Annapolis Capital Gazette Newsroom Shooting
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UPDATE: Shooter is reportedly older than originally reported, used a shotgun in the attack, and went to great lengths to conceal his identity.

The suspect, who used a shotgun, didn’t have identification on him and has not been cooperative with investigators in revealing his identity. CBS News reportedthat the shooter inflicted damage to his fingertips in an effort to not be identified by prints.

Police originally said he was a white male believed to be in his 20s; after facial recognition software was used to identify him, the shooter’s age was bumped up to 39 years old. Authorities were executing a search warrant at his home and were not expected to release a photo until that was complete.

A backpack belonging to the gunman was reportedly found and contained smoke bombs or flash-bang grenades. Police said they were confident that there were no more explosives at the scene.

UPDATE: At least five people are reported dead and more “gravely injured in the Capital Gazette newsroom shooting in Annapolis.


A shooter is in custody, police said. Police would not name the suspect or say what type of weapon was used. …

Phil Davis, a Capital Gazette crime reporter who was in the building at the time of the shooting, said multiple people were shot, as others — himself included — hid under their desks. He said there was a lone male gunman.

“Gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees. Can’t say much more and don’t want to declare anyone dead, but it’s bad,” Davis wrote on Twitter as he waited to be interviewed by police.

And the left wasted no time in assigning blame, despite the dearth of information about the shooter or his motive.

And the nation’s second most prominent socialist wants you to know that this is America’s 5,983rd mass shooting so far this year.

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From “Multiple people were shot Thursday at a newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, with a witness saying a single gunman fired into the newsroom.”

“A reporter at The Capital Gazette tweeted that a single individual shot multiple people. Phil Davis, who covers business and politics for the newspaper, tweeted that the gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees.”

This is apparently still an ongoing situation with police searching for the shooter.

According to

Lt. Ryan Frashure, spokesperson of Anne Arundel County Police Department, told reporters that law enforcement officers are still in evacuating the building, following a shooting inside a newspaper building.

He confirmed that there were injuries, but did not expect it to be a mass casualty situation. Frashure said additional information about victims and the suspect will be provided once the building is completely secure.

More as details emerge.

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    • STAGED Farce by the FBI! There Was No Shooting!

      Where the Bleep are the HD, Time-Stamped Security Videos, from ANY of these alleged Mass “Shootings”?

      Also, where are the victims and the uncontrolled chaos and blood, that would accompany the First responders Treating any “REAL” Trauma victim?

      Also, ALERT: The FBI is known to Try and Stage False Flags every six weeks. Tomorrow marks the 6th week anniversary of the alleged Santa Fe High School “Shooting”.

      Hey FBI, until we see any Clear, HD, Time-Stamped Videos, than there was No “Shooting”!

    • Jarrod Ramos, shooter has a “criminal record, a guilty plea to a criminal harassment charge” per, so he is prohibited person, right? gun control… yeah…

  1. From the original article, …”Phil Davis, who covers business and politics for the newspaper”…, says: “There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload.”

    This is what happens to a disarmed populace.

    • “There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload.”

      Go get your carry license. Oh, wait, Maryland doesn’t issue carry licenses to (most) people.

    • Man… could have avoided that whole terrifying sound of reloading if they wouldn’t have outlawed all of those high capacity magazines .

    • He also said it sounded like a war zone. Some of the press have been embedded with military forces, I suspect they could ask one of them if the sound of a single bad guy firing and reloading while shooting at an office sounds remotely similar to a war zone. Confession: I haven’t been in a war zone either, but I suspect a war zone is different. For one thing, the soldiers under fire usually fire back.

    • Because they’ve been crying about how they’re persecuted since Trump was elected. They’ll ty to pin this on a Trump supporter mark my words.

      • Stuff like this does not help…

        Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos says he was joking when he told two reporters that he couldn’t wait “for the vigilante squads to start gunning down journalists on sight.”

        He said Thursday that he texted that comment to reporters at the New York Observer and The Daily Beast essentially as a way to get them off his back, and that they were responsible for taking his comments seriously and spreading it.

        In a Facebook post, he expressed no sympathy to journalists involved in Thursday’s shooting. Rather, he described journalists who spread his comment about vigilante squads as “vermin.”

        • So this is somehow different than Michael moore or the hundred of leftist nuts who advocate violence?

          Why don’t you wait for the facts. My local news is already talking about assault rifle bans and gun carriers, when there is no confirmed evidence of what was used or how (although the chance of suspect being a CCW in Maryland are nil

      • “Because they’ve been crying about how they’re persecuted since Trump was elected. ”

        The press is too stupid to understand that half the population hated them well before Trump came along.

        • If they trusted the press, they never would have voted for Trump in the first place.

    • It was 20+ years ago, but I’ve never forgotten my experience with the editorial integrity of the Dallas Morning News. They ran an article with a quote from me at a campaign event for then Lt. Governor Perry. Little problem was, I didn’t attend that event. When that was pointed out to them, they went so far as to correct the online version of the article to say “what I would have said if I had been there”, which also, was completely made up.

        • Yup. They “corrected” articles all the time, but the corrected versions were behind a pay wall. Standard practice. For libel you have to prove some kind of damage or at least potential damage, and if anything, in my line of work, it was a badge of honor.

      • jwtaylor, did you use the words “editorial” and “integrity” in the same sentence? Now I can’t stop laughing!!! Laughing so hard it hurts!

        I once spent 8 years employed by a daily newspaper (hey, don’t blame me – I work in IT!), and when it comes to management, the concepts of integrity and ethics don’t even enter into the picture.

        Of course such words are given plenty of lip service being thrown about constantly, and I’m sure some of those people actually believe they’re acting in an ethical manner… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Distorting the facts, slanting the message, pushing a liberal agenda, and lying through omission of important stories (which don’t fit their narrative) are constant companions to “newsmen”… and they actually wonder why the public doesn’t trust them.

        It would be hilarious if it weren’t so frightening.

    • We stand with our fellow journalists. — Dallas Morning News
      What the heck does that mean?

      What it means my friend is nowadays, in the political culture of the left, you are nothing unless you are part of some victim class, even if you have never been a victim. You get to be a victim by transference and therefore enfranchised to some special opinion as well.

      Also apparently Dallas Morning News writers don’t know or care that Maryland has long had a higher murder rate than Texas. Or that with rare exception all of Maryland’s murder is committed by prior violent offenders walking the streets. Ironic since Dallas morning news has advocated less incarceration and shorter sentences which result in a lot more people dying.

      • So, are they standing with their fellow journalists or hiding under their desks because of being unarmed. They say the police responded within 60 seconds. If true then we can see that armed people on scene is a better proposition than waiting for help.

        • So he was gone in 60 seconds? I doubt he was able to get in kill half a dozen and get out before the cops got him.

    • bigger =body shield size and rifle rated, attached with Velcro to wall for quick and easy use!

      If I owned a building that had them…and the laws said ‘no guns’ that is what I would do…lol

    • Well, reporters think they are at war with the American government and Republicans. Unfortunately that would mean they can’t carry a gun because of some ethics about armed reporters in a war zone or something like that. Also, they are anti civilians being armed. So they can only put on their “press” labeled body armor.

  2. I picked up another little tid bit here.
    NYPD is deploying officers to news agencies across the city.
    I am going to assume they are calling in off duty officers as well.
    This is rare. This is odd. Abundance of caution is the generic answer for the suspect appears to be part of a bigger plot, so we are going to do this.
    It is the right thing, but that little news bit tells me this is not just some disgruntled boy friend or something.

        • NY panic junkies. Panic gets people to throw away their rights. — and that’s is NYC, home of shredding the fourth amendment as well as the second

        • The very same ‘New York Times’ that LITERALLY parked a Maxim machine gun at their front door during a NYC riot…

        • It’s late afternoon so the donuts will be stale and the coffee cold. What are the popo going to do?

    • Milo yiannopoulos was calling for journalists to be killed. This is what happens when crockpots listen to each other.

      • Actually Maxine Water is more likely the inspiration source. Between the BLM supporter who shot 14 in the mass murder in Texas, the Bernie Sanders guy who shot up the congressional baseball game, political violence and the general advocacy of it is emanating way more from the left.

    • Abundance of caution is the generic answer for the suspect appears to be part of a bigger plot, so we are going to do this.
      It is the right thing, but that little news bit tells me this is not just some disgruntled boy friend or something.

      You are utterly wrong. This is commonly done. It was done at military installations in the hours after fort hood which Obama said was not a plot. It is often done for government officials if one gets shot by any nut schmoe somewhere else.

      Odds are overwhelmingly that it is some disgruntled nut, a boyfriend or domestic partner, a fired reporter or other news worker, or vendor, or in the case of the news business, a person someone they libeled or defamed.

      We don’t know yet, but panic junkies in NYC are no indicator. That is place that has not only shredded the second amendment but the Fourth Amendment as well.

  3. I dunno. This seems to be a little too convenient after a solid week of liberals losing in the news… it’s literally as if everytime the narrative starts to get away from the liberals, someplace has to get shot up.

  4. Lambs to slaughter. Keep taking 2nd Amendment rights from law abiding citizens , this is the outcome. Read it and weep all you Leftards. & you want an unarmed populace for what ? So more of this shit can happen. Maybe , just maybe : this would not happen if a good guy with a gun was present.

    • Doesn’t Mexico have all those nice laws “regulating” firearm ownership for civilians that Americans want? Don’t reporters continuously get assassinated in Mexico for reporting the truth?

  5. Doesn’t seem like there’s any bodies, at least not on location, perp used a “non-scary” weapon, and I’m guessing this was a revenge/gone postal situation. It’ll blow over in the news pretty quick.

  6. The paper is basically a gun free zone inside a gun free zone. No security, glass door, etc. Very welcoming place. 🙄

  7. said multiple people were shot, as others — himself included — hid under their desks.
    Geee…..I always wanted to be a big stationary target. Why not wear a sign that says Shoot Me?

  8. Suspect in Custody: ‘White Male with a Ponytail’…

    So WHAT is the demographic of the shooter going to be? AGAIN

    • My rabid Trump loving brother in Law has a pony tail. So that means nothing.
      By Trump loving I mean to the point he had an Elvis alter and it’s been replaced with Trump stuff.
      Dude is strange but likable.

    • So WHAT is the demographic of the shooter going to be? AGAIN

      I’m going to guess “white” and “male”, based on the information you provided. Was that supposed to be a tough question?

      • We know the demographic of literally 78% of murder perps in Maryland, a single data point that is clearly an outlier from the well documented trend means.

        We know about 15% of the population in Maryland commits close to 90% of murder there.

    • Doesn’t sound like a skin head. There might be some “skin heads” that have long hair.

      Usually long haired peeps are druggies or crazy.

      • yes but we definatrely should not care more than anyone else who is murdered, with the vast majority of murder in Maryland committed by catch and release criminals who have more than ten arrests yet are very likely to be on the streets in Maryland . Maryland has one of the lowest time served for violent crime in the US.

        If you know the surveys of political opinions of journalists, they are profoundly more likely to support lower sentences and more likely to support disarming for the law abiding.

        so journalists certainly don’t deserve to be killed, but they do deserve to be criticized for advocating policies that get people murdered.

        You don’t think it is likely most of the press will use this to argue more gun control? Despite gun control functioning to simply disarm those with good intent?

      • I’m supposed the feel bad that commie propagandists got what they had coming? Please, if this guy had shot up CNN, I’d donate to his legal defense fund. Good landing, wrong airport.

  9. Another day with the NRA and it’s “gun-reich” supporter flexing their tyrannical muscle on the american people. Once again…We have to suffer because of your selfish “right”. Those people had families too…Are you going to shame them because they dont want to submit to your scientifically proven studies that prove that more guns does not equal freedom or less crime.

    More guns in the hands of untrained people results in more tyranny and oppression because fear keeps people under control of your thumb and it’s want you uneducated fascists want.

    These incidents do not happen in the rest of the world on a daily basis.

    Europe still does not have this problem, Neither does canada, japan or australia. These countries do a better job of keeping dangerous people away from weapons instead of selling them like candy.

    Keep thinking your guns will save you. Last time I checked, You “good guys with guns” actually ran away from danger or surrendered to the threat while us unarmed “peons” risked our lives to help others get away from the threat.

    Americans shouldn’t have to fear going to school, work or their place of business without the fear of the day being their last day on earth.

      • it is cisco. Cisco says he owns semi auto handguns but also has posts saying semi auto handguns are “weapons of war” and only gunnutz” own them.

        Cisco has claimed US gun murder has been “skyrocketing” for a generation. In fact it has fallen to less than half the rate of 25 years ago.

        cisco has claimed Japan has less overall suicide than the US, when the CDC, WHO, UN and Jpans own published numbers say that is wrong.

        Cisco denied the largest school shooting was not with AR, despite Va tech (largest in the US) being with handgun and Utoya Norway (larger than any US shooing of students) being with Mini 14 legal in Canada.

        Cisco has also claimed no mass shootings occur with shotgun.

        Facts are early and the press always screwed up gun related stories, but several news outlets are reporting this was a (biden, cisco, japan and Australia approved) shotgun:
        A lone gunman walked into the Capital Gazette in Annapolis on Thursday with a shotgun and killed at least five people, police said.
        … A suspect was apprehended after the shooting. He reportedly used a shotgun to take out his victims

        • You can connect him to a character calling himself Wolftracker. Is that the original? Who knows. He has so many identities.

        • tdiinVA:

          Well familiar with “wolftracker” from The Federalist…. F%^king douche-troll that was finally banned from the blog… But he(?) keeps popping up under some other sock-puppet name

        • This isn’t Ciscos writing style, Cisco will call people ‘dumb hicks’ and other things. RAWKGBUSSRNAZI started off posting under the name ‘concernedamerican’.

    • “Americans shouldn’t have to fear going to school, work or their place of business without the fear of the day being their last day on earth.”

      I don’t. Because I have a gun.


    • Neither does canada, japan or australia.

      Actually all your examples they all have higher lethal violence rates than similar demographic jurisdictions in the US.

      Why does Canada have more murder than New Hampshire? Why does Japan have WAY more lethal violence than the US (near 40% more intentional violent death than the US, 43% more among children_?

      Why does Europe have five TIMES as many murders of 50 or more people in the past decade than the US?

      Why did, since their respective 1990’s peak, Australia do WORSE than the US in reducing murder compered to the HUGE decreasing murder the US saw ?

      Why has Australia seen more mass murder of children AFTER their gun confiscation than before it?

      Why has Australia seen 800% more mas murder per capita in the past five years than New Hampshire?

    • I don’t walk with fear, I walk proudly, because I know that if someone wants to try and remove me from this planet, I’m going to take them with me. 😈

    • “F—-Off Lefty, Nut Job TROLL ! Go Practice Your Agitprop and Lib TARD Political Propaganda Elsewhere!”

    • If people would avoid Democrats; their chances of getting robbed, raped, or murdered drop exponentially….

      Why are you Democrats so violent?? It must be those “Democrat Values” you were raised with…. Such as:

      1) “All my failures in life are someone else’s fault”

      2) “I’m entitled to the fruits of someone else’s labor”

      3) “The laws of our country don’t apply to me. I’m free to violate them anytime I feel ‘disrespected’ or ‘marginalized’…”


    • Thank you, real american. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without guys like you and comrade cisco we would not have Trump for president and a soon to be solidly conservative scotus.

      You guys will make a second term for Trump a sure thing. And who knows how many more justices he will put in place then.

      Keep up the good work.

        • Heh, Ginsberg will hang on until the end, on the bench with full life support machines if need be. Don’t know about Breyer.

    • Don’t let the USA-centeric news for people in the USA fool you into a false sense of security. A majority of Americans probably don’t give a flying f*** for what is happening outside of their neighborhoods. So unless you are getting news papers from every city in the world and reading them with comprehension, you don’t have any idea what happens in other countries so please spare us your Eurocentric-America is bad rhetoric. It was old in the early 1800s.

  10. Wait… I remember constantly hearing from the Leftists that the media is owned and operated by evil corporations and they need to be taken down. That the big drug companies use their money to hire news agencies to do their bidding. That government controls what gets onto the news.

    So is the media a bunch of people who lie in order to start wars for oil, sell pharmaceuticals instead legalizing weed and are helping police departments get away with crimes or are they totally fighting the government on everything that hurts the people?

    I don’t believe Leftists know what is going on in their own heads. The cognitive dissonance is too strong and so are the drugs.

  11. I’ll bet it it was a Democrat who was mad that he got fired since all of the Old Media are laying everyone off and sending their jobs to centralized locations staffed by incompetent millennials and GenXers in RTW states. My mom was laid off in the summer of 2016 with just a couple more years until retirement age, and Cox Media shipped all but about a dozen (probably less now) newspaper jobs to Austin, Texas, where they apparently can’t into Ingles. Before that she had been editing the newspapers for Austin, Palm Beach, and a bunch of other places. Now the papers are full of misspellings, outright lies, and other bullcrap.

    • Anne Arundel county (Annapolis) voted for Trump by a margin of 2 to 1; and that paper seems to be pretty non-partisan in its coverage and editorializing. So, not sure if this was some Demtard’s attack; but highly unlikely it was a local GOP affiliated nutjob. Interested to see what this whacko’s storyline ends up being… He tried to sanitize himself, but I read where LEO was able to ID him thru facial recognition…

      • These type of events are such outliers that it would be meaningless if he was clearly a Democrat or clearly a Republican. It would not say anything about the rest of Democrats or the rest are Republicans. What we do know is of the 3,000 US counties, the ones peopled by and run by Republicans have no higher murder rates than Australia, Japan or the EU average, were as those peopled by and run by Democrats have near 8x the rate

        • That sir is an intelligent and wise point. Thank you for stating the bare facts without all the BS! I applaud you.

  12. I’m confused , Maryland has tight gun control laws for law abiding citizens…. Does’t the shooter know that it is illegal to shoot people with a gun?

  13. “…or say what type of weapon was used. …”

    So not something that can be called an ‘assault weapon’ then.

    And nothing on the shooter either? That means no match for the narrative to be moved forward. And that means this whole event will be old news by Monday.

  14. The murderer, Jarrod Ramos, is a 38 year old Hispanic.

    But he’s a white Hispanic! Because white! And male!

      • Thank you so very much for showing us what he was all about. A long history of mental illness it would seem, never addressed. Somebody who was frequently at odds with the paper and much of society it seems. Wow, and people will blame the tool, not the operator!

    • “Dear reader: I created this page to defend myself. Now I’m suing the shit out of half of AA County and making corpses of corrupt careers and corporate entities.” –Ramos

      That’s sounds about what I thought when I said, “Wait… I remember constantly hearing from the Leftists that the media is owned and operated by evil corporations and they need to be taken down.”

      Spanish/Hispanic people are European/white. Mexicans like to pretend to be (native) Americans so they can claim to be victims and the rightful owners of the U.S.A. However, Mexican TV doesn’t like to have brown people on their news programs or shows and they like to make fun of Asians.

    • I thought they might say he was a white muslin. Like the Boston bombers. Libertarians Liberals and the Left, are having problems finding a white Christian heterosexual male to blame everything on.

      • I don’t know which libertarians you are talking about, but I don’t know any who side with leftists. Some big “L” libertarians, perhaps, as in the American Libertarian Party. But those folks are not libertarians. Or, if they are, they are libertarians only in the way that leftists are liberal, ignorance is strength, and freedom is slavery.

        • Most Libertarians are followers of Rand and Rothbard both of whom were opponents of Hayek. They combine Rand’s nihilistic view of personal autonomy with Rothbard’s Marxian heresy. No wonder they always end up supporting the left. Having hijacked Libertarianism, they advance the left’s agenda under the banner of conservatism.

  15. I bet you if that building had just one more gun free zone sign, then the crisis could have been averted.

  16. Utah shopping mall – pump shotgun
    Navy yard- pump shotgun
    Texas high school- pump shotgun
    Newspaper building- pump shotgun

    I think there are more shotguns out there than AR15s. Now perhaps the anti Liberty people can come out of the closet and admit they do want yours and grand dads shotgun.

  17. More Liberal BS. If they really wanted to stop this guy the sign posts were there. Libtards ignored it and now want to use another shooter who was mentally deranged as a poster child. Thankfully we have Trump. And now the SCOTUS.


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