommend that you do something constructive and shove your ass up your head so we can all laugh at your predicament.

      1. avatar Justin Case says:

        Um, I believe he has already demonstrated this… in a mental sort a way which is perfectly obvious to anyone who can read and comprehend American English.

    7. avatar DrewR says:

      Hey, gun control has never been demonstrated to reduce homicide rates, not in any city or country. Both England and Australia have higher overall homicide rates now than they did before they enacted their respective handgun bans, while the US has the lowest homicide rate in fifty years. Yes, gun murders have decreased in those countries, but overall murders haven’t. This invalidates your argument that more gun control equals less murder, though doesn’t prove that gun ownership decreases homicide rates.

      Mass shootings aren’t increasing in frequency either, the rate has stayed within a couple percentage points up or down since the 1920s. Only the frequency of national news reporting has increased.

      If you are one of the 2.5 million Americans who will die this year, and you aren’t suicidal, your probability of being shot to death is about 0.4%, a bit higher if you are a criminal, a bit lower if you are not. That’s about a third less than dying in a car crash and 16 times less than dying from a preventable medical error. It is also about half of your overall likelihood of being murdered period.

      1. avatar Remmi300blk says:

        Yeah for people like you and me, our chances of people murdered by a gun is next to zero. If you are involved intimately in crime, your chances increase by 900%. There is excellent research from the public health perspective that the antis love so much that shows how hyperconcentrated the vast majority of violence actually is. Instead of overreaching gun restrictions, the best way to reduce the vast majority of gun crime immediately is to intervene among those most likely to perpetrate or be shot. CureViolence program is the way to go. I say use the money to fund gun control to fund CeaseFire and abolish gun control. Like no one on the anti-gun side knows about these studies. They insist on saying everyone is at a high risk of dying from gunshots if guns are prevalent. We know that unless you are a criminal, you probably ain’t gonna have anything bad happen to you intuitively. The Papachristos/Wilderman research only forces antis to realize that.

    8. avatar Remmi300blk says:

      The NRA doesn’t condone violence. You’re just burning straw men. I think the media ought to stop naming the killers. David Yamane had an interesting post about that on his blog after the Vegas shooting. Why should the rest of us gun owners who are statistically some of the least likely to ever hurt a soul lose our right to bear arms because of the action of one madman? Also, people consantly complain about “the NRA’s twisted logic” when they talk about a good guy with a gun. How many people who get shot at are carrying? Clackamas could have looked like this or like Colorado, but guess what? Someone with a gun stopped someone with a gun. If more guns don’t equal less crime then so what? Mass shootings are very rare, and most of them can probably be mitigated by armed victims. The number of rounds magazines hold is pretty irrelevant to how dangerous mass shootings are. Gary Kleck studied that not too long ago(most of his work is really good, though his name is tainted by his unyielding defense of that Kleck/Gertz survey, which has been pretty thoroughly repudiated).

    9. avatar Remmi300blk says: Mass shootings have been increasing in recent years, even though gun availability has been the same. And from the Kleck mass shooter study(I’ll have to find a link to it), we know the firearms commonly referred to as “assault weapons” have basically jack to do with the body count. And you aren’t getting rid of guns entirely, given the Supreme Court already ruled firearm ownership is an individual right.

  4. avatar TruthTellers says:

    I haven’t read any concrete figures on death and injured, it seems it’s too early for the authorities to release the numbers, but I have read that 20+ people were rushed to hospitals, so I don’t think over 20 people were killed.

    I think the fake news media, again, spun this story from the outset and quoted phony numbers. This story will just be used to cover up the terror truck attack in NYC last week and focus the narrative back on guns.

  5. avatar DoomGuy says:

    And it seems all too convenient since the Vegas shooting failed to get gun control passed, we have another shooting.

  6. avatar WarrHarr says:

    Most Texas Churches display the 30.06 and 30.07 no guns allowed signs. Anyone know if this was indeed a soft target?

    1. avatar former water walker says:

      NOT at my church-1st Baptist of Hammond,Indiana. Gunned up to say the least! And in a seedy downtown location…

      1. avatar MamaLiberty says:

        Good… and I didn’t see any reports of mass murder at your church either. Must be a connection somewhere. 🙂

    2. avatar Red T says:

      Nothing on texas in Sutherland Springs.

      A woman I know is a TV reporter and who was just a few miles away when it occurred has been doing a live feed on facebook. Reported that quite a few locals showed up with “long rifles” almost immediately.

      1. avatar MamaLiberty says:

        “…almost immediately” is absolutely obviously too damned late.

    3. avatar Bob999 says:

      I may need to read more. Texas Penal Code 46.035 (b)(6) puts churches in the prohibited category. Again, I just started reading so not sure yet.

  7. avatar Timothy V Noecker says:

    This is crazy. It is getting to the point where we cannot step outside of our homes without having to worry about getting killed. Get Yourself a Gun(s)!!!

  8. avatar DoomGuy says:

    I wonder how long it’ll take those worthless cowards (aka: the GOP and the NRA) to sell out and call for more gun control.

    I’m gonna go ahead and guess… “The first chance they get their blubbering crocodile tear stained faces in front of a camera.”

    Any takers?

  9. avatar Hank says:

    This one seems way too suspect for me.

    1. avatar joetast says:

      Yeah, I kno . I’d like to go to one of them ” he committed suicide” funerals. Reckon it’s an empty casket?

  10. avatar Ralph says:

    This could never happen in Massachusetts since the state just criminalized bump stocks, with up to life in the joint for simple possession. We’re all saved!

    These mass shootings are an affront to humanity. Even worse, the wrong people are the ones getting shot.

    1. avatar Rob "NazyCegroWithAGun" Williams says:

      Todays victims pretty good, Im still waiting for someone to target an NRA convention, that will be a hoot…

  11. avatar Missouri_Mule says:

    How the hell do you kill 27 people at church in a small Texas town?
    No armed ushers?
    No church security team?
    No on to rush the attacker?
    I don’t get it….
    I thought it was Texas…

    1. avatar joetast says:

      Hey Missouri mule, I live in South East Ks. Where’s all the ducks, you seen any big flocks?

      1. avatar Missouri_Mule says:

        No, I haven’t seen many ducks this year yet (not a duck hunter though).
        I haven’t seen enough people taking CCW training either.
        I worry permitless carry may have reduced the growth of folks ready to respond to evil.

    2. avatar A Guy says:

      Stupid law makes churches gun free zones, aka victim zones.

    3. avatar Chris Mallory says:

      It was a 50 member church, according to reports.

  12. avatar joetast says:

    If these killings keep on rollin this site is going to be ” The Truth About the Guns We Used To Have”

    1. avatar CC says:

      US gun murder has been plummeting for a generation. It is close to 1/3 of the rate of the 1990’s peak.
      People in Europe commit mass murder as often in in higher numbers of dead with trucks, stolen military firearms, indeed one guy killed 120 people wit an airplane a couple of years ago in Europe

  13. avatar FB says:

    It is a day after the proclaimed Nov 4th antifa threat.
    If the investigation tracks back to this antifa group, they just waged a war with the usa.

    1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

      That thought occurred to me too. Their 20 city protest didn’t result in Trump resigning so maybe one of them has gone bonkers. It will indeed not be good if this is someone from the communist progressive crowd.

      We all need to stay on top of this. If it tracks back the media will do their utmost to bury it.

  14. avatar joetast says:

    Somebody’s shooting ducks south of me, I just heard a shotgun volley. probably them Duck Dienasty guys that bought up these duck lakes around here.Fake ass bastards

    1. avatar No one of consequence says:

      Hey, RF … Apropos of nothing in particular, any prospects for a reader being able to block posts from people whose … insightful and relevant commentary … they just don’t want to read any more of?

      1. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

        That would be awesome.

  15. avatar joetast says:

    15 guys shooting at one duck

  16. avatar adverse5 says:

    I hope I never get on an elevator with you people.

  17. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    Here is some information on the perp. Looks like they already scrubbed a bunch of stuff off the internet.

    1. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

      Oh oh, he looks like someone who was in the basement of his parents house.

      1. avatar Rob "NazyCegroWithAGun" Williams says:

        No, no basement, but he did work in the USAF for several years which makes sense since they are the biggest terror organization in the history of the world, and he taught at a center for indoctrinating kids into the cult of Jesus corpse, so we may want to consider registering all Christian Americans, you know have some kind of Christian ban : D

  18. avatar David Keith says:

    A good part of the blame for this lies with s church full of men none of whom were carrying and therefore didn’t fire back. Why would you not be carrying after all the hundreds of times this has happened?

    1. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

      And, why weren’t the women carrying?

  19. avatar David Keith says:

    I read a comment above about some law that guns can’t be taken into a church. This is not what I read on the internet when doing research on the subject. It said many churches made agreements with certain members to carry during sermons. Also mentioned was having a security person at the front door during all church meetings. Anyway, the time has come to carry whether or not a law is in place to allow it.

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