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Paul Barrett [far left] is‘s gun guy. I don’t envy the man his job. While Barrett’s book on GLOCK revealed his enthusiasm for background checks (i.e. “closing the gun show loophole”), ammunition magazine capacity limits and “ballistic fingerprinting,” the man’s not drunk fully of the boss’s civilian disarmament brew. Barrett knows that no gun control law will stem the tide of firearms-related violence in Chicago. Nor will gun buybacks do anything whatsoever to reduce firearms-related crime. And he’s not afraid to say so. Why he’s not afraid for his job is anyone’s guess. I reckon it’s because Bloomberg hasn’t noticed yet. Meanwhile, score one for common sense commentator control. Make the jump for Barrett’s on-camera [auto-play] spiel . . .

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  1. I reckon it’s because Bloomy does seem to care about intellectual diversity. He basically told the entire graduating class of Harvard this year that they were bigoted automatons for excluding conservative thought from the education system. It was the only time ever that I wanted to give the little guy a hug.

    ETA: To be clear, he is still a gun-grabbing tyrant.

  2. “Are they fancy guns or cheap guns”
    Why would that ever matter? I know his question is politically loaded but how could that make a difference?

    • Because if they can only make guns more expensive than the criminals can’t buy them! Oh, wait. They aren’t buying them they are stealing them.

    • This was actually a pretty astute question. The implication is that the violence is not coming from tacticool AR-15s owned by mall-ninjas but stolen Saturday night specials stolen by thugs. In other words, this is an example of *gasp* fair reporting in the mainstream media.

    • No. Simply because you disagree with someone on politics doesn’t make them a snake. Barrett has a different view on background checks than I, but his book on Glock was at least an attempt to do honest journalism.

      Bloomberg? Now that’s a snake.

  3. How many semi auto rifles were used in all of those shootings? Probably close to zero. I think that might have been where the fancy guns question was attempting to lead to.

    • I think there is a Thompson poster who posts links to HeyJackass!.com which gives detailed Chicago crime stats. I thought they broke out gun type, but it seems not. To answer your question; rifles and shotguns are rarely used in most big city shootings. Overall shotguns and rifles are used in 10% of gun crimes, but I have seen some statistics of city long gun use at 2%.

      • Speaking nationally, it’s about 2% for rifles and another 4% for shotguns as far as they are used in homicides. 6% for long-guns in totality. Noting this is especially helpful when you know that the vast majority of murders are also committed in big cities.

  4. Shockingly, if you watch the video till the end, he also states that “gun buy back have not been proven to be effective” He also goes on to say that most of the guns on the street are “cheap” and have been on the street for “years” and there is no “big turn around from retail to the street”

    All that should be sure to get him fired — how dare he tell the truth when Bloomberg expects lies to further his cause.

    • I talked to a New York state assemblyman a few years ago who told me about the community gun problem. It’s where groups of criminals all use the same gun. It just gets passed around or hidden until someone needs it. He was vehemently against the unSAFE act also.

  5. Well, they still managed to throw all their little digs in there, didn’t they? Even when they are forced to admit they are wrong, they still have to throw their little sideways slander bombs at us. I don’t believe for one second this guy could know that “buy backs” are useless and yet still believe in background checks or mag cap limits. This is proof they know exactly what they are doing.

  6. he said anyone walking with a gun is a cop or a criminal. not true now, thousands of conceal carry permits in cook county now.

  7. The man has more sand then you think. Look at it from this perspective, although we don’t want to admit it sometimes, most Americans are not incredibly stupid. They know gun buy backs are a waste and gun violence is not about actually about guns. He’s trying to be a man of the people (cue Obama 2008). That’s the way to win people over.

  8. According to Chicago authorities, it is all Indiana’s fault. I think HeyJackass!.com says it all.

  9. Don’t forget Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale Illinois Indiana Tom…jesse & “father” pfleger have picketed it to try to shut it down. Ironically(?) Chuck’s is the strictest most a#al retentive shop I’ve EVER been in. 72 hour wait to the second. If they EVER prosecuted gun crime in the city 80% of the shootings would stop overnight. No plead outs, NO juvenile class crime, 10 years for a straw purchase. It won’t happen because rahmbo & company CAN’T get tough on their constituents. Hell everyone in the neighborhood knows who commits the crimes. It’s their son, brother,nephew, dad, and grandson. I sold life insurance in the ghetto (Altgeld Gardens) years ago. Everybody knows everybody’s business. FWIW

  10. Don’t forget Chuck’s gun shop in Riverdale,il Indiana Tom…picketed by Jesse & father Pfleger. Ironically Chuck’s is the strictest, most a##l retentive shop I’ve been in .72 hour wait to the second. Rhombo & co. could solve the mess if they enforced the existing laws. No plead outs, no juvenile crime class,, 10 year federal rap for straw puchase.,etc. But it won’t happen. EVERYONE knows who commiits these crimes. It’s their brother, son ,uncle, grandson or nephew. Can’t lose your base. I sold life insurance in the ghetto( Altgeld Gardens).EVERYBODY knew everybody’s business. FWIW

  11. How many times, and in how many ways, do they have to tell you they can’t protect you. Don’t let them tell you that you can’t protect yourself.

    • P.S. “Gun Violence Flares Across the U.S.”. . .?
      The cities mentioned are small hotspots at the fringes, and they (despite their burgeoning populations) represent less of America every day.

      If you live in a blue state you may be pat of the problem, if you have a (D) after your name, the problem is part of you, if you are from NY/Chi-IL/L.A. – it’s likely you are the root of the problem.

      If they sold “gun violence flares” I would buy them in 12ga./26.5mm/and 37mm, [how about a gun review on launchers?] and I still would not be threat to America or my community in any manner close to these clowns, and they revel in it.

  12. Barrett is no dummy. He knows his value and brand as a writer is telling a good story with the facts. I thought his book on Glocks was pretty good, but some of his bias did creep in, no surprise, just like Dan Baum.

    So he has to keep doing a good job reporting, and not be too obvious a shill for gun control types- besides- as far as The Littlest Nanny is concerned, I am sure that Barrett is his token, enough to reassure Wall Street that Bloomberg Media is not blatently liberal.

  13. Barrett prioritizes reducing violence over gun control. Bloomberg and Emmanuel are only focused on gun control and use the lives of people in Chicago to make their point. As said the violence is not happening on North Michigan Avenue it’s in “certain discreet neighborhoods”. To put it another way most of the people being killed are poor and black. As long as this does not change the politicians are safe to allow it to continue. Blatant racism.

  14. This fits right into the hypothesis I have argued for a long time that when the State denies law-abiding Citizens their natural and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear Arms, and to legally carry them for their own protection, the result is a large Black Market for illegal guns, which are mainly in use by criminals. The concept that many of the guns in Chicago have been on the street for a long, and that they are any type of firearm available, is, however, new information to me, but also fits right in to the hypothesis. In a TTAG post of some months ago, it was stated the the South American Drug Cartels are funneling both drugs and guns into Chicago, which accounts for the proliferation “illegal guns” available despite whatever confiscation the CPD manages, and for their variety, quality and age, as stated in the video.

    From information seen over the years originating in Los Angeles, CA, I am familiar with the fact that the same gun(s) get passed around among the criminals and gangs and used in various and numerous crimes committed by different persons. In Pomona, Ca, it was reported the gangs “own” the guns and when a gang member is assigned to shoot someone he/she is “given” a gun to use from the gang’s “stockpile”, then returns it when the dirty deed is completed. So, the Police catch perpetrators, but often never recover the gun(s) used because it was a “loaner”, not his/her personal property and he/she does not know where it is, or never tells, as a matter of “gang and personal honor” (not to forget fear of the gang’s retribution, if they do tell the Police anything the gang considers betrayal).

    So, all this amounts to pretty solid evidence that, yes, Chicago has a problem with “illegal guns”, and it is a problem NONE of their damned “gun control laws” does anything to remedy in any way. Meanwhile, the law-respecting Citizenry is shot and killed in staggering numbers because they are effectively disarmed. Being disarmed means they can neither defend themselves, nor is their any “deterrence effect” to reduce the indiscriminate violence that victimizes them. [Not ignoring the fact that many of the shootings are from ambush, stealth and drive-by, which does lessen the value of both self-defense and deterrence effect in probably the majority of cases.]

    But Rahm Emmanuel and his like will never, can never, understand this and continue to focus on penalizing the Citizens who do not engage in criminal violence and crying about how they “need stricter gun laws”. It is just completely ludicrous and, obviously, mortally dangerous. The criminals in Chicago live in both the ghettos and City Hall.

  15. The little graphic is interesting,
    Chicago – Guns effectively outlawed
    NYC – Guns tightly controlled but available
    LA – Guns much more available than previous two cities

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