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I’m sorry Adam Lanza shot Erica Lafferty’s mother. I wish he hadn’t done that. I wish Lanza hadn’t shot anyone. I also wish Erica Lafferty’s mother had been carrying a Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight in her pocket. I wish she’d run up to Lanza, pressed the barrel to his chest and pulled the trigger one or more times. And I wish that Eric Lafferty would understand that nothing the Senate could have done on gun control—or could do now—will prevent another spree killer from initiating the same kind of murderous rampage that claimed her mother. And anything they do to disarm law-abiding citizens enables evil, rather than prevents it. As for Chris, well, you can guess my wishes on that score.

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  1. Maybe voted no b/c the law as proposed served to do nothing.

    Typical lib-tard tools – Rendell, Lafferty and Matthews. Just a couple of members of the gun-grabbing circle jerk. If not one thing, it’d be another.

    And Rendell – that not being re-elected thing cuts both ways.

  2. I felt and still feel really bad about what happened to all the Sandy Brook victims, but I still feel the same about guns as before the shooting. I bought the 642 after asking Ralph which revolver he liked, and I love that little revolver. The 642 shoots great and is so light that you forget you’re carrying.

    • I did feel great pity for all the victims, but the more they try to turn their pain into national policy, the more my sympathy evaporates.

      Probably Obama’s fault for pushing them into the limelight. Gave them a sense of importance they don’t indeed have. Kinda like those Hollywood types that feel the need to share their political views with us constantly – because they are, like, so well informed and, like, thoughtful and stuff.

      I know they want to change something so no one else will feel this kind of grief. I get that. But you don’t get to make cars illegal for everyone else because your daughter was killed in a tragic accident. You just don’t. The world continues to go round. Even without your loved one. And if this world sympathy tour were associated with an issue where facts and common sense prevailed, I’m sure someone would have brought that forcibly to their attention. Unfortunately, they have become useful tools.

      Hard for me to continue to feel much pity for those who allow themselves to be so blatantly used.

      • Most of them supported the “gun-free schools” charade. That didn’t mean they deserved to suffer the loss of their children, but they shouldn’t be surprised that criminals target schools now that the schools are defenceless. If instead they had done everything they could to protect their children, I would be more sympathetic.

        And, as usual, wrong-headed (and unconstitutional) government intervention brings calls for more wrong-headed (and unconstitutional) government intervention.

  3. I’ll answer her question. It’s really very simple. If the background check bill had been one page long and had covered expanding background checks, period, it would likely have passed. Instead, like so many other bills in Congress, it was loaded with lots of additional crap that would have put an undue burden on law abiding citizens just as Senator Ayotte said. I seriously doubt that Erica bothered the read the whole text of the bill. She should maybe go back and do that before asking why questions.

    As for Toomey’s comment earlier in this video about Republicans killed the bill because they did not want to let the President have anything, well, Senator, sounds like sour grapes to me. I hope he gets beaten in the Primary and he can take his crybaby ass home.

    • Yes, I agree

      except about Toomey. Toomey is a solidly conservative senator, except for his recent position on guns which was very disappointing to many of his supporters. If Toomey is removed, the next senator, whether R or D, is likely to be much more liberal. Pennsylvania’s not exactly a conservative-friendly state, so we’re lucky to have Toomey for now (despite his recent error, as bad as it was).

      • But if there is never a price to be paid for these betrayals, for all the good and valid reasons you have mentioned – you end up with a John McCain or an Alan Spector, another famous Pennsylvanian turncoat, IMS).

        They love to cross the aisle cause suddenly the world revolves around them.

        • I agree with that – except that McCain and Specter (and any others you want to name) were always that way. McCain has been a half-Democrat since he started his career in Congress. Specter was originally a Democrat who switched to the GOP in order to win re-election (and then, of course, switched back in the end, when it suited him).

          But Toomey has always been a strong conservative – except in this instance, unfortunately. Toomey was endorsed by Jim DeMint, and for good reason. Just read his record:

  4. The MSM is coming after Kelly Ayotte full-bore for her vote on Manchin-Toomey. They are trying desperately to put the screws to her for her courage to vote her conscious despite being from a northeast state. I am calling on all people of the gun in New England, particularly those who live in New Hampshire to call or write Senator Ayotte and thank her for her vote, encourage her, and tell her she has your vote. We can’t let the MSM browbeat our Congressmen into submission!

  5. I’ve asked, on several sites, how the proposed pieces of legislation would have affected the Sandy Hook incident. Number of replies: Zero.


  6. Erica tells Chris that Senator Ayote “avoided the question” when asked why the burden of background checks is more important than the burden of her mother being shot. The senator said that the issue at Sandy Hook was unrelated to background checks. I fail to see how that is avoiding the question. The two things are unrelated, and had the law already been in effect 1 or even 10 years ago, it would have made no difference to the unfortunate tragedy of that day.

    • Exactly. I’ve seen this Erica on several interviews and she waves the bloodly shirt of her mother when talking about checks. It’s all BS. They wouldn’t have changed a thing. Erica is a hardcore lib and she is using the deaths to push her agenda.

  7. Erica Lafferty wants the world to stop because her mother was killed. I understand, but think her expectations are a bit grandiose as is her solipsism. She’ll just have to settle for a school named after her mother.

  8. While we all feel for Ericas loss.
    I have to wonder, if even she had bothered to read the bill in its entirety??
    Anyone no matter how anti they are and then could still vote for this bill as written.
    Is in a word: NUTTZ.

    • I think that is the core of the issue. Those who just read the preamble voted for the bill. Those who read the details voted against the bill when they realized it wasn’t going to accomplish anything and the stated aims in the preamble were already being met with the current NICS verification.

  9. Erica Lafferty was a setup by Ayotte’s democrat opponents. As far as I can tell, Lafferty is not a resident of New Hampshire, and how she ended up at a town hall meeting in a tiny town in backwoods NH is inexplicable. If she isn’t a NH voter, she should not have been allowed to speak. Party crasher!
    And as others have commented. expanded background checks would not have prevented Lanza from committing his crime. They would not have stopped Holmes. They would not have stopped Loughner. The burden on the law-abiding gun owner is NOT offset by the lives lost or that could be saved–because they still would still be lost if the world had been more to their liking.

    • The producer of Hardball just happened to be at the same town hall meeting filming the back and forth….coincidence…I think not! Matthews spoke with the producer after the interview with Erica.

    • … how she ended up at a town hall meeting in a tiny town in backwoods NH is inexplicable. …

      Nah. She was a plant as has been pointed out by others ahead of me. She was there to make some pretty young girl anti-gun agitprop that was used on the CBS Evening News about an hour and a half ago.

      And just for the record, I have about as much sympathy (or probably a smidge less) for these Sandy Hook folk as I do for every poor mother and/or father that has lost their child as victims of inner-city gun violence.

      • I had sympathy for the families before they turned into tools. Now I don’t care about them. The ones they lost, yes. Them, no.

      • Or, John, lost a son or daughter from overseas deployment.

        And isn’t it interesting how the grabbers want to go on and on about these occasional middle and upper income suburban tragedies, but go silent when it comes to discussing urban inner city tragedies that occur daily, if not hourly, in major metropolitan areas like DC, NYC, Chicago, and other cities with heavily restrictive gun ordinances. They don’t want to talk about that because it betrays the vacancy of the gun control agenda.

        It’s that old gun grabber elitist thing: not in MY neighborhood. But it’s ok to let the hoodlums control the inner city and shoot it out (over territory, drugs, or whatever other vice they want to protect).

  10. I responded to the Honorable Senator Ayotte in an email because of reading about her in several articles. After reading the link below, I felt compelled to write Honorable Ayotte a commending email. She has more “stuff” than Virginia’s sheep in DC. I’d trade both of ours for 1/2 of someone like her. The buffoons that were backing and also those that created the gun control bills all admit these would had no effect on the tragedies in Colorado and Connecticut.

    NH’s Ayotte defends gun control vote
    A woman whose mother was killed in last year’s school shooting in Newtown, Conn., confronted Sen. Kelly Ayotte Tuesday during the senator’s first public appearance in New Hampshire since voting against …

  11. People who are in an intense emotional state of being are not in a good position to make decisions that require deliberation and logic. They are reacting only to their own pain and hurt and grief. This is not the stuff of which public policy should be made.

    Not to mention: what exactly is there about a victim of any “thing” who, as a result of being harmed by that “thing” now becomes suddenly an expert at that “thing” such that his/her opinion equals or even trumps the opinions of real, true experts and professionals?

    This is something I just never understand. I have seen this happen over and over and over and it never ceases to amaze me how much credibilithy people get on a topic based only on one negative incident.

  12. Dear Erica Lafferty,
    It is time to get on with your life. Go back to work and stop jetting around the country to wave the bloody shirt. Go back to work and stop accepting money from Bloomberg or whoever is paying you to disrupt Senators who voted in a way you did not like.

  13. Hey, it went so well for her that she wishes that on everybody same as the brady bitch. I know love/caring when I see/hear it & that ain’t it, Randy

  14. Next time I watch anything from MSNBC I will remember to put on some hip waders, a gas mask, and have a sturdy shovel. The BS levels have risen to alarming levels. Not that its a big revelation to anyone here, but I have rarely seen a “news” network present such a one-sided view on the issue…

    I especially like the attempt to spin the “no” votes and the abject denial of why the bill tanked. Or how they present Toomey’s opinion as being “fact”. There is so much BS in 8 minutes its dizzying to try and keep up.


    There is an attempt to claim a backlash is taking place, but the GOA completely blows that idea out of the water. PPP poll results contradict literally every other major poll done since the gun vote – read the link above for tons of specific reasons.

  16. Seems like since the bill would have done nothing to stop her mother’s killer, she’s just trying to guilt people into doing things that will lead to abolishing guns for everybody. Sorry, we’re not drinking that koolaid.

  17. So Senators are supposed to ignore their constituents and vote the way the media and the polls from all over say they should? And toss in the Prez’s opinion as well?
    Courage can be defined as doing the difficult thing rather than the easy thing.

  18. I heard New England fracking will cause all of New England to break off and fall into the ocean. Hip, hip hurray


    The Second Amendment is NOT about opinion polls.

    The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting.

    The Second Amendment is NOT about target shooting.

    The Second Amendment IS about essential liberties.

    Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.” — Mahatma Gandhi

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