BREAKING: Brownells Acquires AR15.Com Via 2nd Adventure Group


The mega-popular online forum, known to many of its users as Arfcom, is now officially part of one of the gun community’s most-loved firearms brands. Here’s’s announcement: Community Members,

We have exciting news to share with you today about the future of

The News has joined the 2nd Adventure Group family. The 2nd Adventure Group is wholly owned by Pete and Frank Brownell, and also serves as the umbrella company that owns Brownells, Inc. and other industry brands.

The Avila family will continue to run the site day to day and the same moderators will moderate the forums under the same rules for which you are accustomed.


In today’s world of social censorship and the muzzling of pro-Constitutional voices, it’s more important than ever to have a modern, forward-looking place where we can all meet, debate, discuss and create ideas to keep our Second Amendment and our uniquely American freedoms strong for generations to come.

In line with that need, the Avila family has long had a vision for making an even more robust community for freedom-loving people like you. However, we need more resources to help make our vision a reality.

Under the new ownership structure, we (the Avila’s) can focus on developing critical website improvements, which include, but aren’t limited to:

•Easier to navigate forums
•A better equipment exchange
•More content production
•A host of user-friendly upgrades

The Future

We elected to partner with Pete and Frank Brownell because we’ve known them personally for years to be real advocates for both our First and Second Amendment rights. They see the importance, now more than ever, for having a free, unfiltered forum of pro-Constitutional voices and ideas to be heard. Put simply, they share in our vision for the future of

In the near term, not much will change. However, in the not-too-distant future, you can expect upgrades to the site aimed at improving your abilities to connect with friends and fellow community members, learn about new products, debate the topics of the day and interact with our advertisers… all in an effort to make the ultimate voice for freedom.

We sincerely thank you for the 23 years of continued support; we can’t wait to see what the next 23 bring.

In Freedom,

Edward, Juan & Jorge Avila

Arfcom has a very robust core group of Second Amendment activists and the forum is a great networking tool for that group. I certainly understand the Avila’s desire to partner with a firm of the size and with the resources of Brownells.

On the Second Amendment front, I expect Brownells to provide muscle for that effort. The Avillas started Arfcom because of a passion and have built an impressive business. As an active member, I’m anxious to see what the future holds.



  1. avatar MMurcek says:

    I want a BRN-180 Upper real bad…

    1. avatar WI Patriot says:

      The side charging handle is reciprocating while the weapon is being fired, a better choice would be JP Enterprises AR-15 PSC-11…Left side charge, non-reciprocating…

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Yeah, that also uses a buffer tube, though, which is the real benefit of the BRN-180 system (deleting the stupid buffer tube)

      2. avatar Mike H in WA says:

        I’m not sure what the big deal is… the handle is set far enough back that it’s nearly impossible for you to get hit by it.

        1. avatar WI Patriot says:

          First time you get hit, you’ll understand “what the big deal is”…IF you want to embrace change, that’s fine, but at least embrace the “better” change…

        2. avatar KGM says:

          Cause it’s scary looking.

      3. avatar Chris says:

        I would venture to say most semi-automatic firearms have reciprocating components capable of striking the user. Call up Ruger and tell them the 10/22 was designed poorly. AK-47 much? Or how about pretty much every single semi-auto pistol ever designed. A reciprocating charging handle is a worthy trade for a folding stock. Not everything needs to be an AR.

        1. avatar No one of consequence says:

          So get a Faxon ARAK – non reciprocating charging handle, folding stock capable, and even ejection port swappable so you can make a left-handed version if that matters to you.

  2. avatar ozzallos says:

    “In today’s world of social censorship and the muzzling of pro-Constitutional voices, it’s more important than ever to have a modern blah blah blah blah…”

    Let’s be honest– A new potential customer base with brand recognition.

    1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      Both are valid reasons IMO. Wait till we start seeing what FB/Twitter do coming up to 2020. I’d be paranoid too.

      1. avatar Baffle says:

        “has long had a vision for making an even more robust community”

        Pretty “robust” already. I usually have to take a showy after spending any time in the forums.

    2. avatar WI Patriot says:

      $$$ was my first thought…

    3. avatar HellBilly says:

      The fact that a pro 2A marketing platform is profitable is a good sign, however. It means there’s far more of us then the leftist media would like to admit. It’s also good to have people with money and influence dependent/supportive of your causes.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Which cause, though? Abortion, trannies, or beans without chili? is *barely* a gun site, going by actual traffic.

        1. avatar HellBilly says:

          Well, if they support chili without beans, then to hell with them. Chili without beans aught to be banned, for the children.

        2. avatar jwtaylor says:

          WTF do beans have to do with chili?

        3. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

          JWT – You get it. Meat and chiles.

        4. avatar bob says:

          Taylor, without beans its just meat soup.

        5. avatar HellBilly says:

          And so let the Great Chili Debate begin… could rival 9 vs .45 before it’s all said and done.

        6. avatar jwtaylor says:

          bob, Chili doesn’t have beans. Tomatoes, onions, sure, but chili has nothing to do with beans. Chili with beans is like Bratwurst with strawberries. It aint.
          Want to make some kind of meat based soup? Throw in some beans or butternut squash for all I care, just don’t tell me about it, and don’t call it chili.
          The next thing you know people will be putting sauce on their brisket.
          Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria.

        7. avatar John E> says:

          I have always made Chili with beans, but here above the Mason Dixon line that’s hows its done. The right way, kidney, black and maybe pinto.

        8. avatar jwtaylor says:

          John E>
          “May thy knife chip, and shatter.”

        9. avatar HellBilly says:

          John, I don’t think it’s a north vs south thing, more east vs west. I’ve lived all my life in the Deep South and chili has always been made with beans, and always will be made with beans! Damnit! *spits*. But I do remember traveling west and having chili without beans. Strange and bizarre world out them ways.

        10. avatar jwtaylor says:

          For all of you uncouth heathens, living in sin and darkness, unblessed and unloved, here are the ingredients in chili.

          Meat. (I use venison mixed with wild pork 4:1.)
          Chili powder (store bought is acceptable, if it’s Bolner’s Fiesta chili powder made in San Antonio.)
          Tomatoes (Hot Rotel is acceptable if you are in a hurry, like the apocalypse is nigh)
          Jalapeno peppers both cooked in and garnished with
          Assorted minced chilies (here’s where the magic lies)
          Red pepper (if each bite does not force you to pause, in fear, add more red pepper)
          Cayenne pepper
          Other minor spices , maybe paprika, maybe some cumin
          More red pepper.
          More jalapenos.
          Those are all the ingredients to chili. Masa is unnecessary. Take your time and cook it all down slowly. Cooked in camp, strong bears should be forced to reconsider approach.
          Serve with more jalapenos, sharp cheddar cheese, and cold beer.

        11. avatar Bill B says:

          What chili does NOT have is noodles. Not little cutsie shells, not elbow. No fargin’ noodles.

          Beans, no beans, or jwt’s pile-o’-chilies with some meat as an afterthought, all good. No noodles. Ever.

        12. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “What chili does NOT have is noodles.”

          When you add noodles to chili (or pour chili over elbow noodles) you get goulash. Perfectly legitimate meal.

        13. avatar jwtaylor says:

          Bill, noodles? Is that a thing? Do “people” actually do that?

          Nevermind, I looked it up.
          People do that. Openly and brazenly. They are allowed to live.

          America has lost her way.

        14. avatar guest says:

          Chili is traditionally poor people food. Beans are a hell of a lot cheaper than meat. Chili has beans, like it or not.

        15. avatar HellBilly says:

          Noodles!?!?!? Just what in the hell? That’s not chili, then it’s, well, I don’t know, something a God fearing nation would not permit. Personally I love my chili smothering some fresh cornbread the way John Moses Browning intended it to be.

        16. avatar Jon in CO says:

          Chili without beans is a Northerner thing. Skyline brand canned specifically.

          Chili without beans, with noodles and corn and/or green peas is called Goulash.

        17. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Chili without beans, with noodles and corn and/or green peas is called Goulash.”

          Not only that…we have Cincinnati 5-Way:

        18. avatar jwtaylor says:

          guest, no, it doesn’t. The use of beans in “chili” is a modern one and has nothing to do with poverty.

          Chili, or “chili con carne” as it was originally called, has been made in Texas for hundreds of years. The earliest recipes were actually written down by the Spanish, and consisted of chilies and wild game, as mine does. It was dried into bricks by cow hands for use along the trails. It has been a staple of the Texas prison system since before the civil war. Chili has been the state food of Texas since 1977. And never, in those hundreds of years, did it include beans.

          In the words of Ken Finlay, singer and songwriter, written in 1976:

          You burn some mesquite and when the coals get hot, you bunk up some meat and you throw it on a pot.
          While some chile pods and garlic and comino and stuff, then you add a little salt till there’s just enough.
          You can throw in some onions to make it smell good.
          You can even add tomatoes, if you feel like you should.
          But if you know beans about chili, you know that chili has no beans

          If you know beans about chili, you know it didn’t come from Mexico.
          Chili was God’s gift to Texas (or maybe it came from down below).
          And chili doesn’t go with macaroni, and dammed Yankee’s don’t go with chili queens; and if you know beans about chili, you know that chili has no beans.

        19. avatar HellBilly says:

          Well I learned more about chili today here at TTAG then I probably could’ve anywhere else.

        20. avatar Mantitude says:

          What do you mean, I can’t like this post?
          There’s no such system on TTAG’s comment system?
          Also, I think I’ll try that pile-o-pepper with meat recipe later.

        21. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “What do you mean, I can’t like this post?”

          “+1” (or whatever) usually works just fine. No score keeping, though.

    4. avatar BlazinTheAmazin says:

      Fuck the Avila family and their army of statist boot licking cop lovers. It’s ok to violate the Constitution apparently if you’re wearing blue.

      Not to say there aren’t plenty of good cops out there but refusing to allow criticism of the bad ones is pathetic.

      1. avatar Bryan S Snyder says:

        AMEN. To damn PC.

  3. avatar barnbwt says:

    So does this mean no more Fudd memes?

  4. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    I’m dwelling on this and the announcement comes at an interesting time for Pete’s departure from the NRA too. Is he trying to build his own coalition somehow? Just a random thought I’m tossing out there.

  5. avatar Sam I Am says:

    ARFarf refused my attempt to join; no reason given. Didn’t even get to admit I only have a .22 plinker.

  6. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    Well, Brownells, you can start by making it easier to register and join

    Also, relax the code of conduct so that the Religion of Peace/Beheadings/thePedophile Prophet can be properly criticized.

    1. avatar BlazinTheAmazin says:

      Don’t forget to mention piece of shit cops that violate their oaths on a daily basis.

    2. avatar Bryan S Snyder says:

      Ditto… +1

  7. avatar former water walker says:

    So is yuuuuge? Ok…all I look at is their video’s on YouTube on my Roku TV. I’m in several FB AR groups too. I too have attempted to join a few .com group’s and didn’t jump through the right hoops(or pick the right cat). Like Taurus Forum or S&W Forum…retarded😏

    1. avatar Cymond says:

      I don’t frequent the site, but it is a good resource if you’re looking for very specific/detailed/niche info about an AR-15 product or issue. I often stumble onto Arfcom threads while doing general internet searches on AR-15 topics.

  8. avatar former water walker says:

    Ummm…checked ’em out. My that’s some invasive BS. I’ll pass that idiocy for NOW(unless I start buying & selling AR crap).

  9. avatar 76shovel says:

    Arfcom was a huge pain to join. My son joined and because we had the same ip address (same house) they refused my membership. They wouldn’t listen to any reason, however it didn’t stop me from finding a way around the silly ruling. Maybe now that Brownell’s is involved I will pay attention to Arfcom a bit more.

  10. avatar BusyBeef says:

    I’m wary of this. Cautious. Jaded. Grizzled. I can see this going both ways, but leaning towards the dystopian future where user data is collected and products are regurgitated toward that user based on habits through the platform.

  11. avatar Ops says:

    shocked it took this long for him to sell out. must need the money now

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      Everybody needs money all the time.

  12. avatar Chris says:

    Gunstruction is one of my favorite wastes of time, been fun watching it evolve.

  13. avatar neiowa says:

    Damn shame Brownells (or Midway or _______ ) didn’t purchase this once great site when Robert sold out.

  14. avatar Hellbilly says:

    There’s an imposter Hellbilly in the mix!

    1. avatar HellBilly says:

      No! I’m the real HellBilly! I suppose we could share it. Or I could be HillBelly. Or HellBelly. Or just HillBilly.

  15. avatar Fudds McKenzie says:

    Awesome, Brownells is going HAM 247!

  16. avatar Jake says:

    Arf joins my least favorite retailer in the firearms business. Been a member of Arf for a few years, maybe posted there thrice. Now I’m going to figure out how to un register from that over crowded site full of snobby foul moufed bumz. Good luck, now y’all can buy an over priced stupid looking retro rifle and save 3%

    1. avatar doesky2 says:

      Brownells has been doing some pretty damn fine sales spanning the whole gamut of gundom.
      Their lifetime warranty on practically everything they sell is pretty great also.

  17. avatar Pelvicpunch says:

    Arfcom’s most useful info, aside from really niche tech advice, are Molon’s ammo reviews and tests. They are some of the most well written and performed tests with a ton of great advice.
    Its too bad he’s no longer around.
    Most of the regulars are pretty cordial and helpful also. Its the randos that always post ‘if its not BCM its not a good AR’ nonsense.
    Hopefully partnering with Brownells doesnt detract from the site!

  18. avatar AbleM. says:

    Finding this and having problems connection to . Maybe it is just moving hosting or a server side glitch but saddening to think of both sources being tied together than thriving independently. AR15 has been source from back in the email list step up from Usenet/Newsgroups for some moderation of spam control. My how far & long ARFcom has come, it is old enough to drive and probably actually own an AR Rifle and Maybe AR Pistols.

    Combining always seems like good idea and the cash may have been right, but usually when it happens one or the other starts to slide. Monetizing will weaken it more. it has stood by from people & business donations and paying for “memberships” and advertising rights to help fund the servers and keep the lights on.

    If one good thing comes from this, I hope that every image will be saved and loaded to permanent servers to prevent link rot, that will save so much knowledge and rare examples that have been posted and then the photo hosting went bust or the user deleted, moved or otherwise the person sets image/gallery permission different. Not realizing they are breaking their post from several years ago, or maybe not caring. They got what they needed, screw those coming behind them that could learn from their images and posts.

    Perhaps an outdated thought mode from when we thought we were building a great resource and in depth catalogs of knowledge with posts and websites built to share your love of firearms. In the early days past Gopher where netscape was rolling onto the scene and finding urls were half if not the hardest part of the battle to information. Remember having all the webrings for different subjects?

    Back when being popular would get your website disable for the day and/or week for using too much bandwidth from visiting users on long gone web hosting like Geocities, Mindspring, Earthlink, Lycos, Hotbot, etc with only Angelfire and Tripod still existing today. All the websites that were purged by greedy yahoo in misguided attempt to force people to buy hosting services from company that yet again had deleted your data instead of moving into their latest scam product. That less people and lesser people with each deletion would bother to reupload anything at because of their Crap. We have never fully recovered from such.

    It is with heavy heart that I hope won’t fall into being a corporate waste of space like how The Firearm Blog has became….. All the once great places that everyone added to make it greater all seem to fall to fast cash dollars for the domain holder without concern about the legacy and legend they created, just what can they get paid for it now. No long term work ethic which might be less but was a stronger contributor to sharing gun knowledge,local communities and making the Ar15 the common man’s firearm it is today…. Hopefully we won’t be regulated to facebook for discussions because it has been made clear by reddit, facebook and all its holdings that they will censor are free thoughts and discussions. Which is history’s Barons repeating the same oppression in little control steps.

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