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So much for “put your hands up” or “secure the perimeter.” Fair enough? [h/t Danny]

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  1. Let’s see…

    Armed robbers threatening serious bodily harm or death – check

    Pizza store full of potential hostages – check

    Street with innocent citizens, also potential hostages – check

    While pretty brutal, this appears to be justified.

  2. I don’t think their helmets helped too much.

    I was expected the guy that walked in earlier to pop out from the back room.

    Very nice.

    • I think the helmets contributed to their demise. I think I saw the cop car slide right past the glass doors while the bad guys were right there. The helmets restricted their view and they never saw it. If they did they didn’t react to it.

      • Absolutely. I always wear a balaclava when I rob pizza places. And I only go to Little Caesars, because it’s hot and ready for the taking!

    • … I was expected the guy that walked in earlier to pop out from the back room. …

      That’s exactly what I was waiting for too. Thought for sure that guy grabbing the money was going to have a big hole in his chest.

      Surprise ending though.

  3. Lol that looked like the laziest robbery attempt ever. No one seemed to really care they were getting robbed. Also, good shooting on the officers part.

    • It’s Brazil. Probably not the first time this place has been robbed. But possibly the last, especially if they don’t scrub too hard on the bloodstains on the floor.

    • And I might add, with grim satisfaction, that the chance of recidivism for these two dirtbags is 0%.

  4. Man, we have some trigger happy cops in Brazil. First the bike-jacker got gunned down in short order, then the pizza barons.

    Part of me says “Overkill,” the other part says “Efficient.”

    • You may call it trigger happy but I chose to call it you live by the sword you shall receive justice by the sword. Sorry no sympathy what so ever. Looks like the one in the white shirt will not be a burden on the taxpayers of Brazil

      • On the left frame of the video you can just see the second guys foot. He’s down and not moving. I’m going to assume they’re both room temperature.

    • Once they start shooting cops often continue shooting at perps that are completely down and not moving or anything. The perp in the yellow helmet took a shot in the back after he was down and not going anywhere or doing anything. I’ve seen another vid of a cop shooting a guy in the back after he was shot several times, was not moving and was lying on the ground on his stomach. Just sayin. Not defending the perps, but cops are too trigger happy.

      • Hopefully, if you’re ever involved in a dgu you’ll do it right and perfect. Me, I’m willing to cut the good guys slack when dealing with clearly ID’d bad guys.

      • Too bad for the guy in the yellow helmet. Can’t say I’m exactly choked up with sympathy.over his taking a round in the back, if indeed he did. Kind of hard for me to tell.

      • Not every shoot is a good shoot. In this case the yellow helmet was trying to get up when he was shot for the last time. If both perps had hit the floor as soon as shooting started, perhaps the cop would have stopped shooting, perhaps not. The video shows the cop shooting until both threats were neutralized.

        • Officer couldn’t have known he wasn’t reaching for the other dudes gun…

          I wouldn’t have fired at that instant but would have circled to see his hands from his rear… That’s armchair quarterbacking.

      • A person who makes a comment whining about “overkill” knows nothing about how to respond to an armed threat. You shoot until they are down and until they are no longer perceived to be a threat: whatever that takes. You shoot and then say, “Is he down? Are there any more?” Any doubt? Put a few more in him.

        That’s just reality.

    • ErrantVenture11, you’re dead wrong if you think the “pizza barons” got shot. Watch the clip again. When the glass breaks, the folks who appear to be the pizza shop proprietors and/or sales staff immediately drop down behind the counter, and can be seen crawling away to safety to the right.

    • I have to respectfully disagree–If someone is willing to threaten innocent life with violence, thereby taking away their life not to mention the terrible pain inflicted on surviving family members, I say you live by the sword (or gun) you die by the same…To me this is justice but YMMV.

    • How about this: If you are JUSTIFIED in using deadly force (and this was a text-book case), then you are justified in using force until it’s deadly.

      In this event, or any similar, why should any good guy be required to take the risk that Jason will rise from the supposed dead and sneak in a little retribution? If he’s worth shooting, he’s worth killing, and only the coroner can pronounce that he is actually dead and no longer a threat. It is best to have the whole thing on video, however, since shots to the back or head might attract the attention of some over-zealous anti 2A prosecutor.

  5. Abso-damn-lutely justified.

    It would have only been better if the citizens were the ones pulling the trigger.As Jeff Cooper observed, the proper response to criminal violence is immediate counter violence.

  6. I was going to ask to confirm if it was police who shot. Apparently it was.

    FYI, Google’s translation:
    “CCTV cameras show the action of two burglars in a pizzeria in the city of Botucatu, when caught by police. Read the full story in tomorrow’s edition (18/10/2013) newspaper Diário da Serra.”

  7. I wonder how many shots the cops fired, and how that would compare to a similar situation if the NYPD or LAPD were involved.

  8. Well that was about the shortest ‘trial’ for armed robbery I’ve seen in a bit. Very efficient. Brutal, but efficient.

  9. Like most of you, I can’t fault the cop for shooting. It was ugly, and I hope to never witness such a thing in person, but I can’t fault them.

  10. the employees hardly showed any reaction to the robbers. I guess that could be because this is a common thing or maybe they hit a silent alarm. The Popo in Brazil can shoot straight at least. in Merica they would have had a hour long standoff ending with the entire store being peppered or two more residents of the penal system living on taxpayer money.

    • No, in Merica they’d have paraded 10 or so MRAP’s down main street, shot every dog in sight, raided every house within a 5 mile radius of the crime scene, and then the grateful citizens would’ve thrown a parade for their conquerors as they drove away.

  11. So much for negotiating and waiting for SWAT.
    No trial and no incarceration costs.
    There does appear to be property damage, the perps family should pay for that to make it right.

  12. I have to wonder what firearm the police used. My guess is that they used a shotgun. That entire window shattered and I notices quite a large explosion of glass. Plus the fact that the criminals were down almost instantly. That seems like more than a handgun can dish out.

    • Oh I just noticed at the very end of the video a policeman steps in with a handgun drawn.

      And, the criminals were not even visible in the store until about the 20 second point in the video … then the police were shooting the criminals within 40 seconds maximum. That is phenomenal response time. This had to have been by accident that the police just happened to be driving by and saw the robbery in progress through the window. Talk about an unlucky day for the robbers. Good riddance.

    • The type of tempered glass used for plate glass shop windows will shatter like that when impacted. It’s very strong, but a sharp object or bullet passing through will cause it practically to explode into small fragments. Drop a Pyrex bowl sometime and watch what happens. There’s a lot of pressure built up inside that tempered shell

  13. Wow! Obviously, Brazil police do not give criminals a chance to surrender, and it seems like they do not have to worry about liability from wild shots. I am not saying I am against that, though, for I think two less criminals is a good thing. While serving as a Law Enforcement Specialist in the USAF in Germany, I witnessed a German police officer beat a guy senseless with a baton, and the guy was not resisting. During the Berlin air show, an Army MP had to tell a German police officer to stop and back away, for the Polzei officer was literally on top of this German beating him. German polzei at that time always carried their MP5s, which at the time, would have been unheard of in the US. I found out that it was normal for German police to use a level of force we considered excessive. It woke me up to the fact that police outside the US are a lot different. Except California, New York, and most large “blue” areas in the US, US police theoretically need to take the safety of the populace (and criminals) into consideration. If this shooting occurred here, a US court will ask why didn’t the police wait until the criminals finished walking outside, and then try to order them to drop the gun before firing. Further, if a bullet deflected off of the glass and hit a bystander, the court again will ask the same question. A US court would probably award the bystanders a huge sum of money, and the course would likely consider a manslaughter charge for the police officer. I am not advocating for the modern style of US justice, though. It just shows a different type of criminal justice system.

    • Bob, that’s the most intelligent thing I’ve read about this incident amongst all the testosterone filled comments. Thanks for offering some perspective.

  14. No one want’s to ever see anyone get killed,but these guys choose that possible outcome,when you gamble sometimes you lose.They decided their own fate.The officer was justified in that he didn’t know if the threat was still capable and armed.Sad to watch but they knew the difference between right and wrong and they CHOSE to ignor it and paid with their lives.

  15. Looked like three shots and then an officer with a handgun steps in, probably 9mm? Very impressive how fast those boys died, the blood pool and the other guy’s limp foot in the corner were magnificent.

  16. Re the helmets. I’m guessing mostly for masks and they were probably driving scooters or bikes as their getaway rides. Maybe they thought they were some kind of armor, but they’d be wrong if they thought helmets would work for bullets.

    I took a couple old motorcycle helmets out to the woods one day for the fun of it. Bullets saw them like they see paper. Helmets are made for blunt trauma. Bullets are anything but that.

    • You left out cost of ammo, fuel for the police cars, police salaries, clean up and more important the money the Brazilian people saved by not having to incarcerate these two.

  17. Everyone in this video’s OODA loop is broken.

    Guys with guns? Meh.

    Robbing us? Meh.

    Exploding glass and gunfire? Stand still and do a little jig.

    As Dominic Toretto says in “Furious 6:” “This is Brazil!”

    Although I’ve learned this recently about Brazil: motorcycles are bad for your health.

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