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Connecticut Governor Malloy signs gun ban bill (courtesy

“Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy signed the nation’s most far-reaching gun control bill Thursday, the ceremony in Hartford concluding several emotional weeks of debate and compromise since the state was rocked and the world stunned by the mass murder of children in Newtown,” reports. “‘This is a profoundly emotional day for everyone in this room,’ Malloy, a Democat, said moments before signing the bill. He added that he hoped the state’s bipartisan effort would provide an example for Congress.” Yes, well, no. As of noon today, an expanded array of “assault rifles” and all “high capacity magazines” (more than 10 rounds) are banned for sale in the Constitution State. Click here to read the final text of HB 1160, An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety.

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  1. So now come the lawsuits. Great job Conn., now you can waste more tax payer money defending these laws.

    • That’s right. Take your rights away, you get to pay them while they do it, and get to pay them some more to maintain the ongoing confiscation of your rights.

      I’m sure there was a “ceremony” for gun owners too.

  2. well as so many states continue to voluntarily become slave states, maybe eventually, ammo and magazines will become available again to the rest of us.

    • Persecuted yes, but not a slave. This is a draft of my thoughts on Obama’s visit on Monday in light of Malloy’s signing of HB1160. I wonder if the Hartford Courant will print it when I submit the final.

      Yesterday I heard speeches from CT Sen. Donald E Williams Jr , CT Sen.
      Martin Looney and others that the civilian ar15 was a weapon of war,this assertion is patently false of course , and I was struck by the irony that the General Atomics Predator drone and the newer General Atomics Reaper drone are actual weapons of war today, killing with the ease and ruthlessness wrongly ascribed to a civilian rifle. Is there a civilian version of the Reaper, of the Predator?
      No. Those drones are weapons of war and today have been used to kill
      Americans as targets of a secrative and questionable legal nature. I am also struck by the irony that those killings are justified by a secret 51 page memo. A memo that presumably asserts legal authority on circumventing due process and the United States Constitution. It effectively gives the President the power of personally selecting humans to be killed by his, and only his decision, and those that happen to be in close proximity of that person, including children.

      This is obscene and an affront to any notion of what a free country should be doing, and stretches the idea of immediate danger into the realm of whim.

      I was at the legislative building on the balcony over the senate as opening speeches were given. I have seen kabuki theatre in Japan as a tourist and I now see what is meant by kabuki dance, I saw it yesterday in the self aggrandized posturing of Donald E Williams and Martin Looney. Their speaches were well prepared and rehearsed, unlike the 92 page gun control portion of the bill they were discussing, which only that morning was made public. It had avoided the committee process and public hearing process that is the normative legislative method. It did this by emergency certification. A mechanism where immediate response to a disaster that requires immediate physical and monetary. Hurricane Sandy would be a good example of this , not the Sandy Hook Massacre.

      The impression I am left with is that Americans , not just gun owners are being asked to put their heads into the hangman’s noose of registration with the spoken assurance that what they will feel will be a reasonable restriction. I believe it is a knowing restriction on the breathing passages of Americans constitutional rights, the 4th, 5th, and as it dwindles the 1st and 2nd.

      As for the use of the emergency certification bill powers, the emergency seems clear. As when Gov. Malloy rushed a lists of gun restriction demands to the gun violence bipartisan committee when vice president Joe Biden came to to Connecticut to push the same, it seems apparent that the emergency here is Gov. Malloy’s need to show President Obama that he has the power over Connecticut to enforce his whim and will.

      Just as president Obama has enforced his will in the use of predator and reaper drones to kill Americans abroad, not on the battlefield but
      in the borders of allies an non combatant countries. The stranger
      tragedy are the thousands killed in other counties, mostly nameless, many civilian, a large number children, because an adminstration that touts transparency, cannot find in itself the usefulness of naming the dead, or even publicly showing the legal principle of those killings.

      • Give it time…

        Your taxes will go up, crime will go up, and before you know it you will need permission to travel anywhere but to work (to pay more taxes).

      • We are all slaves. We pay property tax (if you have to pay every year and if you refuse to pay they take it – do you really own it?), you are paying lots of income tax to both state and federal. You are paying sales tax (which compounds – if many pieces of equipment are purchased to make one part you pay sales tax on multiple levels), they are now introducing internet tax, you pay cellphone taxes, hotel taxes, landline telephone taxes, tax on all utility companies. Meanwhile your tax is being used to pay government leaders to take away all your rights. The government employee’s are getting excellent healthcare for life, pensions, securities, and corruptly making corporate deals so they can get an excellent job in the private sector if they lose the next election. I don’t see freedom, free, or any similar meaning of the word in any of that. You are free to pay tax and free to do what you are told.

        This is your life:

    • This is the question now floating about CT. Even the Democrats who work at Colt Firearms are nervous. Will Colt leave? How many jobs will be lost? Will this legislation be worth the tax revenue CT takes from Colt? Questions…

    • It might be worth telling Colt you won’t buy their products as long as they keep residence in that state. I plan to.

      NH isn’t far….

  3. “We can never undo the tragedy that happened Dec. 14…” ~Governor Dannel Malloy, 4 April 2013

    Yet, sir, you are trying to do just that, what with this fascist, feel-good, nonsensical, impotent, and emotionally-driven clusterf**k of a legislative action. It’s all about those dead kids!Okay, if this is so, and you really can do anything about it with laws, then write a law that magically resurrects those dead kids and we’ll call it even.

    Innocent blood is crying out, Malloy. But not for more gun control. It is crying out for justice that you cannot give it no matter how many fascist laws you pass.

    • And just as the tragedy at Newtown cannot be undone, another one like it cannot be prevented unless these nitwits start seeing the light and putting measures in place that will actually make a difference, such as allowing teachers/administrators who are willing to carry and/or putting armed security at every school. Banning magazines and scary looking rifles won’t do a damned thing, but it surely gives the illusion that it does. Unfortunately, people are only interested in feeling safe because they don’t have to do anything.

  4. Ah, yes, “several emotional weeks of debate” and a “profoundly emotional day”.

    Sadly, logic and reason were not invited.

  5. NY, MA and now CT have fallen into shadow.

    MD, DE, RI and NJ are poised to join them.

    It seems PA, ME, VT and NH stand alone.

    The lines have been drawn.

    • MA was already well into the shadow… it remains to be seen how much deeper it dives.

    • I find it kind of sad that most of the Original 13 that started this thing we call the United States are all giving up on what made this country an actual country. We didn’t become a country by using harsh words against the British… we shot them.

  6. They pretend as if this will stop anything. They are itching for the next massacre so they can go after more rights.

    • Yes, this. I’ve said all along that the gun grabbers are more than happy to sacrifice others’ children so that they can wave the bloody shirts and remove even more of our rights.

    • Sadly, I have to agree. Bloomberg was prepared to ponce when Newtown happened. He was literally siting on a plan and waiting for a shooting to happen.

  7. Quote: “…An Act Concerning Gun Violence …”

    My guns have yet to commit an act of “violence”…

    Memo to gov. malloy….


  8. They keep saying that word, “emotional.” That’s a problem. When you’re talking about the law, and justice, you can’t have words like “emotional.” It sends a message that you don’t care about justice and law, you’re only concerned with pushing your own (im)moral agenda. Justice is supposed to be blind and deaf to words like “emotion.” It says you’re only in it because you “feel” one way or another about the subject at hand.

    • Indeed. Is not Justice portrayed as a blind-folded woman? The liberals would have you believe she is a woman sobbing and crying, clutching her welfare paperwork, food stamps, and rainbow flag. Either that or screeching like a banshee about some social-engineering issue. Tedious.

  9. ANY law with the words “gun violence” or “children’s safety” should immediately be dropped. Since the laws with such names rarely if ever do anything to promote safety or prevent violence.

    • It’s all for the children! Everything is for the children. For the children’s sake. Even while taking your children and your children’s children’s rights away. The Children deserve it they say.

  10. I wonder if the founding fathers or even the WW2 generation (sorry you wasted your youth and life fighting for the preservation of a tyranny, grampa) ever fathomed the day when treason was not only commonplace in American, but lauded.

    Do not comply. Time for some updated “speakeasy” trafficking for this new prohibitionist era.

  11. “The bill also bans any semiautomatic pistol that can accept a detachable magazine and has at least one of the following features:
    1. the ability to accept a detachable ammunition magazine that attaches at some location outside the pistol grip;”

    So does that mean that all semi-automatic pistols are now considered assault weapons (and banned) in CT? Are they trying to say “extends below” the pistol grip?

    Or do you think they are referring to a magazine located “not in” the pistol grip like a Tech 9?

    • Tec-9-ish. Outside the pistol grip refers to an external magazine.

      Not like it matters. With the level of “emotion” amongst these tyrants, it just takes one of them having a bad PMS week and those’ll be gone too.

      • Yeah, my $2500.00 Pardini SP is an assault weapon now.

        It’s all evil-looking and is just like the ones the hood-boys all use in their gang-warfare battles.

        Those assh*les in Hartford are responsible for Newtown because they are too busy kissing babies and trying to get elected to meet with people who know the subject and point out the deficiencies in the system.

        And why is it a problem when it’s a bunch of white kids in an affluent community, but not when it’s non-white kids in a low-income community?

        The roots of gun control trace back to the post-First U.S. Civil War period. Those bright green leaves you touch today are fed by Jim Crow roots.

  12. If the People of the state wish to stop this sort of thing now is the time to organize a few recall elections.

    If these laws stand, they bode ill for all the People

    • This Bill is just the beginning. If CT follows the CA experience, new restrictions will contiue to be enacted becoming more and more draconian over time. The gun controllers do it incrementally, a new bill here, an amendmant to another bill there.

      This Bill is reflective of CA’s current long standing restrictions. If CA’s current legislature’s proposed Bills are passed things become much worse for gun owners in CA.

    • OK, I read that and the magazine limit part contradicts what line 555 of the Bill says. The Bill says you can’t sell to a CT person any high cap magazine after October 1, 2013. But the Senator says in his FAQ that after the Bill was signed today that you can’t but a high cap mag in CT. Am I reading this all wrong? If I want to gift something to a friend in CT (I’m not in CT) am I in violation of the new law there?

  13. This 2-bit COMMIE should be executed for treason.


  14. You need an “ammunition certificate” to buy ammo.
    When you buy a long gun, the local (to you) police will be informed.
    Purchase records to be retained for 20 years.
    “Any person who possesses a large capacity magazine on or after January 1, 2014, that was obtained prior to the effective date of this section shall commit an infraction and be fined not more than ninety dollars for a first offense and shall be guilty of a class D felony for any subsequent offense”
    No grandfather, instant criminals.
    Assault Weapon definition begins at line 1150.
    I only got 1/2 way through.
    That is some unpleasant legislation.

  15. Well I hope they choke on there unconstitutional laws!!! And while they are at it should change there state motto to the Unconstitutional Sate.

  16. The ‘Constitution State’ my ass. If (God forbid) a mass killing happens again…..let it be there.

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