Armed members of the "NFAC" march through downtown Louisville, Ky., toward the Hall of Justice on Saturday, July 25, 2020. Hundreds of activists demanded justice for Breonna Taylor during the demonstrations in her hometown that drew counter-protesters from a white militia group. Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT, was fatally shot when police officers burst into her Louisville apartment using a no-knock warrant during an investigation. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)
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The National Rifle Association and its elected allies seem to think that [open carry at protests] should be the new normal. They want civilians armed to the teeth in state after state, city after city. As awful as that prospect might be, it is nonetheless gaining traction. Twenty-one states now allow the open and concealed carry of firearms without a permit — a status that gun activists call “constitutional carry.” Six states joined that list this year, most recently Texas in September (despite a majority of residents opposing the legislation).

Absent government intervention, this trend suggests that more incidents like Kenosha are all but inevitable. Authorities need to recognize that protests are an inherently charged situation, and that armed citizens are a threat to the First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly they’re meant to express. State and local governments have many options for restricting firearms at demonstrations that are perfectly compatible with the Second Amendment, including enforcing existing laws against intimidation and menacing, prohibiting armed militias from attending such events, and banning open carry at sensitive places.

They should do everything in their power to enact commonsense reforms — before the next protest leads to the next round of needless bloodshed.

— Editorial, The Dangers of Guns at Protests Are Too Big to Ignore

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    • If anything needs to be learned from Wisconsin it’s seeing peaceful, unarmed Americans getting mowed down and ground up like hamburger beneath the wheels of a SUV driven by who? That would be a mental case with a rap sheet a mile long who was released by a judge just like judges that slap criminals on the wrist and places them back on the streets of mini mike’s very own NYC.

      Busy body mini mike and his band of Gun Control nazis want milquetoast America to fear people who open carry, conceal carry or even have a firearm. Listen close to mini mike and it’s easy to conclude you owning a firearm turns you, “Black.” There’s a long history of just how the democRat Party demonized “Black” and the sneaky tactics from that history are what mini mike and his ilk use to demonize today’s law abiding gun owners. It’s tactics straight from the same buckets of race based poo that history confirms belongs to the democRat Party. Clearly mini mike and his ilk didn’t invent the tactics they use to demonize you…Bro.

      • According to MSM it was the SUV that did the killing and the injuring in that “accident” (their words), they practically denied that there was even a driver present in that “evil” vehicle.

  1. So bricks, frozen water bottles, baseball bats and Molotov cocktails are “ok” WRT Freedom to Assemble, but guns are not, because it puts those with the bricks, etc, at a disadvantage (due likely to White Privilege).

    • Nailed it.

      You lose the protection of a ‘protest’ the moment a skateboard is used as a cudgel, and a dumpster is lit in flames. That is felony crime.

      You don’t bring trouble, there won’t be trouble. So simple, a mentally-ill demented troll could figure it out… 😉

      • I don’t really think setting dumpsters on fire is a felony. Maybe. But the REAL FELONY is when you roll that flaming dumpster through a plate glass window into a business.

    • Bricks, frozen water bottles, baseball bats and Molotov cocktails don’t fit the lefts narrative.
      It HAS TO FIT THE NARRATIVE. If a white guy shoots a white guy with a bolt action .22, that’s no good. It has to be a white guy shot a black guy with an AR style assault rifle.

    • Yup.

      If law enforcement wants protesters to leave the hardware at home, the ‘counter-protesters’ need to be arrested and prosecuted when they attack protesters. Bringing hardware is a response to politicians telling law enforcement to stand down and let protests by disapproved groups be attacked.

  2. The Bill of Rughts does not say “choose one” at the top, and it’s sad to see the same arguments used to trample the rights of the Black Panthers in the 1960’s being trotted out by the racists of today.

  3. The dangers of protests becoming riots are too big to ignore. In Kenosha, the police were overwhelmed and hamstrung by ROE imposed by local and state officials. The riots that developed out of the protests are the very reason Rittenhouse and many others armed themselves. The government wasn’t doing to stop the destruction of the downtown business district, so the citizens took it upon themselves. They, in effect, became a militia, the 2nd Amendment personified.

    • Stupid people should remain silent. Often a person exercising their 2A rights is also a form of expressing their 1A rights.

  4. Bloomberg can lick my balls.. If mf’ers can Cary bats, iron pipes, bricks, Molotov cocktails then law abiding people can exercise their constitutional right to self protection and carry.. Bloomberg can get the f@#$ out if he doesn’t like it..

  5. “…this trend suggests that more incidents like Kenosha are all but inevitable…”

    Only if protester at the “First Amendment Exercise Zones” threaten others with eminent bodily harm. Did Bloomburg news not follow the Rittenhouse trial?

    • @Mark_PAV

      I thought your use of the word “eminent” was a delightful tongue-in-cheek reference to Bloomberg’s overblown sense of self-importance…whereas the use of “imminent” would have been routine and boring.

  6. The point here is that if I choose to carry a firearm, that only helps you to say what you were going to say. You have the right to say what you will and I will back up that right, even if I am opposed to it.
    The majority of firearms in this country are held to be used defensively (over 99.9%). Sure, there are those that misuse tools, those that would run a car into a parade, make bombs out of pressure cookers, other hateful acts. The fact that so many people have defensive firearms should put the crazies on notice.

    • Uhhhhmmm, that Brooks freak? I’d be just as happy if people didn’t politicize him. He had no political statement to make. Instead, he is just a subhuman sumbitch. He didn’t care if the victim were white or black, liberal or conservative, old or young. Only a couple weeks previously, he had attempted to run over an ex-girl friend. Nothing political at all, he’d run anyone over who displeased him

  7. “this trend suggests that more incidents like Kenosha are all but inevitable…”

    Wait…so at each of these riots we can expect more dead pedophiles?


    • Conspiracy beliefs that are more run-of-the-mill — that a cabal of greedy bankers runs the world’s economy, or that the moon landing was faked — just don’t carry the same emotional freight as a charge of child exploitation.

      QAnon initially mobilized around the claim that the “deep state” was working to thwart President Trump. But the narrative became a more compelling tale of moral struggle when those enemies were accused of harming children in a particularly horrific way.

      Research that focuses not on ideology but on the “thinking styles” differentiate people who are inclined to believe conspiracies and those who aren’t. Those who rely heavily on their intuitions and tend to believe that unseen forces guide our lives appear to be more prone to believe conspiracies than are people who embrace analysis and look for scientific explanations.

      For people whose intuition tells them that there’s something rotten at the top, the addition of a pedophile conspiracy may make an otherwise unsatisfying narrative simply too much to resist.

      In conclusion the Far Right always lose when they denigrate science so they like to demonize the people they are in disagreement with so adding pedophiles into the mix makes their opponents into evil sub-human monsters.

  8. All “zones” (areas) are “First Amendment Exercise Zones” if the government (including federal, state, county, local) must allow First Amendment exercise which is anywhere on/in public property, like for example, a sidewalk on a normal day like any other day “special event/protest” of not. So essentially Bloomberg wants to ban firearms anyplace in public property spaces, but that open carry is also an exercise of First Amendment rights because its self expression of exercising a right called the Second Amendment – you know Bloomberg, that thing in the Bill of Rights part of that thing called the Constitution, from which you derive your First Amendment to publish this spit-dribble of “opinion” now. So its rights for thee but not for me, huh.

    “They should do everything in their power to enact commonsense reforms — before the next protest leads to the next round of needless bloodshed.”

    I agree, commonsense reforms should be enacted to keep the violent mentally unstable and violent convicted felon criminal elements from turning the “next protest” into another round of these violent mentally unstable and violent criminal elements violently and with intended malice from attacking another law abiding person with skateboards and illegal felon possessed guns intending to cause “needless bloodshed”. ’cause you know, if you put even half of your hot air into doing something that actually keeps these types off the street we would all be safer and maybe not as many of these violent mentally unstable and violent convicted felon criminal elements would get shot.

    You Bloomberg, personify part of the very reason we need guns – to protect us from the violent mentally unstable and violent criminal elements you seem real interested in releasing as soon as possible.

  9. “As awful as [participants bringing firearms to “protests”] might be, it is nonetheless gaining traction.”

    At the risk of stating the obvious, something gains traction when people like it or see a need.

  10. I don’t need permission from the Bloomberg Editorial Board to protect myself or my property when their Antifa/BLM friends decide to hold a “mostly peaceful” 1st amendment protest that threatens the life or property of me or my friends. These leftist bastards define rioting and looting as some sort of protected free speech and that armed resistance to them threatens the foundations of the 1st amendment. F off!

    If the government did its job and used the police to control these rioters, ordinary people wouldn’t feel required to proactively tool up and take to the streets to do it themselves a la Rittenhouse.

    Besides, what the Bloomberg crowd doesn’t get is that the 2nd amendment isn’t some sort of grant to me from the government that can revoked at it’s pleasure. I don’t need no steenkin 2nd amendment to protect me and mine. I got that from God, not the government.

    F Bloomberg and FJB

    • Ticked Off,

      “These leftist bastards define rioting and looting as some sort of protected free speech and that armed resistance to them threatens the foundations of the 1st amendment.”

      That is correct. And no, my response is NOT sarcasm.

      I have touched upon this concept several times recently. The Far Left defines an action as “wrong” or “right” based on the political affiliations of the people involved, rather than timeless objective standards of wrong versus right. It therefore should come as no surprise that the Far Left defines virtually everything that the Far Left does as “right” and virtually everything that “others” do as “wrong”.

      This is why the Far Left says that their members’ actions are “right” when THEY “protest”, where “protests” include vandalism, looting, arson, aggravated assault, and murder. That is also why the Far Left says that “others” are “wrong” when they impede Far Left “mostly peaceful protesters”.

      This is NOT a rational nor logical controversy. That being the case, we cannot win-over (e.g. persuade) the Far Left through appeals to rational and logical ideals. We might win-over fence-sitters that way. But we will not win-over the Far Left that way.

    • antiFU and BM are the militarised brown-shirt wing of the national democrat party- make no mistake! They are out to KILL YOU, conservative America!

  11. Absent government intervention, this trend suggests that more incidents like Kenosha are all but inevitable.

    The author came soooooo close and yet still missed a ginormous pearl of wisdom. We can understand the actual problem and an effective solution if we slightly reword the author’s statement:

    This trend, where government intervention (to stop violent rioters at protests) is absent, suggests that more incidents like Kenosha are all but inevitable.

    • Bloomberg should be offering a whopper of an apology, the apology to end all apologies, the mother of all apologies – a white guy of privilege wanting to impose racists gun control on, and disarm, black folks and other races.

    • .40 cal Booger,

      I heard about the Salvation Army going “woke”. If I can confirm it, I will never give another single dime to the Salvation Army. And that would be incredibly sad because the Salvation Army used to be an outstanding organization which did outstanding work.

  12. Invert that.

    Tell an armed gathering of people they can’t have their 1st.

    See, that’s why the 2nd matters.

  13. So, it’s the fate of Antifa arsonists to be shot while mostly peacefully burning down neighborhoods, rioting, and looting? Well, good. The expression “you loot, we shoot” comes to mind. Also, “don’t bring a skateboard to a gun fight.” Finally, “keep your dirty, filthy hands off the children. ”

    Hollywood is really gonna hate that last one.

    • Ralph,

      “Hollywood is really gonna hate that last one.”

      You have no idea. I heard a credible first-hand account of someone who witnessed members of California’s Ruling Class hosting “parties” where they drugged and then raped and/or murdered (e.g. a “snuff party”) young teens.

      The fact that 99% of our population categorically rejects the possibility of such events is what makes them possible.

  14. I guess ANTIFA and BLM supporters looting, rioting, destruction, and killing approximately 30 individuals are 1st Amendment protected rights of free speech in Bloomberg’s eyes and his followers. We now know from the Rittenhouse trial that the FBI has high resolution video coverage from helicopters of the looting, rioting, and destruction of the Summer of 2020 in our cities. Why have so few been charged with the destruction of last year? Free speech or bought for commiecrat DAs. What else is the FBI withholding that could help to bring federal charges against these individuals? Probably not with Harris funding their bail release from donors.

  15. So, little Mike wants to cancel the real 1A for propaganda? This is why you lose a ton of money at the election polls.

  16. The article was “right on the beam”. Thugs from the Nazi Far Right like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers are simply modern day Nazi Storm Troopers espousing the same right wing propaganda that Hitler spewed complete with hateful racism, xenophobia, and bigotry.

    The Far Right scream endlessly about the Second Amendment but are hell bent on destroying the 1st Amendment and of course free and fair elections by the passing of Republican sponsored voter suppression laws.

    The Republicans have admitted that if free and fair elections were implemented and determined by the will of the majority (real democracy) they would cease to exist as a political party.

    The greatest danger to the American way of life is the traitorous Far Right Lunatic storm troopers. As verified by the FBI and other law enforcement studies.

    And until we have Police reform in this country the riots over police brutality and murder will go on and on.

        • OK I guess it’s possible because this sure sounds like you.

          People also ask

          Can you get a disability check for being crazy?

          If you have a mental health condition that limits your ability to perform routine daily tasks and keeps you from performing work to earn a living, you may qualify for disability benefits administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

    • darcydodo…I hate to pee on you and your parades of utter stupidity, slander and libel but make no mistake about it because it is as clear as the nose on your face and without any doubt whatsoever…”You Are Exactly What You Claim To Disdain.”

      America is a Republic and not mob rule so the Electoral College stays and you go. Police Reform? How’s Defund The Police Working bozo? You got what you stole and it’s called Jim Crow Gun Control joe. Like thieves who stole a concert violin from a master you and your ilk do not have a clue how to play it and just as bad…you are too stuck on stupid to learn.

      • To Debbie She Wolf of the SS

        quote————America is a Republic————quote

        Standard ignorant reply from he Far Right. In reality our Republic is an Oligarchy of the Rich and Powerful which is the exact opposite of true freedom under democracy and the will of the people.

        quote————Electoral College stays————quote

        The Electoral College was instituted by Southern Slave States to thwart the will of the American people who were against slavery. It was a tyranny of the minority over the will of the majority which is the antithesis of Democracy and the mirror of a quasi dictatorship of the rich and powerful i.e. once again an Oligarchy.

        quote————– Police Reform? How’s Defund The Police Working bozo?————quote

        Civilized Countries spend the money to properly train police and pass laws that makes it easy to prosecute killer cops and fire bad cops. Civilized Countries vet out police applicants that are sadists, killers, bullies and deranged lunatics. Until this happens in the U.S. the killing of over 1,000 people each year will not only continue but get far worse. No other police forces of industrialized nations slaughter that many of their citizens every year. Not even China.

        • “To Debbie She Wolf…”

          Deborah is a wolf, with *sharp* teeth, and don’t you ever forget that… 🙂

    • You poor pitiful mental midget.

      Take your sorry self off, and look up Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’. Your Antifa, CRT, 1619 Project, and all your progressive heros are pushing for that exact same thing in America. Expect to hear stories soon about sons and daughters helping their school chums to beat their parents to death, because Mom and Dad weren’t woke enough.

      Antifa is all about Marxism, while stealing Mao’s tactics.

      • What Dacian avoids mentioning is the FACT that the right-wing paramilitaries (of which the SA Hitlerites was but one) arose in response to the rise of communist/bolshevist/radical leftist street gangs and militias in Germany during 1919. Bolshevists took power in Bavaria (The Bavarian Soviet Republic) and initiated a terrorist communist government that systematically hunted down and shot Rightists and other conservative and moderate groups. The bolshevist regime didnt last long once the right/conservative/military organised and struck back, replacing the soviets with constitutional republican government.

  17. I knew this article would stir up the pencil necked bubble heads. Don’t pay him any attention guys. First, he doesn’t deserve it. Second, there is no cure for stupidity.

  18. Your description of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers sounds exactly like the rioters and looters of the BLM and Antifa movements. Do you have the same disdain for them as well?

    What is voter suppression? Requiring proof of identity or have a chain of custody of a ballot from the voter to the counter? Do you have an example of actual voter suppression by the Rs?

    We do need police reform, we also need a honest and objective discussion based on facts and not lies about incidents. Until we discuss the truth together nothing can be done to correct the actual issues. But when the lies are the narrative a real discussion cannot be had.

    • to Wannabee Paratrooper

      quote————————–“What is voter suppression? Requiring proof of identity or have a chain of custody of a ballot from the voter to the counter? Do you have an example of actual voter suppression by the Rs?”—————quote

      You fell right into the out house on this one. You are really dumber than I thought.

      It was the Republicans especially Republican Governors that either took away or outlawed mail in drop off boxes for voters making poorer voters sometimes drive long distances to vote.

      They also shut down voting places in poorer districts,

      they make voting as time consuming and complicated as they can to discourage poorer people from voting,

      they have fought mail in balloting,

      they are against making it mandatory people vote,

      they are totally against voting by computer as some European countries have done (and no they do not have massive voter fraud),

      they have often shortened the hours of voting to cut off people who work late,

      they have passed laws making it even illegal to give a person water standing in line to vote.


      This week we on Fareed Zacharia GPS he showed vidoes where Republican Politicians screamed they did not want every American to vote, only those that were Conservative. Again Hitler would have loved the Republicans.

        • You made the statement that Republicans have not used voter suppression so it is you who are avoiding the truth.

          quote——————– BLM and Antifa movements. Do you have the same disdain for them as well?————-quote

          They were protesting Police murder and brutality so no I have no problem with them protesting.

          Its also interesting to note that the Far Right like yourself only support the cops when they are killing black people and other minorities.

        • My previous reply was further down the page. Check timestamp I replied to your accusations.

          I support evidence and facts not the narrative. The protests were fueled by a le started in Ferguson and continued even tho it was proved to be a lie. Protests are fine. Riots and looting are not. Portions of BLM were protesting. Antifa was not protesting and were using violence, which you seem to be supportive of? Then a portion of BLM, like Antifa were rioting over a lie.

          As I stated, until we use facts, nothing can be done. If facts are bad for your side, maybe revaluation is in order for you..

          I have never made such a statement about the killing of minorities or others. When something is wrong, i blame those who did the wrong. Always. Integrity, you should try it sometime.

        • To Paratrooper Wannabe

          quote————–Portions of BLM were protesting. Antifa was not protesting and were using violence, which you seem to be supportive of?————-quote

          More of your Right Wing absolute lies. The Proud Boys were caught at the seen of some of the riots in more than one city posing as Left Wing people and starting fires. When caught they were identified by the police as members of the Far Right. It was all over the news in the U.S. and also World Wide so you could not have missed it unless you had your nose stuck on Fox News.

      • Hey stupid. Roughly 2/3 of Democrats, and very nearly 2/3 of each of Black, Hispanic, and females want to see Voter ID laws. It’s only the batshit crazy progressives like yourself who want to end Voter ID. You crazies just make stuff up in an attempt to justify your batshittery.

        I guess you don’t remember a century of democrat voting suppression known as “Jim Crow”, whereby blacks were deprived of their right to vote. I remember it distinctly.

  19. I dont think bringing gunms to a peaceful protest is a good idea.
    However if a person wants to then that’s up to them.
    I dont go to protest rally things, to many elf bee eyes with microphones disguised as pickles.


      Really? You have no podium to SHOUT to this forum that your democRat Party ever stood on point for minority voters. That’s like trying to say the democRat Party does not own the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. Atrocities that went north, south, east and west or wherever democRats were found. If you do not think voter fraud is not wrapped up in all of the aforementioned dodo you are f-n dreaming.

      You shouldn’t bet your retirement checks that democRats did not suppress the Black Vote not once but many times throughout history. In fact the very same slander and libel tactics used against POTUS DJT came straight from the your democRat Party Jim Crow playbook.

      You need to stfu and demand your democRat Party be held Monetarily Liable for its long despicable history of Race Based Atrocities. How about sharing that retirement check with those your despicable democRat Party disenfranchised throughout history?

      • To Debbie who flunked history classes.

        We are speaking of what is going on in this country today not during the distant past including the Civil War. The Southern Democrats you speak of are extinct and have been for decades as they now belong to the Republican Party. You would have known this if you had not flunked history classes and political science assuming you ever had such classes.

        You are so ignorant you vote for the very party that has kept you from receiving affordable health and drug care and kept you from getting affordable job re-training or affordable higher education for your children.

        You vote for the party that has made sure any criminal or nut case can buy all the deadly weapons they want making it a certainty that the law abiding gun owner will take all the blame and that future draconian anti-gun laws will be passed by a fed up and terrorized public to frightened to even go X-Mass shopping or send their kids to school every day.

        In other words like most of the Far Right you are always your own worst enemy by voting for your worst enemies because of your ignorance of History.


          Read your own dodo words…”None have…ever done…none.” What you and your ilk are doing today and have been doing for many decades is trying to rewrite history by using gutless slander and libel…marxist style.

          This forum is dedicated to the Second Amendment which is centuries old. That means you do not get to select which time frame fits your pathetic preposterous narrative. Your stinking rotten democRat Party didn’t begin the moment you flunked high school history. The democRat Party began centuries ago.

          I suggest you visit the dnc site and notice the missing democRat Party history. It’s missing because the party was neck high in the previously noted embarrassing race based atrocities.

          You are nothing more than another worthless gutless wonder who cannot man up and hold your party Monetarily Liable on the behalf of those you claim to care so much about…Ain’t dat right?

    • MSN news had no problem trying to subvert the jury hearing Rittenhouse’s case, did they? If the damnfool “producer” hadn’t run a red light, he would have doxxed all of the jurors. Tell us more about your fascist left!

  20. …this trend suggests that more incidents like Kenosha are all but inevitable.

    If they’re talking about the trend where leftists and assorted barbarians burn, loot, and murder while the government tacitly (sometimes explicitly) encourages it, yes, more Kenosha style incidents are all but inevitable.


    Jim Crow never happened or literacy tests in Democratic places? I thought you claimed to be a history major.

    Jimmy Carter stated mail in ballots invited fraud, hardly a Conservative voice.

    No one should be made to vote, if you choose not to vote you not invested. Do you really want disinterested people being forced to vote? We have people who don’t even know who the POTUS or VP is and you want to force them to vote?

    Wait, when Trump was elected it was because of hacking and fraud? But now it is somehow secure to vote by the internet? No voting machine or mechanism should be on the internet at all. If the Government servers can be hacked, then a threat exists. Nor should there be unattended boxes for ballots, either side can make those ballots disappear. Common sense things.

    Water? You can’t give out water as part of a campaign effort. Just like voters were taken to saloons and bars in the old days to garner their vote, no campaign organization should be allowed to give anything at all to voters to bribe votes. If you kept your mouth shut, didn’t wear campaign paraphernalia you could hand out water all day to your hearts content and not violate the law.

    Voting is easy. I registered when I turned 18 and no problem doing so. I was even able to get an absentee ballot when I was out of the Country. I even voted from combat zones. Don’t tell me voting is hard. My job now I travel the US for what I do. Guess what, I can still easily vote. Not even absentee. It is called being proactive and planning.

    Did you also know in your civilized Europe voter ID is the norm? I bet you think that deters voting here, but not there right? Every State in the US has free ID for those who cannot afford it, so the idea minorities are not smart enough to get ID is repulsive from the Left.

    Your tired talking points are of the lazy.

    • to Paratrooper Wannabe

      quote————–Wait, when Trump was elected it was because of hacking and fraud?—————-quote

      Trump was only elected due to the corrupt Electoral College, he actually lost the election because the majority of voters (millions) voted against him in the popular vote in both elections and overwhelmingly in the last one. In the last election he lost both the popular and electoral vote.

      quote————-Voting is easy.———–quote

      Bullshit. Have someone explain my first post to you.

      quote—————-Jim Crow never happened or literacy tests in Democratic places? I thought you claimed to be a history major.————-quote

      We were speaking of what is going on today not back in the past so quit harping on the dead hand of the past it has no validity to the Democratic party of today. You fool no one except people as ignorant as yourself. And I might add political genius who obviously flunked his history classes the Northern Democrats were a very different group of people than the Democrats of the South even in the distant past.

      quote—————If the Government servers can be hacked, then a threat exists. Nor should there be unattended boxes for ballots, either side can make those ballots disappear. Common sense things.————–quote

      More Right Wing excuses and lies. Show me when any of your fantasies and lies ever happened either here or in Europe. It has not. Europeans for years have voted this way including by computer and again it never has happened. Voter fraud in the U.S. is almost infinitesimal when the actual numbers are computed.

      quote—————Do you really want disinterested people being forced to vote? ————–quote

      Its every persons right to vote and your statement is right out of Hitler’s Germany, par for the Far Right. And maybe the disinterested voters would be “more interested” if they did not have to jump through hoops or drive hundreds of miles to vote as they must in some Republican controlled Western States.

      quote—————-Did you also know in your civilized Europe voter ID is the norm? I bet you think that deters voting here, but not there right? Every State in the US has free ID for those who cannot afford it, so the idea minorities are not smart enough to get ID is repulsive from the Left.—————quote

      You avoid what I have already stated to mask the truth. I never said that you should not have any i.d. to vote but that it should not require you to jump through hoops or drive hundreds of miles to vote or have your voting poles shut down or your voting hours or times curtailed. Nice try on trying to avoid the truth but it did not work. Have someone explain my entire post to you since you either ignored it, did not read it in in its entirety or ignored it with the usual wave of the hand when presented with the truthful facts which you have denied by screaming form the roof tops “do not confuse me with the facts because I will not admit to the truth”

      FACT. Its far, far easier and convenient to vote in Europe than it is in the U.S. and no they do not have massive voter fraud not there and not here either in the U.S. as Republicans constantly lie about. Again History has disproven all the standard Republican lies about voting.

      • darcydodo…You stepped in it with your voting BS drama and you cannot talk your way out. You’ll have to take your shoes off and use a jackhammer to get that demoCrap off.

        Answer the following questions…Why do you need to present a Verified Picture ID to enter a DNC convention? Shouldn’t everyone be able to crash the party just like you want everyone to vote sight unseen, unverified, etc? Answer bozo.

      • For a guy who claims to be smart and educated you’re really fucking stupid.

        “he actually lost the election because the majority of voters (millions) voted against him in the popular vote….”

        Doesn’t mean shit. Never has. That’s not the way presidential elections work in this country and no matter how strongly you feel otherwise – that doesn’t make it so.

        And I repeat – Get a job. Retard.

        • To Klaus Von Wilhelm Klink

          And I repeat go fk yourself and look up the definition of Retirement Herr Hauptman. Go back to your own people in Germany, that is the Far Right over there that still shout “Sieg Heil”. Not to insult the liberal normal upstanding civilized modern day Germans who would spit on you I am sure.

  22. see all those guys with rifles
    thats what its going to look like outside mar a lago when 10k trump supporters show up to keep trump from being taken into custody if he gets indicted like michael cohen says
    and at that point
    we will be as close to april 1861 as weve been since march 1861
    this is next years leading october surprise story candidate

    • “close to april 1861”

      oh nonsense. in 1861 .95 of the population lived on self-supporting farms. here in 2021 .95 of the population live totally dependent on interstate/international finance, all of it centrally controlled.

    • They certainly dont want D Trump running for president again.
      Almost as if they fear he would get re-elected.
      LETS GO BRANDON ! ! !

  23. “First Amendment Exercise Zones Should Be Second Amendment-Free Zones”

    once they get rid of the second, they can shut down the first at leisure.

  24. I’m so glad we have come back this point. It has always been about the open carry of load long guns. That is what the Mulford Act was all about.

    The Second Amendment is not about hunting. Its not about three gun competition. The Second Amendment is not about your childhood memories of shooting with an older relative. I’m glad you have those wonderful memories. But I’m not sure that they prepared you for what the Second Amendment is really for.

    Did Kyle Rittenhouse hunt with a gun when he was a child? I really don’t know the answer that question. Does anybody know? I have not seen any pictures of him wearing hunting gear. Nor are there any photographs of him with a deer or other animal that he harvested. As far as I know Kyle Rittenhouse is just a big city American kid, who was lucky enough to learn about guns. Because most big city American Kids don’t learn about guns.

    It’s long past time that the “gun Community” needs to stand up and support this issue. You should be as comfortable explaining in public your support for the open carry of long guns. Just as you are as comfortable explaining your support for the Ku Klux Klan Marching in black neighborhoods, while they were carrying guns.

    The open carrying of loaded long guns is a First Amendment issue. And this is a good way to find out who is a supporter of civil rights. And who is just a Fudd.

    • “what the Second Amendment is really for”

      it’s for the well-regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state. but many on the right hate the state in any form, refuse to be regulated in any manner, and equate security with isolated individualism (all just like they’ve been trained). so their context is themselves alone, and for them the 2nd is reduced to another version of “me”.

      • A well-regulated militia is made up of like-minded individuals who come together in a common cause, under a common belief system. That organized group of individuals would not exist without the individual ownership of arms. Which is what the second amendment guarantees. The Second Amendment does not guarantee the right to bear arms, only if you are in a militia.

        If that is what you believe you are mistaken. In the American system it is the individual that is King. We in America do not submit ourselves to “the group”. That is the European way of thinking of a serf.

        • “A well-regulated militia is made up of like-minded individuals”

          a well-regulated militia is made up of members of the community who have a common interest in defending their community. isolate right-wingers don’t see themselves as members of any community at all, and experience “community” as “oppression”, and thus reject any notion of militia (ESPECIALLY a well-regulated one) except as meaning themselves and themselves alone. the qualifier of “like-minded” is their evasive out – “I don’t hold with those people (meaning they don’t hold with ME), so they better leave me out of it.”

          you will NEVER find any militia-sized group of people that are “like-minded”. you can EASILY assemble a militia of people with a common interest in defending their community as a whole. and that is why the right has been subject to propaganda for many decades now that “freedom” means “isolation” and “community” means “naaziism” – so that you can all be picked off one at a time while the rest of you stand around saying “not my affair”.

        • “In the American system it is the individual that is King”

          any isolated individual is nothing more than a snack for a predator group. and you’ve been taught to be exactly that.

          nice quote from the movie gods and generals. “As a Christian man, my first allegiance is to God. Then to my state, the state of Virginia. And every other state has a primal claim to the fealty of her citizens and they justly control their allegiance. If Virginia adheres to the United States, I adhere. Her determination must control mine. This is my understanding of patrio­tism. And though I love the Union, I love Virginia more. – Private Jenkins, because of the high regard with which I hold your father, you are free to do as you please. You may return to his new home in Pennsylvania. It is your decision. But, if you decide to stay with us, you may never again leave. If you do, you’ll be treated as a deserter.” stonewall jackson.

          your understanding of the terms “king” and “serf” and “individual” is far removed from what the founders and their descendants understood them to mean – and this was the deliberate intent of the ones who have influenced you.

        • You are very confused. The militia which is a voluntary organization, is made up of people who really do have a common interest. And that comment interest is survival. The survival of the individual and the survival of the community. Because they know that as an organized group they are for more powerful than as an individual. And they can use this organized group to defeat against a common threat, that they all would eventually be facing as individuals.

          And you do not need to be in an organized militia in order to carry Arms. You can simply be a group of your neighbors. Who have come together with Arms to defend your neighborhood against arson attacks and rock throwers.

          And yes people who throw rocks should be shot dead on sight.

        • The southern states were correct in that they could voluntarily secede from the Union. But they made the serious mistake of using violence to do it.

      • He who would surrender essential liberties in exchange for imagined securities, deserves neither.

        I believe that Ben Franklin was talking about you.

      • ” it’s for the well-regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state ”

        Exactly right. The 2A calls for a well-regulated militia. It says nothing, or even implies, the firearms should be regulated. So, good, regulate the militia so every goes right when the sergeant says “right face”. Leave the guns alone.

  25. Isn’t a molotov cocktail a destructive device ?
    Where is the IRS to bust antifa/ blm for tax evasion? Make them pay for the $200 stamp and get a background check.

  26. Those of us that have been following what is going on with the NFAC, know that that group has imploded. It’s leader Grand Master Jay has been exposed as a fraud. And is being called an “agent” of the government, by many in the black community.

    The failure of the NFAC should not deter anyone from exercising their first and second amendment civil rights, to March openly carrying long guns. Everyone can learn from their failure. Don’t have any negligent discharges.

  27. Are you saying Antifa was not rioting? No BLM were rioting?

    I stated truths.

    Who has to drive hundreds of miles to vote? No one unless they on a remote mountain somewhere, and that is doubtful as well.

    I looked up each of your allegations of voter suppression, none offered a shred of proof, all conjecture. Give the proof.

    What hoops to vote are you even talking about? Registering to vote is so simple you can do it, so anyone else shouldn’t have an issue. Or is it the fact you actually have to make minimal effort for the majority of people to vote? Admittedly I have to be proactive to make sure I can vote, but anyone who works the way I do can do it.

    Racism is still alive in todays Democratic Party. Ask any poc who disagrees with the DNC.

    You are a broken record of how bad America is, yet you suck n the teat and stay. If it was as bad as you claim you would be an expat somewhere in Europe.

  28. Bloomberg is as big a tyrant as he is wealthy. Nothing he whines and complains about even applies to him. He is incapable of relating to the life of common people.

  29. GUN control is HITTING your TARGET . . . PERIOD. Go after CRIMINALS with GUNS, NOT guns themselves. LEAVE the LAW ABIDING citizens ALONE – It’s the LAW. That’s what the 2nd Amendment is about. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  30. The only people that are intimidated by a person with a gun is the person intending to do harm to the other people at the protest. And I for one, want to keep it that way.

  31. Tell Bloomberg and his cretin cronies that if they don’t like it here ,get the hello out of America.We’re sick of Liberal loonies spouting BS from their pie holes !!

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