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“No one tragedy — no matter how horrible — is going to be enough to create the sustained public will that’s necessary to create change on this issue.” And there you have it. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence admits to that waving the bloody shirt won’t git ‘er done in terms of civilian disarmament. This is not a view shared by The Mayors Against Illegal Guns. “I think the country and indeed the president have reached the tipping point not because of one mass shooting but because of an aggregate drip, drip, drip of more and more mass shootings,” said MAIG’s Mark Glaze. “Every time this happens, it throws additional fuel on a fire already blazing pretty high.” I’m gonna disagree with both of these anti-gun agitators. The left is waiting, anticipating even, a spree killing that ticks off all the “right” boxes . . .

If a crazed NRA member kills children in the name of anti-tyranny, the left will pounce on it like a lion on a wounded gazelle. The gloves will come off. Presidential executive orders? (If Mark Glaze can mix his metaphors so can I.) Sure. Maybe some kind of proactive p0lice action against militias, the NRA and maybe even NRA members.

As for the Naval Yard killing adding fire to a blazing desire for “gun safety,” no. That fire is not blazing. Not after the post-Newtown defeat of background checks and the Colorado pushback. And the public knows that not all spree killings are the same.

Still, God help us.

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  1. This shooting is possibly the most pro gun shooting we could have possibly asked for. I know this is somewhat a contradictory statement, but look at the facts:

    Black guy from New York
    History of mental health issues (which were reported but not acted upon)
    Passed NICS check and security clearance
    Tried to buy an AR and shop wouldn’t sell, settled for a shotgun
    Gets a shotgun through a gun free city, into a gun free government complex, and into a gun free ‘secure building’
    Takes out a security guard with shotgun, uses guards gun against unarmed victims
    goes on rampage unimpeded for 30 minutes before hes stopped

    I think at this point most people can now see how completely useless and dangerous ‘gun free zones’ are, and the whole idea of ‘assault rifles’ as the evil murder machines has been blurred pretty hard. Everything the anti gunners has been spouting has blown up right in their face with this one.

    • The first of your points is the only one the MSM needs. This incident will vanish like smoke in less than a week because the shooter is black male.

    • The problem is, you and I look at the set of facts in front of us and conclude that gun-free zones don’t work, and in fact are arguably part of the problem.

      A hopolophobe, MAIGer, MDAite, or what-have-you, will look at the same exact set of facts and conclude that the problem is too many guns and too much trust in anyone to use them responsibly.

      Unlike, say, various models for the law of gravity, in this case it’s hard to develop a test case that can convince an honest gun control advocate, let alone the ones with less than pure motives.

    • Most people watch and believe main stream media.

      Gun free zones were intended to encourage these kinds of shootings in order to inspire support for citizen disarmament. These politicians psychopaths are NOT stupid.

      Obamacare was designed to destroy what’s left of market based health care. “Gun free zones” were designed to encourage the mass murders of school children.

      • “Most people will watch and believe the mainstream media.”

        True, because consuming the news from the MSM requires little to no effort. Reading various sources and forming an individual opinion takes work.

        Funny (I hope) tangent:
        We have not had broadcast TV in our home since 2002 (at my wife’s insistence). At the time, I thought she was being overly protective of our three children, but over time I adjusted to our new reality, and kept up with events in other ways using online sources — some mainstream, and some not.

        Yesterday, I was in the hospital ER waiting to be admitted for another kidney stone removal. They began their plague in July. If you haven’t had one — you are fortunate. Believe me when I say that they hurt like hell. While lying on the bed, I asked the nurse if I could control the TV from my bed. I figured I’d see if I could find an interesting diversion from the pain. She fumbled with the control and then turned on the TV manually (on the front of the set) and told me I could leave it on, but had to stick with whatever was on. Being a man, that was bad enough, but, when I saw that the program was some typical afternoon Three-Broads-Talking-With-The-Girls (no offense, ladies), I said turn it off — I’d rather take the pain.

    • The MSM already starting dropping the story off the front pages yesterday. It doesn’t fit the narrative. The shooter was allegedly a liberal Obama supporter who drove a Prius to the Navy Yard. And the victims were mostly middle-aged military employees. As much as progressives love war, they aren’t sympathetic of those who do the actual fighting.

      While none of these mass shooters were representative of the conservative “gun nuts” the left wants to attack. Sandy Hook, registered Democrat; Fort hood, registered Democrat and Islamist; Virginia Tech, sent hate male to GWB; Aurora, registered Democrat, OWS participant, and staff worker on Obama’s campaign; etc. The Sandy Hook and Columbine shooters weren’t even gun owners. In this case, the shooter was also black.

      Although, I don’t how he could have been turned down for an AR-15 and still be able to buy a shotgun. Does anyone have a source on that? Does Virginia have different requirements for an “assault weapon”?

    • And the shooter didn’t use an “assault weapon” or “high-capacity” magazines. So it doesn’t support their “weapons of war” nonsense either.

  2. Again, this is another outlet that shows the current political climate of the DNC. When all of these people from the Brady Campaign to people in the media like LZ Granderson start putting up headlines like this, they are getting a “back off, back off” message from the policy-makers that they are closest to. After Colorado, the DNC is going to bury this issue as deep as possible before the 2014 mid terms so that it is nothing but a vague memory by 2016. Sure, we may hear the occasional voices that are equivalent to “the usual suspects” on gun control, but they are worried. This has been many years in the making. As early as 2008 I started hearing the media talking heads start trying to rewrite history by saying the 1994 AWB didn’t have anything to do with the ’94 political massacre in Congress and even more people trying to say Gore didn’t lose in 2000, in part, due to his Gun Control platform. The voices have grown louder, as is the case when certain media outlets try the standard tactic of repeating something so much that it must make it true (90% of people blah blah… rings a bell here doesn’t it?). Then what happened after their last push? The public in a swing state (key part) didn’t buy what they were selling (where’s the 90%?). No matter what the ousted state senators claim, the national DNC knows they outspent the other side and tried their underhanded voting tactics in heavily blue areas and still lost. They are worried not only about their national platform, but also about the possibility of a split similar to the current state of the RNC. They can’t afford to have the RNC use this as a unifying issue for their base. Expect more people to “shock” you with their opinions on Gun Control, most notably, Hillary Clinton.

  3. There have always been “spree killings.” There aren’t any more now than there ever were. Some say less. There’s just a particularly vociferous anti-gun movement at present, either combined with or because of the media, which LOVES tragedies and plays them up as much as possible to get ratings. Fear, death, shock, and horror all bring in viewers, who bring in ad dollars. The instant news and the stiff competition breed sensationalism. This is why and how “most people” believe crime is at an all-time high, even though the truth is completely the opposite. It’s because that’s all they see and hear on the news all day every day. Plus, I think one-time local stories are now known nationally thanks to the media giving these things more play and blowing them out of proportion, but also to the internet and other easy access to information, which political groups use to their advantage (naturally).

    • Yes, there have always been spree killings. Hitler, Tojo, Stalin and Pol Pot come readily to mind, following in every case a policy of civilian disarmament. Older historical references would not be difficult to find, such as Ivan the Terrible. Spree killing on a more local one BG/many dead basis are also unfortunately not unheard of. The world was, is, and always will be a source of manifestly EVIL people who kill for politics, pleasure, religion, or just cause they don’t give a damn about anybody but themselves.

      But we can thank our lucky stars that television and Hollywood, for whatever reason, have decided to focus the public’s attention on serial killers. Every week, practically every night you will see some show where the good LEOs tackle some dastardly and usually genius level intelligent serial murderer. Unfortunately their plot lines would last only 15 minutes out of the hour, if that, if the psycho even ONCE happened to pick someone with a CCW. Oh Well. If anyone in Hollywood is listening, THAT would make a perfect surprise ending to one of your scenarios. No one would see that coming!

      While the MSM/BSM news outlets love to wave the bloody shirt on spree killings it would appear that the subject does not sell well on the fiction level. We can only hope this trend continues because if they start plotting weekly spree killings in schools, malls and military bases our struggle will become much more complex.

  4. Absolutely. What they need:

    – White Guy
    – Tea Party Politics
    – Concealed Carry Holder
    – Safe full of guns
    – Use an AR-15 and Pistol with 15+ Mag
    – NFA Items on Spree Killing a BONUS

    Body count would have to be high too – 30+, possibly include some politicians.

    As I wrote that out I was thinking of how sick it is to even contemplate “what it would take…” And these mofo’s are salivating for something just as I described.

  5. Everybody is going to lie low for a while as nobody on either side wants gun control or 2A as the focus of upcoming elections. In my state, VA, we have a gubernatorial election coming up that will be very close and is usually considered an indicator for the mid-term and subsequent national elections. I suspect that both candidates (neither will be good for the state) will shy away from discussing their position on guns except to small rooms of people whose preferences are predictable and are writing large checks.

    I suspect many politicians will be leaning center and trying to get their NRA “grades” away from the ends of the continuum. Better a B or D than an A or F.

    Nobody wants guns to be an issue in the 2014 mid-term elections. Everybody positioning themselves for the 2016 presidential elections will avoid this as long as possible.

    • I think some of the more savvy politicians will be able to dodge the issue, but the rabid anti-gun organizations (MAIG, MDA, etc.) just won’t be able to put a cork in it.

    • The DoD security clearance process looks for different things than, say, a bonding check. And sometimes not very thoroughly nor well, especially where contract investigators are used.

  6. The killer was black, and no Dem can risk appearing anti-black. He was also nuts with a record of shooting up cars, the upstairs neighbor’s apartment and anything else that the voices in his coconut told him to shoot, and the military dropped the ball on that one. He passed the background check so beloved by Joe Manchin. The gun was a shotgun, and even Joe Biden loves him some shotty. Lastly, the spree killing happened on a military base under federal control, and we all know that the feds are the only ones who can keep us safe.

    Yeah, this one doesn’t move the needle.

  7. Meanwhile, Feinstein is cheerleading Obam’s decree that will send NFA weapons to Islamic militants and psychotics in Syria, while he’s simultaneously drafting legislation to restrict legal gun ownership for Americans. Am I the only one to see the irony?

  8. Although the spree killing on the Washington Naval Base was a tragedy, how many people were killed in traffic accidents that day in DC, or Virginia? How many died from medical malpractice caused by doctors who have been working 60 hours straight? How many died that day from misadventure (hold my beer and watch this)?

  9. I was in some written arguments with people after Newtown and they all told me that all we needed for self defense was a shotgun and handgun and they were safer to use. Nobody needs an AR/AK for any reason. I think this shows that the weapon system and capacity does not really matter in these shootings. What matters is response time of the first person with a gun.

    I talked to my wife and told her the situation. She is from Europe and was once very anti-gun because she didn’t know. She said to me, why is everyone so hung up on the weapon used, they are just as dead with an AR or a shotgun.

    It also shows that even with the strictest gun control laws, mass shooters find a way. If all guns were banned they would still figure out how to kill as many people as possible. Whatever their sick minds may come up with could be worse than using firearms. In Africa mass murders were committed with machetes. It’s the people behind the weapon.

    • “It also shows that even with the strictest gun control laws, mass shooters find a way.”
      Suicide bombers.
      Car bombers.
      Roadside IEDs.

  10. “I think the country and indeed the president have reached the tipping point.”

    The country is sick of this one-sided “debate” and the President doesn’t have enough political capitol left at this point to do anything big. The grabbers are still very dangerous at the state level, of course.

  11. Google “Mark Essex” if you want a very scary comparison from years ago-similarities are interesting-the media is running away from this one because it is hard to make this guy out to be a White,middle aged,Tea party,angry type.Mark Glaze is a gay scumbag with daddy problems-his father was a gun dealer and probably wasn’t overjoyed with a poofter for a son


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