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“Police responded Wednesday to reports of an active shooter at the Carmike Hickory 8 movie theater complex in Antioch, Tennessee, a Nashville police supervisor said Wednesday. The Metro Nashville Police Department reported shortly after 2 p.m. (3 p.m. ET) that the ‘suspect (is) dead.’ It was not immediately clear if anyone else was killed or injured in the incident.” That’s from reports that, “Metro police say a suspect who opened fire in a Antioch theater this afternoon also had a hatchet and may have injured one person with the hatchet.” . . .

Police said about 2:20 p.m. they were examining two backpacks, one on the suspect and one left in the theater, to make sure they are not dangerous. Police spokesman Don Aaron said officers entered the theater showing Mad Max through the projection room and engaged the suspect in gunfire.

There are no reports of deaths (other than the shooter) so far and a few reports of one person wounded by the shooter using the hatchet he apparently also carried. But the story and ‘facts’ being reported now will inevitably change as time passes. Stay tuned.

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    • I’ll bet the attacker has a noted history of mental illness and was a “prohibited person” because of psych reasons.

      Less likely, the attacker has a noted history of violent crime and was a “prohibited person”.

    • from someone who wrote to the management:

      “Thank you for your inquiry concerning Carmike’s policy on the possession of firearms within our theatres. The events in Aurora, Colorado have placed a renewed emphasis on safety and emergency protocols at all of our theatre locations. Like many movie exhibitors and other retail businesses, Carmike does not allow weapons of any kind, including firearms, into our theatres, except for weapons carried by law enforcement and other security personnel. This policy was in effect prior the recent events in Colorado and remains our policy going forward.”

      I’m shocked, shocked, that this is their policy. Not.

      • “Carmike does not allow weapons of any kind, including firearms, into our theatres…”

        So how did that psycho that thought he was the Joker get in? And how did today’s nutjob get in? I just don’t get it. You have the policy and the little signs…these incidents should be completely impossible.

  1. Oh yay. A ‘non-spree, non-killing, spree killing’ for the media to glamorize and sensationalize. Guessing we’re not going to get a statement from the President for the need for Hatchet control though, huh?

    • Absolutely. If he had planned on killing anyone but himself there would be a body count greater than one.

      Good job, media. Way to inspire copycat events.

    • Clearly. Current reports state that one theater-goer received a superficial wound from the hatchet, and aside from the dead assh0le, nobody else was shot.

  2. Any bets on whether this asshat psycho ends up as a ‘victim of gun violence’ stat on Bloomsberg’s books?

    • Doctor says , ” Well Mike , I hear you are having trouble adjusting to your new meds “.
      Mike says , ” no sir “.
      Doctor says ,” There are a couple of gentlemen here that need to speak with you privately Mike “.
      Mike says , ” Hey , get your hands off me , take that hood off my head , where are you taking me ?”
      Doctor says , ” Don’t worry Mike , they’re here to help , calm down .
      National media says , ” Man shoots up movie house “.
      Mikes mother says , ” I don’t know why he would do something like this , he was a good boy “

    • I’ve noticed that too. It’s like they’re trying hard to get traction.

  3. Carmike Theaters, last I was aware, maintains a no-firearms policy. (I think it’s a “no weapons” policy, so the hatchet should have been covered, as well.)

    • maybe we should feel bad for the shooter because he obviously received a very poor and limited education such that he couldn’t read the pretty “no weapons” sign?


  4. This hatchet attacker has already transformed into GUNMAN in almost all the headlines I’ve seen.

  5. Once again it becomes evident that something is tremendously wrong with our society as more and more misfits turn to violence instead of doing what they did in the past: join heavy metal bands.

    • I blame George Bush. He obviously doesn’t care about post apocalyptic one-arm bald chicks.

  6. As a Nashville-area resident, it’ll be interesting to see how the MSM treat this if the shooter is Hispanic versus if he’s not. The Antioch area, an upscale area in the late ’70s, early ’80s, is now informally known as “Hispantioch”. Trust me; most upscale Hispanics like professionals do not live in the area. A ton of illegal aliens live in the area, and you just know if the shooter is Hispanic, it will be irrelevant, but if the shooter is white, he’ll be called a conservative racist out to kill “undocumented workers who take jobs Americans won’t.” Why, if he’s white, the sumbitch was prolly gonna vote for Trump, ya know.

  7. Hmmm, but the media is not perpetuating this in any way by creating a venue of glamour and infamy for every psycho loser with no life who wants to get their name on the Tee-vee, eh?

    Keep your eye on that ratings dial Mr Producer – oh and the President called and saw your ‘newscast’ and wants to give you an exclusive interview!

  8. Just think how much worse this could have been if he had a splitting maul.

    Also, about the headline, how can he be an “active” shooter if he’s dead?

    • Splitting maul? Oooooooooh, sorry. Mace (the medieval kind) is what we were looking for. Mace. But we would have accepted executioner’s axe, right, judges?

    • Active . We don’t die , we just pass into another realm .
      I bet he was a black , Jewish , liberal , anti gun , university law professor , practicing some Rules for Radicals Saul Alinskie crap . Probably weather underground revolutionary , or just another NUT .

  9. >Attacks people with hatchet

    >Media labels as “gunman”

    Too bad all of my high-capacity, high-powered assault hatches all fell into a bottomless lake.

  10. Yep, he’s a cracker (51 yr. old white dude–and holding) and as predicted, the communo-facist media is already trying to find some racism angle to drum up.

    And for those of you talking the hatchet, don’t forget that we all used to laugh at gun-confiscators and ask, “Waddaya going do next, outlaw knives, too?” And as we’ve seen here on TTAG recently, the bastiges in Britain have actually done it.

  11. The scary thing about this is that the evil bastard sprayed some kind of chemical, and that is why he had a surgical mask on. Hopefully he was crazy and the substance was just urine, and not a deadlier bio-hazardous agent. Doublespeak that endangers the public is proof of our nation eroding.

    Why are cops blowing up evidence every time there is questionable evidence in a bag? Destruction of evidence is not what investigative services are supposed to be paid for.

    • I think so. Perform just enough violence to get the cops rolling: hatchet one person. Then await the police response; shoot once at the cops. Boom, successful suicide by cop.

    • Capacity is 1 , if it sticks and can’t be removed . No double racking and dropping the head and replacing with a fresh one . That’s the biggest problem with hatchets , axes and especially the splitting wedge .

  12. Golly! In a gun free zone? Again? Still? How can it be, a government/corporation said “no guns” in writing!

    This can’t be happening! It must be another hoax cuz once a corporation/government says “no guns” a magical barrier made of rainbows, fairy dust, and unicorn piss goes up and make all guns crossing it’s threshold turn into gumdrops and lollipops and everyone wants to have a big group hug for no apparent reason!

    I hope everyone who supports gun control gets AIDS immediately and dies a slow, slow horrible death. I truly and deeply hate these people.

  13. The so-called “shooter” had a pellet gun, a hatchet and a fake bomb. He sprayed the theater with pepper spray, which, let’s face it, smells better than most theaters. Nobody injured except the shooter and one guy with a small cut, maybe from the hatchet. Nobody hospitalized.

    The “shooter” was 29-year-old Vincente David Montano of Nashville. Many psyche hospitalizations on his record.

    Probable suicide by cop.

  14. He wasn’t an “active shooter.” He was just a shooter. “Active shooter” refers to a type of scenario, not the type of shooter.

  15. Another horrible act of “Gun-right” sponsored terrorism by the terrorist propaganda website TTAG and it’s puppet-masters the NRA and the Gun Lobby.

    Ah the good old 2nd amendment, The “right” to be killed in malls, theaters, offices, other places of business and including your own home.

    Still don’t see Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia or Japan becoming despotic nightmares.

    • You’re actually fairly amusing sometimes. Those places have all finished the process, that’s why you don’t see it happening now.

    • Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia or Japan becoming despotic nightmares.

      Wait, what? Didn’t Egypt recently have its government overthrown in a military coup? How long has Robert Mugabe been president of Zimbabwe?

    • Oh, look, it’s Willy_Lunchmeat, the professional troll.

      Hello, Willy! You’re trying a little too hard with this one. I just want you to know that my family, with all of it’s military service in every part, still has a bunch of guns. Just so you know.

      I think I mentioned by tiny, hand-to-hand combat ineffective wife the last time I saw a post of yours. Did you know that her hands are so small that she’s really not a fan of handguns and prefers rifles? Part of that probably stems from spending more time with rifles while in the Army. Her hands are actually so small that a sub-compact fits her like a full-size, and those things are kinda snappy. Man, if she can’t nail a 200 yd target in with irons from the kneeling in just a couple seconds, though. Once she tried a rifle with a collapsible stock, she realized that she was a much better shot than she had thought.

      Have you considered that her hands are so small that they can’t effectively grasp things like the lower tricep while grappling, which is a crucial point of control on the arm. That’s just an example. Wow, I bet you’re big enough (although probably not physically fit or aggressive enough) to be able to effectively defend yourself without a weapon. That must be nice, bud. Don’t mind that she’s a woman who’s just a hair below the line for dwarfism. I’m sure if no one had guns she’d do just fine, because all the guns going away makes everything safer. Especially for her.

      What’s that, you say, I’m around as the husband and could defend her? I have a job, she has college to do, and we can’t always been in the same place. Case in point: I’m in Afghanistan. She’s not in Afghanistan. We live in a neighborhood we can afford. It’s a little shady. I’m sure all 4’9.5″ and 106lbs of her along with the 1-year-old project ‘hard target’ to everyone in the vicinity. By extension, I’m sure the apartment seems like a place to avoid. It’s also a woman’s right to defend herself. This is 2015. A gun makes that much more manageable. Sure, she can pointedly avoid places where something may happen, but there are men with no understanding that women are human beings roaming around everywhere, even (especially) when she and her friends have a girls-night-out.

      How about we just let her take the initiative to defend herself. The police provide presence and enforce the law. They *don’t* defend citizens, nor are the obligated to. They just need to enforce the law. So, who does that leave to protect my wife?

      Just her protecting herself, huh?

      Glad she has our guns.

    • Despotic, no. Paternalistic, yes. You can’t buy toilet paper without a permit in some of those places.

  16. How will they explain the “active shooter” who only had a pellet gun, and apparently didn’t shoot it?

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