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[Final Update 10/24/2014 4:30 PM Central]

According to local law enforcement, there are two confirmed dead (including the shooter) at a high school in Marysville, Washington (outside of Seattle) and four injuries which have been transported to a nearby hospital. The shooting took place in and around the cafeteria of the school, reminiscent of the Columbine school shooting a few decades ago. There’s a live stream available here of the local news station covering the event with live video.

At around 10:30 AM, a student opened fire in the cafeteria area of the high school. Shortly thereafter the local police department received a 911 call from the school campus and responded.  All we know at the moment about the perpetrator is that he was a student at the school, and they are now dead and the incident has stopped.

Eyewitnesses say that the shooter was using a “small” handgun, and had difficulty reloading the firearm — possibly indicating a jam. After reloading the gun they continued shooting.

Reports indicate that three shooting victims have arrived at area hospitals, including one victim who was shot in the head. Reports indicate that the victims are young and listed in critical condition, and as of 2:45 PM Central they are currently in surgery.

Authorities “are confident that there is only one single shooter,” Marysville police spokesman Robert Lamoureux told reporters.

He did not offer any details about possible injuries, but said there was only one fatality.

Given the close proximity to the November election, this incident will no doubt have a huge impact on the gun control proposals currently on the ballot in the state of Washington.

More information in the summary post. This is the final update.

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  1. The local news is just picking this up, lots of unknowns, lots of people being interviewed on the telephone who don’t know much of anything but are certainly filling the time. Nearly every site I’ve looked at with comments enabled has at least one anti-gun post in the first few or someone sarcastically thanking the NRA. Here we go again…

  2. Big surprise. More shootings in a “gun free zone”. Almost makes me wonder if MDA or some other gun haters don’t put these guys up to this to get more votes for anti-gun laws. Odd that this is happening just before the election on I-395.

    • Yep, I can see now a suicidal gun control whacko who decides to ‘take one for the team’.

      A ‘two for the price of one’ kind of thing…

    • It happened in Colorado. A day or two before Hick screwed us with a pen one of his best buds was killed. They need to be less obvious.

      • The question that will matter now, is whom he got the firearm from, and whether they obtained it with a background check or without.

        Though I’m sure that someone will say that it’s a transfer anyway, and so I-594 would magically make it illegal and hence impossible…

      • Bloomberg’s technique is more to target people based on their skin color as we saw with his increase of shredding the bill of rights with his increase in NYC “walking while black” (stop and frisk).

        And I find it interesting that below you claim these events are up.

        They are actually DOWN 50% as gun laws were broadly relaxed.

        You are a perfect example of what is going on thanks to Bloomberg. A majority of Americans think gun murder is up, and according to Pew, a whopping 97% of people who advocate gun control “strongly” believe gun murder is up. YOU are flat earth

  3. My prayers go out to those families. Does anyone think its suspicious this is happening this close to the 591/594 vote?

    • No, no one who is capable of rational thought thinks that. It was a student, who, if he could be asked what he thinks I-594 is, would likely guess that it’s an interstate.

      • This. I’m getting really tired of all of the “Bloomberg did it” comments on here anytime there is a shooting. Makes us look like conspiracy theory idiots.

    • No. I am capable of rational thought and I am quite sure there is no conspiracy by what appears initially to be a troubled person with a political initiative to grab guns, put on by out of state rich guys like Bloomberg and Hannauer. Lets leave the tin foil hat thinking to the looney left, where it belongs. I’m quite sure CAP , OFA, Brady et al, have their paid collaborators paid by the click, to troll at 2A sites, however, as its a comon enough proven tactic, so lets agree to ignore the troll bait, here, as well. Ok?

      • Thanks, publius2 and RightYouAreKen for saying this. Coincidence does not prove conspiracy. Yeah, this sucks. I have a friend and his family moving to Washington soon, and this is going to hurt for them – (one of them is a gunsmith.)

        I know that the idea of conspiracy theories makes things feel like they “make sense” And that people like Bloomberg are pulling the strings, but honestly, **that’s giving them way too much credit**…

        Sometimes its just “shit happens” with bad timing…

    • Not at all suspicious. The random shootings have just increased in frequency to the point where such a coincidence was bound to occur. To those that think Bloomberg had anything to do with this, get real. It does no good for your cause to spout conspiracy theories or think this shooting was in any way directly tied to proposed gun legislation, either I-591 or I-594

      • They are actually DOWN 50% as gun laws were broadly relaxed.

        You are a perfect example of what is going on thanks to Bloomberg. A majority of Americans think gun murder is up, and according to Pew, a whopping 97% of people who advocate gun control “strongly” believe gun murder is up. YOU are flat earth

    • I suspect Gottlieb has been preparing to file suit against 594 since before they had a single signature.

      • Given that he sat at the table to write the Manchin-Toomey bill, and that he can’t stop professing his love for background checks (it polls well, we might as well pass it ourselves is his argument), I seriously doubt it.

        • SAF and national politics is slightly OT, but given that WA is SAFs home ground, you would be more credible in comments about Gottlieb and his strategy on I594 vs I591, given how timely it will be right now, to know more.

          I think you will be surprised as I was, how long he has been at this, and wise on long term trends. YMMV.

        • As a member of both SAF and CCRKBA, I can tell you that you’re basically full of shit. They have both been very active in support of I-591 and in opposition to I-594.

  4. You know, if Kroger would’ve banned open carry in their stores, this wouldn’t have happened.

  5. Who is not gratified by the quick and effective response by armed adults at this Seattle high-school?

    Well, as John Lennon sang, “imagine.”

    • It’s not a Seattle school. Marysville-Pilchuck H.S. is approximately 35 miles north of Seattle, in Snohomish County.

      • Still idiots. From a news report on NBC: “After the shooting, someone pulled the fire alarm and students rushed out of classrooms only to be ushered back in by staff as the building was placed on lockdown.”

        • Would the administrators have done the same thing if there was a confirmed fire in the building?

          Must not have completed the daily nose count for pay purposes yet.

  6. The reports now that it was one student and he shot himself inside the cafeteria. Poor kid and parents. Someone knew about this and the kid was maybe hurting in some way. Big heart ouch and hopefully no one else was hurt.

    BTW – the shelter-in-place procedure scares the hell out of me as a father. My kids can sprint 150 feet in about 6 seconds, 300 feet in 15 seconds or less.. Shoot 20 kids in a corner, or scram and get away if you can. I will take scram for my kids.

  7. And here comes the media saturation coverage, which will only encourage the next mass murderer wannabe.

    • I think this is a huge, huge cause for continued “mass shootings”. It puts the idea in nutballs heads, makes them think there’s an automatic path to “going out in a blaze of glory”.

      There WAS a time when shootings occurred and local PDs handled it as a crime. Now it’s a national event “because school”.

      The fact that we address the wrong problem (the ‘item’) in the face of “school shootings” is why they’re continuing. Nobody wants to deal with the fact that it’s a mess, and complex, and not as simple as “ban guns”.

  8. How is it that background checks would stop a teenage shooter who cannot legal purchase firearms? Oops, sorry, there I go being logical again.

      • P.S. He was a freshman (i.e., about 14), and his weapon of choice was a .40 cal Beretta. I am pretty sure that he was not only legally barred from purchasing such a weapon, but from possessing it as well, except under the supervision of an adult.

        • More logic. We are going to have resort to enhanced interrogation now. You are far too dangerous to be allowed out in public 😉

  9. A small request: Since CNN, MSNB#, and arguably CBS (suppression of Atkisson F&F) are arguably anti 2A, can we make an agreement to wait for local affiliates of Fox, or at least ABC, to geg reporters on site?

    No need to rush on judgement, as we have learned many times that the StateRunMedia gets even basics wrong. At least we’ll be sending clicks and eyeballs to nuetral parties, rather than our enemies.

    They are all feeding off the locals, so we can avoid the national producers bias by gojng direct, or waiting for the PD to update with facts.

    Here is a Fox feed:

    • Q13 Fox has nothing to do with Fox News, and they are just as bad as other local stations when it comes to anti-gun bias.

  10. Another tragedy, of a troubled kid. Prayers for thr family, and the families of all kids injured, and school kids affected.

    Lets put the focus on mental health, and early remediation. Thats the common thread, its the person who is in charge, not the tool used, as proven in past tragedies. Rodgers, Lanza, etc.

  11. Reports said and tweets from the students say that a student pulled the fire alarm when the shooting started and kids flooded outside the school only to be ushered back into the rooms per the Shelter In Place order. The students didn’t understand why they were able to run free from the school, and yet be brought back into danger? WTH?!?!?!?!?

    • A simple rule to tell children: If you manage to escape danger, and the adults tell you to go back towards the danger, kick them in the shins and keep running, you haven’t escaped the crazies yet.

  12. Per an interview with a witness/student, regarding the perp, who watched him pull a small handgun and with a “blank look” (no emotion) on his face shot three at a lunch table in the cafeteria. Perp was a freshman, football player with quite a few friends. No known problems or anger issues.
    I’ll be interested in what they find as a motive(s).

  13. Here is a local regional newspaper, privately held, with good digital content.

    As a news consumer for 40 years with family in the business of community papers, I tend to trust these kinds of sources for most honest, or at least accountable to the community, for getting it right on the news on the ground, vs the predictable slant from the Nyt, Wapo, types, later. Comments from a local source can be useful, too. Vs the fetid swamps of moonbattery and bile at NYT and WAPO.

    Anyone from the area feel free to correct me, of course. Also appreciate a pointer to reputable blogs with citizen journalists in area.

    • The Seattle Times has been running editorials about how I-594 will magically end all crime and resurrect murder victims. But that might have something to do with their advertising budget for the past month being mostly for Bloomberg’s I-594 ads.

      • Then maybe reasoned commentary here, and links back from their forum will help rational voters understand the issue better. More complex lawsv designed to further regulate the law abiding have no efect on the mentally ill, or the criminal mind, that simply ignores those laws.

        Lets wait a day or two for facts, to analyze what the school did or did not do right. And respect the feelings of the grieving community.

    • Seattle Times is about as biased as you can get. Don’t rely on them for factual information on anything. Thanks, a Seattle resident.

  14. Per CNN, the kid was a freshman and an avid hunter per their mining of his social media accounts. He was even nominated for homecoming king a few weeks ago. He isnt old enough to buy a gun, or even drive a car, sure it wont stop them from trying to make it more illegaler. I’m gonna go ahead and get a poncho and an umbrella. This will be a shitstorm.

  15. Fvck that demented murdering scvmbag . Please, somebody, revive him and then kill him again. He didn’t deserve to die so easy.

  16. This is horrible and my prayers go out to everyone involved. Been watching CNN and they continually make the points that Jaylen Fryberg, the shooter, is a known hunter and is often seen holding rifles (bolt action) in his social media outlets. wonder what the antis are going to make of that.

  17. The only thing that would’ve prevented any of this is called parenting. Parenting and personal responsibility.

  18. Easy Ralph. The shooter left family and friends who wil be bewildered and grieving too. Your anger and outrage is understandable, and righteous, but if you will forgive me, save your energy for the moral outrage infused with facts, that will inform the intelligent middle, in the upcoming days, for you are a writer with that rare gift, of insight into the soul, and the wit, combined with legal and technical gun wisdom, to say it best.

  19. Shooter shot himself, killed one other, survivors – shot 3 in the head and 1 in the jaw and these 4 have survived thus far.

  20. His Twitter page is full of posts and pictures that should have set off all sorts of alarms.
    Do parents not look at this stuff?

    It would appear a breakup and possible betrayal of trust is at play, it might explain the blank expression and targeting of specific people. One poster on Twitter claiming to be his cousin said the people he shot were also related to him.

    This is hard to watch. My best friend and room-mate in college killed himself over a breakup. He was what you’d call privileged… family wealth, straight A student, driven, good looks, pretty much everything you can think of. Apparently none of that was enough to keep him from waking up one morning over Christmas break and hanging himself in the closet.

    The depths of emotional turmoil can never be underestimated, nor can their effects on seemingly normal people. Of course… most of what we hear will be people focusing on the weapon instead of the actual problem, it’s so much easier for everyone, especially the sanctimonious.

    • Ouch. If my kid were posting half that stuff, I would be freaking out. But maybe his parents don’t “do” twitter or aren’t into computers? A lot of non-computer people don’t really have a good grasp of how it all works.

  21. If historical patterns hold true, this killer will turn out to have been a major and obvious psycho who clearly should have been committed.

    But, no, as always, we cannot deal with the wackos we know, for fear that some gun owner somewher some day might get entangled in the system and be deprived a gun.

  22. Not 6 hours after this shooting, our US Representative Jim McDermott was on MSNBC shilling for I-594. Including some fine half-truths, flat-out lies, and calling anyone who votes NO stupid. Meanwhile, he couldn’t figure out what the bill was supposed to do. “It, uh, the loopholes around the gun thing, where like, people come, and you say, I got a handgun for sale who wants to buy it?” was basically what he said. Looking for the video clip now. It was the 10/24/14 edition of “All In”

    We’re screwed.

  23. FU– I’m in Spokane, WA and I can almost guarantee that 594 is going to pass now. Seattle has all the population (right where the shooting was) and it matters little what the rest of the state wants. The only possibility of hope is if the gun was already obtained legally and was swiped from the neighbors or his dad etc, not stored safely, (which I do support) and background checks were already in place and did nothing, but since the scum-bag mainstream media spins stuff, it’s a tough one at this early stage.
    I feel like I should go pull the vote no I-594 sign out of my front lawn, but all hope isn’t lost yet and i don’t give up that easily.

  24. Are you all fucking serious?? A young girl is dead, 3 or 4 other kids all around the age of 14-15 are in seriously critical condition, and you guys wanna forget about that and go straight to your conspiracy theories??? What is wrong with you fucking people?? You guys should all be ashamed of what you are doing.. Instead of talking about how tragic it would be to lose a 14-15 yr old daughter because some fucking kid decided to shoot her at school, you’re talking about gun control laws.. And how convenient it is that this happened to close to elections and and your bullshit.. Are you guys serious?? Do you even stop to think about what it would be like to lose your young child in an incident like this? Do yourselves a favor and think long and hard about that right before you go to sleep tonight.. And by the way, I am a gun owner. I believe in the rights we have as Americans to protect ourselves and also have the opportunity to use firearms for recreation as well. But guess what guys, nobody is going to come take your guns away, just like they won’t take mine.. Nobody is going to prevent you from buying another firearm in the future.. Its the right thing to do to make people go through background checks, pass the stupid easy test, and cool off for 10 days before allowing them to purchase a firearm. It just makes sense. Would you want someone not mentally or physically capable of passing a drivers test or the written test at the DMV driving your kids around in a car.. Think about it.. And think about the young girl who is dead because of this incident, but make sure you check to see if your guns are still in your house before you go to sleep

    • No, here is what I’m fucking serious about. We’re serious about I-594 because it’s SHIT and will do nothing.
      I advocated proper storage of guns. That’s what I’m talking about. You want to know why? Read my first post just above, Guess what, I was right even before the news was released. The kid stole the gun from his dad.
      “A Beretta .40-caliber handgun is believed to have been used, a federal law enforcement source told CNN”
      So you know what, AGAIN, their common sense BULLSHIT, wouldn’t have prevented this or any of the other school shootings!!
      I’m tired of children being slaughtered and shit heads try to get laws passed that won’t do JACK SQUAT to stop it.
      That’s what I’m talking about ANDY!

    • “And by the way, I am a gun owner. I believe in the rights we have as Americans to protect ourselves and also have the opportunity to use firearms for recreation as well. But guess what guys, nobody is going to come take your guns away, just like they won’t take mine.. Nobody is going to prevent you from buying another firearm in the future..”

      Nobody is coming to take our guns? There are quiet a few important people on record advocating just that.

      “In fact, the assault weapons ban will have no significant effect either on the crime rate or on personal security. Nonetheless, it is a good idea . . . . Its only real justification is not to reduce crime but to desensitize the public to the regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation.”

      Charles Krauthammer: Disarm the Citizenry. But Not Yet, Washington Post, Apr. 5, 1996

      Rep. William L. Clay (D-St. Louis, Mo.), said the Brady Bill is “the minimum step” that Congress should take to control handguns. “We need much stricter gun control, and eventually we should bar the ownership of handguns except in a few cases,” Clay said.

      Robert L. Koenig, NRA-Backed Measure May Derail Brady Bill, St. Louis Post Dispatch, May 8, 1993

      Former Sen. Bill Bradley, Al Gore’s sole rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, is considering including a ban on the sale of handguns in an aggressive gun control plan that he will announce later in his campaign, the Associated Press reports.

      ‘I’m considering all the alternatives,’ the former New Jersey lawmaker said Monday in an interview with reporter Ron Fournier. Mr. Bradley already has endorsed a ” handgun card, ” a photo identity card required of anybody carrying a handgun.”

      Greg Pierce, Where’s the Outrage?, Washington Times, May 26, 1999

      “I shortly will introduce legislation banning the sale, manufacture or possession of handguns (with exceptions for law enforcement and licensed target clubs). . . . It is time to act. We cannot go on like this. Ban them!”

      Sen. John H. Chafee (R.-R.I.), In View of Handguns’ Effects, There’s Only One Answer: A Ban, Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 15, 1992

      These quotes prove you lie.

    • @Anthony Santori said: cool off for 10 days before allowing them to purchase a firearm

      Cool off? Cool off from what?

      Why 10 days? Why not 20 days? Or 30? Maybe 180 days would be better?

      What if a woman is being threatened by an ex, and needs a gun for immediate protection?

      What if there’s been a rash of home invasions in the neighborhood, and a grandpa wants immediate protection?

      What if there’s a serial killer on the loose, and a father wants to buy a gun immediately for his daughter who lives alone?


      What part of shall not be infringed do you not understand?

    • @Anthony Santori said:Nobody is going to prevent you from buying another firearm in the future..


      What about those guns or accessories that are banned in certain states, for example:

      * California
      * Massachusetts
      * New York
      * Maryland
      * Colorado

      You sound like one of those gun prohibitionists who says “I support the 2nd Amendment, but” followed by:

      “nobody needs a _______ ”
      “we must have reasonable controls”
      “everyone agrees that there are too many guns in this country”
      “gun laws are just too lax”
      “something must be done to stem gun violence”

      …ad nauseum.

    • I heard on the radio on the way to work Friday morning about a hot burglary (that’s when people are home) that occurred overnight, about 3 a.m., in an affluent neighborhood near me. Two guys with guns forced their way into the house, pistol-whipped one of the residents, and got away with unspecified money and items. For now we’ll just set aside the what-ifs about if those folks had a gun and could they have deployed it successfully. My question to you is about their neighbors. What if some of their neighbors, concerned that those guys might come back to that area again, decide they want to be prepared in case more than pistol-whipping is on the menu this time? They’d already have to wait three days thanks to the law in Florida, but you would have them wait seven more? Should they just hope the bad guys don’t come back ’til that waiting period is over?

      Oh, and by the way, did you know that the existing three day law isn’t actually three days? It’s five, because it’s three days not including the day you pay for it or the day you pick it up. No doubt the 10 days you’re okay with would include a similar provision, so now we’re out to nearly a two week wait from cash to carry. Is that cooled off enough for you? You know what would be well and truly cooled off by the end of that 10 days you’re “OK with?” The bodies of those folks killed on day two or three. They’d be chilled right on down in the morgue’s cooler, while their gun sat safely tucked away in the gun store’s safe because of the rule that you were “OK with.” And on day five (or day twelve) when the gun store calls to say that the end of Anthony’s arbitrary cooling off period had been reached, the phone will just ring, and ring, and ring. But hey, at least there’s a stupid law in place that you’re “OK with,” right?

      I’m not even sure why you brought this up to begin with, since background checks and waiting periods have precisely nothing to do with how this kid got the gun.

    • @Anthony Santori said:

      and you guys wanna forget about that and go straight to your conspiracy theories??? What is wrong with you…

      I count only three comments that make passing reference to conspiracy, and an equal number that spank conspiracy thinking down (not including yours).

      There are far more comments that express condolences and horror at what happened.

      There are also concerns expressed that emotionalism as the result of this shooting will sway the vote on the Washington ballot initiatives.

      However crass you might believe it is to discuss it, the Washington ballot outcome could seriously affect 2nd Amendment rights in that state. A discussion of said ballot, as well as any other gun-control laws that might be pushed by those waving the bloody shirt, is quite appropriate.

    • Anthony, the left’s “soft on crime” solutions are the cause of US murder rates. Virtually all murder, including murder of children occurs in democrat controlled congressional districts. What does that tell you?

      • Primarily it tells you that densely populated areas (i.e. cities), where there is more crime by virtue of more people packed much more tightly, tend to vote Democrat on average.

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