Bort: The Only Thing More Frightening Than Republicans is Republicans With Guns

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Garrett Soldano released a pretty strange campaign ad last fall. The only words spoken in it came from a voice aggressively asking, “WHO?” and a chorus twice chanting “WE THE PEOPLE!” in response. The rest of the ad was 45 seconds of footage of Soldano firing various weapons at a gun range, set to a heavy, looping guitar riff. …

Soldano’s ad may have been absurd, but it wasn’t atypical. Republican candidates are turning to guns, guns, guns in a very big way ahead of the midterms, serving their potential constituents with a torrent of campaign ads, Instagram posts, and even Christmas cards of themselves toting and firing deadly weapons. Conservatives using guns in campaign ads is nothing new, of course, but the way in which they’re being used in the wake of Trump’s term in office — and particularly in the wake the violent attack on the Capitol that ended it — portends a dark future for the party, and if it regains control of Washington, D.C., for the nation.

Ron Filipkowski, a researcher who tracks right-wing activity online and has highlighted several examples of Republicans going gun crazy in their campaign ads, says the use of guns in ads has “absolutely” ratcheted up this primary cycle compared to 2020 and 2018.

“I started noticing it and was like, ‘What’s going on?’” he says. “I think it’s almost like the [Lauren] Boebert-, [Marjorie Taylor] Greene-ization of the whole America First movement that’s driving the Republican Party now. It’s those candidates who are the ones that are doing it. I feel like the establishment candidates kind of feel like they have to do it too, now.”

– Ryan Bort in The Real Reason Republicans Are Loading Their 2022 Campaign Ads With Guns

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  1. ‘…in the wake the violent attack on the Capitol that ended it…:

    Did I miss something? I don’t recall Trump being ousted in a violent coup. I remember mass voter fraud, but no violence.

    • January 6th was some of the OWNERS of the US Government inspecting THEIR PROPERTY after hearing of fraud and abuse. No different than a landlord inspection of Section 8 Properties.

    • Apparently the judges don’t remember it either, because one just acquitted one of the Jan6 defendants, saying the cops opened the doors and let them in.

    • “Violent attack”?? Pretty sure the author of that line doesn’t understand the roots and history of this nation. Where there is “violence” I think he will know it. Now he is just having prog vapors.

  2. Of course he thinks Republicans want guns so they can be the aggressors. After all, that’s what the Left has been doing, so it’s no surprise that he is projecting his own worst tendencies on his enemies.

    But even if the Left does accurately understand the reason for the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership, being able to effectively defend ourselves from their aggression is reason enough for them to be afraid of having that ability.

    What they can’t seem to understand is, “Leave us the F*** alone!” That’s reason enough to be well armed.

    • ESTHeckman,

      The Far Left absolutely WANTS to intrude into our lives.

      The Far Left fully understands that many/most people want the Far Left to stay out of their lives. In case it is not painfully obvious by now, the Far Left DOES NOT CARE. The Far Left wants what it wants and will use virtually any means necessary to acquire steal what they want.

      • Understatement of forever.

        The hard Left, the part that really pushes the anti-gun thing doesn’t want to “intrude into” your life. They want to kill you. They’ve been very, very, very, very open about this for well over a century.

        “I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly-appointed board, just as they might come before the income tax commissioner, and say every five years, or every seven years, just put them there, and say, “Sir, or madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence?” If you’re not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more, then, clearly, we cannot use the big organizations of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use to yourself…. I appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly. In short, a gentlemanly gas – deadly by all means, but humane not cruel.”

        Notice the unspoken part, that they get to define the terms here, and ponder just who they find undesirable. Your existence cannot be justified in their eyes.

        • “I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly-appointed board, just as they might come before the income tax commissioner, and say every five years, or every seven years, just put them there, and say, “Sir, or madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence?”

          They might end up quite distressed to find themselves in front of that board. They don’t seem aware of where their food comes from, and may be very unhappy with the sheer volume of sweaty perspiration required to make it… 🙂

  3. Lets just look at where the majority of murders in the US occur yearly and then see which political demographics are associated with those areas. My money is that almost all areas which have high rates of murders are in places that have been controlled by Democrats for a long time. Places that tended to go Hillary or Biden 5 or better.

    Republicans own guns to protect themselves from Democrats.

    • Andrew,

      Not QUITE 100%, but damn close. Even in “red” states, most of the large cities (like Memphis, St. Louis, Nashville) is those “red” states account for the lion’s share of the crime in those states. It’s almost like the Dimocrats are the party of criminals . . . and Chardonnay-drinking white women.

      • Austin is a good example, just broke all-time record for murders in 2021, not just breaking record set in 1984 (that is THIRTY-SEVEN years ago!), which is impressive enough, but breaking it by more than 50%. This after less than one full term of defund the police woke leftist green new deal imbeciles. But sure, let’s pretend the two are not related.

        • And Champagne Socialists for the elite who like to pay petty lip service to leftist causes if they don’t own them outright.

    • OK, Andrew, I’ll bite. Give me an example of a large American city that is run by Republicans where there is a correspondingly low crime rate. And tell me how the Republican leadership is accomplishing that.

      • “Give me an example of a large American city that is run by Republicans”

        Stop right there. There are none. They’re all Blue and all have high crime rates.

      • Austin prior to the last elections. And they did it by enforcing the law. You think you have a better solution? Does it involve rainbows and unicorns?

      • Well Chuck, you bit and I’m feeling pretty confident you’re about to be reeled in. I am interested to hear your response to that.

      • Okay Chuck, I’ll bite.

        Population/Violent Crime/Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter

        (R) Colorado Springs, CO 480,000 2,806 23

        (R) Virginia Beach, VA 460,000 581 30

        (R) Arlington, TX 394,000 2,055 16

        (R) Oklahoma City, OK 681,000 4,751 75

        (D) Miami, FL 480,000 2,850 43

        (D) Kansas City, MO 508,000 7,099 150

        (D) New Orleans, LA 395,000 4,516 121

        (D) Washington DC 706,000 6,896 166

        Compare and contrast.

        • Hey Chuck? Now I’m really waiting for you to respond to Dude. Truth hurts, wear a cup.

  4. I browsed the tweet responses. There are multiple comments suggesting this guy has a small seckual organ. It seems a bit judgemental for the Party of Acceptance and Inclusiveness, no? It’s almost like they’re really just mean hypocrites. These are the same people that tell us we can’t assume anyone’s gender or question their sanity when they think they can become a man or a woman simply by changing their mind. Why would they assume this guy doesn’t identify as hung like a horse? Hmm…

      • Like with dacian the stupid, MinorIQ, and our nameless, brainless, d***less troll, their dicks ARE the joke.

        With the Leftist/fascists, it’s all projection and theater – they accuse anyone who disagrees with their Leftist/fascist “agenda” of doing, or at least wanting to do, the things THEY actually do.

        There is no demographic group in the US more fascistic/racist/authoritarian than the Left. dacian the stupid, MinorIQ and our nameless, brainless, d***less troll give us daily evidence of that. Scratch a Leftist, find a fascist.

        • ‘iT’s AlL PrOJeCtIoN aNd THeAtEr!’ Exclaims the ‘man’ (barely) who always engages in just that. Oh, ‘he’s’ also a wife beating felon who has to pretend to be an attorney to make himself feel relevant. Truth is Lamp’s a bottom one-percenter who goes unnoticed by those of us who are contributing members of society. In short: 🖕🤡!

        • “Like with dacian the stupid, MinorIQ, and our nameless, brainless, d***less troll, their dicks ARE the joke.”
          If they have a dick, they need to spit it out because it ain’t theirs.

        • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

          Howzit, brah?? I see you haven’t managed to cultivate any wit, class, or facility with the English language . . . not that I actually expected you to.

          Go micturate up the cable, troll. And go pound salt in your @$$. Hurry, because dacian the stupid and MinorIQ are waiting for you to join the circle jerk (must be frustrating for you, to be such a complete wanker . . . with nothing to wank).

    • It’s a shame sending “p-nis” pics is not only frowned upon but also “illegal” nearly everywhere as I would love to disspell the Left’s smears with a clear image of my magnificient 8″ circumcised manhood. Should that, sending “p-nis” photos, ever become acceptable I fear sharing images of mine would result in being innudated with offers from the so-called “males” whom identify as Democrats.

  5. “The Only Thing More Frightening Than Republicans is Republicans With Guns.” Somehow this is ok to say. Imagine if someone had made this statement, but changed the word Republicans to one of the following: progressives, women, black people, gay/trans/LGBTQetc…

    While using the word frightening, I think the author is implying republicans are inherently dangerous for their intolerable, not to be allowed in public beliefs that essentially make them non-persons or deranged. Basically, if you vote republican, you should probably be rounded up and put in a camp or medicated until your diseased thinking can be removed.

    That researcher mentioned only seems to care about the spreading online danger of the right, but obviously there is nothing to worry about or research on the left. Free pass as long as you are on the “good” side.

      • You make an excellent point…

        …for a barely literate power bottom who knows nothing about guns, politics or life in general.

        • nameless, brainless, d***less troll,

          I can’t even give you an “F” for that pathetic, lame-@$$ excuse for an insult. You can’t achieve literacy, but you might at least try for originality . . . ah, but you are incapable of that, as well, aren’t you??

          Life must really suck for such a loser as yourself. As Mark Twain wrote, you “are of no value above the ground; you should be beneath it, inspiring the cabbages”. Hie theyself off to the theological place of eternal punishment.

  6. Author seems to have forgotten about John Effing Kerry and his gun totin’.
    “Can I get me a huntin’ license?”

  7. Sounds like Jim Crow Gun Control ryan bort also has a problem with the First Amendment. Obviously the busy body ryan bort has the makings of a slave master so it just comes natural for him to keep the slaves in line…
    Why gracious sir ryan bort I do declare the very sight of a slave holding a firearm is detestable. Something must be done to stop such a ghastly abomination. First we will public shame the wrongdoers and their guns and if that does not restore tranquility why sir we’ll use whips to bring them in line. Run along and say whatever it takes to stop the sight of those guns honorable slave master kind sir ryan bort, the plantation is counting on you.

    • I would say too soon but it really only makes the big time news if it is not black on black and Albany had a multiple participant shootout at one of their malls within the last week.

  8. It is funny how most democrats in rural areas do the same types of commercials and then do the “but…..” thing. And then vote against 2A laws. If the sems were honest, they would have abortion videos as their campaign ads.

  9. The Only Thing More Frightening Than Democrats is Democrats With Social Media Faked Moral Outrage About Law Abiding Citizens Exercising Their Constitutional Rights.

    The Only Thing More Frightening Than Joe Biden is Joe Biden Trying To Usurp The Constitution And Congress In An Attempt To Rule By Decree With Executive Action.

  10. Ironic how he has a Ukrainian flag next to his profile. But then again these people aren’t really intellectuals.

    And of course Republicans with a Guns scare them. They hate us and want us dead, preferably killed by the United States military under order from the United States government. The guns make that a lot harder.

    If you do not think that the only goal democrats have when it comes to guns is the complete and total ban of all firearm ownership in the United States using the full force of the United States military to confiscate all guns followed by a literal complete and total extermination of every single gun owner in the country you’re as crazy as I sound.

  11. There have been several studies which compare the crime rates among concealed carry permit-holders to law enforcement officers. (Big “surprise,” permit-holders commit crimes at about one-sixth or one-seventh the rate of LEOs… meaning that a LEO is six or seven times MORE LIKELY to commit a crime than a permit-holder.)

    Someone needs to figure out a way to do a similar study, comparing the rate of crime among ALL people who “legally possess” a firearm, to either the general population, or LEOs, etc.

    I admit this would be a difficult study to conduct with any scientific significance, since many gun owners are hesitant to reveal that status to a stranger – and rightly so.

    I would strongly suspect that if you are a legal gun owner, your propensity to commit a crime is WELL below that of the general population, and while we’re on the subject, probably even LOWER when compared to self-identified Democrats!

    • “Someone needs to figure out a way to do a similar study, comparing the rate of crime among ALL people who “legally possess” a firearm, to either the general population, or LEOs, etc.”

      someone already has. On a one-to-one basis with the general population, a law abiding person with a legally possessed gun commits no intentional crime with the gun because they are law abiding. Duh!


      • OTOH, criminals with or without legally-possessed guns likely commit far more crimes than law-abiding citizens. In fact, I’d suspect they commit *ALL* crimes! We may be onto something, here!

  12. It is funny how most democrats in rural areas do the same types of commercials and then do the “but…..” thing. And then vote against 2A laws. If the dems were honest, they would have abortion videos as their campaign ads.

    • Aw man you took my meme!🙃 I’m cool with dims being afraid of me(even though I’m not a registered republican). Never voted in a primary in ILLannoy. Republicans are often as bad or worse around here…

  13. Interesting take, Bort. For approximately 35 years, I was a registered Republican – then I woke up and recognized that the Republican party was no more interested in protecting me, my family, or my right to protect myself than were the Dimocrats. I’ve been registered “independent” ever since.

    I currently own 15 firearms (have my eye on a couple more), and I’ve owned firearms since I was 7 years old. Never shot another human, and fervently hope I never have to. As Will Smith said in “Men in Black”, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.” Given the propensity of Dimocrat/Leftist/fascists (ah, but I doubly repeat myself) to lie and project, I’m thinking I should be worried about them – like Senile Joe, ‘Heels Up’ Harris, Robert Francis “Beta” Fake Mexican O’Rourke, Dianne Feinswein, Shannon Watts, “MiniMike” Bloomberg, et al. They have ALL stated, emphatically, that they want to disarm me.

    Leave me alone, and trust me, you’ll have NOTHING to fear from me or my guns (even my “EVVIILLL black rifles”). Wish I felt the same about you lot.

  14. Yeah, weird though how all the mass shooters and shooters in general and those engaging in violence all have the same leftist ideology background…..

  15. If my having a gun scares them how do they think their releasing felons, forcing experimental drugs, leaving the border wide open, blocking oil production, wiping out my savings with the money printer, teaching my kids cutting off their junk is brave and strong, putting a pedo lover on the SCOTUS bench and shutting off bank accounts of my peers makes me feel? Safe and respected?

  16. The Article is spot on. The Republicans are such Morons they pander to the Far Right of the party when in reality most people that vote Republican are not the Radical Far Right. The result is that the Republican lose many of their former people who used to vote Republican because they have become so radicalized that now their rhetoric does not border on insanity it is insanity.

  17. I’m glad he put this response out. Yes the Democrats are terrified of Republicans with guns. Because the Democrats want to murder Republicans. I’m glad he said it. The Democrats called for the defunding of the police and ordered the police to stand down. They allowed the burning of American cities to the ground. It’s time for some honesty. Because the Republicans have long supported the “Military Industrial Complex”, MIC. Yes they have.

    It supplies guns, ammunition, and accessories, to any Republican who wants to buy them. Also the “MIC” builds atomic bombs. They are part of the national defense. Like the Ukraine use to have. Atomic bombs kept the nation of Ukraine safe from invasion.

    Unfortunately the people in the Ukraine gave up their atomic bombs believing that the Democrats, President Clinton, we’re going to protect them as he said they would. Just like the Democrats want the Republicans to give up all their guns. With a promise of the Democrats protected them.

    The people who hate the gun industry are the same ones who hate the military industrial complex. They not only want individuals to disarm. They also want National disarmament. They want the United States to give up all weapons. Just like the nation of the Ukraine did good fact disarm. And of course now they had been invaded.

    This is a perfect example why our country is on the way to splitting apart. On one side they have people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms. And on the other side we have a group who believe you don’t need any kind of weapon at all. And the government can provide your protection and anything you need.

    I’m not saying there’s not corruption in the weapons business. But it’s interesting that the people who complain about corruption the weapons business, have nothing to say about corruption in the government education system. Which affects far more people on an individual level and the military industrial complex.

    Not only is the American public becoming more illiterate about its Second Amendment civil rights. But it’s also becoming more and more illiterate in general. Are high school graduation rates are getting worse and worse each decade.

  18. Minimum wage for the president on down, then we’d find out who puts country over paycheck.
    What’s that you say senator Taker, you cant make it on minimum wage.
    Welcome to America.

    • I’d love to see zero paycheck or benefits for anyone that votes or signs off on spending more than receiving. Most wouldn’t care. That isn’t where the real money is in government work.

      • Possum
        Great idea. Love to see the vote count on that bill.
        You are so right, the real money in government work ain’t in their paychecks.

      • Better idea:

        They and their family are strapped with whatever excess there is in spending that they voted for.

        Oh, and make it like student loans, non dischargable via bankruptcy proceedings.

        If it’s that important you can pay for it. I’m sure they won’t mind burdening future generations of their own family to crushing poverty, right? I mean, this spending is MOAR important than anything else!

        • Yes! That would change everything. I’m sure the majority of American citizens would vote for this if they could.

  19. “Ron Filipkowski, a researcher who tracks right-wing activity online…”

    Oh, a serious guy to be sure. Tracking “right-wing activity” in between tracking tentacle porn and cat videos.

    The sad thing is he probably makes a boatload doing this in between jerk-off sessions, er “instances of enhancing public safety”, by “keeping us safe” from all that tentacle porn because, Lord knows, tentacles can hold A LOT of guns while strangling kittens and beating black people.

  20. Yea, Dude, I agree no paycheck without a balanced budget and no national debt. People like Pelosi with insider access to stock market intel make bank even without the pittance of their gov pay. I have a question. Has anyone done a study about the political leanings of mass shooters?

      • Not really. People with mental illness are easy to manipulate if you have zero compunction about doing it.

        This is why Antifa prefers to recruit the mentally ill homeless. Because they’re extremely easy to bring into the fold.

        • An argument could be advanced along those lines.

          I dunno, I ignore, as in see the handle and skip, 98% of what he says.


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