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“Every gun dealer is required to know where every gun is at all times. Why aren’t these police departments holding themselves to at least these standards?” California gun rights attorney Chuck Michel, quoted in Police might not know where their guns are, and the law says that’s OK [via]


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  1. Residents of Ca are required to report lost or stolen guns or face criminal prosecution but the cops aren’t, typical.

    • Probably sold out of the back of a cruiser or kept for plants/collections.

      Why do these idiots have carve out laws again?

      • Plants? Are you saying that Ca cops are stashing guns that have serial numbers registered to them to plant on people they shoot?

        1: “He pulled a gun on me and I returned fire.”

        2: “The gun belongs to your department and was never reported stolen.”

        1: “Uhh….”

    • The cops once took my pistol for safekeeping. When I went to get it back I was told they had no record of it ever being in their inventory. Guns can’t walk on thier own I wonder whitch cop stole it and took it home? Costed me $1300 for a desert eagle 50 action express polished blue. Fucking GODDAM California Nazi pigs

      • Read an article about an automobile crash, where the driver was legally carrying a gun. Before the victim could be treated, the cops had to confiscate the pistol for “safe-keeping”. After the victim recovered, she went to the police to retrieve her gun. Police informed her that she would need to undergo a background check ($150.00, please). The woman was told to come back in three weeks because that was how long it took to get national and state checks completed. When the woman returned, she was told that she passed the background checks, but could not have her weapon. Reason for denial was that the police do not have an FFL, and cannot transfer the weapon legally. The end of it was that the police informed the gun owner that they had no intention (need) to worry over returning guns to owners, and would not pursue any means to legally return the weapon. Allegedly, $1300 gone.

        • Gun seizure is now built into Illinois concealed carry law, thanks to NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde. Vandermyde uses state Rep. Brandon Phelps from far southern Harrisburg, IL as his main pack mule to move “NRA backed” gun bills.

          After the dynamic duo of Phelps and Vandermyde got one of the worst carry bills in America passed in 2013, they decided to make Phelps garbage carry bill even worse by putting gun seizure language provided by the IL State Police (which opposed citizen carry for forty years at least) right under the Duty to Inform. Here’s the language, I am not making this up:

          “If a licensee carrying a firearm or a non-resident carrying a firearm in a vehicle under subsection (e) of Section of this Act is contacted by a law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel, the law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel may secure the firearm or direct that it be secured during the duration of the contact if the law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel determines that it is necessary for the safety of any person present, including the law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel. The licensee or nonresident shall submit to the order to secure the firearm. When the law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel have determined that
          19 the licensee or non-resident is not a threat to the safety of any person present, including the law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel, and if the licensee or non-resident is physically and mentally capable of possessing the firearm, the law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel shall return the firearm to the licensee or non-resident before releasing him or her from the scene and breaking contact. If the licensee or non-resident is transported for treatment to another location, the firearm shall be turned over to any peace officer. The peace officer shall provide a receipt which includes the make, model, caliber, and serial number of the firearm.”

          Great work! So now ambulance drivers are shrinks who can read your mind, and disarm you if they “feel” you might be a danger. They give you a receipt, but nothing says they need to return your piece until next week. Then of course the cops just might shoot you “accidentally” when disarming you for “officer safety.” And of course you better comply, because EVERY violation of Illinois’ carry bill has criminal penalties, so the cops always have the option to kill you and claim you resisted arrest.

          Vandermyde and Phelps claimed that this “trailer bill” passed in May 2015 was an “improvement” and “cleanup” to their original shit carry bill. Lucky for them the retarded hick NRA members in southern IL are so brain-dead stupid that they can’t read the bills. It is totally amazing that someone has not put up a Wanted Dead or Alive poster with Vandermyde’s mug for accessory to murder. If being a copsucking traitor for police unions was a felony, you could put him away for life.

  2. But they are cops…. They are the only ones with enough training to handle firearms responsibly.


  3. Here’s an idea – Cop loses a pistol, rifle or shotgun that is supposed to be in his/her personal care – they replace the weapon at their own expense, RETAIL.

    • Sorry, not good enough.
      Especially with select fire rifles, or anything else that can’t just be purchased “retail.”

      Lose a gun, lose your job. That should be automatic.

      • Follow the same rules as the Military. Punish, fire from any leadership roles and your life will be a living hell until your contract is up or you quit.

    • Retail with atleast a 50% mark up. They deserve to have some sort of idiot tax applied to them. If they’re so irresponsible to lose a weapon in the first place, that’s the least that should happen. Correction, that & an unpaid suspension are the least that should happen.

  4. Who watches the watchmen?

    Isn’t is amazing that cops and crooks barely get a touch on the wrist (because a slap would be too violent) for the same firearms offenses that a citizen would get several years in prison and a complete ban on ever owning firearms again?

    Particularly noted in Australia where a criminal in possession of an unlicensed and unregistered firearm will barely be sentenced to a year (at most, often much less) in prison while a licensed owner convicted of a vague technical breach can look forward to FIVE years minimum.

    • Deep in their shriveled hearts, the collectivists know they’ll never control the criminals. In fact, criminals give them their best excuse to run roughshod over individuals everywhere.

      They have far more power over you (the licensed owner), and they know it.

  5. Enough of the Brownells ads on every page… I know you guys are hard up for revenue, but they’re quite obtrusive!

    • The adds are viewer specific. Basically, the ad bot looks at your cookies and posts the mot “appropriate” ad for you. You can thank Google for coming up with the technology.

  6. Funny, didn’t Stag Arms CEO lose his FFL and have to sell his company due to “losing” 200 or so guns. (in addition to a few other violations) I find it amazing that he can be held accountable in this manner but the people who are supposed to be above reproach (the law/government) can just shrug their shoulders and move on.

  7. it doesn’t come out of the cop’s pocket, so he doesn’t care. it doesn’t come out of the Chief’s pocket, so he doesn’t care. It doesn’t come out of the Mayor’s pocket, so he doesn’t care. It doesn’t come out of the public’s pocket, visibly, (what’s another few cents in taxes) so the public doesn’t care. This is exactly why there are payouts to settle lawsuits against the city but nobody ever gets fired for it. Hurt an innocent bystander? see above. Nothing changes, nobody gets fired, nobody ever gets voted out. Oh look, A Kardashian! nothing will ever change.

  8. When we don’t expect off-duty law enforcement officers to follow basic traffic regulations in their personal vehicles (as part of the professional courtesy they offer each other), or expect them to be prosecuted for crimes they’ve committed (under some perversion of qualified immunity) why should they be held to the same standard of anyone outside of the “protector class”?

  9. I am certain the cops made a “good faith effort” to account for and control those weapons. “Good faith effort” is all that is required of police when dereliction is the root cause of adverse action.

    What do you call it when the agents of the people’s government can exempt themselves from the very laws they enforce?

  10. If not for double standards, progressives would have none at all. No, wait, that’s not right. The state is their god — and everyone knows God is infallible.

    How dare you apply your puny individualistic standards to the Collective God of Government!

  11. The guns were “lost”, yeah, that’s it, “lost”.

    Just like the impounded Camaro and the drugs in the evidence locker were “lost”.

  12. I knew about this before TTAG made it a story. Our top management is very upset about this, as they should be. The current punishment for losing a duty weapon ranges from suspension without pay to termination. I know there are plenty on these pages who think there is no accountability for cops who screw up, or that “good cops” always look the other way when a fellow police officer does something wrong.

    Speaking of accountability, I just completed a package where I suspended one of the officers I supervise for negligently allowing his police vehicle to get stolen. The guns were still inside. And loaded. The AR and shotgun were still locked in place as the suspect was driving down the road. Removing firearms requires the ignition key and an external combination code. Of course our vehicles are equipped with GPS real time tracking, so stealing one isn’t a particularly good idea. Our thief was only on the loose for about 5 minutes. If we hadn’t have recovered the vehicle and firearms more quickly, the suspension would have probably been a termination. The thief is still in prison.

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