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“Authorities have a suspect in custody after almost two dozen students were stabbed at a high school outside Pittsburgh Wednesday morning. The number of injured keeps climbing: initial reports said five to six students at Franklin Regional High School were injured, then that grew to 10. Now CBS Pittsburgh reports that 20 students sustained various degrees of injuries in the stabbing. Four were seriously injured.” The school in question is located in Murrysville, Pennsylvania outside Pittsburgh. As someone once said, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun (or a knife) is a good guy with a gun. Of course, as we all know, our schools are sterile, gun free zones where, with the occasional exception of a resource officer, guns are prohibited. Kinda like our military bases. How’s that working out? [h/t Dirk Diggler]

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  1. Wow, I guess all kinds of weapons turn people into crazed killers.
    It couldn’t be the people themselves being crazy, or perhaps the system of indoctrination that they are forced to attend, that is responsible for their attitudes.
    Must be the availability of weapons. Somebody hide the rocks, sticks, and baseball bats quick!

    • You’re absolutely right… crazy is crazy any way you look at it and they will use anything they can as a weapon…

  2. Good thing guns and knives are banned from schools ! How many kids actually follow the rules about not having knives on them ?? I carried a knife everyday to school from about 4th grade up until I graduated college. Seemed a normal tool to have on me all the time.

    • I got my very first pocket knife as a gift in a blind Christmas gift exchange in school, in 7th grade.

      A couple of years later (by pure coincidence) I stabbed the kid who’d given me the knife, because he and some others had been beating on my arms, leaving me bruised. But I stabbed him with a fork, because we were in the cafeteria at lunch, and that’s what was in my hand.

      BTW, he and the other bullies quit picking on me after that, at least for the rest of the school year.

      • Thats what one ex-soldier told me:

        “f people beat on you, stab them. They stop after that.”

        I didn’t even need to do that, just the presence of the deadly “weapon” was enough (a Swiss Army Knife).

  3. Was it one of those dreaded hi-capacity assault knives? I hear that they
    NEVER run out of ammo! The horror, the horror.

  4. Cue the anti-s’, “good thing this person didn’t use a gun, or it would’ve been a lot worse”

    • Only in the twisted mind of an anti are two dozen stabbed individuals a “good” thing.

      Had any teacher/administrator/security been armed, this could have been one or two stabbed, with a dead/incapacitated attacker.

      • Yeah, as if being stabbed at school is “preferable”.

        The anti-‘s retort would be, “well, if a teacher was armed, this person would’ve just stabbed the teacher and took his/her gun”. No, they don’t ever make sense.

      • Those types of comments are already posted over at the comment boards… and getting rave reviews.

    • To those (morons), I would ask, “OK… would you prefer to be stabbed or shot?” Which one is better for YOU?

    • Done:

      “But I’m just glad it wasn’t a shooter, because if it had been a shooter, there would have been fatalities,” Cook, whose children attended the school, told

  5. Can I wager $100 that Shannon Watts won’t be invited to speak at the next PTA mtg? It is For The Children(TM) after all.

  6. Crap. Does this mean I am going to have to start cutting my steak with a spoon! “Won’t someone think of the children!”

    I bet there won’t be much play on this on the media circus, I mean circuit, except to say “thank God it wasn’t a gun, we should ban guns anyway”

  7. I think you should change the name from Chinese-style knife attack to mass stabbing. Calling this a Chinese-style Knife attack is a bad how antis call modern sporting rifle as assault-style rifles gives the rest of the semiautos a bad rap. Just because it resembles it doesn’t mean they’re exactly the same so they can be grouped together.

    You might as well call it a Rwandan-style knife attack since its anniversary made the headlines if you’re looking for sensational, attention grabbing title.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I didn’t know knife attacks had styles. I thought they were just knife attacks.

    • I know that you are being slightly sarcastic but the series of knife attacks in China that have benn in the news were bound to inspire copycats here. Expect to see more such attacks now that this one has recieved its fair share of publicity.

    • I did not get the connection to “Chinese style attack”, I was trying to figure out “Chinese style knife”

        • The Chinese are sending MILLIONS of evil knives dipped in KNIFE POTION NUMBER 9 to the US, just KNOWING that their possession will cause otherwise sane Americans to go COMPLETELY BONKERS and start stabling everything in sight. Difi has already written a letter to Obama and Kerry demanding that they BAN the importation of these EVIL KNIVES that have NO PLACE in American homes.

      • In a “chinese style” knife attack, the perp is in a murderous rage again about an hour later

  8. This is another sad case and I hope all survive.
    I also hope officials realize that school security is school security and it is definitly not putting up a sign or having a “policy” that bans whatever attackers use.
    I think that there is such an effort to not legitimize guns on school grounds at any cost for fear that they would have to admit that sometimes guns are necessary to defeat evil and therefore sometimes a gun is a good thing. When I say at any cost, I mean that they are willing to pay with childrens lives.

    • A teacher and a school resources officer (i.e. cop) subdued the attacker–but I take it took them some time to get there. Attack between classes perhaps, when the halls were full?

    • And I’ve heard that sticks and stones can break bones! They have no place on school grounds!

  9. my bosses kids go there. i am here to report there are no knife free zone signs and thats why this happened. if a sign was present he wouldnt have done it

    • But as a parent, it is irresponsible to let your kid enter a school without a “knife-free zone” sign hanging from their neck… Flavor-flav style.

  10. Sad thing is that even though this is a tragedy the anti-gunners will use this to say ” see only 20 people got injured nobody died because he did not use a gun if he did it would have been way worse” to them death is the only thing that matters if they can’t dance on graves then its not important

    • Same symptom, different tool. Until this country begins to seriously discuss mental health issues, instead of just giving it lip service, we’ll get nowhere.

    • I actually think the opposite. They will use this attack to try and claim that there are so many dangerous weapons that are easily available that we need more governmental surveillance and control. Any attack is an excuse to make this control more and more like the Soviet Union.

  11. Gunshots are ugly, but knife wounds really make me cringe. I hope all of the kids recover.

  12. I bet all the anti’s are going through their kitchen drawers so they can register any knife they own (that looks similar to the one used in this crime) with the police. Right?

    I’d also like to see drafts of the knife permits and “one knife a month” laws that will be passed in the wake of this tragic event.

  13. My kids go to Penn-Trafford one district over. I heard about this as I was dropping them off at school. I almost always carry, this morning as well. My understanding is a student ran through the hall as the morning bell was rung and slashed and stabbed the other kids. Nice.

  14. the problem with this kind of thing is that it could very easily be spun the other way… “because he didn’t have access to a gun, lives were saved!”

  15. Now if this had been a shooting the media would immediately start speculating on the type of gun used, the caliber and whether it had “a shoulder thing that goes up” – as if that brand/model is particularly prone to committing murder all by itself.

    They’re just referring to it as “a knife” – not a “deadly tanto murder blade with razor sharp edge, a tip designed for stabbing through armor and a non-slip handle that will let you keep hold even if your hands are covered in blood” (made up details).

    Instead they won’t be harping on about the brand of knife used, the blade style and length. Just like they didn’t report the brand of stilletto shoes that the crazy bitch used to murder her boyfriend with…. I haven’t even heard them mention the heal height on the news coverage – which is relevant information.

  16. In another “gun free zone” a mentally unsound person knows he has soft targets unable to defend themselves so he attacks, just as happened in the Houston area. The mentally sound, criminals, and Muslim jihadists do not want an armed populace. The Democrats do not want an armed populace.

    • +1 I was thinking the same thing. Feinstein is drafting up an assault knife ban as we speak………

  17. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a knife is a good guy with a knife.

    we need to end the knife-free school zones and allow staff and students to carry knives for self defense

  18. For the record–the school in question does have a “School Resource Officer” –PC-speak for rent-a-cop.

    • I’m an SRO and I can assure you : We aren’t rent-a-cops.

      I work for the Municipal PD in the School District division, much like a Detective or Narcotics Officer.

      We have all the same powers that the normal patrol Officer does, we’re just placed in the schools instead of on the street.

  19. Some liberal moron that CNN was speaking to just said “I hope the gun-lobby doesn’t latch onto this and say ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ … … There are a lot of factors at play. Whethere the student had mental health issues or were on drugs…”

    This is a perfect example of people killing people, no matter the tool they use. They’re in complete denial that their hoplophobia is irrelevant.

    • Well, see, if it’s a knife, it’s the *person* who does the killing, it’s the person who has issues, and that’s the focus.

      If it’s done with a gun, however, the gun is doing all the killing and the person is just along for the ride – a mere afterthought.

  20. One talking head relayed “its cost prohibitive to place a police officer at every school” This is absolute bullshit. If schools can pay for a crossing guard at schools they can afford a cop. Perhaps Safe Routes to School (SRTS) could pony up some coin (850 million) they’re extorting from the taxpayers.

  21. Were they wearing masks and shouting Joe Carrol is alive, or something? Will Hollywood ban gruesome shows about knife-wielding cults of psychotic killers? If you don’t know what i am talking about, Google “The Following.” Me thinks the answer is, no, they will blame mental health.

      • Reminds me of a scene in an utterly ridiculous episode of “Criminal Minds” where a non-LEO “Native American” good guy uses a knife to take out a bad guy. One of the regular characters, an FBI agent, looks at what’s left and says, “I think I would rather be shot.”

  22. The other way they do it in china is they spash a water bottle of gasoline inside a bus or room full of people and light it up. There have been a couple of crazed mass murders-suicide like this with death tolls in the 30s and 40s. It only takes one screwed up person to ruin the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands.


  23. Seriously,-they call the cops, who have guns, and that takes time for them to get there-WHY NOT HAVE SOMEBODY ALREADY THERE-ARMED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hey, a bunch of kids got stabbed. By the looks of these comments, none of you are the parents.

    • Cry me a river. Many of us here most certainly are parents…with school-aged children who could be in that same position. We’re mad as he!l that our children are completely vulnerable to attackers at school as a direct result of the hoplophobic policies of the antis that prohibit good guys with guns at schools.

    • Emotion does not trump the truth. I will not suspend or forfeit my beliefs and rights because something terribly upsetting happened. My prayers go out to the families and students and I hope they all recover fully. That does not mean we can ignore the issues, otherwise tragedies like this will only happen more frequently.

    • I am a parent of school aged children.

      I’m teaching them to be responsible for self, not to sit around and get slaughtered while they wait for some amorphous protective government to come to their aid.

      And I can assure you, they do NOT go to publicly funded indoctrination camps that have been declared “Free Victim Zones.”

  25. Yeah Don; just like the killers at Columbine were using improvised explosives to have a much higher body count. All it takes is the evil will, they will find a way.

  26. Wow, really..I don’t know how you can equate the two weapons. If the kid with the knife had a semi-automatic weapon, there could have been many, many more deaths. Some kind of twisted logic, more weapons in a school make everyone safe.

    • Twisted logic is when more bad guys have weapons, it makes everyone safe. When bad guys have weapons, and thus more weapons are introduced as good guys have them to counter bad guys, then folks are safer.

    • Twisted logic is ignoring the facts.

      Fact: Spree attackers stop (either on their own or when stopped) when they encounter armed resistance. Check how the second Ft. Hood shooting was stopped and the Aurora High School shooting, as but two (of many) examples.

      Fact: Body counts and injury rates are lower when the attacker is stopped QUICKLY…and the quickest stop is logically done by someone who is there when it starts.

      Fact: In assaults involving firearms, there are cases where no one is killed (only injured).

      Fact: In assaults involving knives, there are cases where death has occurred.

      In other words, logically, your comment is idiotic.

  27. Watch. They’ll say “nobody died in the knife attack, so ban guns for the children”

  28. Gee I carry a Chinese knife. Hope it doesn’t go crazy on me. Seriously I’m happy my kids are out of high school & my grandkids are home schooled. Back in the day (1969-1972) we had RACE riots at my high school in Kankakee, Illinois. Nobody got shot but some kids got STABBED or slashed. Say a prayer for the kids. Of course a good guy with a gun could have stopped this psychotic punk.

  29. Up close and grisly. I don’t like to make assumptions, but the assailant may have anger issues.

  30. No one needs a knife longer than 2 inches in length.

    Those “pointy things that stick out” (serrations) should be banned. They also look scary.

    We need universal background checks for steak knifes and a mandatory 10 day waiting periods for purchasing them.

    The NKA will be administered by the BATFE&K, and each knife will be subject to a $200 tax stamp.

    Once bought the knives must be stored in a locked box except at dinner time.

    All school zones will be “no knife zones” for a 1000 foot radius. No plastic knives will be allowed in the cafeteria.


  31. I keep hearing the following BS statement, both on the news and here…”Thank god he didn’t have a gun, or many more would have been injured or died”.

    If you paid attention many of those attacked stated they didn’t even see him coming, they just felt pain and started bleeding.

    Obviously if the attacker had a gun, at the first shot everyone would duck and run Or react. Yes some would freeze but the pandemonium caused almost certainly would have caused a change in the results. ..
    Most likely fewer injured. Possibly a quicker resolve to the conflict because it would attract immediate response and action. Most schools have a plan for active shooter, how many have a plan for active silent stabber?

    • Excellent point.

      Couple that with the fact that no one died THIS TIME, but have in other knife attacks, and the whole “at least he didn’t have gun” argument is stupid on its face.

  32. It is almost starting to look like crazy people bent on inflicting mass casualties will find a way to do so whether they have to stab people, or run them down with a car or commit arson or make explosives or go into political office where they will make laws that will prevent law abiding citizens from being as well protected as a check cashing shack on the side of a road or a jewelry store or a bag of money making its way to or from a bank.

    Is there any parent that values the health and safety of their child less than jewelry or checks or a bag of money?

    • True Story:

      I once worked a case where a guy ran his car into a (semi crowded) playground full of children and care givers, because he was angry at an ex who was there.

      It was a miracle no one was hurt. He did not just run it in there and stop. He was on a bit of a ‘rampage.’

      Another: A friend’s son was killed when a guy (unintentionally) ran into a crowd outside a restaurant.

      Of course there was no hand wringing about outlawing cars or just specific models of cars.

  33. I think most people don’t make the jump between what happened in China with knife attacks and what happened in PA. Most people will likely take the reference to Chinese as a racial slur of some kind, even though that may not have been the intent. The recent knife attacks in China were likely politically motivated whereas here, probably not. Let’s stick to the facts, as much as they’ve been given us that is.

    • Good point, but in addition to the recent terrorist knife attack, there have been several mass fatal knife attacks by madmen on schoolchildren in China.

  34. I’m neutral to gun control issues (and own one myself), but no-one here asked those questions,
    would it have been worse if instead of knife it was a handgun, or a assault rifle.

    • The best answer is that you cannot answer that question, and to even ask it speaks of one buying into the nanny state.

      Some firearm attacks (even involving “assault rifles”) do not result in deaths.

      Some knife attacks do.

      You cannot say what would have happened. None of us have the bird’s eye view of “what if” reserved for deities.

    • It is impossible to say which is worse:
      Guns can jam.
      Long guns are easier to wrestle away than a knife.
      At a distance a shooter may do more damage unless there is another shooter to oppose him.
      Guns are more readily identified as a signal to react with maximum effect.
      Knives can kill very quietly, so that a stabbing in one room may not alert the school
      ….and so forth.

  35. You guys are hilarious.

    “Just wait, they will say this would have been much worse if he had a gun.”

    Yeah, duh, they’re going to say that. Why? BECAUSE ITS OBVIOUS.

    All the parents and school kids are happy this guy wasn’t heavily armed and that he didn’t have access to more deadly weaponry. If the assailant’s parents did anything right, they kept guns out of the hands of their insane child for a change.


      Nice trolling attempt. It’s quite predictable.

      So, you have God-like powers to know what “would have been,” huh?

      The fact is that you don’t know any such thing. He could have had a gun, gotten one shot off (and missed) and been tackled by classmates, subdued and disarmed before harming anyone.

      My version is just as likely as yours.

      Goodness, these stories bring out those that live in some sort of fantasy world where the world follows their marching orders. Too bad here in the real world, we have no such guarantees of things.

    • I think we are all happy no one died this time. As a society we need to rethink stashing our kids into a badly run mega institutions. If we continue to cluster our kids in soft targets managed by lackadaisical bureaucrats these things are going to happen.

  36. Honestly, I think this discussion and article should’ve been tabled until later. The focus in these events should be why someone snapped and how to prevent the person from snapping, not a bunch of What If’s. For the record, I’m pro individual rights.

  37. All of the schools I’ve been even remotely associated with in Colorado, California, New Mexico and elsewhere have been knife-free zones since the mid-90’s…
    there may not be metal detectors at the doors, but the policies have been “no knives” for quite some time now.
    maybe somebody can answer, where were the teachers & administrators when this attack was happening? why didn’t any of the adults step in to stop this attack? Why was it left to a student to bring the attack to a halt?

  38. Did the stabber buy his Ginsu on the Internet — without a background check? Thought so.

  39. These are exactly the same tired, old, responses I expect on a pro-gun site.

    The whole point is that knives are safer than guns. Guns don’t kill people, but they make killing easier, more efficient, and more remote.

    How many of the injured would have been killed in a gun attack? How many more would a determined attacker killed if they had been armed with a couple of cheap handguns?

    Even if it is just one person who lived because it was a knife attack, can you honestly say to the parents: “It would have been better in a gun attack.”

    • Poison gas may kill more people, but is much less messy. So what exactly is your point? Ceramic bladed knives are extremely deadly, and totally evade metal detectors. You don’t even have to use a 3-d printer!
      Silly anti-gunners making up the rhetoric as they go.

      • Paul,

        Poison gas is heavily regulated. If you want to buy certain ingredients to make poison gas, you have to have valid proof of need, insurance, and a permit. Are you proposing we do the same for guns?

        If not, then why are you making such a silly analogy?

        • Again, what alternate universe do you live in? Have you ever had a chemistry class? Cleaned anything with household chemicals? Worked around your garage?
          People who know how to think can create lots of things. Sorry if that leaves you out.

          • Paul, yes, people can make poison gas with household chemicals, but not in quantity without a lot of work.

            But even if they could, then it would prove my point. People could kill each other with drain opener, yet they choose to use guns because they are so much easier to obtain, easier to use, and more deadly.

            So which one do you think begs for registration? A few deaths from household chemicals, most of which are accidents, or thousands of deaths from handguns, about half of which are murder?

            • You are not a real deep thinker are you? How many of these attacks are targeting large amounts of people? There is much you obviously do not know about producing weapons from chemicals, and that is probably a good thing.
              Events like these target dozens of people, not hundreds. Seems pressure cookers and nails have even been appropriated as weapons. Cars, buses, even aircraft work very well.
              You can register everything, it won’t do any good. People always can find a way around that inconvenience. Like the adage about locks only stopping honest people.

              Mouth breathers think registration is a solution.

              • Paul,

                That is why I rarely comment in this board. Whenever someone loses an argument, they resort to absurd comparisons and personal insults.

                Registration and universal background checks would not prevent all crime, but that does not mean it is not worth doing.

                Speed limits don’t prevent speeding, but we have them anyway, because they reduce fatalities. Universal background checks will not prevent all gun attacks, but we should have them anyway.

                Gun registration will not prevent knife attacks, but it will force a small percentage of the population to use a less efficient weapon.

              • There was no personal insult, just keen observations of fact.
                It seems the only one here who is making absurd comparisons would be you. Comparing speed limits and registration of firearms. How absurd can you get?
                You yourself even claim it would affect (at best) a small portion of the population. Besides the obvious infringement on a right, and the historical consequences of said registration, you would violate the rights of every American for little if any positive result. They have words for people like you, and none of them are very nice.

              • Paul,

                Calling someone a “mouth breather” is not a keen observation of fact, it is name-calling. Saying that “there are names for people like you” is just another form of name-calling.

                It is the lowest form of argument, and it is just one of the many reasons why I consider the rest of your arguments to be unworthy of response.

              • I see you are a poor reader. I never said you were a mouth breather. I said that mouth breathers had certain beliefs, but I see that you identify with them. Thanks for clarifying things.

    • Frankly both sides should just table this discussion and let the families recover some before making this into a political story filled with What If’s. The amount of hypothetical arguments coming from both sides is really incredible.

    • What sort of insensitive person would say “It would have been better in a gun attack.” to a parent of a victim? Strawman much? Not sure what your beef is, weapons are already banned at schools. I am sorry if you are experiencing cognitive dissonance because bad things happened in a weapon free environment.

      • CL, The problem that I have is that there was a school shooting in 2012 in which 28 people were killed. America did (roughly) nothing to reform our gun laws, based on the argument that “it would not have prevented the attack”.

        Then, when there is a knife attack that apparently could have been much worse, the gun nuts publish literally hundreds of articles, saying: “See. Even if you ban guns, people will still get killed.”

        The problem is that both arguments are essentially wrong.

        In the first example, gun registration would not have prevented that particular attack, but it would make future attacks harder. It would make guns harder to get in a few limited situations. Good enough.

        In the second example, the events clearly prove you wrong.

        • “In the first example, gun registration would not have prevented that particular attack, but it would make future attacks harder. It would make guns harder to get in a few limited situations. Good enough.

          In the second example, the events clearly prove you wrong.”
          What alternate universe do you live in? When the facts absolutely dispute your allegations, say it anyways? Thankfully, there were no fatalities in this attack.

          • I was about to ask you how you can look at a non-fatal knife attack and equate it with a fatal gun attack.

            And You think I am trolling?

            • I guess when you actually read to the end, you had your answer.
              I don’t think you are trolling, I know so.

    • Your whole point is reductio ad absurdum, because you simply cannot know what “might have” or “might not have” happened.

      Yes, people die from guns, but not in every gun attack.

      Yes, people die from knives, but not in every knife attack.

      It’s a nice try, though, your appeal to illogical emotion. It would be quite funny if it was not so disgusting.

      • See, these are the kind of arguments I object to.

        We should never regulate guns because people die in knife attacks, too. That is the whole point, JR. A relatively high percentage of people die in gun attacks. It is a distinct feature of guns that they enable remote (and sometimes accidental) killing.

        Most other products with similar features require a permit, a background check, insurance, a license, or at least some training. Guns can be purchased without any of those things. And gun nuts are willing to go to the wall to prevent universal background checks.

        Why, exactly? Why do universal background checks threaten our freedom?

        You need not reply to that question if you are just going to quote the second amendment.

        • If you have to ask these questions, when the answers have been posted so often, you are obviously either dense or a troll, likely both.

          • Paul, that is what people say when they are losing an argument and can’t answer simple questions.

        • “You need not reply to that question if you are just going to quote the second amendment.”

          Why do you get to set the terms of the response?

          You are advocating “regulation” from a position that is not supported by any facts whatsoever.

          What gun regulation would have prevented this knife attack?
          What additional gun regulation would have prevented the most recent attack at Ft. Hood?
          What additional gun regulation would have prevented Sandy Hook?

          Answer: None.

          You cannot logically assert using any facts that additional gun regulations would stop these atrocious acts nor lower the “bloodshed.”

          I can, however, show many facts that ARMED RESPONSE applied as quickly as possible (by a person on the scene) does lower the results of attacks like this when they do happen.

          (See any law enforcement study or analysis of active shooter events as well as modern training doctrine concerning same).

          Your position is reprehensible, and it reeks of “Feel Good” talking points that do nothing in the real world. You have bought into a life philosophy that is a complete and utter failure at actual life.

          Violent actors don’t “just stop.” They must “be stopped.” Gun regulation at best only stops those willing to abide by the regulations.

          That you fail to realize this basic fact of life speaks volumes about your ability to make the logical connections required to actually see the real problems at work with attacks like this.

          As for Universal Background Checks…the real answer here (that you won’t like) is that they will do nothing to stop the illegal procurement of firearms to be used for nefarious purposes. Yet another “Feel Good” disconnect from physical reality that sounds good on paper but has precisely zero efficacy.

          And, just since you had the arrogance to try to limit my response in this “debate,” how about “Shall Not Be Infringed” for the trump card.

        • “Most other products with similar features require a permit, a background check, insurance, a license, or at least some training. ”

          Oooo, I can’t believe I forgot this.

          What “most other products with similar feature” require a permit and all that jazz?

          This is so far beyond idiotic this has to be paid astroturfing.

          Good grief.

        • JR: I assume he is alluding to cars, which we all know,
          1: You don’t actually need any permits etc. to buy one and use it on your own property
          2: Cars are significantly more deadly than guns
          3: Cars aren’t guaranteed against infringement by the constitution

          oh and sweet initials

        • Why, exactly? Why do universal background checks threaten our freedom?

          That’s such an easy question to answer, you must be a troll. ROTFL

          Because a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Universal background checks are an infringement on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Infringements are dangerous to the security of a free state.

          It’s really quite simple, troll. 😉

    • Cheap guns are more deadly? What does the price of the guns…. have to do with the price of tea in China? Would you prefer they were expensive guns?


  40. And no one had the presence of mind to pick up a chair or a broom and go after the guy?

  41. As we say here after every shooting and the gun crowd start up like you guys, ‘guns don’t kill people, people do, but if i want to kill a lot of people, i’d use a gun’.

    • What shooting? Are you the answer to the question, “If a shooting does not occur will the statists still try to exploit a tragedy?”

  42. An environment of emotional teenagers who take mood altering prescription or illegal drugs (at least 30% of the total my guess) in a increasingly intense educational and social pressure cooker…and no one carries a firearm or there is just 1 resource officer? ummm.

    So backwards.

  43. How can 20 kids not be able to stop 1 kid with a knife…. use your backpack. Throw chairs,books everything. I can see how a few get hurt but not 20 dumb kids waiting to be stabbed.. sounds made up if 1 person did all that

    • They are being programmed into being helpless victims. They are taught not to fight back. They are taught to hide. They are taught to run.

      They are taught that someone else WILL protect them. They are taught that bad things won’t happen because of signs and rules and laws and protests and blog posts.

      They are taught a lot of lies.

  44. I am from Europe but after I saw : The wolf of wallstreet I was so disapointed about the american middle class and average people. This fims puts the americans in a verry bad light and I think it’s the true . The american society looked like a bunch of retards or children who were playng with the money and had no porpuse just to satisfy a hilariois childish behaviour. I was thinking : don’ t put knifes or rocks into their hand because they will kill eachother. Guns : it should be anny gun in Usa except the army and the police.

    • Did ya’ll have a group meeting someone and decide to group troll this site today?

      This has got to be the funniest post yet. “No Guns!” because a Hollywood movie depicted American culture a certain way!

      Oh man, I did need a good laugh.

      • I read the Diary of Anne Frank. If that painted my picture of Europe, and it was non-fiction, well…..

      • +1

        Mihai, I don’t know why I should have to explain this, but movies and TV shows are fictional entertainment.

  45. I’m glad we collectively have “zero tolerance” for these kind of shenanigans, otherwise there might be no recourse for dealing with this students behavior. /sarc

  46. Are the powers that be going to blame this on everybody else? The bullying? The KNIFE? Maybe the the parents? How about this the person who did the actions being responsible for the actions he took? Bullying has been around for a long time, it was called being picked on. Lets blame the person for the violence he is the only one to BLAME!

  47. 20 INJURED with a knife.
    26 DEAD with a gun.
    You sick monsters can’t grasp the difference.

    Which country has more guns, Afganistan or the USA?
    Why is Flint MI the deadliest city in America?

      • Flint was an automotive industry supported, urban environment until burdensome regulations and union demands shut down the factories keeping the people employed.
        Desperate people resort to crime to support themselves.
        Flint is a prime example of government thinking the solution to burdensome bureaucracy is a few more rules.

    • The sickness here is the disconnect from reality.

      1 March, 2014, Kunming China. Knife attack. 29 dead and 140 injured.

      9 April, 1994, Gikondo, Rwanda, machete attack. approx 110 dead.

      12 April, 1994, Nyarubuye, Rwanda. 1500 dead, most by machete.

      Evil lives in a human heart, not the tool in a man’s hand. Get that basic concept and THEN maybe we can have a rational discussion.

  48. The NRA is a terrorist organization. Supporters of the NRA support that terrorist organization. Thankfull here no one was killed by a gun since there was no gun to do the killing.

  49. Boy, Dan your anger that the attacker didn’t have a gun, shows the sickness which infests you and your fellow Firearm Fondlers. Because I know you wanted 20 more school children’s bodies to use to advance your agenda of Unrestricted Gun Violence.


  50. Back in the day I carried a knife to school all the time, this was in the late 90s. I still remember getting caught by an administrator two weeks before I graduated and having to go to an administrators office. To make a long story short I didn’t get in any trouble, partially because I feigned ignorance and claimed I’d been working before school and that I’d simply forgotten about it.
    He kept asking me why I needed a “weapon” at school, to which I replied it was a tool. Looking back at it now I’m pretty sure I got lucky, amd for the remaining two weeks I made sure it was deep in my pocket.

  51. Feckless, I’d say afghanistan has way more guns than the US, AMD MORE COME ACROSS HE BORDER FROM PAKISTAN.

    As for our friends from the otherside we both need to wake up, guns stop assholes intending do due others harm. As a political moderate I will not stoop to calling liberal leaning organizations “terrorist organizations” even though there are many that fit that label. You are not welcome here with your insulting comments. Go away.

  52. Notice not one liberal stood up anywhere after and demanded banning of knives or that they be registered. Nor did they ask for a ban on automobiles when a POS prior felon ran a car into a day care center killing a child and injurying others. And yet they say it has nothing to do with politics, just safety. Yeah, go figure.

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