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The following is the transcript of the Vice Presidential debate tonight, specifically an excerpt where when asked what we can do to improve the relationship between people and the police Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Kaine responded increased gun control.


Elaine: All right, let me move on. The issue of law enforcement and race relations. Law enforcement and race relations. After the Dallas police shooting, police chief David Brown said “We are asking cops to do too much in this country. Every societal failure, we put it off on the cops. Not enough mental health funding, drug addiction funding, and schools fail.” Do we ask too much of police officers in this country? How would you specifically address the chief’s concerns.

Sen. Kaine: That is a very fair comment. We put all that on police’s shoulders. I was a city councilman and mayor in Richmond. When I came in, we had one of the highest severance rates in the states. We fought very hard with our police department and reduce our homicide rate nearly in half. When I was governor of Virginia, we worked hard. We had — governor of Virginia, we worked very hard. We worked together.

Here is what I learned as a mayor and governor. The way you make immunities favor and the way you make police saver is through community policing. You build the bonds between amenity and the police force, bonds of understanding, that’s between the community and the police force bonds of understanding. When that gap narrows, it is safer for communities, and for the police. That model works across our country. There are other models that do not work, and overly aggressive more militarized model. Donald Trump recently said we need to do more stop and frisk around the country. That would be a big mistake because it polarizes the relationship between the police and the community.

Here is what we will do, focus on community policing. We’ll focus on a comprehensive mental health reform package that Hillary Clinton worked on with law enforcement professionals, and fight the scourge of gun violence in the United States. I am a gun owner. I am a strong second amendment supporter. When I was Governor of Virginia, there was a horrible shooting at Virginia Tech, and we learned through that painful situation that gaps in the background record check system should have been closed and could have prevented that crime. We are going to work to do things I close background record checks.

If we do, we will not have the tragedy we did. One of those killed it at Virginia Tech was a 70-plus-year-old Romanian Holocaust survivor who had survived the Holocaust, survived the Soviet Union takeover of his country, but then, he was a visiting professor at Virginia Tech, and could not survive the scourge of gun violence. We can support the second amendment and do things like that ground check to make us safer and police safer, too.

Gov. Pence: My uncle was a cop, career cop. On the beach in downtown Chicago. He was my hero when I grew up. My three brothers and I would marvel at my uncle when he would come out in his uniform, sidearm at his side. Police officers are the best of us, and men and women, white, African-American, Asian, Latino, hispanic, they put their lives on the line every single day. Let me say, at the risk of agreeing with you, community policing is a great idea. It has worked in the Hoosier state. We fully support that.

Donald Trump and I want to make sure law enforcement has the resources and tools to be able to really restore law and order, and for the cities and communities in this nation. It is probably why the 330,000 members of the police endorse Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America because they see his commitment to him, to law — to them, to law and order.

They hear the bad mouthing that comes from people that seize upon tragedy as a reason to use a broad brush to accuse law enforcement of implicit bias or institutional racism. That really has got to stop. When an African-American police officer in Charlotte, and all-star football player who went to Liberty University, followed his dad into law enforcement, joined the force in Charlotte in 2014, was involved in a police action shooting that claimed the life of Keith Lamont Scott, it was a tragedy. We mourn with those who mourn, we grieve with those who grieve, and we are saddened at the loss of life.

Hillary Clinton actually referred to that moment as an example of implicit bias in the police force, where she was asked a week ago, whether there was implicit bias in law enforcement, should correctly answer was that there is implicit bias and everyone in the United States I just think what we ought to do is stop seizing on these moments of tragedy. We assure the public we have a full and complete and transparent investigation whenever there is a loss of life because of police action, but Senator, please, enough of this seeking every opportunity to demean law enforcement probably by making accusation of implicit bias every time tragedy occurs.

Sen. Kaine: People should not be afraid to bring up issues of bias in law enforcement.

Gov. Pence: I am not afraid to bring that up.

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  1. That was the most poorly written article I’ve read in a long time. It has more mistakes than I make posting in these blogs on my IPad without proof reading.

      • Transcript is direct from Vox, as mentioned by Nick. Reads to me like it’s from the closed captioning file or something. It’s better than machine (automated speech-to-text) captioning, but not up to par with professional, ADA-compliant captioning where they have some time to get it right by watching a recording. Strikes me as the type of captioning you’d read on the TV, being typed by somebody real-time on a courtroom-style dictation machine thingy.

        • Several of the mistakes were in Kaine’s speaking. He stumbled over a bunch of words and phrases in that segment.

        • No it wasn’t (I am not having a conversation with myself, I apparently just suck at editing my posts).

      • “Ab*rtions for some, miniature American flags for others!”

        (years old simpsons episode for those who may not watch)

    • Are flag pins required? Aren’t there important things to be discussed? And I don’t mean twatter wars with beauty pageant contestants who lack 2 brain cells to rub together.

      It’s obvious Trump won the debate last night, even Kaine could not stop talking about his campaign.

    • Meanwhile, the MSM was blatherin on about how ‘great’ Kaine did, despite the fact that he came off as a clown, constantly interrupting the moderator, Pence, and pretty much playing Hillary’s fool.

      Looked more like ‘Pence 2020!’ than anything else.

      (Except maybe – “Elect Trump, assassinate him, get the Presidential candidate you wanted.”)

      • “Looked more like ‘Pence 2020!’ than anything else.”

        Yeah, some political commentators made that observation, and there may well be something to it.

        Either way, Pence didn’t choke…

      • Except maybe – “Elect Trump, assassinate him, get the Presidential candidate you wanted.”)

        LOL! You guys crack me up.

      • Elect Trump?

        Until someone stops him from chasing rabbits on twitter, that’s not going to happen.

        • Most Trump voters don’t give a $hit about Twitter and have no use for that nonsense. You have no idea about the silent majority. The monster vote that is coming in November. This won’t even be close.

        • Most devoted Trump voters don’t give a shit about anything. You can show them The Donald blatantly lying about something he said just a day ago, complete with recording, and they’ll still blame it on the media. Fact checking? They don’t care about facts, either.

          Thankfully, they aren’t the majority, and the only way Trump can win is if all the conservatives who loathe him still vote for him. Which is not a given, and it’s possible to convince them to not show up at all. Which is what we’re doing.

      • The problem is that “Pence 2020” doesn’t translate to “Trump 2016”. Pence did pretty good for himself, but everyone noticed that the way he did it was by deflecting any and all questions about Trump’s gaffes, or “correcting the record” on them (“That’s not actually what he meant” etc). Now, what does it say about candidate’s policies, when even their own VP pick is unwilling to defend the substance of those policies?

  2. Ahhh yes, the background check “loophole”, the cause of all “gun violence” in America.

    Next candidate please.

      • Kaine can drink Biden under the table. Even in his top night-clubbing, Queen-searching days, Illini-Zim couldn’t hold a quarter of Kaine’s nightly intake.

        • Oh I see you’re pretending you’re some kind of good boy now Gray gay. I never drank or chased women in my glory days-they chased me…

  3. This was only vaguely related to guns, and that auto transcript is horrible. Wasted article. What happened to the internet question survey that had like three gun control questions at the top of the heap? Didn’t make the cut with so many votes?

  4. Kaine is your next Veep, the Hildebeast is your next president. We’ve already had a drunken blowhard with Biden, why not another?

  5. If it was as un-readable as y’all say, it looks like I made the right choice when I went TL;DR on the main article and jumped straight to these comments.

  6. Kaine claims credit as mayor of Richmond for a drop in crime thanks to an NRA supported federal gun crime penalty system that locked people up under federal law, not state law. Operation Exile. Opposed by congressional Democrats, including the Congressional Black Caucus, but it seemed to cut violent crime markedly where implemented.

    It went into effect one year before he even became mayor. But he certainly claims credit for the drop in crime rate. Even though he and Hillary would fight tooth and nail to oppose similar legislation today

    • Citation needed please.

      I don’t doubt it, but I’d like to be able to share this in future conversations.

    • Thank you, David, I had forgotten that! I remember reading that Richmond cops could not even find a criminal with a gun, because they would be (actually) prosecuted just for that, and sent off to Kansas or some such for 5 years without parole. I’m sure that would work overall, but somebody has to pay the costs, not sure feds would support that in every state.

  7. Pence won Kaine had little but slogans.

    No mention of the GFZ disarmed Concealed carry advocate killed at VT either.

  8. “Community policing” is another one of those nice phrases that means nothing at this point… much like ‘militarization.’ The former is what people use to refer to anything they like and the latter to refer to anything they don’t like. Or, more precisely, when things went well it was ‘community policing’ according to politicians but if something went bad it was ‘those dang militarized, biased cops!’

    Kaine’s statement was basically content-free. What happens when a large part of the community wants the police to come in and clear out the dealers on the corner but a vocal minority then complain when the police do that? What has happened (during Obama’s presidency) to cause such problems on a national scale across so many places? Why is the homicide rate rising all over?

    Oh. Right. Guns. Because we didn’t have those 3 years ago.

  9. Because the best way to build bonds between a community and the police is to give the police an excuse to stop and search every person who looks weird to them to see if they have a gun or drugs or something, and that way they can arrest them, because I’m sure they were up to no good anyway.

  10. I’m a political junkie and I couldn’t make it past 20 minutes.
    Kaine’s interruptions were infuriating and Pence’s refusal to tell him to STFU was depressing.

    What caused me to change the channel when Pence stumbled and babbled when defending Trump taxes.
    What, you didn’t forecast that attack coming?

    All that needed to be said was..
    “Tens of thousands of current Trump employees, and 100’s of thousands of ripple out and contract related job holders are glad that Trump used perfectly legal and correct tax laws to dig himselve out of a financial hole and enable thousands of people to have good jobs. That’s why those tax laws exist, they are not a accident.”

    End of story. See that wasn’t hard was it? I’m some rube from NC but yet I’m able to create a defense that apparently the entire Trump/Pence brain trust couldn’t come up with.

    With all that said, I’m still going to vote for Trump because if you don’t than its obvious that you don’t understand the threat that Leftism presents.

    • It’s as if they really aren’t interested in winning. That’s my biggest problem with Trump. He has plenty of time for stupid irrelevant shit, but when it comes to actually explaining and defending policy positions, he just can’t get it together.

      • Trump isn’t a policy wonk. He is a developer. A leader. He will contract out all policies to the lowest most pro USA bidder and if they can’t deliver on time and under budget, they’re fired. He might not know much about the nuclear trident, but he knows people. He knows a bullshitter when he sees one and he won’t stand for it. He’s the nicest sweetest man when you do good work and he’s a motherfucker when you cross him. Politics be damned. He will call out his own party like the Democrats never will. I am not afraid he will take executive action pushing the office closer to dictatorial status. Rather, he will demand that congress give him a bill to sign and if they pussyfoot around like they have been doing for the last decade, there will be hell to pay. Paul Ryan does not want the Trump pit bull on his ass, and neither does McConnell, Pelosi and Harry Reid.

        • All that is true, but first he has to get elected, and he’s so far been an utterly incompetent candidate.

          • I didn’t vote for him yet he beat some pretty big names in the primary. Incompetent doesn’t come to mind when seeing how he steamrolled through the competition.

        • All your praise of Trump is hilarious, are you just another Trump sycophant? Hillary is a disaster and will destroy the country but there is nothing in Trump’s resume that says he knows how to run the country.

          He will call out his own party? You mean how he made up lies and had a nasty campaign against Cruz, Rubio, and all of the other candidates? Or how about now how he claims to be an outsider but has endorsed Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, and John McCain. Trump will not call out anyone, he cannot even attack Hillary and her disastrous record. Reid is retiring you should probably keep up if you want to comment on these things.

          He will demand congress give him a bill or there will be hell to pay? What exactly can he do? What is this empty threat of hell to be paid? Trump is a joke and all they have to do is bait him on twitter and he would spend his time fighting BS instead of fixing the country. It is sad to admit but Hillary is going to win this election and the only reason she will win is because Trump has no idea how to run a campaign.

          The economy is so massive and ever changing it is impossible for anyone to manage. The best option is to get rid of government regulations, taxes, and agencies and let the economy become free and it will grow on its own. No business man or real estate developer can manage the US economy.

          You show your lack of knowledge by claiming ” He will contract out all policies to the lowest most pro USA bidder and if they can’t deliver on time and under budget, they’re fired”. Explain how a President can contract policies? Congress makes the laws and the Executive branch enforces them. So how can he possibly contract policies out to pro USA bidders? You mean how he contracted a US company to make his clothing line? Oh wait, they are made in sweat shops, oops!

          You people are hilarious with your faith in one person fixing the country. Especially when it is a person who was for banning AR’s and has proven to be more liberal than anyone else. The only thing that can fix our country is Article V of the Constitution. Just do us a favor and don’t get too depressed after the election results come in.

          • TLDR

            FYI I’m a Cruz voter. The first person I ever showed up to vote for was Ross Perot. I have lost faith in all politicians in any party. But I am not an idiot. Trump is the only hope to keep the Republic from going over the deep end. Is he a jack ass? You know it but what choice do we have now? I am not praising Trump. Everything I say about Trump is based on hope, not on any past accomplishments. The Democrats set up our immigration policy in order to stay in power indefinitely. If all Trump does is counter that ploy, America will be better for it. Period!

        • I honestly believe the country has already gone off the cliff, electing Trump would only slow it down a little bit. The only hope we really have of saving this country is Article V of the Constitution. We need to take the power away from the federal government and give it back to we the people and the states.

    • Well said about what the response should be to the tax issue. Unfortunately Trump has to state that it was brilliant use of the tax code and that just pisses people off. He should just STFU about coming back about every little thing the libs find on him, and concentrate on what he will do to get this country moving. They should also smash his smart phone as others have said, its not helping his case.

  11. Here is the debate recap for those that didn’t watch.

    On Russia:
    Pence: Russia is more aggressive after Hillary’s failed foreign policy.
    Kaine: Trump called Putin a great leader. How do you defend that?

    On Abortion:
    Pence: My core beliefs can not reconcile taking of innocent life. We need to allow for adoption of unwanted children.
    Kaine: I’m devoutly Catholic but, fuck it, I need the votes. God knows what’s in my heart. He forgives me for lying to gain political power.

    On the economy:
    Pence: We will reduce government intrusion in the private sector that is stifling entrepreneurship including burdensome taxes and regulation.
    Kaine: We will invest (spend money they don’t have) in clean energy. We will raise the minimum wage for full time workers (get millions laid off or hours reduced) so that no one working a full time job will live below the poverty level.

    On national defense:
    Pense: We will rebuild our military and show the world that America isn’t a patsy.
    Kaine: Trump is against military spending because he was not paying taxes when 9/11 occurred.

    • Kaine: Trump called Putin a great leader. How do you defend that?
      You don’t try to defend that.
      You agree with that statement. Putin IS a great leader,,,,,,,,,,, of HIS country, not ours or as a world leader.
      Take the wind out of their sails and let them crash.
      Hillary and Kaine IS the party of insults. All you have to do is show it.

      • I thought the spot where Pence shined the brightest was on the subject of “the party of insults”. He repeated it often enough (but not excessively) and with enough definition of Clinton/Kaine insults, by the end of the evening Kaine looked like a fool for bringing it up.

  12. Even excusing the auto-transcript, Kaine’s response was incoherent. I didn’t watch it, the last debate was too depressing, and I’m trying to keep my blood pressure under control, but it looks like Kaine really did sound like Vermin Supreme.

      • When one person is supposed to be talking, we really need to shut off the other two microphones.
        Until they do that, I can’t accept the idea that the people running the debate are interested in the voters learning anything from it.

        • Spoiler Alert: They’re not.
          The Jerry Springer show imitations will boost ratings and ad revenue far quicker than informing the public with icky facts.

          Bread and Circuses – welcome to the modern day coliseum.

  13. Democratic VP Candidate Tim Kaine on Gun Control: “I can’t think of an issue I’d rather be aligned with than this.”

    Some second amendment supporter.

  14. “… we learned through [Virginia Tech. massacre] that gaps in the background record check system should have been closed and could have prevented that crime.”

    Again, Progressive poster boy Tim Kaine shows us that Progressives evaluate the world and decide what to do based on altruism, fantasy, and emotion.

    Sure, in an altruistic fantasy world, an unbiased and competent mental health professional would have noticed that Cho was a homicidal maniac, would have promptly petitioned the state to commit and treat Cho, the state would have acted promptly on the petition and committed Cho to a secure mental hospital for effective treatment, and during outpatient follow-up treatment Cho would not have been able to purchase a firearm from a federal firearms dealer, purchase a firearm from a black-market source, steal a firearm, nor use an alternate tool/weapon/method to kill dozens of people.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world:
    — competent and unbiased mental health professionals who would actually realize that Cho was a bona-fide homicidal maniac are few and far between
    — mental health professionals who care to actually petition the state to commit the likes of Cho are few and far between
    — states rarely agree to commit someone
    — mental health treatment is often utterly incapable of “healing” someone’s mental illness
    — NICS records always have been and always will be inaccurate
    — determined killers can purchase firearms from criminals
    — determined killers can steel firearms
    — determined killers can use trucks or gasoline and matches

    What does the good Progressive do? Screw the real world! It feels good to say that we could have prevented all those murders at Virginia Tech. so let’s run with it.

  15. How many among us wanted to reach through your screen and slap little Timmy! ? The perfect sockpuppet /toady for the Hildeast. Mike Pence(for President!) showed remarkable restraint not strangling Timmy…I even got agreement from m left-leaning 42 year old son on FB

  16. Oh God , I wish I could move to another unpopulated earth like planet, and start a new! All i’d need is weapons, equipment, gear, entertainment, supplies to last a life time! Free from out of control big government, NWO, soft,-sell authoritarianism, no demo-crapic gun control, or fascist “stop and frisk detentions” by paramilitarized police—who could careless about constitutional liberties in name of the government. (Thanks Trump- for a dumb@$$ @nti-freedom addition.) It’s quite obvious, the US is doomed for whoever you vote for…Libertarians are “choking on Bitcoins” right now with their not-so-libertarian candidates. A zombie apocalypse would be good this November…Or maybe a “second coming” , and instead of removing all good Christians…All the Liberals, big world governments, banks, etc…Will be dropped into the sun. Clearing The Earth for a smaller village based population. Well , so much for fantasy….Now, so which dimwitt should I vote for to save America !?

  17. The only sensible action to take is to demand to find better candidates.

    Trump and Hillary are moronic choices period.

    • Regardless of how moronic they are, they are the only two electable candidates. I am voting for the candidate that I believe will appoint the best U.S. Supreme Court Justices … and that is NOT Hillary Clinton.

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