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“There is no doubt that the firearms industry will not be treated as a social disease by the Trump Administration. The president-elect will make the Second Amendment great again.” – Alan Gottlieb in Trump’s pro-Second Amendment platform could end gun sales boom [via]


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  1. On the making gun rights great again: hopefully. I do agree that the Trump Administration won’t treat it as a social disease.

    • No, it just means he won’t be selling out gun owners again for a while. Rest assured, in a few years when the political pendulum swings back to the left, Gottlieb will be back to promoting background checks and selling us out again.

  2. One can certainly hope.

    Trump, however, is the devil we don’t know, not the one we did. Don’t get me wrong, I far prefer him to the alternative; but I am going to adopt a wait-and-see attitude, rather than celebrating or rioting before he’s even sworn in.

    Side note, it’s interesting listening to NPR these days. Even the business shows are doing their utmost to undermine him before he even starts. I have to wonder if they’ve stopped to think about where a lot of their funding comes from.

      • I’m kinda surprised it never became a plank in Trump’s platform.

        Right here, right now, it is being clearly a partisan extension of the Democratic Party, how can bipartisan funding continue? Elimination won’t kill NPR, but will remove the illusion of impartiality.

    • They’ve already been hard at word re-defining “alt-right” as “neo-nazi white nationalists”. (Seriously, they found some nutters and interviewed them, calling them the “alt-right”. Wow, just wow.)

      It’s a shame really, but the war inside NPR for sanity and rationality has apparently been lost. The president du jour was really making headway, and it has all seemingly gone out the window in the last few months – especially since the loss of Hildebeast.

      Oh well, as long as they stay away from Sci Fri, Wait!Wait!, and AMA I guess it’s to be expected.

      • I recall hearing some pointed comments on SciFri re climate change, and a few pieces on gun control, but not that bad.

        WaitWait, on the other hand, has gone full-in. In recent shows they’ve gone from snarky to just flat-out mean, and it makes me sad. I like the show, and I enjoy political skewering, but not to their current level of vitriol. They weren’t even this nasty to Bush II.

        • Yeah, I listened to most of it last weekend, a bit over the top. But, the problem with show biz is delivering what your audience wants to hear. If it becomes an incessant drone I don’t that will sell well with even the mainstream “libs”, so I’m hopeful it will diminish.

          What really concerns me is how obscenely one-sided the MSM has become when it comes to clearly racially-motivated attacks – against whites anyway. There are videos by the dozen right now of people being brutally beaten merely for being a Trump supporter – completely ignored. Meanwhile, someone white says something stupid to a Muslim or black and they are pointed out as the “coming terror”.

      • “They’ve already been hard at word re-defining “alt-right” as “neo-nazi white nationalists”. ”

        That’s actually not hard to do.

  3. From the man who worked behind the scenes to try and bring us Manchin-Toomey, and still tries to push “universal background checks” (universal gun registration).

    With friends like these, who needs enemies? Ok, Alan, please stop helping us now.

      • The NRA just bent over and took it. St. Ronnie, the worst President for guns since Roosevelt signed the NFA was the one who did the delivery.

      • Uh….because so-calles universal background checks affect every gun owner directly by criminalizing private sales and choking off all legal sales FFL channels.

        That’s a far cry from the machine gun registry and new production ban, which affects about 1,000 people who just want a fully automatic range toy.

        Now, don’t get me wrong, this is about rights, not needs, and even machine guns should be available for sale without infringement. “Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms” should be a convenience store, not a federal agency, and all that. You’re the one who made the comparison and asked for the difference. I’m just saying that UBCs would have a much greater negative effect than the machine gun issue.

        • Jonathan, I agree completely with your statement, with one notable exception – that maybe 1K people want a range toy with a giggle switch…

          Were new full-autos available, even with the tax stamp nonsense, they’d sell tens of thousands per year. Were you able to wander into Gander Mountain and pick up an AR/M/AK with a select-fun-spray-money switch? They’d sell hundreds of thousands.

          The only potential downside is to some of my friends and the valuation of their collections – when everybody can by an M16 or a Ma Deuce, they won’t be $10K/$30K.

        • 16V, don’t be silly. My money is on close to 10 million. And if we could get rid of the $200 and registration, in a year you would not be able to find a new semi available, the difference in production cost does not justify 2 production lines, all would be select-fire, and prices would be down. If you don’t want full auto, don’t select it.

        • Larry, I’m sure you’re right, I just try to generally err on the side of caution.

          (At least when I’m not actively trying to piss people off…) 🙂

    • I was a little confused about his support for Manchin-Toomey, but since then he’s been one of the most vocal opponents of UBCs here in Washington. He filed and backed proposition I-591, which would have made it illegal to have state or local level background checks. SAF and CCRKBA (he runs both) were two of the biggest opponents of I-594 (the current background check law in Washington). And he’s filed lawsuits against the state for I-594.

  4. Fingers crossed. We need to normalize guns and restrict voting to citizens in this country. I wonder how the vote results would look in CA without the illegal vote?

        • Too many urban areas and too many apartment dwellers. Limiting it to landowners would skew the results to rural areas and their pet issues instead of urban areas and their issues. Better to keep the balance, IMO, even if urban voters are idiots.

          Limitations on voting? Yes – revise the amendment that allowed 18 year olds to vote. I remember 18 – I hadn’t a clue and most of the people I knew had no real idea what the issues were either.

          Best possible “skin in the game” is as above – taxpayers. If you filed a tax return and actually paid 10% or more of your net income in taxes, you get a ballot.

        • Somebody living in a $4000 a month apartment, $500,000 in equities and dropping $50,000 in taxes a year doesn’t have skin in the game? Really?

      • I’d prefer restricting voting to those who are not reliant on government for income and do not work for a company reliant on government for significant portions of its income. Those people have a bias toward more government. The democrats have been buying votes this way since FDR introduced social security after doing poorly among the elderly voters in 1932.

        • So… If you work for Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Teledyne or are in the military you don’t vote? ??? Is anybody thinking before they hit the send key?

        • The people doing the dying cannot vote for the CinC? Sounds like something Hillary would come up with.

      • Limiting the vote to taxpaying citizens would hand a LOT pf power to corporations: they could control who gets to vote by playing with wage scales.

    • Something I’ve thought of is qualifying for more votes. All US citizens over 18 with a pulse get a vote. Pay taxes? You get another vote. Landowner, +1 vote. Military or other comparable civil service, +1 vote. With just those three many people here would be looking at 4 votes.

    • “Fingers crossed. We need to normalize guns and restrict voting to citizens in this country.”

      We best normalize guns by *exposing* people to guns.

      We *must* begin exposure with required actual ‘gun safety’ taught in schools from grade 1 through middle school. (STOP, Don’t touch it, Get out of the area, tell a responsible adult.)

      I’d *love* to hear a Progressive’s excuse for teaching a child *not* to touch a guns.

      (Probably sounds a lot like babbling and stammering followed by the sound of a muffled wet *pop* sound as their head explodes.)

      Later, at the high school level, instruction in safe gun handling. (4 rules, etc.).

      First thing first. Sign into law teach a child not to touch a gun. Later teach safe gun handling, after SCOTUS is stocked with pro-2A justices…

  5. Thus far, prevailing thought is that a Second Amendment friendly Trump administration (and Congress) will reduce firearm sales — the idea being that potential bans have been spurring “just in case” and panic buying lately.

    Here is a novel idea: if a Second Amendment friendly Trump administration (and Congress) removes significant impediments to exercising our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, will that that spur sales among people who did not previously own firearms, as well as people who own one or two firearms but were not motivated enough to overcome the regulatory hurdles required to purchase more? In other words will new interest supplant panic buying?

    • Good question.
      I’m thinking of California and New York as the most highly populated areas where gun rights have been oppressed. And perhaps, if all the sundry unconstitutional restrictions on what they could lawfully own were lifted, would they hurry up and buy ARs and full capacity Gocks and similar stuff out of fear of new infringements in the future?

      I will say this: If SBRs and suppressors are removed from the NFA tax, there will be a 10 inch, suppressed .300 AAC BLK in my future.

      • Meh. My 9″ works fine. Some really fancy suppressors at TX firearm festival required 10.5″, since the suppressor slipped over the barrel a ways. So much research, so many bucks…

  6. ” make the Second Amendment great again” . . . when exactly has it not been great? seriously , it’s this kind of talk that does more harm than good. no one has ever come for your guns. get used to it.

    • The local police went house-to-house, confiscating guns in New Orleans after Katrina, disarming homeowners while unchecked looting was taking place.

      In New York State, local police were knocking on the doors of widows, asking for the guns that were registered to their deceased husbands.

      Elderly military veterans have had their guns confiscated, having been declared mentally unfit to own them because they allowed family members to help them with their finances.

      I could go on. Pull your head out of your ass, and Google “No one is coming for your guns” to get more examples.

    • Don’t forget California where millions are losing their rights-as in going back 40 years looking for a pot bust and sending goon squads to confiscate your firearms. How about New Jersey where you’re a criminal pretty much automatically, anyone who was committed for a few days for depression(also going back many years) or how about Illinois which is better but still sucks?

      • As near to us as Oak Park, IL, people have had their “assault weapons” confiscated. It didn’t matter that they were purchased before Oak Park’s AWB. In other states, there are evil, deadly 30 round magazines, or handguns that hold more than 10 rounds, or any kind of gun that its owner failed to register with the state, and if the po-po finds out about any of those things you will be treated like a felon in possession and the guns will go bye-bye.

        Unconstitutional gun confiscations are happening in the U.S. Every. Stinking. Day.

    • Derek, If you have comprehension problems, let me explain. You are a liar. You know it, and we know it. A smartass attitude does not change the fact that you are a liar. It is demonstrated by a variety of people here, and many others are too bored to deal with a fool such as yourself lying to us. Send your BS to somebody else, perhaps Hillary, she has no other purpose in life than to deal with her worshippers, no future, no power, no value. She’s a nobody. So is Barack Obama. Get used to it!

  7. “. . . not be[ing] treated as a social disease . . . ” That is the key phrase. It helps a lot if the nation’s leader sets the tone for “a conversation”; but, it’s not enough. Gun policy is set primarily by Congress and the several State legislatures; secondarily by the courts. Gun rights will be safe only when – and so long as – there is widespread popular support for civilian ownership and self-defense. Congress-critters come and go as do Presidents. Even SCOTUS justices die. The culture moves more slowly.
    This is our one opportunity in a lifetime to move guns out of the “social disease” category and into the “cultural icon” category. Trump can lead but he can’t do it alone. We, as voters, must do the heavy lifting. We need to keep those cards and letters coming to make sure that our Congress-critters get the message.
    We have, almost certainly, ducked the UBC bullet for a while. Yet, it will be back. What we need to do now is make sure that the People hear our side of the story as to why UBC can’t be made to work; not even with a National Registry. And, why a National Registry is a waste of resources for law-enforcement – it merely serves to enable a totalitarian government that wants to confiscate civilian guns. (Mind you, all you Progressives, you don’t have anything to worry about. It’s not like we could ever have a right-wing president like Nixon ever elected to office again. It can’t happen here!)
    Now that the Progressives can’t shove gun-control down-our-throats (as was the case in Obama-Care) the Progressives will have to grit their teeth and pay polite attention while it’s our turn to speak at the gun-control debate. Meanwhile, the uncommitted voter and the weak-kneed gun-owner will have the opportunity to be persuaded.

    • It would help enormously if people would actually join the NRA. When there’s 100 million gun owners, but 19 out of 20 of them don’t bother to join the most visible gun rights organization, what does that say? It’s like if there were 63 million Trump supporters out there, but only 3 million of them went out to vote.

      5 million members is pathetic. 35 million, now that’s a force to be reckoned with, that’s 10% of the country. That’s a good start. There should be 100 million members. With 5 million members, the 2nd is under constant assault. With 35 million, the NRA’d be as big as the AARP and the 2nd would be as safe as social security. With 100 million members, it would never be questioned again.

  8. …. right-wing president like Nixon….

    Nixon was FAR from right wing.

    The Lefties are hysterical about a Christian Theocracy but yet I can name 100-to-1 cultural aspects about America that has drifted Leftward in the past 50 years versus issues that have shifted right.

    Most people would have a hard time naming ONE thing that is more conservative now days versus the 60’s?

  9. I’m not sure that the gun buying will cease, though it may slow down. Certainly, there is an upper limit to how many guns can be sold in the US, but I don’t think we are there yet. What sells guns is rhetoric and that will NOT cease on the left. It will probably ratchet up under a Trump administration, if nothing else in order to signal virtue in opposition to the Republicans in power. God knows, the left will have continued, priority access to the MSM with their bullshit.

    The more they rail against firearms, the more guns are sold. That won’t stop under Trump. Hell, I know people who bought guns just as a way of – in a small, individual way – giving the middle finger to the progressives. How many more people like that are out there? Probably millions and their involvement in the firearms and accessory market is likely to increase both as the left spews on and as firearms ownership becomes publicly normalized, though I think we are still a long way from how normal firearms were 50 to 60 years ago.

    • Business is booming at the gunshops I frequent. I’m just slowing down my purchases. Looking for a Black Friday deal as I type. I may jump into the AR15 pool with all the glut…

  10. A Trump administration will be supportive of gun rights, while the far left and its paid-by-Soros media stooges will gin up more hate and more fear than ever before.

    As the streets get bloodier — which they certainly will — people will choose to tool up more and more. What we are seeing now is the calm before the gun purchasing storm.

    If you think that people were panic-buying because they thought that would lose their 2A rights, just wait until the people are afraid that they will lose their property, their homes and their lives.

  11. I see the election – in big part – as a full repudiation of the extremist Gun Control push by the liberal establishment and Obama. At some point, Hillary decided to go kookoo for Gun Control – against the advice of Bill. Why??? All of the Anti-gun nuts were going to vote for her anyway, they’re almost exclusively Liberals (and panzy-assed pacifist ones at that). All that stance did is solidify everyone else against her. I think it’s another symptom of their noise machine in a bubble. Essentially, the Democratic Party became a one-issue party: Gun Control. That was it. And they just got shouted off the stage. So now as a party, they have to change their stance, but that sure won’t stop the extremist elements of their cult from continuing their mission with all of their zealotry. So I hope it tears them apart while we repair the damage and fortify the ranks and our flanks for their next attack. God Bless the 2A! We actually have a President that loves America again – not one that (not so secretly) hates it.

    • Yeah. Now until forever, when a Dem wants to talk about anything whatsoever, someone has to ask “what about gun control?”, over and over, until the day that not *one* will acknowledge any interest in gun control except how fast they will repeal it. Hit them with it, and then hit them again.

  12. I’d like to see all of that money that Obama was allocating for ‘gun safety studies’ and all of the other anti-gun crap re-allocated to the NRA, SAF and GOA 🙂 Bulk up their coffers and keep them nice and strong for the next round. Now is the time to fortify our position and put as many roadblocks and controls in place to impede their next run at disarming law abiding citizens.

    • Particularly the monies appropriated to general practitioners to bully their patients about guns, when they had no idea what they were talking about.

  13. When you mean make America great again you mean increasing our homicide and suicide rates by selling more and more guns that the public does not really want.

    Herr trump is still to this very day a disaster on america and it’s people.

    You people still didn’t even report the violence caused by trump supporters like the various hate crimes, gun attacks, sexual assaults and vandalism they’ve caused.

    What about the threats caused by crazed alt-right militia groups and survivalist nut jobs?

    Oh wait…I forgot that’s Hilary’s “fault”.

    I’m still waiting for the hatemongers on here to tell how Obama ruined the country in the last 8 years, and why he won a 2nd term?

    • Mr. Oppressor, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands people employed by the shooting industry in the United States would you please pass on their heartfelt thanks to Mr. Obama for providing eight years of sales growth? Without his hard work and dedication it would have been impossible to achieve such historic success.

      Also please let him know that he is most welcome to attend the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January 2017.

    • Dear AmericanCommunistAgainstProGunPatriots,

      “… increasing our homicide and suicide rates by selling more and more guns …”

      Patently false. The violent crime rate in our nation has been steadily declining for the past 23 years (since its peak in 1993) and is now at the lowest level in almost 50 years … all the while firearm sales have increased and the firearm supply is now three times larger than it was in the 1960s.

      “Herr trump is still to this very day a disaster on america and it’s people.”

      Wall Street and the stock market do not agree with you. Rather, Wall Street and the stock market are exceedingly optimistic that Trump will facilitate significant prosperity in the United States.

      Of course the truth does not matter when your worldview is only based on altruism, fantasy, and emotion.

    • Trump didn’t create the racists, they were always there, just being quiet. Now that people know they’re out there, a good number of previously anti-gun types are arming themselves and most of them will be responsible gunowners. Is that what you are unhappy about?

    • You fail to make sense. Why do you feel oppressed by others legally owned personal property? Grow up. Your refusal to accept the recent results of the US election process and move forward; and your inability to use reason and facts to defend your position marginalizes your comments.

      Case in point: “You people still didn’t even report the violence caused by trump supporters like the various hate crimes, gun attacks, sexual assaults and vandalism they’ve caused.”

      Here you go:

      Oh wait, you asked for reports of “Trump violence”. Sorry, didn’t find any. Found A LOT of examples of anti-Trump violence, though.

      To your question on what damage has BHO done to our country, here’s one failure of his presidency:

      However, if there’s a God in Heaven (one I’m sure you don’t believe in) then you haven’t successfully bred so, you don’t have any children who will die of old age before the US National Debt is paid off. I do.

      By definition Tories aren’t Patriots. You should remove that word from your oppressed moniker (and open a dictionary occasionally).

  14. Let’s not forget the power of money to change minds quick fast and in a hurry. Deep pockets and scores of lying leftards who petition the people with slimy salesmen tactics and confidence tricks to get people to sign on the line which is dotted, plus the constant drum beat of gun fear from the leftwing media is why so many voted against themselves in Prop 63. Will there be a concerted effort to truly explain just how wrong it is to place multiple burdens on ONLY the law abiding to keep and bear arms, when criminals have been gifted a huge illegal marketplace for firearms and ammunition with this stupid proposition?

    I hope so, but plan for it not to be true in my lifetime in California.

  15. 1981 called. They want their spectacles back. Also, you can return your velour track suit and day-glo orange fanny pack.

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