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Victims of Nigerian Islamist school attack (courtesy

Now that the Kenya mall massacre has caught the attention of the world, the “other” attacks by Islamist terrorists have begun to rise further up the Google News food chain. “Islamic terrorists dressed in Nigerian military uniforms assaulted a college inside the country Sunday, gunning down dozens of students as they slept in their dorms and shot those trying to flee,” reports. “‘They started gathering students into groups outside, then they opened fire and killed one group and then moved onto the next group and killed them. It was so terrible,’ one surviving student, who would only give his first name of Idris, told Reuters. As many as 50 students may have been killed in the attack, which began at about 1 a.m. in rural Gujba, Provost Molima Idi Mato of Yobe State College of Agriculture, told The Associated Press . . .

“They attacked our students while they were sleeping in their hostels, they opened fire at them,” he said.

The recent Boston bombing reaffirmed the idea in the American mind that terrorist attacks are like natural disasters. It’s the luck of the draw.

You work in a skyscraper. A bunch of terrorists fly a jet into the building. What can you do to defend yourself—aside from surrender your civil liberties to the government?

You run in a marathon or take your kids to some public event. Someone sets off a bomb. What can you do to defend yourself—aside from surrender your civil liberties to the government?

You’re shopping in a mall or or working in a school. A lone wolf killer or a squad of terrorists starts killing innocent people. What can you do to defend yourself?

Now that’s a difference question. One whose answer should include a discussion of the most effect way to exercise our individual right to keep and bear arms. As we’ve seen in the past. And will see again in the future.

You can’t negotiate with terrorists. The best you can do is to keep them away from your assets or shoot them dead when they appear. As soon as possible.

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    • “…students in the US”. that’s a pretty broad statement, Doc. I think I see where you’re coming from, but right now your comments can be viewed a lot of ways. Care to go into more details?

    • I’m perceiving there is a growing number of conservative/libertarian-minded students in U.S. colleges who are trying to get their degrees whilst putting up with the raving commies who run the institutions, but have no idea what politics are favored in Nigerian Colleges.

  1. So was this motivated by the fact that the school was just a high population area or did they teach women or did something else these guys disagreed with

    • The foxnews story says that “they appeared to know the layout of the college, attacking the four male hostels but avoiding the one hostel reserved for women.”

      An official said he suspects that Boko Haram was behind the attacks, but declined to elaborate. Boko Haram is aiming to establish an Islamic state in northern Nigeria and has intensified attacks on civilians in revenge for a Nigerian military offensive against the group, Reuters reports.

      So while this may have been carried out by Islamists, it may not have anything specific to do with Islam. It may just be terrorism in its purest form: “Do what we want or we will do this.”

      I’m not being an apologist, I’m just saying that this appears to be less about killing people who are going against (their interpretation of) the teachings of the Koran, and more about just good old fashioned revenge.

      • Good analysis of current news reports hopefully these insights make it into the next article about the attack! Anyway that Matt

      • “Do what we want or we will do this.”

        So, they are no different than every government in existence.

    • I work over here in Nigeria, so I might be able to give a little insight on what makes them tick here. But then again, I’m not from here, so maybe not.

      Anyway, Boko Haram and Ansaru (the two big FTO’s that aren’t officially FTO’s in the north) are Al-Qaeda allies and have received training from AQIM and AQAP that they’ve brought back here and used pretty well in a lot of attacks this year. Both of them have the intent to throw out western influences in the largely Muslim north of Nigeria, and the eventual intent to form their own nation following what they call “Islamic ideals.” To really explain, Boko Haram means roughly “western education is forbidden” in the Housa language up there, so anything western is their target. They’ve been hitting schools, bars, police and military facilities, churches, and even mosques where the Imams don’t agree with their brand of extremism. Anywhere that they can incite terror in the population.

      Oh, and to answer the “gun free zone” question. UK style gun control here, as it’s a former Brit colony. Even though you’ll see AK’s all day long every day, guns are only legal for the military, state security service, and the MOPOL’s (mobile police, but they call them “kill and go’s” here since they are worse than NYPD when it comes to shooting innocents). So no pistols at all, and rifles and shotguns only with extensive licensing and severe limitations for the public.

        • No no… I had my own blog about things over here… I had a few visits from some unhappy government officials. I’ll pass on having the chance to see the inside of a Nigerian jail while I’m here at work, thank you… but I’ll chime in if there’s any clarification I can give on stuff here. I’ve been working over here for 4 years now, but only in the Niger delta around the militants down here (Christian and anti-foreign oil industry… oh, and anti-westerner too, go figure), so I’m no expert on BH or Ansaru, I just read the papers over here.

        • Yes, thanks for your first(ish) hand input, JB.

          Pretty cool to hear from someone who is actually in the country,

  2. Bet it was another fish-in-a-barrel gun-free zone. Let’s ban those, and this crap stops.

    It’s worth noting the perps weren’t Reformed Methodists.

    Condolences to the victims’ and their families.

  3. Unlike the Mall massacre in Kenya, these people killed Muslim students in Nigeria. This attack seems to have more political overtones than religious, although the group claiming responsibility wants to establish an Islamic State in northern Nigeria. I am wondering what sort of response this group expects from the Nigerian Government.
    My sympathies to the Families of the dead and injured and to all those students who fled the college and got their education disrupted. This was a horror on a new scale.

    • Not that you’d want to know, but what the terrorists did to their captives at the Nairobi mall will be enough to make some people vomit just from reading it. For those who doubt the existence of evil, check out the British papers, especially the Dailymail. The U.S. media won’t cover it because they want to make sure to do nothing to wake the drowsy Americans to real danger. Better to scare people about the Tea Party.

      • I heard some bits and pieces about fingers cut off and evidence of severe beatings. From what you say it sounds far worse. You’re right, the American MSM wouldn’t report this widely because it might upset their darling in the White House by contradicting his official propaganda, or worse yet, as you suggest,cause the American Public to wonder if there’s worse danger than the Boston Bombers about to land on our doorstep. From the escalation in Islamic extremist attacks, I am very concerned we may not have to wait too long for something else terrible to be done here. The price we will pay for a weak and indecisive President with sycophants and stooges for advisers…..

  4. If you can’t prevent it (and it’s clear neither we nor they can), then you need to be able to respond to it.

    Then you need to track down whoever did it. Bonus points if you do it without surrendering critical civil liberties in the process.

  5. These massacres where both conducted with weapons either imported by arms dealers or sold by corrupt military under the nose regimes that banned them out-right yet banning semi auto rifles with certain features will prevent the same thing from happening in the US at least are evil bastards are too crazy to get a poltical motivation and get organized. Anyway I think we can use this counter argue both “AWB’s” and gun free zones so let’s take that under advisement in our future endeavors.

  6. “A bunch of terrorists fly a jet into the building.”
    “Someone sets off a bomb.”
    “..a squad of terrorists starts killing innocent people.”
    “You can’t negotiate with terrorists.”

    “..exercise our individual right to keep and bear arms.”

    I hate to break it to you, but what we’ve got problems with is not a guns issue, or a right to keep and bear issue, in fact, it’s the issue of this story and what you left out of each quoted sentence above.

    “A bunch of ISLAMIC terrorists fly a jet into the building.”
    “Someone ISLAMIC sets off a bomb.”
    “..a squad of ISLAMIC terrorists starts killing innocent people.”
    “You can’t negotiate with ISLAMIC terrorists.”

    No, the uniting thread of this avant-garde, multi-culti tapestry is the lie that all cultures are equal; that no culture is better than another, and therefor other cultures must be allowed to survive unharrassed, unmolested, and even unkilled-off, even if they have a long history not playing well with others. This is a presentist, 19th century white guilt issue about our colonial past and nearly completely exterminating the indigenous culture that had the audacity to live on our land before we had a chance to discover it. If we hadn’t killed the native Americans with our 18th century weapons, we would have surely decimated them with our 19th century(and forever advancing) Western culture. Adapt or die. That’s the one and only functioning rule. The rest of it is window-dressing to keep our minds off the dying part. Not only is this remedial thinking dangerous, it’s touted by the Left, and even some on the Right, as the intellectual underpinnings of a 21st century society. But Islamic terrorists don’t want to adapt or die for the 21st century and the future, they want us to adapt or die for their 4th century and the past. This isn’t about the right to keep and bear arms, it’s about the right to not have our government treat other nations and other cultures, especially 4th century Islamic death cults, as equal to America or Western culture.

    Cultures aren’t destroyed by foreign armies anymore, they die from internal armies and cultural rot.

    Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society. ~ Aristotle

    • No Mr. O-F-T this was not a “gun issue” their motives are certainly more pertinent than their tools of choice but that is the battle we are currently tasked with fighting in this country at this time as we face discrimination from credit card companies and other businesses therefore we can use this event for that purpose.

  7. ISLAM is today’s pinnacle of religion.. The highest achievement of the ugliest invention of humanity existent today… Allah U Akbar!!!

    Or maybe a Catholic Priest with his claws clamping your six year old son…

    Sorry.. Second place.. Allah Rules!!!!

    • Pinnacle of religion? I know there was a man who rose from the dead as written by the prophets. That is a pinnacle and an epiphany. Humanity did not invent religion, but respond to the overwhelming evidence of its existence.

  8. A sane immigration policy and a sane foreign policy and these attacks are not an issue for the United States. But that is going to require that we end all immigration and remove all non US citizens. It also means we leave the Middle East and Africa to take care of themselves. No nation in the Middle East or Africa is worth one drop of American blood or one dime of American tax money.

  9. The religion of peace spreads it’s message again, believe or else…. Jihad. This is tragic, and the more the moslums commit to terrorism in the name of all-la-la, the more the world will hate them and turn against them…..

    • Remember that the US has history of religious intolerance and violence, too. There is a reason the Mormons moved out west–they were driven out of the east and the mid-west. Mainstream Christians attacked and killed Mormons, and Mormons did the same at times. there is no purity when it comes to religions or to the faithful.

  10. Praise Allah that this was a Gun Free Zone! Otherwise some of those evil, education-desiring students might have been able to stop the Allah-inspired terrorists! Al Queda LOVES Gun Free Zones!! /sarcoff/

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