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Because gun grabbers never sleep, Illinois Representative Edward Acevedo just filed an amendment establishing an “assault weapons” ban to an otherwise innocuous bill (SB-2899) titled the Probation and Probation Officers Act. The text of Rep Acevedo’s amendment is here. Oh, and it’s not just an AWB. It includes registration of existing firearms, too. And hi cap magazines. The privilege for which Illinois gun owners will have to pay. That’s right, LOLers, you’ll have to plunk down cash to register each item. Separately. Think of it as a gun and magazine ownership tax. Because that’s what it is. Read it and weep.

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  1. are we at the point we can just wall off chicago yet? either that or take off and nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

    • There’s something that gun owners CAN do. Stop visiting here or buying products manufactured in Ill-Annoy or services offered by companies based here. No Motorola products, nothing from Sara Lee, no flying United or Continental or transiting through O’Hare or Midway, no State Farm, Country Financial or Allstate insurance and no shopping at Sears, K-Mart or Lands End stores. You can help gun owners who live here by hurting this state’s tax revenues. Fortunately, this place is so deeply in the red, that marginal pressure on its economy would consign the current bunch of ruling thugs to the dustbin come the next elections because the voters who blindly sent these slime into office will hurt and want (yes, that dreaded word) change.

      • Mehul, I’d usually agree with you 100%, except that the Democratic machine in Chicago has everyone so dumb, that they don’t know any better than to keep voting Democratic ticket. Also, they cheat up there, so I don’t see any good coming from this… I’m all for trying, but I’m not feeling very optimistic…

      • As long as nobody starts boycotting PT’s, Roxy’s, Penthouse, or Hustler. I have friends that depend on your generosity.

    • Believe me that most of us living in the god forsaken state of Illinois would like to see it nuked. Or at least out of the hands of the criminal democratic party. The state government and the city of Chicago “officials” are a joke. Everyone needs to look at this state long and hard. This is what will happen if you keep electing liberals.

    • Believe me that most of us living in the god forsaken state of Illinois would like to see it nuked. Or at least out of the hands of the criminal democratic party. This is what will happen if you keep electing liberals.

    • Yeah, If the dems are in so are the gun bans. Walker might not be perfect & he might kick a teacher in the nuts once & awhile,at least we don’t hear that you can’t defend yourself, so far. Randy(Wis)

  2. I’ve always believed that lawmakers should be banned from bundling unrelated laws in bills like this.

    • You mean like the Storm Sandy funds that had money going to Alaska, Chicago and Michigan in the same bill to help people in NY, NJ and CT rebuild?

      • Or like the Credit Card bill that had an amendment that renewed our right to carry firearms back in National Parks, something Reagan took from us!

        • Yes, even those bills.

          I think that each bill should only have related things on them… like if they vote to give aid to an ally, then they can add a rider or amendment to the bill actually allocating the funds to give aid. that way, it is easier for everyone to see where our “representatives” vote on each thing. as it is now, they can say, I only voted for it, because it was the protect cute puppies bill, and it was important. I didn’t really want to spend money on some other crap, but I didn’t have a choice, because the other part of the bill was so important.

  3. I hope all the gun toting supporters of representative government in Illinois are happy with what democracy and American freedom have done for them.

  4. Time to start calling again!!!!
    This is getting F$%ing stupid! It is like they are all stripping old bills and junk then adding garbage text to try and ram rod something home..
    Hopefully the NRA, GOA, and SAF kept their folks there in hotels.. This is going to be a while.

  5. Acevedo’s own House page states:

    “I will always support legislation that defends the individual rights of people, and I will continue to do all that I can to open the doors of opportunity for those who are too often excluded. Working together, we can make our communities safer, our families stronger and our children more secure.”

    -Edward Acevedo

    What a crock.

  6. Have you ever watched how they [politicians] do things on the floor? They just say, “Hey, I got this new thing I want to do, vote on it!” Everyone does so with no questions. At this point the system is non functional in terms of protecting your human rights. It is just a formality for public perception. Just a bunch of Aristocrats playing house.

    A lot of bad things come out of the public safety assembly with not much if any resistance as long as you get the people to pay for the infringements — it doesn’t take money out of the prize pool for the politicians.

  7. I am a big big 2A guy but I do remember someone from this site stating that more gear reviews are coming. Is now a good time? I need something positive to break up the endless sea of gun grabber profiles.

    • How is talking about gear that you cannot own any longer positive? At least it will be that way soon enough. Of course the sticking your head in the sand articles could cause you to ignore your predicament.

  8. One amusing point in this amendment: it not only exempts serving police officers, it also exempts retired police officers. Would someone please explain to me why evil black rifles and evil high capacity magazines are acceptable for retired police officers, but not the rest of us? What’s the rationale (I didn’t say logic) in that?

    • Because good people who work as police don’t make it to retirement. They either get fired or they quit. So those that make it to retirement have proved to the politicians they can be trusted. If you know what I mean. So they are rewarded with privileges otherwise reserved to politicians.

    • No offense to LEOs but I do not believe that an off duty and/or retired cop should be granted a pass on this other than if the off-duty cop is required to carry his/her sidearm at all times because of department policy.

      • Yup! Cops are civilians too, if *I* can’t carry, they shouldn’t be able to off duty or retired either. No “Department policy” exceptions.

    • The repeated exemptions for retired cops are just a long “thank you” to the FOP of NYC, Chicago, and such. The essence of big city politics is machine politics. One party that gets the police, fire, transport workers and teachers’ union vote. It becomes exactly like the LDP in Japan, a club in which the key groups divide the spoils. Bloomberg said last year to a foreign dignitary, “I have my own army, the NYPD.” He wasn’t kidding. We started as a country completely averse to large standing armies. So they gave us large standing militarily-armed and privileged police forces. Nobody that mattered minded. “You don’t need guns. Our standing army…er, PD…has plenty, thank you.” Except they aren’t there when YOU need them.

  9. The illusion of freedom and a Constitutional republic continues.

    Yeah, go on, keep thinking you can work within a broken system.

  10. It is really annoying that Congress can sneak in shit that is unrelated to the overall message of the bill. That is something every American should demand accountability for.

  11. Your beat this yesterday keep pushing and applying pressure to kill this new one we can win this we all need too.

  12. If you wonder why LEO’s and retired LEO’s are exempt, well . . . from his bio: Acevedo is a police officer for the Chicago Police Department . . . . ”

    In other words, he is feathering his OWN nest for when he retires and is exempt. This chicken$hit move needs to be called out . . . . no exemptions for po-po. ever. Let’s see how the Illinois State Police like that . . . .

    • and it gets better:

      From Wikipedia:


      In 2008 Acevedo received about $25,000 from an electrical contractor that has won millions of dollars in government work — a deal Acevedo has never reported on his ethics statements. Acevedo was accused by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich of holding a city job while also collecting a state paycheck as a lawmaker, along with nine other Chicago Democrats.[1] However, Acevedo said he took unpaid leave from his job as a police officer when he went to Springfield on legislative business.[1]”

      You know it is bad when Blago calls you unethical . . . .


      Voted ‘NO’ to several firearm bills that would let law-abiding citizens protect themselves with a firearm. e.g. HB-148-The Family and Personal Protection Act (Which has been endorsed by the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association)& HR0550-Firearm Public Awareness, but Mr. Acevedo carries a firearm to protect himself and his family. Voted ‘yes’ to several safety bills to crack down on individuals who sell firearms without a license.”

      Again . . . . he thinks he is more importan than the peons he represents . . .

      and finally, he is anti-American:

      “Property Taxes

      Did not vote[21] on HB 4201 which would create a property tax exemption for disabled veterans.”

  13. Way to put a giant bullseye on your head Mr Acevedo. The hypocrisy of politicians who believe that they can trample on the rights of others who own guns while being protected by them is astounding.

  14. Worked for his brother and I see that being retarded just runs in the family. Thats just ridiculous. So why dont we ban cars and trucks, they kill people also. This whole weapons ban is sickening. All the latest crimes that are publicized in the media are by criminals that do not own guns. How about we make laws involving guns more harsh. Why do we make are laws more around taking the criminals off of the street instead of more lenient. We are shutting down prisons and letting some of these criminals back out in the street, do you actually think they are reformed. How about putting these politicians that are making the laws out on the street dealing w/ the criminals or out on the battle field defending our freedom to limit the number of police officers and soldiers that are being injured or even worse killed and see how the laws change then. Lets see what common sense comes from dealing w/these guys that have the guns illegally and are committing the crimes instead of punishing the law abiding hardworking citizen that so be allowed to exercise his rights.

  15. FFL owners in neighboring states should set up secure storage near the border and offer that storage to Ill gun owners. It would piss the Ill dems off and give valid gun owners a place to keep their guns out of the evil clutches of the Ill SP, or any other Ill gun grabber, and it would make the FF Licensee some additional spending money. Add a nice indoor/outdoor range oriented toward Ill and watch the wretched pols of Ill froth at the mouth.

  16. This is exactly how Hughes got the machine gun ban passed. He added shit to a bill at the last second and Charlie Rangel rammed it through. They do it because it is the only way to get their crap passed. Because they know none of this garbage would stand on its own.

  17. Here’s what you can do to help fight this garbage: The Illinois General Assembly has something they call “witness slips”. You can fill them out online to express support or opposition for a particular bill. The for/against totals are then read to the senate or house prior to a vote.

    Here’s where to submit a witness slip for the Illinois House on SB2899:

    You should submit the witness slip for SB2899 (PROBATION-AGREE-REDUCE COMMIT). SB2899 originally had something to do with probation, but was “gutted” and turned into a draconian gun ban using the amendment process.

    The vote is scheduled for 2:00 pm Sunday.

  18. It is our DUTY to DISOBEY unconstitutional laws. Just don’t comply. It’s that simple. Don’t even lose any sleep over it.

  19. Its time we put a stop to this everyone of these assholes who writes this kind of legislation or supports it should be charged with Treason. They are so arrogant that they thumb their noses at the constitution the bill of rights and federal law.

  20. Why doesn’t NRA-ILA/Second Amendment Foundation, ISRA file a SS1983 Civil Rights deprivation under Color of LAW suit. That’s what Justice? Department and SOuthern Poverty Law Center does when a State Cop or Official impinges on a criminal or miniority groups Rights!

  21. Hispanic, supports illegal immigration, and is against gun rights. You gun people need to in on the fight against third world immigration as well. The fight starts with those who vote and who are elected. Ending third world immigration is a boost for gun rights.

  22. Illinois outside of Chicago has absolutely noting to do culturally, politically, ethnically or in any other way with Chicago. “Diversity” or Balkanization of peoples’ who do NOT share a common purpose or culture, and dont want to, requires them to split off into their own administrative states to ensure that no group is engaging in oppression of the others.

    We simply need to secede, and leave Chicago to its own devices – ala Detroit.
    Chicago is a overwhelming Black and Mexican city in which to be simply honest.. those two groups cause on average 95% of street crime and street violence, and other than a few C(r)ook county suburbs, they do not have a majority presence outside of Chicago. The only way for Acevedo to even modestly impact crime or violence is to restrain black and mexican males, who commit the vast majority of this and are his own constituents, family and ethnic group.

    The rest of the state needs to be formed into its own entity, minus the Cook County portion of Chicago. Not only do suburban chicagoans benefit from this, but the downstate Democrats also benefit from this because they are no longer being run by the Chicago machine that needs to roll the rest of the state for money to pay for their cities population.
    At this stage, the ONE thing I think that both the Chicagoans and the rest of the state can all agree on at rates reaching well over the 80th percentile of all these regions is that we simply have nothing in common anymore, we do not share either a common culture, a common tradition, a common interest or common goals… We can only be represented within our own populations. I was born in Chicago (a different one) but have not lived there in 30 years, and never would consider it even if you gave me a free house. I am willing to leave it to the migrants from the deep south and mexico who overwhelmed it, and be rid of it forever.

    Do me the same favor.

  23. Honestly.. they never had the votes to pass this, and my opinion is they are buttmad that they lost the concealed carry legal battle.
    THIS is their attempt at some revenge.. and it really is that pathetic and simple.

    They know that we have to fight this as though its real, and deal with it which is time that is not being used to formulate a tough consensus on the best deal for legal 2A when it comes to Concealed Carry legislation.
    Cullerton and Madigan are used to being Dictators, and in their rage over losing in court, they made a blind and furious attempt to wipe out basically all the guns that potentially COULD be Concealed / Carried under the constitutional laws being forced upon these two dictators.

    They are not going to get this, and if by some magic they did it would be the best thing to ever happen to the national civilian gun owners interests, because it would once and for all show what these totalitarians REALLY want to do, and its not to simply target “machine guns” or “unreasonable” lack of regulation.. they want a full ban, and a complete ban.. in a state that over most of its territory is not Chicago, and does not share chicagos minority crime rate and urban decay.

    Simple reason dictates that were they to prevail in banning all these semi autos, they would be in violation of the mandate to permit Concealed Carry that they have been legally ordered to comply with. These two twits simply cant get it through there fat, bloated, chicago corrupted patronage skulls that they lost this one and this is not going to ‘win’ anything, it will only eventually result in two things=

    1) If somehow they temporarily “succeeded”, they will soon after be found in contempt (hopefully personally in the case of Madigan and Cullerton) for attempting to ban guns they had JUST been ordered to develop a constitutional C.C. system for private citizens to carry.

    2) they are going to tank any possible hope for the national democrats getting through ANY gun control or bans because they have now “taken the mask off” and shown their true intent now, and its not ‘reasonable restrictions’, its complete and total draconian soviet-style bans against citizens.

    Lastly, no one is going to comply with this. The concept that shooting ranges are the problem, or legal gun owners are the problem, ignores the fact that almost everyone committing crimes with firearms is not legally in possession of the gun, has no FOID, and is overwhelmingly a Humbolt Park or Englewood ‘ethnic’ who is the only source of crime problems, and notably is the only issue that is NOT being dealt with in any way shape or form by any of this legislation.

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