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The Brady Campaign to Whittle Away Your Second Amendment Rights—sorry, Prevent Gun Violence has launched a new test to measure your Gun Law IQ. The test’s name proves my point in yesterday’s editorial: gun control advocates are profoundly elitist. To wit: “IQ” instead of “Knowledge.” Be that as it is, the Campaign’s interactive quiz is just about as misleading as you’d imagine—provided you have a good imagination . . .

Speaking of low IQs (or a lack of writing chops), the first question is the very model of convoluted construction.

Requiring a background check for handgun sales by private sellers and licensed gun dealers helps reduce illegal gun trafficking within a state. Pick the percentage.

Easy! Just go for the highest number. Correct! The answer is 48 percent. Allegedly.

Research shows that requring [sic] a background check for handgun sales by private sellers as well as by licensed gun dealers helps reduce illegal gun trafficking within a state by as much as 48%.

And what research might that be? [Crickets chirping]. I know, adding a link to text requires a towering (or at least honest) intellect.

How many states require background checks on all handgun sales, including all private sales at gun shows?

Easy! Just choose the lowest number. Correct! Seven.

Sadly, only California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island require background checks for handgun sales by private sellers as well as by licensed gun dealers.

Happily, the Brady Campaign is making no attempt to hide their bias. Sadly, these are also the states with the most restrictive/intrusive gun laws. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Which U.S. state has the highest gun death rate, including murders, suicides and unintentional shootings?

Putting suicides in the mix is cheating, but I’ll play. Easy. Just pick the state (California, New Jersey, Louisiana or Michigan) with the least restrictive gun laws—cause that MUST be the reason people are dropping like flies. Correct! Louisiana.

Louisiana’s gun death rate is 19.86 per 100,000 population (2007).

No new murder stats in four years? Somebody call the FBI. Or in this case, not. And what about the general murder rate? How much of that is “gun death”?

Which U.S. state has the strongest gun laws?

Nice to see Little Rhody in the list of potential answers (Rhode Island, New York, Utah or California). But unlike nearby Massachusetts, there’s no high capacity magazine ban and they do, eventually, issue carry permits. To three people in Providence last year. So it can’t be the Ocean State.

Anyway, it’s gotta be New York, ’cause only people who support gun control can get a concealed carry permit. Although Mr. Tritt’s article on California handgun ownership rules and concealed carry permit process seems only slight less Kafka-esque than The Trial.

California earned 80 out of 100 points on the 2010 Brady State Scorecard. California residents appear to be reaping the benefits of the hard work of their grassroots activists including local allies and Brady Campaign Chapters. Gun deaths declined 20% faster in California than in the rest of the nation from 1993 to 2006. Utah is tied with Alaska and Arizona for the states with the weakest gun laws earning zero points out of 100.

Nice spin doctoring: stating that California’s murder rate went down faster than the rest of the U.S. without talking about the general decline or other factors that may have been involved. And cherry-picking the dates. And not providing a link to the criteria for rating gun laws.

OK I’m bored now. Suffice it to say, assault clips.

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    • Its actually pretty simple. You have to verbally assault a magazine, making sure to let it know that you are more intelligent than it is and know what is best for it. After that, it turns into a magical, deadly assault clip and can be used to perpetrate mass murder of everything from humans to kittens to unicorns.

  1. The BCPGV proves, yet again, that they are full of crap. MAIG, however, still has traction and clout, even if a statistically disproportionate number of its members are felons. It’s all about the perception, the spin and the word game.

  2. “Sadly, only California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island require background checks for handgun sales by private sellers as well as by licensed gun dealers.”

    Check closer. In NC a pistol purchase permit is required to buy a handgun from anyone. Police set up stings at gun shows.

    • Gun shows in Richmond, Virginia are always heavily monitored by police. I saw at least 15 plain clothes officers at the last show I attended. I was even able to see an arrest of both the illegal buyer and the one who comissioned the illegal purchase as I left the show. The police take few chances in RVA. I have never had a single issue there, and my NICS checks have always gone through quickly.

    • In Iowa we have to make sure the buyer has a ‘permit to purchase’ pistols and revolvers or it is an illegal sale.
      So, we can be added to that list too!!

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