Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube.
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Dramatic police bodycam video from Baltimore shows a police officer running up to save a woman from an “anti-violence activist” trying to stab her with a knife. The officer, identified as Zachary Rutherford, fired multiple shots to stop the attack.

After the incident, the Baltimore Sun painted the attacker, Tyree Moorehead, as a victim of police violence and the local NAACP want answers. None of the mainstream media lauded the officer’s actions to rescue a woman who was under attack by a knife-wielding lunatic.

Mr. Moorehead still waving the knife around after receiving multiple gunshot wounds, and experiencing arterial bleeding. Screen capture by Boch. Via YT.

That probably shouldn’t surprise anyone given Baltimore’s mayor reacted to rioting in 2015 over another death attributed to police with the famous quote, “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”  Really.  From CBS News . . .

But when one reporter asked to comment on how Baltimore police responded to the protestors she said she instructed officers to allow protestors to express themselves and that “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

The narrative from the video on YouTube describes the incident rather vividly . . .

Baltimore, Maryland — On November 6, 2022, at approximately 3:40 p.m., officers responded to a call for a man (Tyree Moorehead), armed with a knife, assaulting a woman on the ground near the intersection of West Lafayette Avenue and North Fulton Avenue. The video shows the officer, identified as Zachary Rutherford, pulling up to the scene in West Baltimore, where he sees Moorehead on top of a woman and holding a large butcher knife at her head. Rutherford screams “drop the knife” but Moorehead continues to straddle the woman on the pavement. Rutherford then fires his weapon multiple times at close range.

As Rutherford fires his weapons [sic], the woman rolls away to safety. She was not shot or stabbed, police said. A second video from another officer, Officer trainee Michael Hazel, shows officers rendering medical aid to Moorehead. He was taken to the University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center, where he later died. Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Michael Harrison said the attack appeared to be random. The woman said she was running errands when she was attacked by Moorehead around 3:30 p.m. Thursday in the 1800 block of Lafayette Avenue. Tyree Moorehead, was the creator of the city’s “no shoot zones.” As an activist, he spray-painted that message across the face of Baltimore—from block to block and from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Despite the obvious facts available for all to see, The Baltimore Sun anointed Mr. Moorehead with “victimhood” status. They painted him as a local hero who was shot down in the prime of his life in yet another act of senseless police violence.

Tyree Moorehead became well known in Baltimore for his anti-violence activism, using spray paint to mark “No Shoot Zones” at shooting and homicide scenes across the city.

During a yearslong effort to quell the pervasive violence plaguing his community, Moorehead often spoke publicly about his personal experiences, including in social media posts and interviews about moving forward after surviving gunshot wounds himself.

But on Sunday afternoon, his life ended in another act of violence.

Three paragraphs in and no mention that he was attacking a woman on the street with a large knife…and failing to comply with orders to stop from police.

But wait, there’s more! The local NAACP branch demanded to know if the cop used excessive force. The fact that the suspect didn’t cease movement or drop the knife until the officer’s gun went to slide lock seems to suggest a potential threat remained.

From CBS News . . .

The Baltimore branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People wants to know whether a Baltimore police officer used excessive force when he shot and killed a man in Sandtown-Winchester on Sunday, according to NAACP staff.

The civil rights organization said in a press statement on Wednesday that its staff members had begun gathering information on the shooting of Tyree Moorehead after it was contacted by several members of the community who had concerns about the shooting.

Moorehead was shot by Baltimore police officer Zachary Rutherford on Sunday. Police say that he was wielding a knife and assaulting a woman at the time of the shooting.

We wish the best for Baltimore Officer Rutherford and hope he recovers from the trauma of having to take a life, even when it’s done righteously. Hopefully he won’t be thrown under the bus by Baltimore politicians as a result of what happened.

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  1. Such a polite officer too. Called the guy “sir” about a dozen times.


    Rutherford’s partner needs to find a new line of work though. Talk about a coward. Or at least dereliction of Duty.

    • Tell me you have no clue what a 2-Man team SOP is without telling me you have no clue what a 2-Man team SOP is.

      • To be fair not every city has the budget or personnel to do 2 man cars up my way I think only Albany has it at all and only for the worst sections of town (right next to where we state workers go). But backup sometimes is coordination and control of communications and standing by to assist if needed which was done adequately especially given the situation.

      • Hiding behind a squad car where your partner faces down a man with a big knife isn’t part of any 2-man team tactics I’ve ever been taught.

        Maybe he went to the James Yeager School of two man tactics.

        • The guy with the knife is one obvious threat, Baltimore Philly Wilmington and several other areas in that region often have multiple armed prohibited persons that are less than friendly towards police. Often the second officer in the car is there as much to watch their partners back as they handle the call than as to assist with it.

        • Nice even shot sequence, quick enough to allow the weapon to reliably do its job. Nice reload. Nice and polite very dead knife welding perp…Victim goes home.

        • Wasn’t exactly “faces down” the knife wielder. By the time the backup arrived, the perp was already bleeding from multiple puntures and not much of a threat. Standing back to secure the area and protect the first officer from other dangers seems pretty appropriate to me.

      • Tell everyone you are Stupid without telling everyone you are Stupid. He did exactly what I would have done if I saw a person on top of another person assaulting them with a 8 inch butcher knife. Although with the price of ammo, I might have stopped at 5 or 6 shots.

    • I can’t watch due to Gooläg demanding I sign in w/ an account to prove I’m over 18.
      I refuse.
      Anybody come up w/ a different link please post it…


    • David, I always adressed a a suspect as “sir” while I was beating the shit out of him. No kidding. All the suspect had to do was comply. No Taser, pepper spray, batons, boots, or firearms needed. Just do as instructed. We’ll figure it out later. What did Hank Williams, Jr. say about sticks to the head, kicks to the shin and several bites by Rin-Tin-Tin? He couldn’t wait to get in that jail. That’s the way it usually works out.

      • “What did Hank Williams, Jr. say about sticks to the head, kicks to the shin and several bites by Rin-Tin-Tin?”

        You mean ‘Attitude Adjustment’? 🙂

  2. “Hopefully he won’t be thrown under the bus by Baltimore politicians as a result of what happened.”

    He already has been. The lunatics are running the asylum and the people like it that way.

  3. If they do fire him, he should move to Florida. I hear they treat good cops well down there. In fact, scratch that conditional. He should just move to Florida regardless.

    • I would be happy if we just didn’t harass cops for made up offenses. No reason for 9/10ths of what I see with the body cam footage readily available.

    • If “Jumping To Conclusions” was an Olympic event, the Baltimore press and the NAACP would be gold medal contenders.

  4. All their martyrs seem to have problems with assaulting people.
    We live in a post-hooliganism world where assaulting people is just normal behavior that anyone could find themselves partaking in.

  5. So will they say the videos are fake or altered?
    Did they CGI the knife?
    Ask the REAL victim or their family if too much force was used .

    • It was OK to shoot him, just not so many times. That was “excessive.” He should have just shot the knife out of his hand. Or tackled him and taken the knife away. BLM!

    • The story relattes that the real victim was able to get back on her feet, and was mostly OK so she went home, where she SHOULD have gotten quite a bit sooner.

      The one the local anrachists are labelling “victim” got what he was dishing out to his victim, in spades, and has promised to NEVER assault or harm anyone else again, ever nohow no time cross my heart and hope to die in a hail of bullets.
      HE got his just desserts.

      It would appear that the victim likely to come out by far the worst in this incident is the poor copper who just happened to be the first LEO on the scene. Another Officer Chauvin, I fear……

  6. Your basic mag dump…

    “The video shows the officer, identified as Zachary Rutherford, pulling up to the scene in West Baltimore, where he sees Moorehead on top of a woman and holding a large butcher knife at her head.”

    Moorehead, anti-violence advocate my butt.

    ~1,300 criminal knife attacks on victims daily across the United States, and its increasing.

  7. Who is the guy (his relation to this) that was standing over Moorehead on top of the woman as the officer arrives? An accomplice, a bystander trying to talk him out of it or stop it, what? I guess we might not find out.

  8. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Or three times.

    Watching that video, the biggest mistake he made was not doing a tactical reload before calling shots fired. And that’s not really a big mistake by any means.

  9. She dhould have been able to take care of the problem herself, without waiting for the cops. But Maryland won’t obey the law…

  10. This is what the lack of reason and the irrational hatred of police looks like. I really do believe it’s best that these democrat-controlled cities not have a police force at all. Seriously. These people need to get what they’ve been asking for.

    The police use overwhelming violence to stop criminals. And there’s nothing wrong with that. And looks really terrible on camera. And there’s nothing wrong with that either. Because it’s the truth. It’s what you have to do to deal with a violent person. But I don’t expect the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left to understand that.

  11. Didn’t need to see video to know who…. went looking for trouble, found it. Good job officer. Thank you DemonRats for supporting the thugs and wanting to defund the police.

  12. From what I saw in the video, the police officer’s actions appear to be fully justified. In other words it looks like a righteous use of force in defense of another’s life.

  13. Most who claim to be ‘anti-violence advocates’ are really ‘anti-you’ if you carry or own a gun or don’t agree with them. They are ‘anti-gun/gun-control advocates’ behind the facade of ‘anti-violence advocate’ they put up. They see no difference between you and a criminal, in fact most of them hold criminals in higher regard than you because they view the criminal as some sort of disadvantaged creature that needs to be protected and cared for and by doing this by some miracle the criminal will suddenly be ‘good’.

    Not all ‘anti-violence advocates’ are really ‘anti-violence’, many will resort to angered violence of some type if they feel ‘pressured’ or ‘stressed’ in some way. Of these many; They are not very good at dealing with stress or confrontation and a lot of them harbor a sort of dark side that can expose its self quickly. The younger ones especially, they are generally quick to let anger temper control them. Most of them manufacture anger to feed their reasoning, and it becomes a viscous cycle they repeat over and over again. It could be at home towards a spouse or child or a relative, it could be towards associates or people they see often. It could be shoving past you making sure to make body contact, it could be a push, it could be waving their protest sign or another thing around towards you in a menacing manner, It could be threats, it could be outright attack like this guy. There are lots of things. I’ve encountered them a few times, there’s always a few of these types around today and its best just to avoid them if you have the slightest hint and not confront them. There is something wrong with these people, some mental health defect, so its best just to avoid them if you can.

    • There are those who WANT to feel provoked so they feel justified in their actions. Note how bullies seem to find offense in the slightest things.

      • All ‘anti-violence advocates/anti-gun advocates’ are basically bullies at heart to begin with.

    • no but the guy with the knife was, but “sadly” the number of votes he will cast going forward matches the number of breaths he will take going forward.

      SHort version: justice has been served.

    • What’s your point? You think knife guy was a Republican? If so you probably think Paul’s attacker was MAGA. You idiot…

  14. So ya gotta ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky?” Did he shoot 14 times, or only 13? You know, in all the confusion I sort of lost track myself. – Bang –

    • 14 shots 40 S&W. Placement, placement, placement.

      Did the guy with the 54 jersey get arrested? It looked like a 2 on one at the beginning of the video.

  15. Well, Tyree, you can be “anti-violence” for 100 years. The moment you attack a defenseless victim, you’ve crossed the line, and you deserve to die.

  16. I dunno . . . cop was maybe a little over exuberant? Those last shots? Dude was pretty obviously fucked up at that point. He wasn’t getting up and rushing the cop with that knife. “Drop the knife drop the knife drop the knife”. Seriously? Come on, guys. I have no sympathy for Tyree, he’s a jerk that needed to be shot. But, at some point, you decide that the target is no longer a threat, and hold your fire. I kinda think the cop continued shooting a little beyond that point. No need for actual discipline, but maybe a little bit of cop shaming? Some locker room kidding / harassment? There is a strong hint of that mag dump mentality at play here.

    A regular citizen would most likely be charged with homicide or attempted homicide for taking that last shot, and maybe for a couple of the preceding shots as well.

    Yeah, I know, I’m a Monday morning quarterback here. The fact remains, cops have a serious public relations problem, for just this sort of thing.

    • Mag dumps have become SOP. I don’t know why. Adrenaline? Training? I don’t know. The one time I can think of when it was appropriate was when a CHP officer was involved in a shootout under a bridge in close quarters. The perp missed all of his shots. The officer missed all of his shots before his reload. (It was all on the dash cam.) Bizarre.

      • California’s training is seriously lacking in quality and quantity. Yes he was under extreme duress….. but good training prepares and equips people for that level of stress.

      • Mag dumps are common because it’s nearly impossible to tell when you’ve hit someone when you’re shooting at them with a handgun unless they’re wearing white clothing and even then it takes a moment or two.

      • Mark. Somebody did a study years ago. When cops used six shot revolvers they tended to dump all six rounds during a shooting. When they switched to auto loaders they followed the same practice. Dump what was in the gun. I believe, having been shot at myself, that this is a natural human instinct under those circumstances.

        We called it a ‘Mad Minute.’

        • While “controlled pairs” were what we were taught in the army for rifle or pistol at close to 40/200m range (weapon dependent) there was always the caveat of shoot till they are no longer a threat (pop till they drop). People do not always immediately drop unless cns and/or shock kicks in so it is not too hard to put a fair amount of shots on target before the threat is observably ended and even then it may take the time of another 1-3 shots for you to observe it and process what it means. In this case the dude was holding the knife until around the time the officer reloaded and had a moment to observe the situation and determine it was time to stop shooting. Sucks for the perp but he had a knife to an unarmed victim so dgaf

        • Ahhhhhh, the Mad Minute. In the Navy, we lofted 60 5″ rounds in that minute. Stop firing, and wait to see what you hit, several seconds, maybe a whole minute later. We could sustain that rate of fire for 3 to 5 minutes, then things slowed a bit as the magazines had to push rounds to the guns after that. (That’s two guns, it takes two seconds to cycle at the best of times, so 30 rounds from Mount 51, and 30 rounds from Mount 52 in that minute.)

      • “Mag dumps have become SOP. I don’t know why. Adrenaline?”

        I dunno, maybe a perp wasn’t as neutralized as a cop thought he was and got back up and killed a cop?


  17. To quote cousin Eddie, “If that thing had 9 lives, you just spent ‘em all! Hahaha! Whoo!”

  18. Totally justified shots one through six after that get back to reality. The fourteenth shot was absolutely unnecessary. Fuck you right now if you want to argue.

  19. Poor guy, he was just trying to show off the new knife that he bought and he mistook that woman for someone that he knew and she overreacted. If that woman hadn’t been so racist and just assumed that a black man swinging a knife around in her direction was trying to kill her the man would still be alive.

  20. It was a clean shoot.
    Only armchair criticism I can give, is that at one point the man who was next to him was at the officers back, although there was a second officer with a view of that individual. I don’t know what his role was if any. The lady will be able to go on in life.
    The NAACP can suck my left *******.
    Anyways we know how this could go. The Mayor will demand it. There will be some lawyer willing to sue everyone over it.
    I hope the officer survives that.

    • Right? Especially when in places like Chicago and Baltimore there sure seem to be a helluva lot of “anti violence advocates” who overtly engage in violence. They truly are perfect leftists; they’re 100% opposed to violence when it’s directed at them, especially defensively. Buy their violence is speech dontcha know, and if you hurt one of them when he’s trying to rape or murder a woman you’re just RAY-CISS!

  21. It’s unfortunate the officer didn’t empty the second flip. The gas wasted to take this animal to the hospital before the morgue is disappointing.

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