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Not to be outdone by America’s Second City, Boston is also experiencing something of an uptick in firearms-related violence. As can’t very well say “Boston brahmins fear failure of strict gun control laws,” they report that “There are renewed concerns about gun violence in Boston. On Sunday alone, seven people were shot in four different shootings at locations in Roxbury and Dorchester. In one case the shooting was deadly.” In Chicago, that’s considered a quiet night. Question: who the hell is Wendell Thomas?

Wendell Thomas heard the noise Sunday morning outside his Dunreath Street home, but never imagined it was the sound of a young man being murdered on the sidewalk. The 24-year-old was one of seven people shot in Boston over the holiday weekend . . .

The violence has given Thomas, a soft-spoken church-going family man, a reason to pause and reflect.

“We are dealing with people who have lost hope.”  He says, to stop the violence, it will take a societal shift that begins with keeping kids in school.

“Because most of the guys who are running around with the gangs and the guns have dropped out of school. And have nothing else to do with their lives.”

He says religious and political leaders need to step up and do more. But regular people have to take responsibility too.

“A lot of people are afraid because bullets are flying. But if we reach out we can stop that.”

He explains that teenagers need to know violence is not going to be accepted as the norm.
“I would hope that people would see this and begin to stop being afraid — begin to speak out. And the people who are running with the gangs and guns or whatever this stemmed from, would rethink to life they’re living.”

Can I get an amen? ‘Cause I sure as hell can’t get a Springfield XD-M in Massachusetts.

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