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Next Post reports that, “A Florida man was arrested this week after a Daytona Beach police officer witnessed him throw someone head-first off a 30-foot bridge. Officer Christopher Maher was driving along the Main Street Bridge when he saw what appeared to be a fist fight. As officer Maher was stopping his cruiser, one of the combatants threw the other from the bridge.”

The tosser in the incident was 21-year-old Derrick Goodin.

The tossee, Anthony Mascaro, was apparently trying to defend a woman who Goodin had punched during a dispute about a “prior money exchange” when Mascaro was thrown over the guard rail.

But maybe the most remarkable detail in the bodycam video above happens at the 26 second mark when Goodin disobeys Maher’s order, stands up, turns his back to the cop, and reaches into his waistband.

More than a few officers would then have reasonably assumed that Goodin was going for a gun and promptly ventilated him. Maher, however refrained from pulling the trigger while Goodin threw a container of some no doubt controlled substance over the side and into the drink.

After being thrown from the bridge, Mascaro swam to a nearby pylon and was picked up in a row boat. He suffered a laceration under his right eye, but refused medical attention at the scene. He refused to press charges, but officers charged Goodin anyway saying the violent act “could have prompted a serious injury, or a fatality.”

Goodin has been charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm, misdemeanor battery, and disorderly conduct.



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    • why did I know this guy was black before I read the story or viewed the video?…guess i’ll just right it off to my superior powers of intuition…..

      • It’s called playing the odds.

        Either that or it’s only news if someone’s bugsh!t crazy.

        Did you ever notice that the weirder the hair style the more crazy the person?

        Besides black you can usually expect them to have those crazy braids or dreds or something like that. It’s personality test. Or lack of one.

        • The cool thing about the internet is that it’s anonymous; people tell you exactly who they are, so you can easily decide if their opinions (or they) are worth a damn. See above for two stellar examples of individuals self-identifying as someone whose statements should be discounted out of hand.

      • Because you’re racist.

        Recently a woman white woman was shoved off a bridge by another white woman.

        Get over it.

      • Now if only you had superior powers in proper usage of the English language, particularly the written English language…

      • I don’t think he threw his cell phone in the water, it was probably a black bag containing the product he sells.

        You clearly see the LEO remove his cell phone from his pocket at 2:11 in the video.

        This was seems to me to be a drug deal gone sour. Buyer doesn’t want to lose his dealer, no matter what the POS does to him and his girlfriend. So no charges, not talking about it.

        Glad we did not end up with BLM on the streets over this.

  1. Ted Kennedy would have simply driven the guy off the bridge.

    The swimmer refused to press charges? I guess that for him it’s all water under the bridge now.

    • The swimmer refused to press charges? I guess that for him it’s all water under the bridge now.

      It would have been, but the cops decided not to let it go. Now the victim has to worry about retaliation from a guy who is willing to throw him off a bridge in-front of a cop.

        • The cop did a good job.

          He could have tased him once he started reaching into his underwear instead of shooting him. It’s not like the guy was wearing a puffy winter jacket. Shooting him would have been wrong. I wouldn’t have minded if he tased him to stop him from destroying evidence or reaching for a weapon.

          And no, you don’t have to put your gun away to use a taser, you can use your left hand. You can always drop or holster the taser if you need your left hand. No, the criminal won’t get your taser if you drop it because you would have already shot him dead before he could get to it.

          If he was carrying, the guy who was pushed off the bridge could have shot the criminal before the cop could catch the victim being thrown over the side on camera. The cop wouldn’t have to go through a shoot or don’t shoot situation that could lead to race baiting and violence. Also, the victim wouldn’t have experienced a “I fucked up” moment.

      • CZ Jay,

        While I get your point, you don’t ever want to be dual wielding lethal and less-lethal weapons. Under stress and sympathetic reflex there’s a decent chance you could unintentionally discharge your firearm.

    • Yea, what do you want to bet the dispute was over drugs and they didn’t want that little fact brought up in the criminal trail?

  2. Wonder if the dash cam captures the actual deponsing better than badge.

    Sadly this is the best behaved I’ve seen the cops in this district act. Arresting officer clearly doesn’t know how to hold his firearm either, it’s practically sideways half the time.

    • I’ve found that, due to my body type, an agressive cant (gangster style) is best for shooting one handed (for me). I catch a mountain of crap for it from my buddies, but I also out shoot them. So, what ever gets the rounds the rounds in the black.

    • When I shoot left-hand only, I incorporate a bit of cant to align the sights with my right eye and control the recoil.

      I practice weak-hand shooting whenever I go to the range, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can take any shot with my left that I’d take with my right. With no cant, I can’t (see what I did there?).

    • You are naturally going slant your gun when using one arm, as that is a more neutral position for your shoulder than putting pressure on the socket by rotating the gun to be straight. The slant could end up being more aggressive when using polymer guns due to the slide being heavier than the frame. There’s also the situation of being forced to use the arm opposite of your dominate eye. It’s much easier to slant the gun to align with your dominate eye than to attempt forcing your brain to switch dominance or turning your head.

  3. Some of the shit the suspect says has me laughing.

    Bro, it’s 2018. Assume you’re on camera and STFU. Stop digging and hand off that shovel homeboy.

    • he ‘s lucky it didn’t happen when he turned his back and went for his waistband….definitely an “uh..oh”….moment

  4. ‘The tosser in the incident was…’

    Ha! That has a totally different meaning in England.

    • So true – my U.K. Colleagues get a chuckle when we refer to a one page product description as a ‘toss sheet’. About as funny as us going to a beach dance as ‘goin’ shagging’.

      • Yea, the first time I ever heard of the term (in that context) was about 20 years ago. I used to read the British sportbike rags (say what you want about their views on self defense, there’s nothing wrong with full frontal [female] nudity in insurance ads} and somebody wrote in about ‘some tosspot’ who stole his bike (I think he threw in a few other adjectives as well). There was a Brit who hung out at the bar I did and asked, ‘what the hell is a tosspot?’ and he just did a ‘tosser’ gesture. I guess a tosspot is a receptacle for the tosser.

        20 years later a line like ‘The tosser in the incident…’ still cracks me up.

        • Actually back in the day a tosspot was someone who drank too much. A tosser was someone who masturbates. Somewhere along the way the terms became interchangeable.

  5. The cop would have done society a favor had he busted a cap on the perp, and he had the body cam evidence to back himself up. The perp’s reaction to the officer pointing his gun at him and ordering him to the ground, plus his continued verbal haranguing after being cuffed, indicates that he is a feral individual whom we cannot continue to allow to exist within our society. This kind of behavior did not exist in the past. Or at least, those who exhibited it did not continue to exist for long among the living.

    • I’ve been wondering about this myself. People who behave badly are now indignant about being corrected and are willing to retaliate with force even against cops.

      • nothing new about that behavior pattern among certain groups…the difference is… in the past… they would have beat the crap out of him and then, maybe…throw HIM off the bridge…

  6. Drugs, mostly meth, I spent the weekend observing ” life in the inner city” , got chummy with some people, walked the streets, slept on a couple couches. Hung out with some miscreants.There’s a real drug problem in this country, Meth, brought on by poverty. In 3 days I’ve gained volumes on the shape of America. The violence will escalate as surely as the system keeps the poverty stricken poor.

  7. And you just know if the cop had shot him, even with him reaching to his waistband, the good morning america would be throwing their hands up and protestors would fill the streets. Because he shot an unarmed man.

    Nevermind the whole throwing a guy off a bridge thing.

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