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With friends like these…. Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown got the word this week that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has officially endorsed his reelection bid. Whoohoo! Brown’s being challenged by Democrat and (pseudo-Native American) Elizabeth Warren. You may question the value (or harm) of the endorsement of a mayor from a different state, but this is Mayor Mike, someone whose opinion of his own influence and importance is only rivaled by the size of his bank account. Given Hizzoner’s political proclivities, you may expect that Ms. Warren would have gotten the Bloomberg nod, so why is he tilting toward Senator Scott? Well guns, of course . . .

But wait – Warren’s as anti-2A as you’d expect any Bay State Dem to be, so what’s the deal? Bloomy spox Stu Loeser sez it’s the Senator’s stance on one particular issue that caught the bilious billionaire’s eye. As he told the NYT,

“If you take a tough stand and buck party orthodoxy that helps the City of New York, the mayor would like to support you,” Mr. Bloomberg’s spokesman, Stu Loeser, said Thursday.

Mr. Brown has generally received high ratings from gun rights organizations and has not pushed for renewing a federal assault-weapons ban or for tightening restrictions on gun shows. But Mr. Loeser said the mayor had been won over by the senator’s “tough stand” opposing a measure that would have required states to honor concealed-weapons permits issued by other states.

Yep, it’s concealed carry reciprocity that has the Mayor all hot and bothered. So much so that he’s willing to throw all the support his diminutive frame can muster behind a Republican Senator in another state.

“The biggest reason the mayor is supporting Senator Brown is the senator’s help on one of our biggest gun issues: opposing concealed-carry reciprocity that would let people with gun permits from rural states like Arkansas and Kentucky carry hidden handguns in New York City,” Mr. Loeser said.

It’s bad enough that Mike can’t do anything to stop all those uni-toothed sister-humpers from strolling Fifth Avenue should they have the inclination. But the prospect of them doing it while strapped gives an urban sophisticate like the Mayor a spine-jarring case of the heeby-jeebies. Never mind the fact that the proposed law explicitly prohibits toting in jurisdictions where it’s otherwise prohibited.

So relax, Mike. Even if Cletus and Delmer somehow manage to find their way across the Hudson in their ’71 El Camino, it will still be illegal for them to pack heat in your fair city whether the proposed legislation passes or not. There’s no need to muster your army and erect barricades at all the bridges and tunnels. Not yet, anyway. Besides, we doubt the Big Apple tops the vacation destination list of many Wildcat and Hog fans so you won’t have to wait in line any longer than usual at Barney Greengrass, okay?

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    • More like the King of the northeast corner of the country. His city police are conducting unannounced “secret” investigations in NJ, CT, VA and other places. They are doing stuff that is angering folks in other states as well as the FBI on whose toes they are definitely stepping on. This nitwit needs to be unemployed ASAP at the very minimum, although I would personally like to see his majesty, the mayor serve a few years in a federal prison for violating the civil rights of the 8 million people that live in NYC.

      • I would love to see a couple of the NYPD guys playing spy vs. spy in somebody else’s jurisdiction screw up badly enough to get a night’s stay with the local gendarmes.

      • This. Especially with his blatant violation of the 4th amendment, that bastard needs to spend time in a Federal “pound me in the ass” prison.

    • Bloomie’s behavior is getting more and more bizarre. One solution to his problem: seal off his toxic bubble and let no one in or out. Then the right to carry reciprocity wouldn’t matter. It’s easier to implement than his vision: Bringing the entire U.S. under NYC law and his personal command–Bloomie’s idea of reciprocity. In fact it’s already been done and he is the king. His problem is no one else knows and acknowledges it.

  1. Come on Dan, it is not always about a gun. Do you think Warren is less of an anti than Brown? Or does it have something to do with her strong stance to regulate the finance industry and this is convenient cover?

    • Except it is in this case.

      “Mr. Loeser said the mayor had been won over by the senator’s “tough stand” opposing a measure that would have required states to honor concealed-weapons permits issued by other states.”

      Mike probably doesn’t like Warren’s financial industry regulatory inclinations either. But this is the stated case for endorsing Brown.

      • Dan, “probably doesn’t like Warren’s….” really!?! He hates financial regulation more than trans fats and smoking. Financal regulation is the real issue, it is always about money.

        Although his gun control issues are out of control.

        It is funny, as a New Yorker, I can get a weapon delivered to my apt. No questions asked, (brand new) within four hours. Probably not an HK, but defiantly a Glock.

        So much for gun control

    • Elizabeth Warren is an unqualified fraud. She is a socialist. She is a propagandist for the White Wash homies in DC. She will not honorably represent anyone who disagrees with her. finally she is almost as delusional as the mayor in NY. I lived in that once grand city for 20 wears, from my early 20’s to mid 40s. My family (Father brother sister) lived there even longer and the depraved results of the socialistic policies, primarily rent control, have reduced it to the object of ridicule you hear from around the country. That is not a judgement of the people of the 5 boroughs.

      And it’s ALL about the gun. George Washington (maybe you have heard of him) felt the private ownership of weapons by private citizens was as important to our countries future freedom as the Constitution. Regarding Bloomfool’s statement about getting guns of the street will make cops safer, getting guns out of the hands of some cops would make citizens safer. More citizens (mostly unarmed) we killed by police than there were cops (all armed) killed by civilians . Freedom vs domination is an ongoing struggle. Mighty Mike’s socialist agenda is more dangerous to the people of this country and their freedoms than private ownership of weapons.

  2. “There’s no need to muster your army and erect barricades at all the bridges and tunnels.”

    Boy, if only…

    Every day I wish for the powers that be to shave a little off the sides of the continental US. And while you’re at it, take the beard off too.

    • Hell, I’m still pissed that Superman stopped western California from falling into the ocean back in 1978. We could have eliminated half of our countries problems with one earthquake.

  3. “the proposed law explicitly prohibits toting in jurisdictions where it’s otherwise prohibited.”

    Correct, but concealed carry in NYC is not prohibited. It’s highly (to say the least) restricted, but not prohibited. There are thousands of concealed carriers in NYC. Therefore, national reciprocity would allow out-of-state license holders to carry in NYC. And that, my friend, would break Mayor Mike’s monopoly on issuing permits to his fellow billionaires and other privileged people.

    The situation is different in Illinois. Since IL prohibits concealed carry, national reciprocity would not allow O-O-S license holders to carry in Chicago or anyplace else in the Land of Lincoln.

    • Oops. Ralphie has a point. Guess Cletus and Delmer may be walking the mean streets of the east side while packin’ after all. The horror…the horror….

    • 12 dead, 58 wounded. This is a little less than a 2 week total for Chicago. Week after week after week for a city with the most resrictive gun laws in the country. Enough said.

  4. from NBC News:
    “Chicago children’s hospital cancels Batman appearance after Colo. massacre”

    Never fear. The Chicago machine will never cease to amaze you. If they practiced common sense and took advantage of the teaching opportunity they would have an informed Batman visit the kids and talk about how guns are a tool, and can be used for good and bad, etc.

  5. Let us just cut to the chase, and offer up NYC for sale to Britian. The citizens get to live in the nanny-state they always wanted, while Hizzonor the Mayor gets to work for a government which criminalizes self defense and gun ownership.
    As for us Americans, we officially seal off the border of NYC as a foreign country.


  6. IF Lady liberty could walk, she’d leave the harbor and find other resting grounds, The freedom legal immigrants once came to America for are being eroded away, if not hacked away by the likes of Bloomberg and The Chicago political machine.

  7. Speaking as a proud descendant of hill people and textile workers, born in North Carolina and currently residing in Arkansas, Mayor Bloombutt may feel free to kiss my taters–after they’ve passed through me–bless his heart with coronary disease.

    Something else I just noticed. Bloomy has a spokesperson named Loser?

  8. Is there any a way a law could be passed that makes it illegal for Boobberg’s New Yorkan supporters to leave the island of Manhattan?

  9. Dan, Since I believe it is “theoretically” possible to get a CCW permit in NYC (and definitely is in NY State if you can affort th $500 or so it costs to go through the process) if you are rich and famous enough, then I think the CCW Reciprocity would affect Hizzoner. Or am I missing the reality again? I thought the proposed law went to state law, not local.

  10. I support National Concealed Carry 100%. It should be just like a drivers license!

    NT laws affect me, even up here in Maine. Can’t get to the rest of the country through NY or Canada. Regardless of whether another State permits carry or not, NY blocks me.

    With that said, I am concerned that the politicians may try another end run. Remember the old saying, “Watch out for those Georgia Speed Traps!”

    ADC USN/Ret

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