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Michael Bloomberg’s personal political action committee, the Independence USA PAC, is spending over $2 million in Virginia to run this ad (comments are disabled as usual, as the only “valid” opinion is the one in the video and God forbid anyone should express a different point of view). The ad is an attempt by Bloomberg to support the Dems’ candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe, by painting GOPer Ken Cuccinelli as a gun-toting lunatic who wants to give criminals firearms. The ad is pure propaganda, attempting to visually tie the three most notorious “mass shooting” perpetrators in recent years to the existence of the “gun show loophole.” Just one problem: none of the shooters pictured in the ad actually used that “loophole…”

From the Washington Post’s Fact Checker:

Emotional attack ads need to be scrupulous with the facts. While this ad does not identify the killers, the images are so familiar to Americans that many should be able to identify at least one of them.

We have a reasonable-person test here. Most viewers would assume the gun-show loophole would have thwarted all of these attacks, but that’s not the case. Thus it is misleading to use these images in the ad.

Also poking their sticking their formula-stained fingers into the electoral pie are Moms Demand Action, the same org whose recent rallies and protests actually drew more gun rights advocates to counter-protest than members of their own organization.

If the polling is to be believed Cuccinelli’s days are numbered. That could mean another state falling dangerously close to becoming another New York or California. But the really interesting thing is that all of these gun control advocacy groups are hitching their wagons to McAuliffe’s campaign, offering their support for something that is already more or less a done deal. And I think there’s a very good reason that they’re trying as hard as possible to be visibly associated with the Democrat candidate’s campaign.

The Gun Control Industrial Complex is still reeling form their massive failures this year. They were unable to pass any new legislation on a federal level despite having plenty of dead children to exploit. They failed to protect two Colorado legislators from a recall effort despite (because?) spending twice as much money as the NRA and gun rights groups. And their membership is dwindling in the face of record levels of popular support for firearms ownership.

As Robert is fond of saying, culture eats strategy for lunch, and we’re seeing the impact of that on Bloomberg and Watts. Their gun control advocacy campaigns are meeting significant resistance and failing to accomplish their goals, which is threatening to completely derail their agenda and relegate them to the sidelines of American politics.

The gun control advocates need a decisive win badly in order to maintain their relevancy and appear to be able to get something — anything — done. They need to be seen as still having power and influence, and for that they’ve decided to affix their leech-like suckers to Clinton family bag man Terry McAuliffe’s campaign.

They see the Virginia gubernatorial election as a done deal, and by giving him their “support” they can later claim that his election was an affirmation that the people of Virginia support their cause and agree with his pro civilian disarmament stance. The gun control advocates see this election as their Battle of Saratoga, when it may turn out to be more like Fredericksburg — the apogee instead of the stepping stone.

Stay tuned, because this is going to get interesting.

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  1. I’d love to point out on this video that the DC shooter DID pass a background check, but they disabled their comment section because fuck the truth.

  2. If the turnouts at area shows are any indication, McAuliffe’s decision to get vocal with his anti talking points should hurt him.

    Should. “D.C. South” is 80% on government paychecks and as blue as a smurf’s ass. A few of us ODU VDCL members will be driving to the polls together. Vote or die y’all!

    • CB ODU? I didn’t think there were any pro gun people around half of my teachers lean heavily towards the “dem” side of things. pun intended Definitely a different atmosphere than my home state of GA

      • We exist! I promise! Most are transplants from the country but we make the rounds to the Scope and up to Hampton when S.G.K. is in town.

        With the ODU PD able to send eight cars to break up a birthday party on 42nd any given night but unable to keep the Norfolk city life from relieving students of their shoes in broad daylight a block from the student center, you’d think there would be more people for legal carry on campus.

        • I wish. I get a student alert every weekend from someone being robbed at the south end of campus… but it is at like 2-3 am every time. But you would think they could post up some of their nice chargers down that way instead of outside of the campus police station. I’m glad to know there are other supporters haha Take it easy!

    • Seriously… wake up.. Sarvis has NO CHANCE of winning.

      Give that 8% to Cuccinelli and at least beat out the anti-freedom candidate.

      • I think you are right. Things would look bad, even so. To beat a Dem, you generally have win by more than they can cheat, which is up to five points.

      • Cuccinelli is also an anti-freedom candidate. Sarvis is the only one who deserves my vote. If the Republicans want my vote, they can stop nominating these fools. Social Conservatism is dead and I’m not going to let my gun rights be held hostage to force me to vote for someone I find morally repugnant.

        • You’re going to end up with someone who is morally repugnant no matter who you vote for.

          May as well keep your guns in the process.

        • @ Amagi1776:

          Riiight…smart move; shoot yourself in the foot then turn your guns over to the new sheriff in town.

        • Time for an anti-Libertarian rant since my gun rights are stake.

          You mean anti-sex and drugs are everything candidate right? Other than that he is a mainstream Tea Party guy. And by the way Sarah Palin, whose Libertarian credentials are unquestioned, is as socially conservative as Cuccinelli. Remember Trig Palin? You know the one who should have been aborted? Palin not only talks the talk she walk the walk.

          Progressives want strong government/weak social institutions.
          Libertarians want weak government/weak social institutions.

          Guess what? You can only choose one and if its weak social institutions you get an atomized society with no private mediating instutitons between you and the all powerful government. Those private social institutions that interfere with personal automony are what makes up something called civil society. The best you get with weak government/weak social institutions is Somalia or the ghetto. In either case its rule by competing thugs. The questions that no one asks is why Libertarians support the same social agenda as Progressives. Answer: They are stupid.

        • How about this: If you didn’t participate in the primary process, you have no right to bitch about the candidate selected. You have very little power as a voter in the general, but you have exponentially more if you get involved in the party.

      • Don’t let the democrat republican political complex trick you into thinking you can only vote one way or the other. They pay attention to how many votes the libertarians get. The more votes for sarvis means the more the dems and republicans actually have to sway their view to get the middle ground person they are trying to reach to vote for them. Maybe the more votes libertarians get/ “tea party-ers” as some have been called the more republicans will actually have to own up to what their party says they are for. Modern republicans and democrats are nobodies friends but themselves.

        • So do that in the primaries, when your vote is worth 5X as much.

          When the outcome results in an actual election for the person who will be signing your rights away, swallow your pride a little bit and at least minimize the damage.

        • Libertarians are in absolutely no way, shape, or form Tea Party members. You might want to do a little research.

        • No, the more votes Libertarians get the more Democrats that are elected. Only in your fantasies do Libertarians attract normally Democratic voters. The Libertarian Party for all intents and purposes is a Democratic Party False Flag operation. If in the end the Libertarians decide the election then you can bet the Bill and Hillary will make sure that funding makes it to the Libertarians in 2016. Bill knows that if weren’t for Ross Perot he would be just another governor from some hick state.

      • Agree that a Sarvis vote, tho well intentioned is a vote for the Democrat. He has no chance. I do not agree with Cuccinelli’s social issues but a vote for Numb Nut’s (Barry O’s) stooge will turn VA back years in terms of gun rights, taxes and taxpayer funded freebies for the lazy pukes. Must vote Cuccinelli !!!

        • Vhyrus That was bad wording on my part. I was mainly speaking on Rand Paul who is considered a tea party member but he is more libertarian leaning. I was just saying that some run that way so they have even a slightest chance of getting acknowledged. if you run as a libertarian you get the republicans saying “even though they have good ideas they have no chance and you should you just vote for the republican candidate”. Rand is just trying to play the party into an election

  3. I don’t know if this has been said, but VA governors often serve as US senators afterward. If this Prog gets elected VA gov, we’ll probably be stuck with him on a national level next.

  4. they think we cannot do math. When they entered the race, TMAC was up by double digits. Anything less than a double digit win should be seen as a smackdown of the late-entering Bloomturd.

  5. “The gun control advocates see this election as their Battle of Saratoga.”

    You mean where the American Militia (Grabbers) defeated the Brits (Pro-gunners)?

    Sorry, but I simply cannot relate to *that* comparison; and there is not one ounce of Brit in this pro-gunner.

  6. Why do the Libertarians insist on throwing their votes away to a nonviable candidate? That just screws everyone else. All they would need to do is register as Republicans and vote in the primaries.

    I was looking forward to moving to VA next year. Now… not so much.

    • Don’t blame it on the libertarians. A smart Republican politician would throw them a few bones. Instead they give them the royal “FU.”

      Republican politicians talk the talk but they do not walk the walk.

      The only thing most of them have going for them is that they’d prefer to ignore the second amendment than destroy it.

    • The liberals have it right; they stick together and vote Dem for the *overall* result most favorable to them.

      But some conservatives insist on standing on principle and voting for satellite party candidates to make a statement…and as a result fall on their sword to the detriment of ALL conservatives.

      I’m not on board with ALL Republican positions, but still vote the best Republican option in keeping with my biggest concerns; constitutional protections, in particular the Second Amendment, and tax relief. The logic of these message sending independent minded voters escapes me, and all conservative thinking voters lose as a result of split voting choices, especially the independent wild card voters themselves

      Their logic escapes me.

    • Virginia has an open primary, so you don’t even have to be registered as a Republican to vote in the primary. You can only vote in one of the two primaries though. That all works great, provided there’s a primary to vote in. However, for reasons I still don’t entirely understand the Republicans went with a convention this election cycle. see,_2013#Nomination_of_E.W._Jackson for a bit more insight on how Cuccinelli got nominated.

      • You sent the wrong link, try this one further up that page:,_2013#Governor

        For those too lazy to click the link here’s what it says:

        “Cuccinelli became the de facto nominee in January 2013, as Bolling had withdrawn and no other candidate filed for the Republican nomination by the deadline.”

        Sounds more like the Libertarian either couldn’t get his act together in time, or figured he’d only have a chance in a 3-way race, or he’s just out to screw over the GOP in VA

  7. They should release a propaganda video tying the mass shootings to gun free zones, Bloomberg, and include some of the absurd shit these people say.

    End it with: “McAullife doesn’t trust you and thinks it’s better for you to be defenseless than protect your loved ones.”

    • It wouldn’t be propaganda because it would actually be the truth. Gun free zones are attractive to mass murderers.

    • How about: Michael Bloomberg is the mayor of New York City, so why is he so concerned about Virginia? Because he is only seeking to further his personal anti-freedom agenda. He doesn’t care about the best interests of Virginians or their values. A vote for McAuliffe is a vote for Bloomberg’s Way. Keep Virginia’s leaders focused on what really matters; the people of Virginia.

      —this message brought to you by The Virginia Coalition to Stop Uppity Midget A**holes—-

  8. A new poll today shows Cuccinelli within 5 points of McAwful, possibly because of the Obamacare mess. If I lived in VA, I’d prefer Sarvis, but I’d vote for Cuccinelli, as unattractive as he is. I would do anything legal to keep that slime ball crony capitalist gun grabber McCauliffe out of office.

    • This is the most reasonable comment I’ve seen about Sarvis thus far.

      Given the task of having to vote for these guys, I’d swallow a dog rocket and vote for Cuccinelli.

      But nothing is ever, ever going to change for the better until the two-party system is broken. Sarvis would be my true choice without coercion.

      • Actually a lot can change, but it starts at the lowest levels, city/county offices and state delegates/senators. For higher levels you have to work even harder in the primaries. If one candidate seems a lock for an office, you just have to get started early and work it early on to build momentum, name recognition, raise money, etc. The easiest way to effect change is to do it from within the established system. You don’t like the way a party is going? Then take it over from the inside.

      • I guess I was not clear enough. I am voting. I am not voting for Cuccinelli because I like him but because I do not like McAuliffe more. Sarvis has no chance. I look at it is voting against one instead of voting for another. If that makes sense.

        • That’s my biggest gripe about the candidates that ALL the parties field. It’s always a choice of who is less evil and corrupt.

  9. A few days ago, when it looked like McA was going to totally walk away with the election (something like 15 points ahead), I began to seriously consider voting for Sarvis, just so the Libertarians could show better poll numbers. Now that it’s down to a narrow margin and there is a fighting chance, I am back to voting GOP to try to actually defeat McA (even though I very much dislike most of Cuccinelli’s policies on everything except the Second Amendment).

    I am very much tired of voting AGAINST candidates. It has been a long, long time since I voted FOR anyone.

    • I’m hoping against hope the Bloomberg / MDA / grabbers crowd turns out to be their own worst enemy by throwing copious amounts of money and support at McAuliffe thus helping him lose votes because perceived outside attempts to hijack and buy the VA Governors election influences more voters to vote for his opponent Cuccinelli as pushback.

      Don’t EVER give up.

      “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

  10. Cuccinelli is doing this to himself. This guy’s social positions on sodomy, etc. is losing him the state. If the GOP wants to win states like Virginia, they need to stop fielding candidates that can’t win. I hate McAuliffe, but I sure as h-e double hockey sticks am not going to vote for a guy who wants to resurrect laws governing how I get intimate with my wife.

    Maybe the GOP will learn and their next candidate will better reflect the libertarian political outlook. Until then, I’m voting for the only guy in this race who isn’t a complete tool. Maybe Bloomberg will poison the moderate McAuliff voters and Sarvis comes out on top.

    • “Maybe Bloomberg will poison the moderate McAuliff voters and Sarvis comes out on top.”

      While I appreciate your sentiments, you’re out of your goddamn mind. It’s a long, long, LONG way from 8-9% to 39-40%.

    • So make sure that the folks you vote into the LEGISLATIVE branch don’t draft any laws regarding sodomy, etc. that you don’t agree with.

      The governor can’t sign them if they don’t exist.

    • What exactly is his “position on sodomy?”

      Are you suggesting that he has a preference for how people conduct intercourse, or is that simply code-speak for homosexuals?

      • As the Attorney General, Cuccinelli attempted to resurrect sodomy laws in Virginia and has trumpetted that in his campaign. It is a highlight in his socially conservative political positions.

    • Ever try writin to the guy??? I mean he may have already gotten a lot of letters of support but try tellin him you will only vote for him if he cuts the crap bout legislating how you bone your wife. It may get his attention it may not but you probably won’t be the only one tellin him that.

      • This isn’t the guy’s first election. He’s picked his positions to appeal to a specific audience and I’m not it. If his position is that socially conservative, then he’d have to move far enough to make me no longer trust him.

    • so youre willing to risk losing your gun rights and live in a with laws as restrictive as New York? Because that’s Mcauliffes stated goal.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Democrat moneyed interests are pumping cash into Sarvis’ campaign to keep that loser in the race. The whole Sarvis campaign is a false flag operation.

  12. I guarantee all these third party voters will be the first ones here bitching about McAuliffe when he’s elected, and they truly will have nobody else to blame but themselves.

    Sometimes there’s a thing called “lesser of two evils”. Covering your eyes/ears and pretending that your vote is “sending a message” ain’t gonna do squat.

    I don’t know why I’m even arguing here… I don’t have a horse in this race because I don’t live in Virginia. I DO, however, live in New Jersey so I can see the results of where you’ll be in 10-15 years if the Democrats take over.

    Your backs are against the ropes, you don’t have the luxury of stickin’ it to the poor Republican choice. The Dem’s get their foot in the door in the current anti-2A political environment and it’s a looooong way down.

    • I think that if the Virginia GOP selects a candidate that VA libertarians and moderate democrats could get behind, they’d have a lot more success. If it takes losing an election to realize that, then I can’t save them from themselves. I can only speak for myself but I will never vote for Cuccinelli and I suspect the folks currently polling for Sarvis feel this way.

      I think that if McAuliff does get elected, it will be better for VA gun rights. That guy is a left wing nut and I’m reasonably sure that the state legislators are going to resist anything that has his stink on it. We’ll gain democratic support just because those guys won’t want to look like McAuliff stooges.

      I think we saw that happening with Obama and Bloomberg nationally. That their support for anti gun rights legislation ultimately hurt its chances for passing. I hope so. I don’t see this as a dramatic shift in Virginia’s electorate, I just think the GOP ran a poor candidate and is paying the price.

      • a candidate that VA libertarians and moderate democrats could get behind

        Or, maybe offer the voters some unicorns and rainbows. There is no candidate that can attract both Libertarians and “moderate” Democrats. Never happened.

  13. The real key is the House of Delegates. If the Republicans can hold a majority then they can keep our gun rights intact and keep McAuliffe from looting the state.. Remember that McAuliffe’s votes are very concentrated in a few legislative districts. He could win 90% of the vote there, get himself elected but not effect the makeup of the Legislature. Also the Senate is not up for election this year. It is split 20-20 and I suspect that several of the Democratic Senators are Craig Deeds types. Remember that two elections ago Deeds got the NRA endorsement.

  14. Gun control is hitting where you aim! You anti-American fe-men are criminal scum, just like the criminals you protect by trying to disarm American mothers who would or who have used firearms to protect themselves and their families from “teens” and “youths” and rapists, robbers, and murderous home invaders!

  15. Did they PhotoShop someone out of that picture of does the little girl in the red chair have awfully long legs and large feet?

    • Good catch. The McAlf sign probably was an afterthought.
      It may not have even been a McAlf sign the two girls are holding. The American flag sticking out of that girls left ear though…ouch! They’re likely standing in somebody’s driveway. They’re probably all neighbors and are also on the board of their HOA as well.

      WE ARE!!!…STEPFORD!!!!

  16. The key will be voter turnout in NoVA. Hopefully low, so ROVA can keep us from going full retard. I’m also of the opinion that my ballot just goes through a shredder in my NoVA district, as it goes into a machine with no proof that my vote impacts anything, fwiw.

  17. For what it’s worth…I live in Texas and I donated five dollars to Cuccinelli’s campaign. How about we all just donate five bucks to the candidate we *would* vote for if we lived there? If an ass-load of PoTG would put even a small amount of their money where their mouths are, then maybe we can even the playing field a bit. I can’t afford to give twenty dollars to every candidate I would vote for, but I think I can swing five for the really crucial ones where it’s neck-and-neck like this.

    Fro the record, as a Libertarian, I just wish we could get rid of “parties.” Then people would be forced to vote based on issues, not what consonant follows someone’s name. While I’m dreaming, I’ll also take a million dollars, a pet Tyrannosaurus with machine-gun eyes, and a rum fountain. Fellow Libertarians, until the rest of the world wakes up walks with us hand-in-hand into the perfect world we know we can make, let’s swallow our pride and keep people like McAuliffe et al. from totally destroying this non-perfect one we have to live in for now. Please?


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