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Shortly after midnight on the Florida State University campus, a person walked into the campus library and started shooting. The library was packed with students trying to finish their studies and cram for final exams ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, but thanks to a quick response by the local law enforcement (AKA good guys with guns) the shooter was stopped almost immediately. Three people are injured — two critical — and the shooter is confirmed dead following a shootout with the aforementioned good guys with guns. From CNN . . .

Florida State University students huddled together in the aisles of a packed campus library early Thursday after a gunman opened fire, injuring three people.

Two of the shooting victims were taken to Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. One was in critical condition; the other was stable, the hospital said.

The condition of the third victim or where that person was taken was unknown.

Campus officers later shot the gunman to death after they asked him to drop his weapon, and he opened fire at them, authorities said.

With the midterm elections over and scores of lame duck Democrats desperate to get the spotlight on something besides President Obama’s impending destruction of the last vestige of the possibility of bipartisan cooperation in Washington, D.C., this has the potential to get a little hairy. The midterm elections were reason enough for most Democrats to keep their authoritarian confiscatory opinions to themselves lest they lose the rest of their election night races as well, but with that barrier removed there’s no telling who will come crawling out of the woodwork to re-start the screaming for more gun control. The lack of any real body count and the quick response by police might keep that to a minimum, though.

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    • No weapons in school facilities at FSU. By state law they can’t keep them out of the parking lots, but that’s little help in a situation like this.

    • Just discovered that the shooter was a lawyer and a graduate of this college. Apparently, this school did a bad job teaching him that it is illegal to carry a gun on campus. Maybe they should change their curriculum and post bigger gun free zone signs. Geez!!!

  1. Man… that’s terrible. Still. I’d bet my last pair of choneys that any Common Sense™ gun laws would NOT have prevented this outcome.

      • Its a Pavlovian response by now. However, pro-gun people do it too.

        The standard “if I was there I would have…” or “if someone had a gun” is speculative. If you weren’t there and you didn’t see how the situation played out, who knows what would have happened. An armed citizen (or citizens) may very well end these situations sooner. Or this citizen may get shot first and wind up incapacitated. Or they may find that they are not in a good position to engage the shooter. Or they might just freeze (learning to break the freeze is important!). Or two armed citizens might open fire on one another in the confusion.

        I am in no way trying to dissuade people from carrying by posting this. I’m just saying that pro-gun people have their own knee-jerk reactions to these terrible events. Our first reaction after these events should be an expression of regret at another act of senseless violence by another selfish, hate-filled, grievance-obsessed person (or psychotic person, though I don’t believe most of these shooters are legally insane). I just think its unfortunate that people on both sides want to score political points before the blood spatter is even washed away from the scene. Granted, pro-gun people have more evidence (and the constitution) on their side.

        • It’s not politics. We imagine being in that situation and having to hope he shoots someone else instead. The “If I had my gun” thing can be hero fantasy but I think it’s perfectly valid to recognize that if someone had a gun they might have stopped such a person quicker. It gives a chance at self-defense.

        • The difference is, we hope someone stops the shooter before he can do any damage.

          They hope he kills as many children as possible.

          That alone makes the grabbers side utterly indefensible.

  2. Shannon has a step daughter @ Indiana or Indiana State. She is in a sorority. Now – Word will leak out about this gunman. Probably had a felony record or some other disqualifying event that he shouldn’t have a gun and didn’t purchase it legally or stole it. Do a compare and contrast between colleges. Show Shannon doesn’t give a damn about her stepkid and frankly, that’s just competition for John’s fortune amassed since he jumped with his golden parachute after his time at the top of a national health care organization that denied critical life-saving care to babies and seniors. Show what a callous b!tch she is. Boom. Hit back at a bully

  3. What if one of the students or librarians near the shooter had a concealed weapon and was proficient in using it. Perhaps the outcome would have been much different. I think deep down, the anti-gun folks revel in such shootings as the shootings give them fodder to continue their nonsense – kinda like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson speaking out against racial riots, but loving riots because they keep Sharpton and Jackson relevant.

  4. FSU sends out email alerts. The alert I got was sent out at 5:30 AM. Seems like a strange time to plan your mass killing.

    • Not what I’d call a timely notice, either, if the events happened shortly after midnight.

      Re the time, I’m not that surprised. Students have been known to snap from stress (especially grad students), although usually a lot less violently.

      OTOH if this was planned out by a nutjob, near midnight at a college campus library at finals or midterms makes a lot of sense – likely lots of people inside, fewer people outside, and much less light, so much better chance of getting there without being intercepted.

  5. I am glad that none of the students are reported dead.
    My only question is does the state of Florida and FSU allow students with CCL to carry on campus?
    If not, the administration should be sued until they do.

    • I know there was a suit at UF over campus carry but as far as I can tell it looks like they are currently limited to car carry which means little to nothing for most students there.

      Huddling. The defensive posture favored by college administrators and the GFZ crowd. Were they really huddling or is this just color commentary?

    • FSU was forced to change its policy to comply with state law a few years ago, but that only allows weapons secured in vehicles, they still do not allow CCW in campus facilities or on campus property outside the parking lot.

  6. I hope the victims heal quickly and have their family’s support. As much as I’d like to think I’d pull through something like this somewhat ok, the truth is, I’d probably be pretty shook up for a good long while.

    No laws in the world will stop these nut jobs. They will find away.

  7. The midnight time makes sense; while the rest of campus might be deserted, the library would be packed like Grand Central , full of students prepping for midterms before the break. Lots of targets in a compressed area, and if its anything like the campus libraries I’ve been to there’s one entry and one exit.

  8. Another shooter stopped by:
    A cell phone? Nope.
    A COEXIST bumper sticker? Nope.
    A concerned mom? Nope.
    Rape whistle? Nope.
    Throwing textbooks? Nope.
    Pepper spray? Nope.
    A school policy? Nope.
    A Gun Free Zone? Nope.
    A Gun Free Sign? Nope.
    Shelter in place? Nope.
    A tough new law? Nope.
    The threat of force? Nope.
    Return fire? Yes.

    I’m going to stick with the ability to immediately return fire as the most effective way to deal with a mass murderer.

    • Lol, well said. Even the magic signs couldn’t stop it. Oh wait, they never do. And the Coexist sticker part made me smile. If only we could, right?

  9. one of the three wounded was treated and released on-scene for a graze, the other two are in the hospital, one stable one critical as of last night. Looks like everyone will survive except the attacker, who campus cops lit up like a christmas tree when they finally showed up 20 minutes later.

  10. After the TM shooting there was a committee established to review FL’s stand your ground laws. The net result? Stand your ground was expanded to include threat of force (which was previously in a legal gray area). I don’t see this being a battle cry in Florida…if the Gov decides to hold another panel, we might get campus carry passed, and there aren’t enough pearls in the sea for all that clutching.

    That said, I expect the national anti movement to milk it for all it’s worth.

  11. fox News is reporting the shooter is a FSU grad and an attorney (or shall I say was). . . . . maybe my betters will be watching me now?

    wonder what pissed him off?

    going out on a limb here, given his middle name, he was a homie.

  12. There was an attempt to legalize permitted carry at Florida Universities in 2011, but it failed. The Republican majority quickly shot it down in committee.

    Cue Ralph to deny this fact saying I’m a nut……..

  13. Well, the police were the only ones who fired a fatal shot in this case, and no democrat nor socialist disputes them having guns.

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