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Cabot Guns CEO Robert A. Bianchin sent me a terse email announcing a recent accolade, and the fact that Cabot Guns has named Top Shot competitor Brian Zins as its official spokesman. Doing my best Grease imitation, I asked Mr. B to tell me more, tell me more. And so he did . . .

“I was in Denver the week of October 24th with my family and paid an impromptu visit to our prime dealers. [NB: we have two prime dealers: Gunsmoke and Griffin & Howe.] As I entered the shop there was some mayhem; the Discovery Channel was filming an episode of American Guns. ‘Hi Rob’ a voice boomed from the back. ‘Go on back,’ Rich Wyatt told me. ‘I have a couple of visitors I want you to meet. You need to show them your gun.’

I proceeded to a small meeting room at the back of the store. At the table: S.P. Fjestad, publisher, author and editor of the Blue Book of Gun Values; and R.L. Wilson the noted author and gun historian. I provided them with an overview of our guns and how we build them. I safety checked and then passed around our pistol.

They examined the gun intensely. As we continued to chat, one of the staff at Gunsmoke entered the room. ‘Check this out,’ Fjestad said. ‘This is the Rolls Royce of 1911’s.’ R.L. Wilson chimed in. ‘Really, this is more like a Swiss watch.’

A few days later, I called Steve Fjestad to thank him for his kind comments. During our conversation Steve told he was going to feature one of our 1911s as his Gun of the Week. It was the first time he’s featured a new company as his GOW.

We’re honored. Having a Cabot compared to Korth and some of the finest pistols in the world is humbling experience. We will continue to do everything we can to live up to this distinction.”

Now, Rob, what’s an “anti-piracy sniper,” does it involved field testing your gun and when can we talk to Mr. Zins about that gig?

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  1. Anti-piracy sniper probably means one of two things.

    1: During his marine corps service, he was a designated marksman with a navy task force whose billet included anti-piracy patrols.


    2: After his service he worked as a contractor hired by shipping companies to protect cargo ships in dangerous waters. This is quite rare, and very expensive, so my guess is #1.

    • Number two, I’ve now learned. I’ve asked Rob if I can include an explanation in the text as an update.

  2. I find it depressing that two reputable guys like Wilson and Fjested hang out with Rich Wyatt. Granted, one shouldn’t judge a guy on reality TV alone, but he sure seems like your typical arrogant new money wealthy guy complete with overly enhanced wife and rich guy toys like the helicopter. I live in Newport Beach so I get to deal with these guys (and the wives, don’t get me started on them, Jesus dress your f-ing age you aren’t fooling anyone) all the freaking time and they sure are a tiresome and condescending bunch.

    • Yea, while I like some of the guns they’ve made on the show (except that god awful pearl, diamond, and silver 1911), Rich Wyatt comes off as the biggest jerk ever. I think his worst moment was when his son asked for a raise after not getting a raise for five years, the mom says that he works really hard and it’s long overdue, then to show how tough he is, Rich is a total jerk about it and tries to find any way to justify not giving him a raise.

  3. Thanks to Top Shot and American Guns and Sons of Guns, most of America now thinks that anyone involved with firearms is an overbearing, egocentric, macho, con artist testosterone junky with no taste and a lot of firepower.

    Excellent. I’m so happy about it I could scream.

    Compare these fools with my local gunsmith. He is a veteran, and must be nearly 70 years old. He prices his work just barley above cost (Hes retired, and smiths out of love for firearms and shooters) He does nearly everything its possible to do gunsmithing wise, and although he may take a while, he does quality work and is in every way shape and form a true gentleman.

    THAT is what they need to show on TV, not the dramatically edited garbage for all the moronic TV viewers who don’t know the difference between a Kalashnikov and a Korth.

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