Diane Feinstein
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California’s longest-serving Senator, Diane Feinstein, who was a non-stop crusader for limiting gun rights is dead at age 90. She rose in power due to a high profile shooting in San Francisco’s city hall and went on to build much of her career on the fight to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights and outlaw classes of firearms and accessories.

From CNBC . . .

After two failed bids for mayor, she was elected president of San Francisco’s board of supervisors in 1978, becoming the first woman to hold the title.

Feinstein was made acting mayor of the city later that year, after then-Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk, her colleague on the board of supervisors, were assassinated by Dan White, a former member of the same board.

In later interviews, Feinstein recalled finding Milk’s body and searching for a pulse by putting her finger in a bullet hole.

Diane Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban Gun Control

Feinstein was the first to announce the murders to the press. She was appointed mayor a week later, again becoming the first woman elevated to the office.

The tragedy had the side effect of jumpstarting Feinstein’s political career, but the trauma of the day stuck with her even decades later. 

Courtesy San Francisco Chronicle

“I never really talk about this,” Feinstein said with a sigh when asked about the murders in a CNN interview in 2017.

Even Sen. Feinstein Knows the Trump Bump Stock Ban is on Thin Legal Ice
Senator Feinstein illustrating the horrors of bump stocks using Foghorn’s photo her staff lifted from TTAG.

A tireless civilian disarmament crusader, Feinstein — who used to carry a gun herself — wrote the 1994 “assault weapons” ban that both the New York Times and a federal government study acknowledged was an abject failure. Nonetheless, she never stopped trying to enact another one.

This is all we’ll say about that.

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    • She was as anti-civil rights as the southern politicians who denied Rev Martin Luther King Jr. a gun permit. After his house was bombed.
      But Diane did get her gun after a bomb attempt on her home. in fact she went and got least two guns.

      She made a big deal about turning her gun. But then after the assassination attempts she purchased more guns.

      • Thanks for the link. I grew up in Sacramento. I was 17 when the SF mayor was murdered. To this day the g@ys still lie about why Milk and Moscone where killed. The real reason was widely reported back then.

        Dan White was going broke. He needed his old job back. But the mayor and milk refused him. So he broke a window to get into city hall. Found them and shot both to death.

        He later used the “twinky defense”. Claiming he ate too much junk food.. In reality he got a lite sentence because of the s0cialist pr0gressive sentencing laws. Championed by Libertarians Liberals and the Left.

        It was Libertarians Liberals and the Left who got a double murderer off from the death penalty. And eventually he spent less than three years in prison for the murders.

        “Time off for good behavior.”

        And today you have many killers and rapists being released. Because there are too many people being locked up in American prisons and jails. According to the three L’s.

        The three L’s complain comparing the larger US prison population. To the smaller prison populations of other countries.

        The soft on crime attitude started in california in grew to what it is today. Because now in the 21st century, you can steal up to $950 and not be arrested, not go to jail, and not even be prosecuted.

        Human Life and private property means a lot less in the state of California now.

        But you do get “free” condoms. “Free” abortions, “free” sex change operations.
        And a “free” government doctor at the injection centers, so they can monitor You. So you don’t have a drug overdose and die, from all the drugs you voluntarily took.

        • Chris T,

          Well, you outed yourself – I was older than 15 when that went down (hey, I’ve always admitted I an an old fart). DiFi would have gotten ahead in CA politics without Moscone’s killing (it just would have taken longer), but she did benefit from it.

          An honest observer would be obligated to admit that DiFi was at least consistent – she was a Leftist/fascist from the moment she entered politics until the day she shuffled off this mortal coil. Never thought much of her politics or her honesty, but she was an honest politician (per RAH, “An honest politician is one who stays bought.”). The fascist Left bought her, and they got what they paid for . . . she was a consistent fascist from the day she entered politics.

          Still can’t QUITE figure out what your problem is with libertarians (not a member of the ‘party’, nor would I ever be, but . . . seriously, dude, WHAT is you problem with “libertarians”???? Still going with the “he lost his girlfriend to some guy who was a libertarian” until you give me a better explanation – and, NO, I don’t have to explain why the Libertarian Party doesn’t represent me – they are a bunch of unserious, deranged stoners. But what is your problem with TJs view of the role of the relationship between man and government?????

          Inquiriing minds want to know.

  1. The Senate Majority Leader was quoted as “Diane will continue to vote with the same dedication and verve that she displayed when she was physically present in the Senate”.

    • In several cities, via absentee ballots at 3:00am.

      (I already said this in another TTAG article this morning, but it bears repeating because it’ll probably happen for real…Democrats never die on the voter rolls…)

      • When people are young, they tend to vote Democrat. As they age, they tend to shift Republican. Then when they die, they all vote Democrat.

        • I really try not to be disrespectful of the dead, but personal honesty prevents me from pretending this was anything but a truly foul woman.

          Besides her persistent efforts on behalf of civilian disarmament, let’s not forget that this was the person who arranged for the blasey ford insanity, and later, also arranged for the rioters (“protesters”) to come screaming into the committee room where Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was taking place. This person was a thoroughly disgraceful piece of work. To pretend otherwise, simply because she is no longer vertical, is dishonest for anyone who cares about this country.

        • Did those rioters get long prison sentences and solitary confinement like the Jan 6 people who did nothing but trespass? 🤔

          The Blasey Ford saga was a disgrace. The Republicans were too cowardly to say so. She got caught lying under oath. She should have been thrown in jail.

      • That is absolutely true in Californistan. They have to be sued to clean up their voter registration records. Fortunately I can check my MIL and FIL for their voting record since they have passed.

        • My adult daughter moved out of CA years ago. She contacted the LA Registrar’s office per instructions and declared her move out of state. We continue to receive unrequested absentee ballots in her name, and just received another one last week. I myself attempted to submit an affidavit of my daughter’s exodus…twice. Both times the poll station supervisors said the ability to update voter rolls have been removed from them, and they didn’t know of any current process to do so…except write to the Registrar…which my daughter did…and nothing happened.

          CA is a cheating wasteland.

  2. I never knew her whole crusade began when a degenerate Democrat shot other degenerate Democrats over an argument about drugs.

    Some things never change.

      • Umm. . . you mean ban them all??? Then there would BE no Dimocrat party, would there? I met a rational Dimocrat, once . . . the same day I saw a unicorn, and met Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, too.

    • Then came the Twinkie defense. That worked by the way. Showing you just how long Californistan has been beyond fuc’kd up.

      • They are eagerly awaiting to be annexed by the “Motherland”.

        It’s why Gov “hairgell” is heading to China. To ask to keep his job but reporting to new masters.

      • “Ship, and I just gave up alcohol.”

        Do you (Wor)ship?

        Frank Herbert, wasn’t it?

        • “I shipped my pants!”

          (Kmart promotion from 10 years ago when they were still in business)

          Just ship it! -fear is the mind killer.

    • Here’s what I’d like to say to her :

      “Bye, bye”

      “Bye bye, I’ll catch you later
      Got a lead foot down on my accelerator”

      (Jo Dee Messina is a babe 🙂 )

      • Better than cranberry juice out your arse burns. I get that with grape juice unless I buy Keedam kosher grape juice that has been boiled. Ordinary grape juice goes right through me and burns on the way out! Birds eat some.of the grapes and ship all over the rest. It’s impossible to wash all that ship off of the grapes before they squeeze them. The Jews knew this thousands of years ago and the kosher method is to boil the juice before drinking or even making into wine. It’s not really necessary for wine because the fermenting process kills anything in the juice but they do it anyway. This is why kosher wine doesn’t have all those complex flavors that the bird shit gives regular wine since it was boiled first.

  3. Newsome will appoint a replacement that is worse. At least she wasn’t causing the usual amount of stupidity over the last couple of years while she was in steep decline. A evil woman through and through.

    • TommyGNR,

      I was thinking basically the same: at best Newsome will appoint an equally awful politician.

        • hawkeye,

          Newsome appoint himself? Good question. I can imagine that moving from California Governor to U.S. Senator from California may actually be a step down in his mind.

        • Not unless he’s identifying as a black female — which he’s already publicly pledged to appoint.

      • My thoughts exactly, and same for the Menendez article.

        You either have a leftist scumbag directly chosen by an overwhelmingly leftist-scumbag electorate, or one appointed by another leftist scumbag. In both cases the constant is the leftist-scumbag electorate.

        Just like the futile sheriff debate.

    • There is one bit of sunshine here, however

      Under Senate rules, the GOP caucus would have to agree to allow her replacement (or anyone else the Dems want to put up) to take her place on the Judiciary Committee. But if they don’t want to — and there’s zero reason they should — the committee will be evenly divided.

      That’s the reason why DF didn’t step down when it became obvious she was in no condition to continue — as long as they could just prop her up like El Cid and get her to mumble “aye,” and they could still get judicial nominees out of committee and to the floor.

      But if the Judiciary Committee is evenly divided, and the GOP can keep Biden judicial appointees bottled up in committee.

        • “Makes me wonder how long RBG tried to keep sucking air ”

          Cancer is an ugly way to go, but imagine her utter dismay of Trump winning and naming her replacement…

          *snicker* 😉

        • I saw RBG at the NYSR&PA 1 oral argument a few months before she passed. While she was exceedingly, painfully frail, she still was plenty sharp — a lot more so than Sotomajor.

          But what I will never forget is that as the Court exited the bench, it was Clarence Thomas (PBUH) that took her arm and helped her down the stairs. And from the exchanges between them, it was obvious he did that all the time. Class act, him.

          What I would not give for the opportunity to share a really good single malt and a couple of Ashtons Robustos with him . . . .

        • LKB,

          More alert than Sotomayor? Wow. How is that different than “the world’s tallest midget”??? Sonia Sotomayor is, unquestionably, the single stupidest justice on SCOTUS (and that’s not, unfortunately, a particularly high bar).

          As to the other, what’s your favorite single malt? Myself, I think my current favorite is Caol Ila 25, but I am prepared to be persuaded to something else.

          RBG was intelligent, but a “dyed-in-the-wool” Leftist. Sotomayor is a nearly-sentient affirmative-action hire, with delusions of gender.

        • Dude,

          Dame Lindsey would do anything to stay on the DC cocktail party circuit. That’s pretty much all he cares about. He wants to keep getting interviewed on CNN and MSNBC, and quoted in the NY Times and WaPo, and send enough graft home to get re-elected (oh, and get us, and KEEP us, in forever wars), and . . . that’s about it.

    • Yup! He’ll appoint some young Marxist who will fit into the gang of AOC and Talib then will stay in congress for the next 50 years.

      The old witch was better off asleep at her voting button

    • She didn’t need to cause the usual amount of stupidity, her aides were doing it for her. When her aides were caught on camera telling here how to vote that was the point that she should have been replaced. Not that that would mean anything for California but Californians didn’t vote for her aides.

  4. First, I do sincerely off condolences to her family and loved ones.
    Next, although I am not a Southerner, as is said down here, Bless her soul.
    Can’t think of anything else appropriate and printable to say.

    • About all that needs be said, she is unable to trouble this nation anymore and her replacement will be sure to fill the void.

      • Southern,

        My mama taught me to never speak ill of the dead, so I am restrained from mentioning that the reason the coroner couldn’t find her heart was that it was small and black. Made it hard to detect.

        I didn’t say that. I DID NOT say that!!! Oops, I guess I said that.

        DiFi has been an authoritarian Leftist/fascist since she was born. I do not wish ill on any soul (that is up to God), but . . . she tempts me to ignore my mama’s wishes.

  5. Ding dong the witch is dead and I still have all of my guns. History will not be kind to her. I hope to learn someday were her grave marker is so I can go pay my “respects.”

    • “History will not be kind to her.”

      “History” will be more than kind- it will elevate her, and other America-haters like RBG to sainthood so long as the woke and MSM are allowed to continually rewrite it.

      • Everything comes to an end and new beginnings rise from the ashes. One has to believe that Freedom will eventually push back the darkness of Marxism and a New Republic will emerge.

  6. Goodbye Norma Jean
    Though I never knew you at all
    You had the grace to hold yourself
    While those around you crawled

    • Wow. How much did they pay you to troll that sh*te?

      DiFi was who she was; let history judge her.

      Perhaps you are familiar with the phrase “History is written by the victors”???? If your side wins, I’m sure there will be volumes of hagiography about the “late, great Senator Feinstein”.

      OTOH, if my side wins, we will use DiFi as an example of the excesses and evils of Leftists and career politicians. But that’s OK; you do you.

      Oh, BTW, just a question. How did a woman who (theoretically) had a salary of less than $200K her entire life “earn” a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars???

      Just askin’, for a friend.

      Leftist/fascist tool. (And not a very sharp tool, either . . . but, then, what Leftist/fascist IS???).

  7. I’m shocked! Pedo Joe has been claiming all along that he passed the Assault Weapons Ban. You don’t think he’s been telling a fib, do you? No, not Joe. He may be stupid, incompetent, corrupt, and senile, but a liar? I don’t think so.

  8. I briefed her several times. Although I very rarely agreed with her, she paid close attention, replied and engaged thoughtfully, and was always respectful.

    • Kudos to jwt for his respectful memory of the senator.

      I never met her, and I disagreed with much of her position on gun control but I have no doubt that she was a thoughtful and serious legislator who represented the wishes of her constituents faithfully.

      • minor49iq et al…In life d. fienstien set aside her Sworn Oath to Protect and Defend The Constitution of The United States all on the behalf of a History Confirmed Deranged Agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide called Gun Control…

      • She was as racist as any Southern politician. Who denied Rev Martin Luther King Jr. a gun permit.
        Both had bomb attacks on their homes. But king was denied a gun permit. And Feinstein got her gun permit and many guns to go with it.

        • to TheBSonTTAG
          I’m glad to be living rent free inside your head. Besides I thought you are an atheist??? You don’t believe in such things. Heaven and Hell?
          That was a great Heavy Metal album by Black Sabbath back in their Dio days.


          RIP to Ronny James Dio. I saw him twice in concert!!!

    • I think we knew the end was coming. She was having a lot of issues.
      She has been in politics almost as long as I have been alive.
      I might not agreed with her politics often, but there is no doubt she was ground breaking for women in politics.
      Now I feel old.

    • Mr. Taylor,

      One of the notorious serial killers also paid close attention, replied and engaged thoughtfully, and was very respectful and even charming–when he was not actively attacking his victims.

      Expensive clothing, significant accomplishments, impressive titles/offices, and a normally pleasant disposition do not disqualify someone from being an evil scumbag.

      • Evil is the word. Newsome is evil also and he will appoint someone that he thinks can do the most damage to our Republic.

        • Darkman it is so effed up that our country has fallen this far. Seriously! Do any of the kids out there know just how awesome the “Greatest Generation” was? It breaks my heart…liberals have infiltrated our educational system and indoctrinated our children. Do they even show children films of nazis pushing Jews in to mass graves with bulldozers? I remember it from 6th grade. It made me think. Kristallnacht 1938 was something in my history class that I remember to this day, which makes me believe that they no longer teach it.

        • they showed us “night in fog.”
          we got mr. reitman to run the film backwards.
          man, kids are messed up.

  9. For someone the Left will canonize, they treated here like a prop. at the end of her life. Her life meant nothing to them. She is just one example of elder abuse by the far left. The woman should have been enjoying her final years with dignity and not being wheeled around to push buttons to vote for things she could not comprehend.

    • Isn’t that the Far Left True Believer Pr0gre$$ive way? Exploit, use, abuse, and consume anything and everything–even their own–in their demented pursuit of perversion, wealth, and power.

    • “not being wheeled around to push buttons to vote for things she could not comprehend“

      Really, you should be more respectful of Mitch McConnell given his many years of service.

      • Nope. Got no real respect for any of them. Respect is pretty much a mutual thing, and they got no respect for voters, no respect for the Constitution, and zero respect for the Bill of Rights. They’ve forgotten, for the most part, that THEY WORK FOR US.

      • I’d do the same thing at Cocaine Mitch’s grave marker as I would to the one for this Wicked Witch of the West.

        Ding Dong ship it!

      • That is probably not as much of an own as you had it built up to in your head. As far as many are concerned they were basically on the same team.

      • Her aides were telling her how to vote. She should have been removed then. Californians didn’t vote for her aides. As far as Mitch McConnell is concerened he recently had a fall. If his aides need to tell him how to vote then maybe he should go also. I for one thank him for his service. He made the Supreme Court whole again.

      • Hey, MajorLiar, you douchecanoe idiot stepchild of a mentally-deficient planaria!! Glad (for certain values of ‘glad’) to see you back!!

        Have I mentioned, lately, that you are a pathetic quarter-wit, aspiring to stupidity?

        In case you were TOO STUPID TO NOTICE (which you are), most people on the right have been going after Mitch the Bitch FAR harder than has the Left . . . because we know Mitch was a bought-and-paid-for member of the Swamp.

        And you remain too stupid to insult.

    • The only real difference between her and the veggie from PA was they don’t need to push him around in a cart. At least they dressed her up unlike Fetterman who wanders around the Senate looking like some sort of hung over bum who can’t even bother to dress before heading for work.

    • yeah, no. she knew she gave her aides (and their handlers) unfettered access to that which allowed the treason to advance.
      and there was no place a single one of them would rather have been, they kick and scream and piss themselves all the way to the maggoty larvae part. she went first so spongebrain poopypants has to eat her brain.

  10. “Longtime Gun Control Crusader California Senator Diane Feinstein Dead at 90”

    Another case of ‘intentional passive violence’ left wing mental illness cured!

    • “Diane Feinstein is being referred to as a “Centerist” in her obituaries.”

      in the center of far left socialism.

      Centrism is a political outlook or position involving acceptance or support of a balance of social equality and a degree of social hierarchy – or in other words a Marxist-Leninist form of socialism but with a ‘caste’ system with social ‘ownership’ of ‘production’ (which does not mean economic actually) of society decided by the ruling class and basically supported into being by mob-rule. This is what Hitler viewed for his ultimate vision for an German ayran-race led world. (yeah, I know there are more ‘pretty’ definitions and implying, but this is what it actually comes down to)

      • Clarification: “… supported into being by mob-rule” of the ruling class in the ‘caste system’ to the detriment of those not in the ruling class in the ‘caste system’ who would serve the ruling class in the ‘caste system’.

  11. In the second photo of this article, Feinstein is holding an AK-47 and to no one’s surprise has her finger on the trigger.

    Why is it that every time I see a series of photos of politicians holding firearms, they ALWAYS seem to have their finger on the trigger at some point?

  12. This was a clear case of elder abuse. To parade her around like that, keep propping her up, disgusting. She may have been anti-gun, but that is no way to treat someone in that capacity at her age.

  13. Her boss herd her complain DC is cold so he called her back for long term consultations in a much warmer climate

  14. Living in the City when the shooter killed Moscone and Milk. Milk was open and approachable and I had more than one or two conversations with him when he was running for office. Whatever idiots here think about his orientation he was honest, thoughtful, kind and wanted only the best for the City. Back then the City was a great place. Today Both those men would be appalled at what their city has become.

    • Areas blessed by location, climate and exploitable resources become cities built by practical, hard workers. Leftists flock there and take over politically.

      Then they are appalled by the results.

    • Many people of Milks orientation have disowned him. When they found out, he kept a 14 year old boy in his house.
      There were no metal detectors at city hall the day he was murdered. He was simply following supervisor diane finesteins edict.

      • I should add it was white h0m0sexu@ls who destroyed San Francisco and burned it to the ground. They rioted when Dan White was found not guilty of murder.

        “Diminished capacity”

        The g@ys caused millions in damage in today’s dollars.
        And decades later, in 2020, white h0m0sexu@ls would riot again and burn more american cities to the ground, while they waved rainbow flags.

    • Yeah, Timmy Two-spirit, but he was also a kiddie-diddler . . . but I guess that doesn’t bother you, does it???

  15. You say she “wrote the 1994 “assault weapons” ban…”

    Doesn’t Joe Biden claim credit for that? It’s one of his frequently recited talking points.

    • Even Ronald Reagan signed off on the AWB:

      “In May 1994, former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan, wrote to the U.S. House of Representatives in support of banning “semi-automatic assault guns.”

      • minir49iq…Gun Control is quick to infect gullible knee jerk one track minds only when the Racist, Genocidal History of Gun Control is kept out of sight and off the table. Did anyone in public say to Reagan, Ford, Carter…Sirs you do know History Confirms the Gun Control you aspire has its Roots in Racism and Genocide? Well did they?

      • Did it piss you off as much as it did me Miner? Or are you just using this moment in time to kick our dicks when we couldn’t defend ourselves? Another notch in the war on our 2nd Amendment rights. Many politicians do it. This is the reason like minded people need to get off of their asses and vote.

        • he didn’t even know about it then, still climbin’ trees and all curious about his best pal.
          now it’s a show and tell of republican missteps.
          “life is a blur of republicans ans meat.” -zippy the pinhead

      • Hey, MajorLiar!!

        Just HAD to come back and show your @$$, didn’t you??

        Yes, Ronnie was all about “making deals” with . . . Tip O’Neill.

        I know it’s a little much to ask, but . . . could you actually READ SOME FREAKIN’ HISTORY???? (Nah, I forgot, you’re illiterate.)

        Yes, Ronald Reagan has a less than stellar record with respect to the 2A.

        Now do Senile Joe, the serial child molester. And Kamel-toe Harris.

        You insist on being too stupid to insult. But I will continue attempting to (because an insult can only be effective against someone sentient enough to actually understand it, and you are FAR too stupid to understand any of mine) insult you, because . . . it’s fun. You are an idiot, pretending to be a moron, yearning for stupidity.

      • And when it expired in 2004, GWB told Congress to renew it. “Send one to me,” he said, “I’ll sign it!”

  16. Now she’s enjoying her just reward ! I’m sure they will come up with another Marxist to take her place.

    • Who wants to bet that the dead senator will be re-elected by the masses of dead voters in California? FIFY Paul. :0)

  17. GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE YOU LYING TREASONOUS AND CHINESE-OWNED CORRUPTED BITCH – May your rotten soul burn in Hell for all eternity.

      • FUCK CHILL … oIo

        Treasonous bitch started a lot of this bullshit and almost totally spoiled the very sensitive investigation in to the NIGHTSTALKER case. She was a spy for China for years. A lot of the pro-LGBTQ bullshit can be traced back to her liberalism and apathetic lunacy. I’m glad she’s gone and I hope her filthy damn soul is condemned to HELL to burn for all eternity.

  18. As an person that ESCAPED cali Ding dong the witch is dead!

    this woman messed up the 2nd amd for years BUT MOST OF ALL wayyyyy back in the 90’s she hated illegal aliens TILL the dnc of cali flipped and figured out that those same border crossing CRIMINALS would vote dnc if the party ‘promised’ yet one more amnesty!

    she had ZERO personal values and thought of all of us ‘citizens’ as peasants!

  19. My college roommate worked for the great Rep. Lagomarsino in the ‘70’s. We visited them in “Burning in August sweaty hell-hole DC”. I wore a suit in DC so it was assumed that I was a local. Got to sit at a table with her with a group of citizens to allegedly have a conversation.
    She was nuts. “Guns, guns, guns”. Kinda like saying “A gun is a Penis” over and over.
    She claimed the Robar sniper rifle (folding butt stock) was concealable and therefore a menace. She won that one-sided argument, if I recollect.
    She could have lashed out at the Democrat who killed Harvey Milk. Nope. Every Other Man in Creation.
    I can’t deal with nasty people who are so damaged mentally to the point where they lash out at and harm strangers.
    That’s her true legacy.

    • She also kept trying to ban .50 cal rifles because .50 caliber is an anti-aircraft projectile. The creator of the Springfield 1866 (Second Allin conversion) .50-70 infantry rifle would be mighty surprised to find that out, but DiFi demanded ALL .50 caliber weapons be outlawed!

  20. I’m glad she’s dead, but sad she’ll no longer be constipating the senate, delaying everything by not knowing where she is.

  21. I’m sure that Schiff is annoyed by the timing of her demise. Feinstein needed to cling to this mortal coil for another year to make his life easier in 2024.

    He wanted that seat but Newsom has said that he will appoint a black woman to fill it. That means Schiff probably has to run against a black female incumbent in California.

    • Yep, time to grab the popcorn. 39M Californians, and only one vote might count to pick their Senator for the next few decades. He can’t be a white guy appointing a white guy because that would be sexist and racist, which eliminates Schiff (aw, shucks). Picking candidate Barbara Lee, a Black woman representing the Dem safe Oakland area (old Dellums seat), would be the politically correct move. He could choose someone outside the primary to fill out the leftist bingo card and pick appoint the first trans, non-binary, polysexual, differently abled, person of color who immigrated. If he doesn’t want to piss off the Dems in the primary and their supporters, he could pick an outsider who vows to not run and will just serve out this term. He could appoint himself, skip out of the rest of his term, and either have a steady job until he croaks or run for President in 2028 at age 60 with Governor and Senator on his resume and probably no incumbent. Or, he could pull a Blagojevich and sell the seat to the highest bidder.

  22. Unfortunately, whoever ends up in her seat will hold the same views but may be more competent to actually influence policy again.

    • That poor woman has at a minimum, a several hundred thousand payout coming her way, and her LE ex should get some hard time… 🙁

      • cops like this should be sent to prison and kept there.

        That woman deserves every bit of revenge she can get on this guy including monetary and taking every bit of property he has. Shackle him up and give her a bat and let her have at him with it, let her go completely medieval ‘hack/slash/beating’ on him, because he deserves it.

        The very horror of having your inherent inalienable constitutional rights so blatantly violated, the very horror of being able to be targeted specifically, by a ‘government authority’ simply because they say so — and the anti-gun wonder why the pro-2A/gun, republican/conservative, community is so opposed to red flag laws.

    • First off, fuck him.

      Second, his wrestling sucks, which probably explains his attitude because he got the shit kicked out of him in high school. Everything he does says “I got beat up in JV wrestling, like, really badly too”.

      If she was trained she’d have rocked this guy. I, quite literally, know 16 year old girls who would have napped his ass and walked away. I mean, he’s… pathetic.

      Personally, I’d enjoy rolling with him. It’s not sporting, but it is fun to just steamroll a d-bag’s ego nice and slow. Cops are the best for this. Crushing their soul is fucking awesome. The good cops don’t have this attitude, so they’re just normies. The dbags though, are just magnifique.

      Unless of course he was in the process of violating my rights, in which case, I’d actually enjoy selectively breaking his joints while it dawns on him that he’s not going to get away from me and cannot actually resist what’s being done to him. The moment of realization that this is an unwinnable fight is amusing to watch, especially when you’re the one creating it.

      There’s something delightful about a bigger, stronger guy realizing that they’re hopelessly outmatched and that the other person literally has the power over life and death in their hands. The little twitches in their struggle give away how desperate they are. It starts as confidence that turns to angry confusion which then changes to a mild form of desperation until they get tired. Then you can literally feel the panic rising.

      • good lord, that’s scary shit man.
        Sounds almost as twisted as the song I wrote about bashing people’s heads on rocks

  23. I always thought she had a hand in the assignations that lead to her start.

    The only sad part of this event is that Newsollini gets to pick her replacement.

    • “…she had a hand in the assignations…”

      Did you mean assassinations? Although, assignations may fit also, what with it being California politics and all…

  24. She’ll be replaced with someone equally as bad, but yay anyway. She was a shitty human being.

  25. Thank God that he finally called an errant child home. Wish he’s call a bunch more and clean out the Senate

  26. @fppf: re: “chill…”
    I try to remain in check emotionally and not embarrass myself verbally too often. But as of late, people like her have piled their own personal psychoses onto the freedoms of persons they didn’t even know. They are actually “going after with prejudice” innocent people, and stealing their Constitutional Rights. That’s wrong.
    A creepy, sleazy lawyer went after me when I got hurt bad and disabled. No lawyer in town would buck the County, and the lawyer I got from way out of town got SUED by a group of crooked lawyers, and didn’t arrive to represent me!
    The creepy dude lied in court, cheated me, and we lost our house.
    He died two weeks ago. Should I tell everybody that he was a real cool guy, or let them in on the truth???

    • I’m in full control of MY emotions and I’m not one bit embarrassed about anything I ever write at all. I cannot stand a TRAITOR; she was a traitor in more ways than one. I also recall how she almost ruined the tireless hard work of CA homicide investigators when she ran her mouth (as usual) about the NIGHTSTALKER serial killer case in the 80(s). She was privileged to certain facts about the case because of her political position while being told to keep those sensitive facts to herself. She ran her dumb selfish mouth instead and jeopardized a lot of innocent lives. I’ll never care if folks like what I say about her nor how I say it.

    • @Richard:
      So come over to my house. Our Articles Of Confederation Of My House do not recognize the alien authority that imposed your diet, so it carries no weight here. I’ll have choklit, Rocky Road and Vanilla!
      Let me know if we need something else.
      I’ll leave the back door open so’s possums can get in and join us…

  27. “I’ve never wished anyone dead, even though I admit to reading a few obituaries with satisfaction.”

    – Mark Twain

    How long until Joey Obiden has the Navy name a ship for the old dingbat?

  28. She was such a manipulative snake. Yes she was at the scene when Dan White killed the mayor. In later years championing for AR and AK and the like bans, she said “I’ve seen death up close, I know what these weapons can do, these weapons are dangerous” She was IMPLYING the weapon used to murder Milk and Moscone was an assault rifle. I clearly remember her making this statement. Of course we all know the weapon used was a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson Model 36 Chief’s Special.

  29. As a good Christian I should forgive all who stray, Oh wait, I’m not a Christian. Burn in H#LL B!TCH!!! 21 gat salute right into the box.

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