Arkansas walmart shooting
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UPDATE: According to in Memphis, two police officers were shot in the incident and the shooter is dead at the scene.

It’s not clear how serious the officers’ injuries are. One went to a local hospital and was conscious and talking during transport.

The other officer was brought to Regional One in Memphis. His condition is unknown at this time.


From Fox13 in Memphis: “Multiple people were shot and police flooded a local Walmart after a shooting at an Arkansas Walmart. Forrest City Police in Arkansas confirmed they are on the scene of an active shooter in a Walmart. It is not clear if the shooter has been caught. Details surrounding exactly what happened at this time are limited.”

The AP reports that it isn’t yet clear if the shooter is still on the loose. As always, details in these situations are sketchy and frequently change over time.

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  1. WMC5 Action News : 11:39 am 2 police officers wounded. Suspect dead at scene. News conference @ approx 1pm.

    • This couldn’t have happened. Walmart stopped selling pistol and AR/AK ammo several months ago. That should have guaranteed the safety of all stores.

      • My local Walmarts both stopped selling BB guns, too. Slashed the prices to blowout. Now even their remaining inventory of CO2 cartridges, BBs, and even slingshot pellets are locked behind sliding doors, just like regular ammo. I’m not kidding. Why in the world does anyone feel the need to lock up BBs?…

        • Yep, never messed with CO2 guns but I couldn’t pass on the bargain. Bought three and liked them so much, went back and bought 2 more so me and baby girl can have like pairs.

        • If you are ever unfortunate enough to visit the People’s Republic of NJ you will find any BB or pellet gun is treated like a real gun. Purchase permits, fingerprints, fees, the whole slew of deterrents. You even need a permit for a nail gun. Slingshots are prohibited weapons.

        • My local Walmart has tons of .22 LR’s left. Gone are 9mm, 45ACPs, 223s, and 308s. Although I did see one or two boxes of 308 WinMags left.

        • My WM slashed muzzleloaders by 50% a couple weeks ago, I picked up a CVA just for the hell of it. They also cut existing inventory Schwacker broadheads by 50%, sold ’em all, then put new ones in their place for regular price. Go figure. I spent $15 each for three packs of three on my go-to brand instead of $30 each.

    • Is that Walmart truly a gun free zone?

      Or is that just a disinformation attempt to fit a contrived narrative?

      “A spokesperson for Walmart says the company will not change its policy on gun sales and open carry despite the mass shooting at one of its stores in El Paso on Saturday. A man with an assault rifle killed 20 and injured more than two dozen other people, and two more have since died of their wounds. The incident followed a July 30 shooting at a Walmart in Mississippi in which an employee fatally shot two co-workers.

      The Washington Post interviewed Randy Hargrove, the director of national media relations, who is based in Bentonville.”

      • Well it is indeed a fact because my Walmart stopped selling ammo, you have to be ignorant to think it’s not real just look at any Walmart and you can see all the ammo and guns are gone!

        • @Darrell Whitledge Not true of most Walmart’s The nearest one to me is too small to sell guns but still have ammo for rifles, shotguns and 22LR. When Walmart announced they had stopped selling ammo, I was in store a couple days later, they didn’t have any 9mm, but had lots of semi-auto .380, .40 S&W, and .45ACP. and I bought every bit of it, for around .13 cents a round, much of it JHP. I don’t own any revolvers, so I left the 38 Special, .357Mag, .32ACP and .44 Special for other people. Spent around $400, good deal…

        • FWIW my local Wal-Mart still has a full stock of ammo and plenty of Fudd guns in the case.

          I went in looking to take advantage of the great discount caliber purge and prices were the same as they’ve always been.

          Apparently not all stores are affected by whatever policy it is.

    • What if it was an open carrier refusing to listen to the corporate rules about open carrying on Walmart property?

      Walmart banned open carry of guns in their store but allow concealed carry. They didn’t want their business to take a hit after people were scared Walmart would have more shootings. People can shop online these days.

      • “What if it was an open carrier refusing to listen to the corporate rules about open carrying on Walmart property?”

        The way it usually works is, store management can ask the open carrier to leave, and if they refuse, will be subject to arrest for trespass by police…

  2. But isn’t Walmart a gun free zone? Is it possible this madman didn’t see the sign proclaiming guns weren’t allowed?

    • While I am not a big fan of Wal Mart for other reasons, Wal Mart did release that they did not want people ‘open carrying’ in their stores. I have been in several Wal Marts since that time and none have been posted as ‘Gun Free’ zones or even ‘No Open Carry’ stores. The ones I have been in recently have not had most pistol ammo, no air pistols, and no semi-automatic rifles. They seem to have the 44 Special & 44 Magnum, possible because they stocked Henry Rifles, some of which are chambered for those calibers.

      I think it would be good to over speculate this incident until more info comes in. Let them Dems do dat. And does it scare anybody but me that Joe Biden admits he has two shotguns, but he’s not sure what calibers they are?

      • I work at a Walmart in NC. They don’t approve of open carry but I have yet to see anyone questioned about it when entering our store. They have discontinued the sales of pistol and “short barreled rifle” ammo. Doug McMillon’s words. They still sell firearms. Hunting rifles, shotguns, rimfire( bolt action and semi auto) and we still have all of our airguns. Ammo consists of .22, shotgun and rifle ammo. That is my experience anyway.

      • The only two WallyWorld’s within 50 miles of my house have new signage at all public entry doors requesting that people not open-carry firearms in their stores…not a dedicated firearm-specific sign…it is included along with their other “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

        Since I conceal carry their signage is moot.

        Just spent the last 20+ minutes looking through New Jersey firearm laws…really F’d up assortment of Statutes. Firearms permits for AirSoft? WTF?

        I was unable to verify about nail guns being regulated as firearms in NJ….that would make it really difficult for contractors in The Garden State.

          • Once you’ve used pneumatics it’s hard to go back to swinging a hammer all day (they’re still needed in tight spots though)…sooo much easier on your hands, wrists and elbows.

    • My local WallyWorld south of Chiraq usually has at least one armed guard. And there are NO gun ban signs posted…where’d you get the idea they’re all “gun-free”?!? Some are-some ain’t😏

  3. with the multi billions Wal Mart makes you would think they would employ at least one armed guard at the entrance. Also, how did that getting rid of AR’s and handgun ammo help you Wal Mart??

    • It’s not exactly a secret that most Walmarts don’t even have un-armed security most of the time. There’s generally one or two loss-prevention types that cycle around through the stores in a given region. Some stores get more attention than others, but rando-mid-america walmarts just have cameras recording to prosecute after the fact.

      Source: Used to work LP at Walmart.

    • Wal-Mart placing armed guards at the access points?
      This would mean Wal-Mart owns ALL the liability, of every shot fired. There would be hundreds of lawsuits filed if a guard fired a round, even if that round took out the intended target.

    • They don’t make all that money by spending it on armed guards and the liability they carry. And what would an armed guard at an entrance have done here anyway?

  4. Yet another reason,aside from Beijing Mart’s ant RKBA virtue signaling; to avoid them and spend elsewhere:
    I’m a City Guy, but Truth Be Told;I travel and drive a LOT. And I almost never found a Walmart/Walmart Superstore and it’s foot traffic after dark(or high noon)that didn’t have me thinking” these people are delicately balanced on that ledge between moronic and feral”.
    And NO. No specific demographic other than ” complete idiots ” irrespective of hue, ethnicity, political/ideological bent… just people that leave you thinking” THAT’S what happened to all the surplus lead paint after the early 1970:s when they de-leaded the housing of my childhood. It all went into tasty snack chips for People Of Walmart.
    Combined with the corporate decision to thoroughly disrespect my beliefs and their reliance on Inmate Slave Labor from the Chicoms,I have no inclination to modify my personal shopping policy

    • I don’t shop at Walmart either but not because I’m a pretentious asshole who thinks those that do are beneath me.. Was it Strozk or the OTHER pos FBI agent that could SMELL the deplorable Walmart shoppers… Be careful how you judge a whole group of people, your life or that of someone close to you might depend on one of those “lead paint chip” snackers… just sayin’

    • I don’t shop at Walmart either but not because I’m a pretentious asshole who thinks those that do are beneath me.. Was it Strozk or that pos McCabe that could SMELL the deplorable Walmart shoppers… Be careful how you judge a whole group of people, your life or that of someone close to you might depend on one of those “lead paint chip” snackers… Walmart has every right to set any policy they want yet you bitch about them disrespecting your beliefs while you totally trash theirs.. That’s the problem with exercising your beliefs, no matter what they are someone is going to wind up butt-hurt… just sayin’ and yes I am a despicable deplorable.

      • Where else can you go on a rainy day and be entertained like you can by Walmart shoppers. Who says you have to buy anything?

  5. Minimum loadout for safe shopping Wamomart:

    Mini DRACO w/drum slung under arm
    Glock 22 on hip
    Glock 27 ankle holster
    NAA in hat
    Gerber in sock.

  6. hope the cops are ok
    other than that i dont care
    i dont shop at wal mart anymore
    wont ever shop there again

  7. I can only imagine the media was circling the tank this morning, like sharks to a feast, making sure (and double checking, for once) that he was a white republican.

    • Na news media don’t care who it was, It is always a white republican with a arsenal of fully automatic assault weapons and stock pile of ammunition, probably a hundred or so rounds. Heck Wallyworld still sells a item that causes more death and injury each year then any firearm. What is it, why of course the cell phone and and distracted driving. They haven’t stop selling them yet, look how many lives and injuries they could prevent. Don’t hear the demacraps talking about that.
      Quick and safe recovery for the officers and good job on taking out the perpetrator.

  8. Bet we can take a guess at who the perpetrator is.

    Like it isn’t usually pretty obvious when police officers are targeted.

    Maybe if the press conceals the shooter’s identity, we’ll know for sure.

    • I have seen many veterans and good ol’ boys shoot at the cops. The feds started to label them tea party radicals, constitutionalists, sovereign citizens, anti government militias, preppers,, etc. They taught police that white men with guns are the most dangerous people to police because they believe the government is ran by a shadow organization… Now the FBI is referring to those people as white nationalists looking to start a race war to overthrow the current government — they are considered to be domestic terrorists.

    • Timothy McVeigh killed a shit load of LEOs and he was as white as vanilla ice.

      Crazy ain’t got no color.

  9. Forrest City is more than 60% Black. The mayor is Black. The police chief is Black. Odds are about 60% the shooter is Black.

    • He was, but he was just starting to turn his life around. Everyone loved him.

      (expletive) thug. Good riddance.

      • Nope, just a working man who had been hit with just too much for him to handle and he suffered a psychotic break. We never know the pressures our fellow citizens are under, it’s just sad that he felt the need to act out against authority.

        “A relative told Fox 13 Memphis that Gibbs was a truck driver with an 18-year-old son. He said the man had been deeply affected by his recent divorce.

        Records indicate that Gibbs was arrested in 2017 on a charge of domestic battering in the third degree.

        Family members and friends took to Facebook on Monday to share memories of Gibbs and post photos.”

        • People make choices. I’ve been through as bad in my life and so have billions of others. Somehow I managed to not try to kill any innocent people because of it. He made evil choices.

          From Magnum’s post: ” The sheriff identified him as Bobby Gibbs, Fox 16 reported. He had an extensive criminal record, with arrests in 2012 for weapons possession, the station reported.”

          Yeah, just a regular guy….

  10. I am soooo glad Walmart stopped selling all that evil handgun and weapons of war ammo. I feel so safe now. /sarcasm

  11. If these random Shootings keep on occurring Our government is going to have no choice but to close gunm ownership down. You just can’t keep setting fires until someone takes the matches away.

    • The overall homicide rate is down. The media continues to sensationalize shootings to convince people that “something needs to be done” despite the fact that you are safer than you’ve been since the ’50s.

      • Are you talking stats or facts? Here’s a fact, in 1974 my sister and her girlfriend both hitch hiker 120 miles to see a Stones concert and back without incident. In 1990 my now girlfiend was walking home from work at night, less then a mile, snatch and grabbed held hostage three days and repeatedly raped, dumped in a ditch and left for dead.. I wouldn’t walk the streets of KC Mo at without a possee, because if I did I’d get rolled. Numbers are full of shit and it’s not safer now.

        • Because all anyone needs to know is your personal anecdote. When you place anecdotes over statistical generalities, you are the one who is full of shit.

          “Dur! Someone I know was still a victim of a crime, so it is unpossible that crime rates are lower! Dur!”

        • “Safety” depends on where you are. I’m personally a lot safer than I was 30 years ago, I’m less likely to be in a dangerous situation.

    • They haven’t shut gun sales down in Houston, LA or Chicago down yet. If they were seriously considering taking guns away, Why don’t start here to prove it?

  12. Investigators said police knew the suspect. The sheriff identified him as Bobby Gibbs, Fox 16 reported. He had an extensive criminal record, with arrests in 2012 for weapons possession, the station reported.

  13. I say it’s fake news.

    Walmart stopped selling guns and ammo. Nothing left on the shelves for bad guys to shoot the place with. Dems need more anti-gun leverage and Walmart is run by just the kind of fools that can give it to them.

    Incase this actually did happen and some trigger happy lunatic chose Walmart…..upper management will just do something stupid in response.

    As a result, I’ll just shop somewhere else.

  14. Schools are getting “hardened” some armed but still gun free zones. Walmart is predominantly anti-gun and vocal with their policy decisions: they have become a target for copycat killers just like schools, churches and LE ambushes.

  15. WM isn’t “anti-gun,” that’s ludicrous, they’re in Bentonville, Ark., corporate level they’re all shooters and duck hunters and big on guns. Any move they make is based on what they perceive as the best move business-wise, nothing else. Zero to do with philosophy, morals, politics or ethics or anything else.

  16. If walmart continues to have active shooters I and tens of thousands of other people want all those violent stores shut down. I’m ruining for president for life in the 2021 election. Wait, what you say there isn’t a presidential election in 2021, I say if a demorerat wins in 2020 there will be one.

  17. Domestic Battery in the third degree? Did he hock a lugee on her shoe or did she loose a thumb wrestling match and took it too personal? Forrest City is a rough town, close to West Memphis AR and West Memphis TN. The King would be rolling in his grave if he could see the drugs changing hands in front of Graceland. Shame shame.

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