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“The National Rifle Association of America must stop airing its controversial ads that blast the Black Lives Matter movement and call for violence in response to their resistance, activists from a BLM chapter in Los Angeles said on Friday.” That’s how opens its piece on BLM’s answer to the NRA’s Dana Loesch video.

We’d guess NRA would dispute that their video called for violence at all, despite the Outrage Industry’s reaction to their promise to counter “the violence of lies” with the “iron fist of truth.”

Be that as it may, here’s BLM-Los Angeles’s response:

In a video response first shared with Mic, activists labeled the NRA’s ad as “dangerous propaganda” meant to incite “gun-toting racists.” Surrogates for the gun rights lobbying group have previously lashed out at activists and politicians who criticized its ad.

“When the NRA issues a public call to their constituents, inciting violence against people who are constitutionally fighting for their lives, we don’t take that lightly,” Funmilola Fagbamila, a member of BLM LA, says in the response video.

What does BLM-Los Angeles want?

Fagbamila then concludes the parody by saying, “The only way we stop this, the only way we save our communities and our struggle for freedom is to fight this violence with the raised clenched black fist of resistance.”

Fagbamila then issues a demand that the NRA take their video down. An outcome which, of course, BLM has absolutely zero expectation of happening. On the other hand, it’s bound to get them plenty of the media attention they’re really after.

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  1. I’m confused. The NRA wants to use the truth and #blm wants to use their fists. But it’s wrong for the NRA to use the truth but it’s okay for the #blm to use their fists.

    Did I get it right?

    • Sounds about right. The nra is racist because libtards don’t like a free and armed populous. Blm is correct because black people calling to kill cops is somehow non-violent. Yeah the idiocy of the left is astounding. I guess their freedom includes no freedom of speech for opposing beliefs and no freedom of life for police. If they want a war… Well I’m your huckleberry.

      • No, the NRA is racist because they continue to provide support for a system that contiuously disregards the civil and human rights of many individuals, including black people. NRA picks their battles carefully. Those battles seem to be less of a LEO conflict, more an open and shut issue. If they want to avoid politics and be a second amendmany org, than sop with the politics and be a secon amendmant org. They try to play both sides. Just as BLM does. BLM is more a bunch of violent leftist but the NRA seems to be quickly becoming the antithesis of that. We all will become caught in the middle and some may be forced to choose a side. I am an NRA member and I dont like what I am seeing many times, mostly I agree with the underlying message but the manner is not becoming.

        • Please explain how “the system” is guilty of human rights violations against black people in 2017. Your answer will be graded for accuracy and punctuation. This is an open book test.

        • “BLM is more a bunch of violent leftist but the NRA seems to be quickly becoming the antithesis of that. ”
          So the NRA a group of non-violent conservatives, and this is bad?

        • REN – For the NRA to avoid politics is for them to become absolutely impotent as a gun-rights organization. Why did the NRA donate $50M to the Trump campaign and urge its membership to vote for him? Why do they have lobbyists on Capitol Hill and in the legislatures of every state in the union? It’s because if they didn’t …… For one thing, Hillary Clinton may well have been our president now. Do you think SHE’s a friend of the Second Amendment? Had she been elected the NRA and every other firearms rights organization in this land would by now be locked in legislative combat to preserve our rights under the Second Amendment. Their lobbyists in the various states do their best to influence legislation harmful to our Second Amendment rights and help keep the membership aware of what is going on in the legislatures and which representatives are doing it, for the good or ill of NRA members.

          As the Greek statesman and philosopher Pericles sagely said, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. ” Our lives and liberty are inextricably intertwined in the political process and it behooves us to keep a close eye on those we’ve put in positions of power.

        • It would be standard to counter each of your points in a factual and logical way. You rant is so full of error and ignorance that it certainly demands a response. Instead, I think I’ll take the short cut this time and tell you to assume the rectal cranial inversion position, and, one there, to suffocate on your own shit.

    • Funmilola Fagbamila needs to sit down with Roy Innis and enlighten herself about CORE, The Deacons for Defense and Justice and their relationship with the NRA. The NRA played a large role in arming them. That school to prison pipeline she was educated in no doubt skipped right over those parts of the Civil Rights Era. Oh, by the way. That pipeline is ran almost exclusively by and for the enrichment of the left wing educational indoctrination complex. It’s kind of futile to expect anything else out of it.

    • Its close-minded hypocrites like you that have empowered the anti-second amendment movement and actually resulted in much stricter laws. Black lives matters does NOT mean other lives don’t, but there are not that many suburban white kids being shot by cops. I realize that every decision you make is hate-based, but try opening your narrow mind and putting yourself in the shoes of others. Your pathetically sad failure of a life is not the fault of people you disagree with….try accepting some personal responsibility!!!! As long as a large part of the 2nd amend. community insist on actually being an ignorant, narrow-minded, hate-filled and uneducated group, WE LOSE. Fighting at every turn might have worked in the past, but it doesn’t work any more. We need to convince the middle 50% that our gun-rights position is reasonable, and acting like a bunch of whiners and haters is doomed to failure. The middle 50% don’t want to be lumped into that group.

      • Actually, most of America, including those in the middle, DONT support BLM terrorism. BLM is one of the many reasons many people in the middle voted for Trump last November. Who won it fair and square, by the way.

        • Yea sure you won the election fair and square. Just today more evidence on a secret meeting with Trumps Son and Son in law with a gorgeous Russian babe that works right out of the Kremlin that promised them more propaganda against Hillary so they could sway the election. And remember despite Herr Trumps firing of Comey the FBI is still working on the whole sordid affair with the Russians, just give them a little more time and heads will eventually roll guaranteed.

          No sane person wants the next U.S. election run right out of the Kremlin whether your are a Republican or a Democrat rather its only the Morons that believe it did not happen or if it did its ok as long as the Russians are on our side (at least for now).

        • ciscko kid, or should I say Bob or Gator1, there still continues to be no hard evidence of any collusion with Russia. There is, however, hard evidence that we interfered with their elections in the 90s, though. And remember Herr Shillary’s roasting of Comey even after the FBI and most of the intelligence community have repeatedly said that there is no hard evidence of Russian collusion. The only thing that’s guaranteed is that Herr Shillary’s head will roll over the fact that she gave Russia 20% of our uranium stock for pocket change.

          No sane person in the U.S., which definitively doesn’t include you (being that you don’t even live here and all), wants the next election run right out of Wall Street — who owns and operates Herr Shillary as their personal meat puppet — whether you live here or not. Rather, it’s only the morons who think it did happen because THEIR side tried it already, using a strategic asset, and still lost big time.

      • BLM is a hate filled terrorist socialist front of an organization, that approves of the assassination of police – no matter their color.

      • @Rob Anderson — It’s actually projectionists like you that make up the anti-second amendment movement in the first place. Black Lives Matter DOES, in point of fact, mean that other lives don’t matter. They themselves HAVE, also in point fact, made that abundantly clear to anyone who actually has a functioning brain cell. All I need to do is point to what the vast swaths of them say on social media, including those on the street recorded during protests espousing their hatred of white people — and NO ONE ELSE — and to their “demands” on their official website. Not to mention their origins form an OG Black Panther in exile, the same group that stormed a court house and kidnapped a judge and others in broad daylight, among a laundry list of other nefarious and indeed terroristic deeds. Oh, and the overwhelming and vast majority of black “kids” being shot by cops are, in yet another point of fact, deeply involved in overtly criminal behavior to begin with. Naturally, there will be some unjustified shootings and that is, which we all already agree, appalling and needs to rectified ASAP. It’s a problem that affects ALL of us, regardless of skin color. There will also inevitably be those cops that get away with murder. Such is the nature of the flawed “justice” system we have. But, every decision that THEY (BLM) makes is overtly and exclusively hate-based, as is likewise every decision to “rebuttal” ANY dissent against them that you personally don’t like. As long as even some tiny pocket of the PoTG project their own ignorance, narrow-mindedness, and hate onto others like you do, WE LOSE. Fighting at every turn is the ONLY thing which even got us this far to begin with. We are already well on the path to convincing the fence-sitters that we’re right. Those fence-sitters don’t want to be lumped in with YOU.

      • The 2nd ammendment people i know are not hate filled as you say, far from it.. The BLM i have seen have been. I am glad that the NRA put out that video, it is long overdue and nothing it shows is new. It is the truth, and appeasing the violence of the left by being less political and being silenced is their greatest wish so they can hear only their voice. It is clear if you pay attention to what BLM says and does that they are what theynaccuse others of.

      • @Rob Anderson: BLM is clearly a very racist organization – there’s so much evidence I won’t bother to get into it, HOWEVER, why is BLM so concerned about a few tragic bad police shootings but say NOTHING about the thousands of black on black murders? Why is it they only want to focus on white cops? This is an EXTREMELY small percentage of killings committed against black people – the largest being black on black murders. Please explain why BLM zeros in on a tiny percentage as opposed to the much bigger problem. I would think BLM would focus their actions toward the black community.

      • The actual truth is what we will use our Constitutionally-affirmed and protected rights against all threats to any of our other rights and to our lives; foreign or domestic; regardless of whom is being threatened.

        Go BACK to whatever fucking far-left cesspool you slithered out of, skinhead. NO ONE takes kindly to you folks here.

        • @Gator1 — Man, why you keep changing your name, cisco kid? You’ve already been outted as a Stormfront shill, skinhead. I was factually correcting you. If you don’t like it, kindly fuck off.

      • Liberal troll. Probably the same person as MDS or the crisco kid that claims to be a conservative democrat and belongs to an all democrat gun club where they use 9mm to shoot through steel helmets at 125 yards ???

        • Yet another pseudo-liberal sycophant afflicted with Drumpf Derangement Syndrome trying to paint us as the racists that they know they are. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

      • Some BLM thugs attacked a peaceful rally in Virginia yesterday. Nothing on the Libral Media about that though.

        • Yep. As much as I despise the Ku Klux Klan and their despicable drivel, they had a permit to hold a demonstration in Charlottesville. The mayor urged people to simply ignore them but Black Lives Matter organized an unpermitted counter-protest, outnumbering the KKK 10-1. When the police couldn’t get the BLM crowd to disperse from in front of the police station so that they could get the KKK out of there and out of town, the cops turned to tear gas to send the BLM on their way. All but 23 did and they were arrested. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

        • I saw that. those good old boys should have exercise their second amendment rights. oops I shouldn’t say that this is a safe space for wishy-washy moderates I guess.

        • Bob, I mean cisco kid, what they should have done was turn around and go home. There’s no use fighting a group that the media will always paint as the victim no matter what they do. You also shouldn’t say the overtly racist shit you do on a blog whose members vehemently oppose the rhetoric of the KKK, which is all that you can and have spewed here.

  2. When BLM can point to the riots the NRA video incited, then they will have a point. Until then, they’re just criminal apologists and race baiters.

    • Don’t forget the murders. The number of cops murdered by BLM inspired shooters is in the double digits with just the NYC, Dallas, and Baton Rouge shootings. The number of shot but not killed is in the double digits as well.

  3. More of that white supremacist Nazi bull crap. Every time you get in an argument or a discussion I should say that turns into an argument with a liberal they always call you a racist Nazi what’s up with that? It always boils down to the race card. What these people fail to understand is that all human life matters White’s included. What gets me is a lot of white people Asian people Hispanic people get shot by police departments usually 9.9% of the time committing violent offenses and you don’t hear us screaming racism and all this other BS. That entire group needs to be abolished. On the grounds of promoting violence ridiculous.

    • Just call them “rapists, robbers, narcotics pushers, and murderers”…. That usually shuts them up….

  4. Im sorry lady you must live on some parallel planet in another universe.
    None of what she says is even worth listening to and nothing but BS to incite her own kind to more violence.
    When has the NRA on this planet done a single thing she had said.

    • These blacks that belong to this black lives matter group are mentally unstable and somewhat retarded. They do not know history very well. Mr Charlton Heston marched with Martin Luther King with black Americans for their rights during the 60s all the way up to the 70s. He was one of the Great leaders of his time in representing equal opportunity and fairness no matter what your color of skin or what God you claim. And for them to attack the NRA one of the oldest civil rights organization in the world.

      • Calling people ” unstable and retarded,” is not exactly the way to win hearts and minds. Both groups need to chill the tone of their spokespersons.

        • I’ve never seen the NRA do anything racist or call for anything but self defense.

          BLM is inherently racist (they call for segregation), they have repeatedly called for the murder of cops (this has then happened).

          The only thing you can point to is the NRA’s “tone” because they haven’t said or done anything wrong. The only reason people think the NRA is calling for violence and racism is because they think the NRA is a violent and racist group.

        • Their hearts and minds are already lost. These are people who are so deluded that they think they have a constitutional right to burn things and smash property. You can’t win them over.

    • And funny how liberals accuse their opponents of literally everything nasty about themselves. There’s only one group opposed to ‘law and order’ and hateful of others for their skin color here. But that’s what liberals are, nasty little souls who seek to transcend their self-loathing via political power (as opposed to personal achievement)

  5. I couldn’t live with the name FAGbamila. It’s kinda hysterically hilarious.

    This is not a flame, this is just an observation of the name.

    • I thought the same thing…. Funmilola Fagbamila. Almost sounds like an insult if it came out the wrong way. Maybe she gave herself the name as some kind of litmus test. Like to gauge if the person she is talking to is really taking her seriously? If they can say “Funmilola Fagbamila” with a strait face, the she knows they aren’t secretly laughing at the nonsense she blathering on about.

  6. Black Lives Matter and the KKK are mirror images of each others. Moreover, people like this woman claim to be arbiters of what is and is not racism when she actually has vanishing little direct knowledge of racism herself. Just being black doesn’t automatically make you an authority on racism nor does it endow you with a special sensitivity regarding matters of race. Modern black people have never experienced anything close to the genuine racism that they’re grandparents and great-parents experienced. Just having people say things you don’t like or having people be pointedly rude to you isn’t racism. That, at best, defines what most black Americans define as “racism”.

      • What “conversation?” The BLM video an at best ignorant screed is stating that the NRA are a bunch of racists that should shut up because BLM is championing the 1A. She blames a bunch of police killings of blacks on President Trump that happened when President Obama was in office (I didn’t catch all the names, but Castile was last year).

        She is a lying, racist hate monger who starts a “conversation” by accusing the NRA of being a bunch of violent, racist terrorists.

      • Indeed Black Lies Matter is the photographic negative of the Klan, and “White nationalist” groups in general.

        I was fighting the neo-Nazi National Alliance online back in the ’80s. The fundamental world view of Black Lies Matter is INDISTINGUISHABLE from that of any “White nationalist” group. They BOTH judge ALL matters SOLELY in terms of race. Only the inhabitants of their respective magic chalk circles differ.

        I”m so old that I can remember when [Northern] Democrats were AGAINST racial segregation…

    • Most 60+ black folks would know what it is like.
      I remember as a kid when a black kid was told to use a tree at a gas station because the bathroom was for white people.
      When I asked my dad what he couldn’t use it my Dad just said, son that’s just the way it is.
      This was Ft Myers back in the early 60’s

      • “This was Ft Myers back in the early 60’s”

        Much the same in northeast North Carolina (Elizabeth City) in the late 60’s.

        Where I experienced a *tiny* taste of racism for the first time as a 7 year-old.

        Waiting in line at a store a black girl my age bumped into me. I thought nothing about it, in confined places like that it happens. She turned to me and said “Sorry, peach.”

        I was a bit confused, so on the way home in dad’s 55 Chevy truck, I asked him about it. And got a compressed history of US black-white relations geared to someone my age…

  7. If some percent of fourteen percent want to raise their clenched fist to me, let them do it at their own peril.

  8. I can’t help but notice that 9 times out of 10, when an entity says peace is their ultimate goal, their means to achieve it are anything but peaceful. In fact, a lot of times it seems like “peace” is just a nice euphemism for “Whatever I hate doesn’t exist anymore.”

    • Peace through submission (or domination, or whatever). There’s a good billion or so people who’s faith is fundamentally based upon this self-justifying “philosophy” of justice.

      • “Peace through submission (or domination, or whatever).”

        And that right there is an accurate definition of the word ‘Islam’.

        Where the ‘whatever’ is the sword.

        Submit, pay the tax, or the sword.

        Choose any one of those 3, there is no option for 4…

    • “You stop an old lady on the street and ask her if she wants peace, and she’ll say, yes, of course, I pray for it daily. All the things you’d expect her to say. Then ask her if she would be willing for her clan to share power with another in order to have that peace, and she’ll say, ‘With those murderers and thieves? I’d die first.’ People in these countries – Bosnia is a more recent example – don’t want peace. They want victory. They want power.”

      -A State Department official, quoted by Mark Bowden in Blackhawk Down

      • Gadfry! Something must have penetrated my thick skull over the years. Not only did I recognize the Orwell “Newspeak” reference, I actually know what a “wyvern” is.

  9. The NRA should post a collage of BLM activists in their marches.
    Not that it will shut them up but add more context.

  10. The truth is that black people are more of a danger to other black people than all of the police and NRA members combined. However, for Black Lives Matter Col. Nathan Jessup’s tirade in “A Few Good Men” applies: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

    • No, no it hasn’t. You’re thinking of ANTIFA which, ironically enough, is compromised almost entirely of rich, white liberals. Basement-dwelling NEETS who are merely LARPing as Marxist revolutionaries for virtue points.

  11. It must be a terrible situation; to implement, wage, and continue a war that resides only between your own ears. The war is over kiddo. You won. I know because I marched with Dr. King. I was there. I lived it. All the minority’s won. All of them. The war is only being perpetuated by you kids looking for a reason you have failed to do as much as you wanted, get as much as you wanted, and BE as pertinent as you think you are.
    Get yourself a life and face it as the rest of humanity.

  12. The NRA said a few things that could be offensive to some people but insufficient to incite violence (I watched the video with Dana Lausch).
    The BLM is making strong metaphors with iron fists. Other than protesting, BLM will probably not incite any violence. Both of these are examples of pointless Twitter wars. Let’s focus on more important things like the economy (Fed raising rates) and what we should do about North Korea

    • Blm will get more Americans in this country killed this year than NK. Yeah let’s pay attention to little bat$hi!! crazy Kim and close our eyes to domestic terrorists. That’s federal threat analyst level reasoning right there.

      • Name one American killed by BLM.
        Compare that to the fact that North Korea can now range Japan and Hawaii which means they can kill a few thousand servicemember’s families.
        Also consider that the Fed rates affect the economy which affects crime or that the opioid crisis exploded during the Great Recession and you tell me where on the threat scale BLM is.
        Don’t agree with either BLM or the NRA in this case but let’s not blow things out of perspective.

        • :Name one American killed by BLM.”

          BLM may not have pulled the trigger, but they sure as hell put the round in the chamber.

        • You cannot deny that BLM (and CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS for that matter) didn’t incite the violence over the past year or so that’s killed many police officers nationwide. They’ve inflamed tensions to this point deliberately. The organizations themselves may not have deliberately ordered hits on cops, but they called for it, and cheered it on while it happened.

        • See above. I’ll also point out that North Korea still isn’t chanting in our streets for dead cops. “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon” or “what do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now”. I will just assume you’ve missed all that. I’m no huge fan of North Korea, but I understand the immediate threat the jack booted thugs of the left pose.

  13. Hope the NRA puts out more videos like the one that got these race baiting, paid protest/rioting, identity politics losers so ass blasted.

  14. When you call the other side is Racist, Nazi, or Hitler? You are now just using the ‘buzz’ words, because your argument or your stated side is all out of valid talking points.

  15. If you are minority, whites are keeping you down. If you are a woman, men are keeping you down. If you a white male, the 1% are keeping you down… everyone is a victim.

  16. I’ve sat here and tried to come up with soenthing clever or snarky and I can’t.

    These people are so stupid that it really just sucks the creativity and life from me after reading it.

  17. Lord Jesus how do you get saddled with a name like THAT?And why do we care what Black Thugs Blather goes on about?!?

  18. My fellow patriots, let me sum up what Ms. BLM is really saying, “you’re all wrong BECAUSE you are white”

    • You clearly have not seen how BLM operates. They only get angry in front of cameras because it gets them ratings. Otherwise, they work with a lot of white people who sympathize with them on many campuses.

      • You clearly have not seen how BLM actually operates. The actually get angry in front of cameras because that is how they feel, and they act the exact same way — and often worse — when they think they’re not being recorded. Otherwise, they actually brow-beat a lot of white people into feeling guilty over the past crimes of their ancestors and openly DEMAND strict obedience to their identity politics and brook NO dissent whatsoever.

        THAT is what happens on many campuses. Does Evergreen ring a bell? Probably not.

      • I’ve met some of these people. In the prison I work in. White and black. Just because there’s white people supporting them doesn’t make them ok. There’s a not much talked about history of Jews that aided the holocaust. It’s very sad and sickening.

        • But, that’s what Marxism does. ALL that it does. Primarily focused on classism (meaning that Marxists foment and instigate class warfare in the first place), yes, but they will “by any means necessary” create the divides they need to conquer a people.

    • “The extreme left has a history of smearing the NRA.”

      And every time they do, the membership roster of the NRA grows exponentially. Leftist criticism is right up their with gun control initiatives a prime recruitment tools for the NRA. If the NRA didn’t have the BLM or the Moms, it would probably have to go out and hire somebody to play that role. But, then, it would be really hard to actually hire actors to be that effective at playing NRA opponents.

  19. What a load of bull. They have actively called for the death of police officers. They are basically homegrown terrorists.

  20. I have been an NRA member since 1962 and the NRA video is way over the top. Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters do not just come from the far right Klu Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party, rather they come from all walks of life and all political persuasions. I think the NRA add will lose more people than it gains as civilized people who are products of higher education recognize the video for what it is, only appealing the Far Right, uneducated, lower working class that believe the gun issue is one of “us versus them”. In their ignorance they see everything as black and white, good and bad, liberal and conservative, capitalist v/s communist with no varying shades of grey in between.

    The majority of our gun club ( now over 1,200 people) voted for many Democrat candidates as well as Republican candidates and when you alienate such large groups of gun owners the NRA not only loses membership they end up losing votes for pro-gun candidates. Its about a stupid as voting solid Republican when there are rabid anti-gun Republicans versus pro-gun conservative Democrats. Most of the Far Right Fanatics are too cheap to belong to the NRA and too stupid to read the NRA reports on the candidates before going into the voting booth and they often vote straight party lines thereby often cutting their own throats on the gun issue. They often prove time and time again their own worst enemies.

    Yes the NRA screwed up big time on that add, its so disgusting, so ignorant, and so biased that it even makes a 55 year member like myself contemplate sending back my membership card.

    • How charitable; we white NRA gun owners don’t “just” come from the Klan.

      Your majority-Democrat gun club sounds like a bunch of morons. Probably closet racists, too.

    • The NRA as of late (the last decade or so) has been an absolute waste of money. Despite what I may feel about the organization as a whole, there are some good people there doing a good job.

      However, the video, and its underlying message, are spot on. It doesn’t appeal to “low educated” people, it appeals and hits home for anyone with somewhat clear vision and any sort of brain at all. You can be offended and disgusted all you want, but everything in the video is absolutely true and valid.

      This whole attitude about being upset about what someone (company, individuals, organizations etc) says and then claiming you’ll not give them money is why people act like complete assholes in restaurants and the like, because nobody calls them on their BS.

      • “This attitude” is also pretty much always fictitious when it comes to the NRA and Republican Party. Both have an awful lot of members for pissing off the ‘average lifetime member’ at every turn. That and his ‘pro gun Democrat’ gun club says it all.

    • The truth must have hurt your feelings…or your white guilt. The NRA doesn’t need folks like you anyway. Go burn your card in your backyard if it makes you feel better.

      • The demoncrats in his fictitious gun club would probably call the enviro police on him for pollution. Good thing they don’t exist or that would be a sad day for a so called nra member that votes against his gun rights.

    • Well, I’ve been a loyal Democrat since 1927, and I think they’ve gone off the deep end with identity politics, rampant tax & spend policies, and a committed agenda of civilian disarmament.

      …See how easy it is to make up credentials to add gravity to your argument? I’ve been a pro at it since 1698!

      • ^ this ?. Right. I was at the very first NRA meeting in 1872!!! (I think that’s when it was, memory slips in my old age of 175, all those cannon and musket blasts at Gettysburg and Shiloh didn’t help!!)

    • I wonder which is more rare, a truly pro-gun Democrat (one that is truly pro second amendment, not just saying things to get elected) or a BLM “protest” that doesn’t result in property damage.

    • You haven’t been a member of the NRA since “1952.” You haven’t been a member of the NRA, period. I rightly doubt that you’ve even been alive since 1952 in the first place. You’ve only just now admitted that civil rights activists don’t come from the far-LEFT like the KKK, and you’ve always been one to insinuate a link between the Klan and the NRA! The NRA ad won’t lose them any more members and you have no rational explanation behind any claim to the contrary. Or to literally any claim that you’ve ever made on this blog, for that matter. Civilized people don’t include people like you, far-left, uneducated, lower working class that believe the gun issue should be solved by complete and total confiscation — which you HAVE called for already. In your own ignorance, you see everything as black-and-white, good-or-bad, right-or-left-wing, socialist saints v. capilatist murderers. Even though the issue of civil rights, which DOES –counter to any unsubstantiated and indefensible protests YOU might have — include the right to keep and bear arms.

      You most certainly don’t belong to any “gun club,” either. And the DemoKKKratikkk Party platform includes as a plank gun control, a scheme that will eventually leave you and your wholly ficticious friends totally unarmed and even in legal jeopardy if you defend yourself, period. Let alone ballistically. It HAS also been used exclusively to disarm disfavored minorities across the globe before oppressive regimes that sprout from your favored political philosophy killed over a quarter-of-a-billion people just in the last 125 years alone. It’s called Democide. Google it. So, no, they’re not alienating anyone but demonstrable, bold-faced liars like you. The overwhelming and vast majority of DemoKKKrats ARE rabid, anti-rights gun-grabbers, unlike the vast and overwhelming majority of Republicans. The numbers you’re talking about are so small that they might as well not even exist. Most of the far-left fanatics are too cheap to belong to the NRA to change it with their vote, and are definitively too stupid — as you are — to read the NRA reports on candidates before going into the voting booth. No, instead willfully pig ignorant Marxists like you take whatever word the talking head presstitutes in the whorestream media have to say on the matter, or any matter at all, as gospel without a second’s hesitation or a moment’s second thought. Probably because you’re intellectually incapable of the same, anyway. That sure seems to be the only rational explanation for the long littany of thoroughly-debunked lies you’ve spewed here thus far. The only “worst enemies” are you and yours against yourselves, not the other way around.

      No, BLM screwed up big time in their reply to that add. You are every bit as disgusting, ignorant, and biased as you oh-so-desperately want to pretend that they are, that it even makes a non-member like yourself contemplate lying again.

      Oh, and please do send my regards to Herr Schultz of the DNC for rigging the primaries, and thus the election, in Drumpf’s favor because Herr Shillary never stood a snowball’s chance in Hell of beating ANYBODY the Republican’s fielded. Not in this last election, nor in ANY election going forward until the day she finally DIES.

      May you snowflakes continue to lose, forever and ever. Amen.

      • Shit man…that was an epic rebuttal to Cisco’s asshat of a post. Kudos to you and may he find water to extinguish his flamed carcass.

      • Ok big mouth I will give you the same deal I gave the other fellow. Put up 5,000 dollars in escrow with our lawyers on how old I am and that I have not been an NRA member since the 60’s and by the way your reading comprehension is as low as it ever was, I never said the 1950’s but the 1960’s. Either put up the money big mouth your shut the “FK” up.

        • I should have wrote “To Excedrine” as the comment was the second one directed at Excendrine not to Hank, you got the first comment that was much longer but in essence the same message without the expletive. My apologies.

        • cisco kid, if you actually even had $5,000 to play with — which you likely don’t while having to live under the practically soul-crushing tax code in whatever Eurotrash backwater you reside in — you’d be schmoozing it with whatever sleezeball leftist politician you voted for at some fancy gala to score virtue points on social media. Anyway, it wouldn’t even what year you claimed, because we both already know it’s a lie, anyway, as well as how your reading comprehension is far and away lower than mine, too.

          Either post your bonafides HERE, and in a publicly-viewable link with some way of actually verifying your real identity to boot, or you get to shut the fuck yourself. It’s a whole helluva lot easier, not to mention cheaper, than you trying to rob me of money that I actually worked for, unlike your entitled ass.

          You put up or shut up.

          You made the claim.

          You have to prove it.

          Do it or fuck right back off to Stormfront, skinhead.

        • Nice attempt to dodge the challenge Jethro. I will even let you name the time and place where our lawyers will meet to draw up the contract. Other wise go peddle your propaganda to people as dumb as you are.

          Your beaten big mouth you refused my offer because you know you will have to fork over 5 grand.

        • Nice attempt at dodging my challenge, Ivan. There’s no need for lawyers or money, neither of which you and I both know you don’t even have. Just post your bonafides here, and a way to verify that it’s really you. Otherwise, you get to go peddle your propaganda to people who don’t already know better than you. i.e. Literally everyone else here.

          You’re beaten yourself, Marxist sycophant. You refused to prove yourself because you know you’re full of shit.

      • No, he didn’t. You can pretty much guarantee it. He only takes whatever shit-eating, pseudo-liberal sycophant has to say and automatically agrees with it, because it affirms his preconceived notions on a position that he didn’t reason himself into in the first place. A position that he will NEVER change, regardless of the mountains of data that only prove him and the rest of his deranged, fascist fellow-travelers categorically wrong.

    • Spoken just like an elitist Democrat.

      Poor, uneducated, cheap, working class Conservatives.

    • If it makes you feel better, our side is without much of a spine, too, otherwise highly popular gun bills like HPA would be getting a vote.

      • I think you are assuming that just because a politician has an R next to his/her name they are on our side. Their are many many progs with an R next to their name. They aren’t on the side of the potg.

        • While true, they are thankfully a minority among Republicans. Still entirely too many as long as there is even ONE of them anywhere, yes, but they know better than to promulgate their dogma onto too many people or at all aggressively.

  21. I am sympathetic to her concern. There was a time – in America – when minorities had a legitimate fear of violence perpetrated upon them – unjustly – by private organizations (e.g., KKK). There was a time – in America – when minorities had a legitimate fear of unjust violence by the police; recent enough for many of us to remember. And so, it is said, that rights are founded upon 3 boxes: the soap-box; the ballot-box; and, the cartridge box.

    The NRA was an early adopter, advocating and supporting minority acquisition of the means to use the cartridge box. And so it remains today.

    There is – indisputably – altogether too much violence perpetrated upon minorities today. And, who are the perpetrators of the majority of this violence? Where are the numbers? The place to focus attention is the biggest number. Then, turn to the second; and so forth.

    Try as mightily as they can – as they desire – the cops can’t prevent much violence. We are – first and foremost – responsible for our own safety. And who advocates more forcefully than the NRA for empowering each law-abiding man and women with the means to an effective self-defense?

    Tragically, there remain a few occasions each year where a majority-race private citizen or a cop uses unlawful lethal force on an innocent black victim. Until there are none whatsoever, we must all remain vigilant. However, the bigger picture remains. Every minority will – by the operations of politics – always be vulnerable to the tyranny of the majority; as well as that of the elites whom we elect to govern us. And so, Madison used the word “necessary” in explaining the role of the militia to preserve a free state. Our founding generation ratified that conclusion; and so did Black leaders of the Reconstruction and Civil-Rights eras.

    Here, on the issue of unjust violence, whether perpetrated by private parties or government police, we PotG and minorities should find much common ground. All of us – regardless of ethnicity – want a fair criminal justice system to be as effective as it can be to enforce the law and maintain order. All of us are likewise aware of the susceptibility of those in authority to abuse our trust. Moreover, we all recognize that we must rely upon our own prudence and powers to protect ourselves as best we can.

    The NRA is one of several agents who work on these common interests – with no discrimination as to ethnicity. It is on this point where I most fervently disagree with this woman’s advocacy.

    • To Mark.

      I appreciate your response but you are still dodging the main argument here and that was that the NRA Add was way over the top. Surely a man of your caliber (pun intended) is aware that gun owners come form all walks of life and all political persuasions. I have been a left wing radical all my life but still I have supported both the NRA and the Second Amendment. As I have stated many times I have been a member since the 1960’s when I was in High School.

      I find the NRA add extremely offensive and biased by lumping all liberals into gun haters out to destroy the Second Amendment. Surely you are aware that according to your own political surveys that there have been many conservative Democrats that have fully supported the Second Amendment and Republicans that have said one thing and then turned their backs on not only the NRA but on the support for the Second Amendment as well,

      The point being that highly biased and emotionally charged adds like the one mentioned on this forum,( I clicked on it and watched the NRA add) only drives people away from supporting the NRA and we all know in times of crisis we need all the support we can get so lets not offend Liberals or forget Black Gun owners by remaining totally mum when such travesties like the Castille case happens. Surely he NRA could have said something that neither enraged Law Enforcement or totally ignored the black gun owners either.

      People realize the NRA is made up of people and people do make mistakes as the NRA has done in its past history and some have been real blunders but I never stopped supporting the NRA because they have often reversed course to amend mistakes. I think to constantly remain silent when any legal gun owner with a concealed permit gets gunned down by police no matter what color his skin requires some sort of response from the NRA even it risks the temporary wraith of a few cops as most cops do support the Second Amendment and the NRA and most thank God do not gun down people just because they know they have a legal or even an illegally carried gun on them if they are not acting hostile towards the police in a traffic stop.

      The NRA tirade against Liberals, the News media etc was way too far over the top. You only ended up preaching to the choir while driving away people who heretofore actually supported you. Again I am 68 years old and I know and have known many liberals who have supported the Second Amendment and the NRA

  22. I feel like when the uneducated pick a side that there to proud to change sides, how do you save the ignorant? I love the ‘funnel blacks through schools to prison” did you mean to say give them a “fighting” chance to actually succeed with a school program with taxpayer money and fight the want to join everyone around you to be culturally joined to a black (urban) society that promotes drugs and guns in hip-hop as being a normal and cool thing?! As far as I know if any young black man wants to and tries he’s good to go BLA has always pointed fingers instead of go to the root of the problem a society where youth drowned in criminal behavior

    • Yeah, the fact that she admits the culture she endorses is directly opposed to any type of “law and order” policy is rather telling

  23. It is an extension of thier thinking the “all whites are rich”. I lived with this growing up, living on the poor side of town and everyone trying to punk me for money. Surprize, there was nonoe and I gave as well as I got. Funny thing, in Pasadena, ca, many of the black families had 2 income families with professional jobs. Many of the black boys sported clothes and even had silk underwear while dressing at gym.
    I am sure the hate came from fathers that got treated wrong in the 50s, but they had better cars, homes, clothes than the whites from the “poor side of town”.

    While white officers see a black thug every time they pull a black man over, maybe if they did not try to look like thugs, or speak ghetto to the officer, things would different, they could try it.

    They have much more to lose than others if they live in the ghetto, the others there prey on them also.

    They are right about one thing, though. The middle class is dissappearing, this means everyone is losing that peice of the pie. We do need to get real jobs back, we need to stop illegal immigration and limit immigration from countries that take tech jobs from our college graduates who paid(or really owe) much more for the education. Working with some of these immigrants years ago, showed me that most had a lot of trouble because they could not use English the way we do and failed to understand thier peers and supervisors – they did not do a better job, they were not as productive, but they were much cheaper to the company.

    These companies could hire people with assosiate degrees and teach them thier corporate way. They would get much better workers than going halfway around the world for them. The problem here is that they would have loyal employees and they would have to keep them like they did in the past.

      • Yeah and it was called liberty. It wasn’t perfect so we worked with it and helped black people join in on the thrilling concept of independence. For some reason people starting listening to marxists and giving out free stuff to whoever the gov decided deserved it. Now we have neither liberty nor independence and they cry cry cry for more gov dependence. We went from slavery for some, to slavery for none, and now we have slavery for all. Good job marxists! No better way to dance on the graves of those who died for our freedom than to beg for it to be taken away.

  24. Blah blah, blah, blah, blah blah. Guns are bad. White people are bad, and we don’t like them. Blah, blah, blah, blah blah. Rabble, rabble, rabble, blah, blah, blah…

  25. If BLM is “Freedom’s Future Place,” then there is no future and there will be no freedom. And BLM is too stupid to know it.

    • BLM would only call them self-loathing Uncle Toms and all manner of other nasty epithets, and the talking head pressititues in the whorestream media would (along with so-called “liberals” as a whole) shout them down along with them.

        • Go back to Stormfront, good-for-nothing Skinhead. Also, Tom refused to give up the location of the slaves that escaped from his master’s plantation, and was whipped to death for it. You clearly never read the book. Or any book, for that matter.

  26. Well, now!

    To get a response like that out of them verifies we are directly over that target.

    I hope Dana calls them out on their bullshit…

    • Maybe she was referring to black NRA members who live in black neighborhoods with black criminals defending themselves from said criminals.

      • Maybe they’ll all kill each other then we’ll be done with this problem. The Final Solution to our Negro problem.

        • Oh, look. Another lunatic escaped from Stormfront’s asylum. WRONG FUCKING BLOG, SKINHEAD. We don’t operate that way around here, you good-for-nothing piece of shit. Go back to whatever fucking hole you slithered out of.

  27. We know who they want freedom for, what what they want freedom to do.

    It won’t look like freedom to anyone but them. But that’s the point.

  28. BLM = racist toward any who believe all lives matter, BLM is a racist terrorist organization. New Jersey got it right, labeled them as a terrorist organization

    • No, no they didn’t. You’re thinking of ATNIFA which, ironically enough, is comprised almost entirely of rich, white liberals. Mostly basement-dwelling NEETs who are merely LARPing as Marxist revolutionaries for virtue points on social media.

  29. Black Lies Matter is every bit as loathsome as the Fraternal Order of Police.

    They’re simply dueling groups of sociopaths fighting to make discrete groups of violent felons immune from the laws under which the rest of us live. The only difference is in their constituencies, young Black male felons in the former instance, and criminal cops in the latter.

    • Mr. Morton – As someone who has been a member of the Fraternal Order of Police for almost 50 years, I do believe I’m going to have to take exception to your remarks. Well, half of them, anyway. For anyone to conflate the FOP’s good works for rank-and-file cops with the thuggery of Black Lives Matter is to stretch credulity far past its breaking point. Do you REALLY think that the FOP condones police “stepping over the line”? I can’t speak for other lodges, of course, but mine sure as hell doesn’t. Yes, they will provide defense for officers who have been unjustly accused of criminal conduct or infractions of departmental regulations. Each and every time? No. I’ve seen our lodge take careful scrutiny of accusations and after due investigation and deliberation, tell an officer, “Sorry, bud – but you screwed up and you’re on your own on this one.” There may be an FOP monitor at the trial board to make sure that all of the legal niceties are observed, but that’s it.

      I know that there are agents provocateur on these forums who post up things just to rile people up. In that, you have succeeded admirably. Now let’s see you justify your defamation of the largest police organization in the country..

      • In 1996, the Chicago Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police went on National Public Radio to demand that those convicted of domestic violence be allowed to own, possess and carry firearms… but only if they had BADGES.

        At the time, Illinois was about to pass a law banning convicted domestic abusers from having guns. It was set to fairly sail through the legislature… until the FOP discovered that cops were NOT exempted. Their reaction was akin to that of Wahabist Muslims to Lady Gaga riding naked through the middle of the Hajj on the back of a 500lb. hog, a bottle of Wild Turkey in one hand and a burning Koran in the other.

        They went on NPR to demand cops be exempted. Their “argument” was threefold:

        1. You can’t take the gun from a wife beating cop because it’s his “tool of the trade”. Being NPR, nobody thought to ask if that applied to mobsters like Sammy “The Bull Gravano”.
        2. Taking the gun from an angry violent cop will only make him MORE angry and violent. Again, nobody delved into the potential angst of political assassins and holdup men.
        3. You can trust a wife beating cop with a gun because he’ll be “closely supervised”… just not closely enough to keep him from kicking his wife’s teeth in.

        It was easily the second strangest thing I’ve ever heard on NPR. Only their interview of the “roving ambassador” of the Taliban before 9/11 was more bizarre.

        Police unions REALLY exist for one reason, to ensure that police are NOT punished for wrongfully harming citizens. Hence:

        * The insane defense of the psychopath who shot Charles Kinsey.
        * The defense of the coward who shot Akai Gurley.
        * The defense of the violent sociopath who attacked James Blake.

        Police unions and Black Lies Matter are perfectly equivalent in their efforts to create untouchable classes of violent felons.

        • Chris Morton – You listed 3 examples of police behaving like a “psychopath”, a “coward”, and a “sociopath”. The defamatory language aside, do you KNOW the circumstances of each of those encounters? Frankly, I didn’t so I had to look them up. Here they are with the facts and circumstances:

          1. The officers in the Kinsey shooting had been dispatched to a call of “possible suicidal person with a gun”. The officer who wounded Mr. Kinsey failed to appreciate the actual circumstances of the situation and adapt to them. Not only that, but he’s a lousy shot. It was his intent to shoot the man he thought was threatening Kinsey with an unknown object in his hand. Does that make the officer a psychopath? I don’t think so. BTW, North Miami Officer Aledda was charged with Attempted Manslaughter and Negligence in April.

          2. The officer who shot Akai Gurley admits that he “tensed up” after hearing a noise on the pitch-black stair landing where the incident occurred and his Glock discharged accidentally. That Gurley was struck by a ricochet seems to add credence to this. Should the officer had his finger on the trigger? We both know the answer to that. Granted, the officers were foot-patrolling in a very dangerous place and it’s entirely reasonable that they were tense. I know I would be. So would you. Does that make the officer a “coward” or simply someone who should have known better and mishandled his firearm? Perhaps a bit of both.

          3. Tennis player James Blake had been identified by a witness as being one of the men involved in an $18K fraudulent credit card operation. Should the NYPD undercover officer have tackled him and taken him to the sidewalk? Probably not. Had the officer had some back-up the arrest and eventual release of Mr. Blake would likely have gone much more smoothly. BTW, the witness’ error in identification was completely understandable as Blake bore a remarkable resemblance to the actual perp. But does that make the NYPD officer a “sociopath”? I think your characterizations of the officers involved is more a reflection of your personal bias than the actual facts and circumstances would indicate.

        • Mike, you failed to address the FOP Chicago Lodge’s demand that cops be exempted from laws that prohibit persons convicted of domestic violence from bearing arms.

          In my opinion, these laws do not go far enough. People convicted of domestic violence should be prohibited from marrying or having any sort of intimate relationship. They should be required to wear a distinctive badge on their left sleeve when out in public. and the punishment for failing to obey such laws should be death.

        • Michael Ejercito – You are indeed correct. I was remiss in not addressing that. My personal opinion is that the Chicago FOP was dead wrong in asking for an exemption to the domestic abuse disarmament law. The cop will lose his job? Good. Anyone who has so little self-control that he/she would assault his/her spouse would be even more likely to inflict unnecessary force on a citizen and needs to lose his/her badge. The Chicago FOP obviously didn’t think that one out.

        • “The Chicago FOP obviously didn’t think that one out.”

          It’s precisely the opposite.

          They DID think it out.

          They want cops to be an accountable class above all others in society.

          They clearly thought that cops are BETTER than everyone else (especially the victims of domestic violence) and acted accordingly. The Chicago FOP wants to be the Japanese Army, everyone else to be Chinese, and the country to be occupied Shanghai circa 1940.

      • Thanks for proving my point.

        You “proved” that the police unions don’t defend the indefensible… by attempting to defend the indefensible.

        The defenders of Aledda and Frascatore are every bit as odious as the Black Lies Matter defenders of the nut who shot the cops in Dallas and the Ohio State Somali jihadi.

        To the jihadi, we’re just “infidels” and “dhimmis”. To a lot of cops, we’re just reactive targets.

        But please, keep digging that hole. Hell, I’ll buy you a bigger shovel if you need one…

        • Mr. Morton – The only thing you have proved is that you have a hatred of police that is positively pathological. You need to see the talking doctor – and soon. Neither the FOP or I condone police conduct which is clearly criminal but cops who make reasonable human errors get cut some slack. Why? Because they’re HUMAN and human beings make mistakes. They make human errors based on faulty information, carelessness, and sometimes downright stupidity. I’ve lost count of the number of times one of my officers heard, “What the hell were you THINKING?” from me behind the closed door of the Sector Supervisor’s office. When a cop screws up it’s just as important to know what was going on in the officer’s head as knowing exactly what happened. If I had to write up an officer for misconduct he got a lot more slack for a mistake of the head than for one of the heart.

      • “Mr. Morton – The only thing you have proved is that you have a hatred of police that is positively pathological. You need to see the talking doctor – and soon. Neither the FOP or I condone police conduct which is clearly criminal but cops who make reasonable human errors get cut some slack.”

        “Cop hater”, the retarded little brother of the race card and every bit as despicable.

        “Reasonable human error” = Shooting an unarmed man lying on his back with his hands in the air… and taking three shots to do it… with a rifle. If that’s “reasonable human error”, then Ft. Hood was “workplace violence” and Pearl Harbor was an “airshow gone wrong”.

        Who cut Charles Kinsey any “slack”?

        Like I said, keep digging… maybe you’ll start finding beef lo mein.

      • “Mr. Morton: I see no point in continuing this conversation until after you’re had some intense psychological therapy and if that doesn’t work, perhaps a proctologist can get your head out of your hind parts.”

        How very Soviet. Disagreement is “mental illness”.

        Clearly you believe that criticism of shooting an innocent man for NO reason is a sign of insanity.

        Of course in Stalin’s Soviet Union, criticizing forced starvation and auto-genocide was “crazy” too. I don’t doubt that you’d respond as would that noted law enforcement officer Nikolai Yezhov, were you given the opportunity.

        The amusing thing is that you write the things you do and profess to have no CLUE as to why people feel the way they do about cops. And what makes it even more ironic is that I’m not talking about nonsense like the justified shooting of that thug Michael Brown. You’ll defend the shooting of an UNDENIABLY innocent man doing NOTHING “furtive”. To paraphrase a Chekist from another era, “The organs of state security don’t make mistakes…”

    • Mr. Morton – The Fraternal Order of Police is “loathsome”? Having been a member of the organization for almost a half-century, I’m going to have to challenge you to back up that defamatory statement, unless you’re simply one of those agents provocateur who just like to get a rise out of people on these forums. Have at it.

        • “Union scum”? Well, I guess if wanting fair dealings with our employers, the right to collective bargaining, and the same rights as every other American citizen is granted when dealing with the criminal justice system or their employers makes us “scum”, then the FOP is scum. I take it you don’t much like unions. I don’t like some of them, either. I like the FOP, though. When I first pinned on a badge my department was the lowest paid in the area. There was no such thing as overtime, court time, comp time, holiday pay, or appeal from arbitrary punishments meted out by supervisors. An officer was paid the same if he worked 40 hours in a week or 60. At that time the starting pay was $7656 annually, not exactly a princely sum. Through years of collective bargaining (which always starts with the employees demanding everything and the employer offering nothing) the FOP has gotten our officers competitive pay and benefits at least commensurate with officers in other departments in our area, so much so that no small number of cops have quit their departments and gotten lateral transfers to ours. We’ve had to go to arbitration a few times and each and every time the arbitrator has ruled that our demands were reasonable and that the county had the ability to pay or grant us the benefits we’ve requested.

          Now tell me why the FOP is “scum”, Bob., I’d really like to know what makes you think so.

        • Bob can’t explain why. he can’t explain ANYTHING. He takes his marching orders from the moderators at Stormfront, just like all of their other fellow lefties that haunt this blog get their marching orders from some other higher-ups like Watts, Soros, and Loonberg and their surrogates.

      • ““Union scum”? Well, I guess if wanting fair dealings with our employers, the right to collective bargaining, and the same rights as every other American citizen is granted when dealing with the criminal justice system or their employers makes us “scum”, then the FOP is scum.”

        The last time I checked, neither NABET, the AFT, nor AFSCME demanded the “right” to be the ONLY ones allowed to have and carry firearms AFTER being CONVICTED of domestic violence. You strangely DON’T want “every other American citizen” to be able to carry a gun AFTER beating his wife’s brains out.

        Cop unions are the same sort of tribalist sociopaths as Black Lies Matter. They must be opposed for the same reasons.

  30. Man, sorry to be the bearer of these tidings – but don’t expect things to change or get better. I’ve been around for a while, and brothers and sisters, BLM is an ongoing industry. Any so called ‘opression’ these folks are experiencing is completely self generated, and self propagating.

    Here’s the deal. If you’re tired of getting what you’re getting, quit doing what you’re doing. Your problem is staring you down every damn time you look in the mirror

    No one is holding you back. Who is stopping you from learning to speak standard American English, rather than speaking your chosen dialect? Not me. I could give a rats ass. If you insist on speaking dialect and won’t speak intelligible English, you can most likely count on being unemployed.

    Your schools suck, and your community is covered up with crime? Stop your goddamn criminal behavior, read the books, study, and do your best to pass each and every test.

    For Christ sake – stop blaming everyone else, and just make up your damn mind to live the best life you can live…. No one is stopping you but you.

    • Black Lies Matter is a racialist cult, just like the Aryan Brotherhood and the White Aryan Resistance.

      If you put Black nationalist and White nationalist propaganda screeds side by side and remove the specific racial references, and they’re damned near indistinguishable.

      In the early ’90s a friend got a book catalog from an “Afro-centric” bookstore. Perusing it, it became instantly obvious that they were selling most of the same books at the National Alliance. I told him this, but he didn’t believe me.

      To settle the argument, a Jewish mutual friend ordered a catalog from the Nazis. Holding them up side by side, some of the pages were IDENTICAL.

      Black Lies Matter is nothing but the Klan with a tan…

  31. Steve in TX – You’re right – but you have to concede that comment was pretty philosophical …..

  32. As a black gun owner I totally support a law and order president. BLM is a black homosexual group and funded by white socialists. They are racist at their core. They care only about good gay sex, getting government hand outs and as all good socialist they want the government to crush their opposition.

    from Tree of Logic on BLM pt1

    Tree of Logic on BLM pt2

    Tree of Logic is one of many black conservative persons on You Tube. Shes a gun chick and shes bisexual, for those who keep track of such things.

    • Frankly, I don’t give a tinker’s damn what two or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom. That’s personal and private, just like what and how many firearms someone owns. I DO draw the line at the sexual exploitation of the unwilling, minors below the age of consent, and small, furry animals. (Reptiles are okay, though.)

      • The Chicago Lodge of the FOP doesn’t care what you do in your bedroom either, up to and including beating your wife into a coma… as long as you’re a cop. Then you even get to still carry a gun, AFTER being convicted.

        Somebody once wrote something about some animals being “more equal than the others”…

        • Since you responded to it, I’m sure you saw my opinion on the Chicago FOP’s position on domestic violence – I think they were dead wrong. However, I’d like to thank you for comparing the FOP to the Japanese Army in China. It was getting SO tiring being compared to the Gestapo and besides, I like sushi and sashimi a lot more than I do wienerschitzel and sauerkraut.

        • “Since you responded to it, I’m sure you saw my opinion on the Chicago FOP’s position on domestic violence”

          Yeah, I saw your non-condemnatory “condemnation”.

          It was of a kind with any leftist’s “condemnation” of the Antifa Black Bloc.

          There is no more evidence that the Chicago Lodge of the FOP DIDN’T “think their position through” than that al Qaeda didn’t think 9/11 through.

          Collecting “experts” and going on National Public radio to elucidate a three point justification of arming CONVICTED domestic abusers isn’t impulsive or a “lack of thought”. It’s the exact OPPOSITE. It’s painfully obvious to anybody but somebody who wants police elevated to a superior caste, that a GREAT deal of thought (and expense to PAY those “experts”) went into their position on arming wife beaters (and nobody else), and their VERY public defense of it.

          They “thought it through” alright, every bit as much as the killer of the Dallas cops thought through his murders.

        • One of the things the Chicago FOP obviously didn’t consider seriously enough was the backlash they would get from anti-cop people such as yourself and what makes it all that much worse is that IMHO you are right concerning their attitude and they were wrong. I’d be very interested in knowing what the National FOP’s policy is concerning officers convicted of domestic violence being “prohibited persons” but I was unable to find an official National FOP policy, only that it contested some provisions of the Lautenburg Act such as that it being retroactive made it an unconstitutional ex post facto law. Keeping in mind that the FOP is primarily a labor organization, that they would contest a law which could cost an otherwise exemplary officer with a clean record his job for an instance of his losing his temper decades ago would be perfectly understandable and rational.

          If you think that I condone or excuse domestic violence by ANYONE, let me aver unequivocally that having seen it in my own home as a child I find it abhorrent and if a cop is convicted of it his department should follow the letter of the law and dismiss him for being unable to do his job because he is a “disqualified” person. FYI, I was once a member of a trial board as “a member of equal rank” for an officer who was charged with use of excessive force by striking a handcuffed prisoner with a flashlight. After hearing all of the testimony I joined the other members of the board in recommending dismissal even though I knew the officer and liked him, but his loss of his temper was “beyond the Pale” and showed him to be unfit for the job he had done for about 15 years. The Chief of Police concurred and the officer was terminated.

        • “One of the things the Chicago FOP obviously didn’t consider seriously enough was the backlash they would get from anti-cop people such as yourself and what makes it all that much worse is that IMHO you are right concerning their attitude and they were wrong.”

          You could not be more wrong.

          They didn’t fail to take into account the “backlash”. They simply didn’t CARE. They knew that there was a tradition of lawlessness and contempt for the public in the Chicago Police Department and knew to a CERTAINTY that if there were no consequences for BEING a wife beater, there certainly wouldn’t be any for being a cheerleader for wife beaters.

          Hence the savage beating of Karolina Obrycka by Officer Anthony Abbate, followed by:
          * the efforts of fellow cops to intimidate the victim and witnesses
          * Abbate’s being allowed to hide out for DAYS in “rehab”
          * Abbate’s arrest on MISDEMEANOR charges
          * the VERY public displays of support for Abbate by the rank and file

          All of this resulted in a JUDICIAL FINDING that there is a “blue wall of silence” in the Chicago Police Department. But then ANYBODY who knows ANYTHING about Jon Burge’s organized torture ring in the Chicago PD as well as the “SOS” home invasion crew could have told you THAT. The public are supposed to believe that a home invasion, robbery, and kidnapping ring operated FOR YEARS inside the most “elite” unit in the Chicago PD, and NOBODY in the department knew a thing. As the Brits say, “Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.”

          The police union motto: “Don’t believe your lying eyes… OR ELSE.”

          And what the heck, let me throw out a freebe: During the Republican Nation Convention, Cleveland Police Patrolman’s League president Steve Loomis called on Governor Kasic to ILLEGALLY ban open carry in downtown Cleveland, EXPLICITLY stating that he “DIDN’T CARE” what the law said. That’s what union thugs do: call for rule by decree… and without so much as an “enabling act”…

        • Keeping in mind that the FOP is primarily a labor organization, that they would contest a law which could cost an otherwise exemplary officer with a clean record his job for an instance of his losing his temper decades ago would be perfectly understandable and rational.

          And yet, they wanted an exemption only for cops, not others.

        • “Could that be because the FOP is a union for cops, not others?”

          Could that be because the FOP believes that cops, AND NOBODY ELSE, should be above the law?

          Sure looks like it.

  33. Blacks are increasingly irrelevant. The Dems long sought Browming of aAmerica means Hispanics are the new favored minority

    • They have long sought the displacement of the domestic population. Doesn’t matter the color of the displaced nor the favored incoming groups, not even if the colors were reversed.

      • Excedrin you prove over and over again you know absolutely zero about the history of your own country. No. 1 your ancestors were once immigrants and if the country had back then had the laws you want your ancestors would never have been allowed to immigrate here. Your philosophy is that “I was here first and fk everyone else” because every other group of people different than my racist self is not a real American. Hitler had the same philosophy.

        It was immigrants that made this country great and continue to do so. In your total right wing hate and ignorance you are not aware that it was a Syrian Refugee that invented our cell phones and made this country millions in profit. Many Arab immigrants are buried at Arlington National Cemetery but according to racists like you they don’t count because they are not of the same race or religion therefore according to you sub-human and not real Americans.

        Rather than banning immigrants we should be deporting racists like yourself to make America great again. That would work not some lunatic in a red tie playing the race card to get elected. But what the hey it worked for Hitler and it worked for Trump. As Trump once said “the far right is so ignorant you can get them to believe anything if you tell them what they want to hear”. His presidential campaign proved he was right, he got elected on racism.

        In every case in history immigrants have enhanced a nations wealth not degraded it but they are the ones that get blamed every time the corrupt people in power run the economy into the ground. They are the scape goats. If you were not so ignorant you would be aware that one of the major causes of the fall of the Roman empire was when they banned citizenship to immigrants and blamed immigrants for the economy failing which was the actual fault of the graft and corruption and costly wars the government was responsible for. Sound familiar genius, it should because the same thing has happened already to this country. We went bankrupt fighting wars of rape, pillage and conquest starting with Vietnam and like Rome the rich took all the high paying jobs away from the people and then had to put them on Roman welfare to keep them from starving and overthrowing their own government. When the barbarians attacked the people threw followers at the barbarians feet and refused to fight in the Roman Army. Sound familiar with todays all volunteer army because no one supports the draft.

        And your God Trump just offered Putin what he thought even Trump would not be crazy enough to do and that is share intelligence with Russia. Its like giving the fox the key to the hen house even though the fox already destroyed half the chicken coup (our right to a free election without Russian interference). Still think Trump did not get millions of dollars from Putin? He has proven by this he is his prostitute. Of course you will say you agree with Trump that out of the 200 plus intelligence agencies they are all lying that the Russians interfered. Why not just admit you think its ok for the Russians to get Republicans elected as long as they never help the Democrats. Now that’s the real reason you claim the Russians never interfered or are you claiming you know more than the several hundred U.S. intelligence agencies that have hundreds of dedicated people working for the countries security. According to you they are all liar’s because your buffoon of a President told you so. Again Trump was right, tell an ignoramus like you anything no matter how outrageous and you will believe it because that feeds on your hatreds and fears.

        In your complete hate and ignorance you do not realize that your food bill at the grocery store is way lower because its picked by slave immigrant labor that is lured here by corrupt right wing business men who pay millions in hush money to corrupt Republicans so that no immigration reform is passed in the way of guest worker programs that would force corrupt right wing businessmen to pay at least minimum wage and worker’s comp.

        Contrary to your complete right wing hate and ignorance illegals are not entitled to retire on Soc. Security Benefits so all the millions they pay in actually bolster the fund. They also are not entitled to income tax returns so your state, local and Federal taxes end up being much lower. Its all the more reason to prove that immigrants are a benefit to the economy.

        Contrary to the outright lies of morons like Rush Limbhead, one of your Gods,illegals by and large do not receive free health care either because they know by checking into a hospital they would be caught and deported. Never thought of all that did you genius.

        Yes I would for every jerk like you I could trade off I would let in 5,000 immigrants to take your place. The country would prosper because of it and history has proven it. Go back to school you flunked out the first time.

        Legal and even illegal immigrants as proven in years of surveys both as far back as ancient Rome prove its the immigrants that are more likely to start a business and employ people and be more successful at it. Getting a little jealous Jethro? Maybe that’s just one more reason you hate them.

        Did you know the entire city of Pittsburg was originally electrified by the knowledge and hard work of just one immigrant from Hungary. Just one of the tens of thousands of examples of immigrants making America great not some Moron in a red tie that was handed millions in cash from his old man and his grandfather was a draft dodger and was kicked out of Germany because it. Trump seems to forget his ancestors were immigrants too. But it was ok for them to come here but not anyone else. Talk about hypocrisy.

      • No, no you didn’t. Their commentary is nowhere to be found. How your comments are still here is beyond me, but I’ll leave it to the next round of housekeeping to get of it — and you.

    • Get used to it White Guy, Latino’s are predicted to dominate the legislative process in as little as another 15 to 20 years. As a matter of fact if you had not been asleep at the switch you would have known Rafael Cruz came very close to being the Republican candidate for the Presidency and Rubio also a Latino was not all that far behind him The White dominated Government is at a Historic end like it or not and you can thank the KKK along with then Congressman Truman for cutting off mostly all European immigration way back in the 1930’s. Without the needed labor for the U.S. the businessmen then resulted in hiring illegal immigrants from South of the Border and its been increasing ever since the 1930’s. And no the illegals did not hurt the U.S. one bit, as a matter of fact some of the most prosperous years were in the 1940’s through the 1960’s proving that far from immigrants being a burden they were actually a plus for the economy. In Florida today unless you are fluent in Spanish you cannot get a job in the service industry and 25 per cent of the American legal population in Florida speak not a word of English so passing English only laws is pointless and totally useless and becoming bi-lingual will actually help the population of all of America both read and write English much better than they do now.

      • We won’t be getting used to anything, skinhead. You’ll be getting used to Shariah Law over there across the pond in whatever Eurotrash backwater you slither around in, though. And, no, Latinos will not be any kind of dominant force in the legislative process for at least another two generations, either, if even that soon. As a matter of actual fact, had you not been asleep at the switch, Rafael Cruze was nowhere near the front of the pack at any point in time, and Rubio was no closer than him, either. The white-majority government is going to continue a little longer, despite the hopes of a self-loathing slave to their emotions like you. U.S. businessmen actually started hiring illegal aliens because open borders fanatics like you championed the transition of immigration targeted at Europe to the Third World and screamed “racist!” at every last attempt for businesses to weed these people out of their job applicants. Your favored pols are even trying to get them even more state AND federal benefits, too. And, yes, illegals did and do hurt the economy immensely. As a matter of fact, the most prosperous years were between 1925 and 1962, years which saw almost no immigration whatsoever. So, no, they’re a net burden on the economy and every piece of available data points to this fact, and this alone. Also, passing English-only laws is the exact opposite of pointless because the vast majority of America speaks English, and to truly make it ANY country, you MUST have at least a basic command of the dominant language.

        Oh, and you know what would actually help America read and wire English better than they do now? By disallowing your favored leftist politicians and bureaucrats to stop watering down the curriculum on the first place. And no, it’s not a funding issue, either, as countries that spend less than half of what we do per-student and per-capita on education have far and away better outcomes across the board then we do. So, don’t even go there. No, it’s actually the rote and demonstrable incompetence of your pols and bureaucrats using repeatedly-failed, top-down-only, “one-size-fits-all” solutions that can only ever make everything worse.

        Just like the War on Poverty. Or drugs. Or guns. Or whatever else you — not classical liberals like myself — want to ban next.

        • Quote—————–Excedrine commented on Black Lives Matter Video: “We Are Freedom’s Future Place”.

          in response to cisco kid:

          Get used to it White Guy, Latino’s are predicted to dominate the legislative process in as little as another 15 to 20 years. As a matter of fact if you had not been asleep at the switch you would have known Rafael Cruz came very close to being the Republican candidate for the Presidency and … Continue reading Black Lives Matter Video: “We Are Freedom’s Future Place”

          Quote—————We won’t be getting used to anything, skinhead. You’ll be getting used to Shariah Law over there across the pond in whatever Eurotrash backwater you slither around in, though. And, no, Latinos will not be any kind of dominant force in the legislative process for at least another two generations, either, if even that soon.—————-Quote

          Look you ignorant Hill Jack every demographic study done in the last 50 years has followed the rapid influx of Latino’s into the U.S. primarily at California , Texas and Cuba. And a usual you have got history completely backwards most Hill Jacks like your self never passé a History course if you ever even had one. Out west the reason originally for the mass migration of Latino’s was that corrupt businessmen lured them hear slave labor to pick fruits and vegetables. In Florida it was escape from Cuba and they came by the thousands and thousands.

          And the discussion was not originally about Sharia law, you brought it up because as usual you want everyone to know what a Moron you are when it comes to why most Muslims came to this country as it was to escape Sharia Law you idiot. If you would have bothered to talk to American Muslims that would have been the very first thing you would have learned. Of course a hate filled racist like yourself would never think of getting to know people of other races or religions. If ever there was a person to deport its you as you are a disgrace not only to all Americans but to humanity as well. You missed your calling by a few years you would have been a great executioner at Hitlers gas chambers.

          Quote—-As a matter of actual fact, had you not been asleep at the switch, Rafael Cruze was nowhere near the front of the pack at any point in time, and Rubio was no closer than him, either. —–Quote

          Christ you idiot you would think being a Republican you would have at least watched the Republican race for their presidential Candidate. Everyone is laughing at your idiotic statement. Cruz was in the race right down to the end. Where were you when all this was going on at the local whore house or beating off your dummy.

          Quote——The white-majority government is going to continue a little longer, despite the hopes of a self-loathing slave to their emotions like you. U.S. businessmen actually started hiring illegal aliens because open borders fanatics like you championed the transition of immigration targeted at Europe to the Third World and screamed “racist!” at every last attempt for businesses to weed these people out of their job applicants. Your favored pols are even trying to get them even more state AND federal benefits,——– quote ——

          You really make me laugh. I suggest you go down to a Federal Office sometime and apply for Welfare or to the Social Security Office and try and sign up for benefits. I personally have helped American citizens do this many years ago and even then it took a actual bag full of documentation to sign up for it. No illegals are not legally eligible for such benefits they ever were. Quite listening to such buffoons as Rush Limbhead or the other right wing entertainment shows that have not a shred of educational material in them.

          Quote——— And, yes, illegals did and do hurt the economy immensely. As a matter of fact, the most prosperous years were between 1925 and 1962, years which saw almost no immigration whatsoever.—–Quote

          History lesson Jethro. The Great Depression started in 1929 and ran almost 10 years before recovery so no those years were anything but prosperous. Good God have you ever even seen the pictures of the long unemployment lines and soup kitchens of that era. You really are a gas of a laugh. This is too easy, I almost feel sorry beating up your hillbilly ignorance.

          Quote———–So, no, they’re a net burden on the economy and every piece of available data points to this fact, and this alone. Also, passing English-only laws is the exact opposite of pointless because the vast majority of America speaks English, and to truly make it ANY country, you MUST have at least a basic command of the dominant language.——–quote

          Most civilized Industrial countries speak a minimum of two languages, many three and some even four. If you were a product of higher education you would not have to be told that learning a foreign language or secondary language because of the ethic backgrounds of the people within the country that learning a second language actually improves the understanding and the writing of your own ethnic language. And no its not unpatriotic to learn a second or third language its called “enhancing your education” but since you obviously have none for you it probably would be a lost cause.

          Quote——-And no, it’s not a funding issue, either, as countries that spend less than half of what we do per-student and per-capita on education have far and away better outcomes across the board then we do. So, don’t even go there. —quote—

          Yes we will go there just to make a bigger fool out of you. What you just said is true but in your ignorance you do not know the real reason they spend less. They spend less because they do not waste their money on expensive sports programs or construct expensive to maintain on campus living quarters. Its all bare bones education only as it should be. You go to college to get an education not have wild parties, sports spectaculars and expensive living on campus. If you had ever been to college you would already have been aware of the “why” they are more expensive. And you forgot to mention that many U.S. children have been priced right out of higher education so we lose some of your best minds that would make this country more competitive with foreign competition.

          On the other hand the Europeans which you previously in the post seem to degrade as inferior have had free education for decades and their global competition has benefited tremendously which suddenly brings to my mind Finland which went from being one of the poorest European countries to one of the richest and the most happiest. They went full blast on their educational system and they speak train their kids in grade school to speak 4 languages including Mandarin which is necessary for them because one of their biggest customers is China. Finland went into the information technology business and has prospered because of their educational system training students to survive and prosper in a global economy while we have uneducated hillbillies who cannot speak or write English working at Wal-Mart now the biggest Employer in the U.S. which is a national disgrace. And by the way genius Finland is highly Socialist but along with Socialized Denmark rank highest on the “happiness index” which exhibits its citizens satisfaction with their government and their way of life. The U.S. does not even rank close to them and few Americans are happy with their government or their way of life.

          Quote————–Just like the War on Poverty. Or drugs. Or guns. Or whatever else you — not classical liberals like myself — want to ban next.————-Quote

          Glad you mentioned “the ancient war on poverty under President Johnson”. I just got done watching a special on that war on poverty and if Johnson had not conducted the immoral, obscene war in Vietnam the money that was originally earmarked for that program would have alleviated a lot of problems we have today but the money was diverted to the war. The study of that 1960’s program showed that in the short time it was in existence it did indeed lower poverty and if it had been fully carried out would have put Johnson down as one of the most successful Presidents in U.S. History but he ended up squandering the money on the war in Vietnam. And we all know what a waste of money and lives on both sides of the battle line that fiasco turned out to be. But that is another long sordid story.

          Try again Jethro its too easy making a fool out of your hill jack ignorance.

        • Look, you ignorant Marxist, every demographic study done in the last 50 years amounts to nothing if your conclusion is still wrong. And it is. And as usual, you ignorant Marxists try yet again to completely revise history altogether to make it say something it doesn’t when nothing is going your way. Out west, the actual reason for mass immigration for Latinos was that corrupt politicians lured them here with guest worker programs. And the Cubans living in Florida roundly reject not only your favored immigration policies, but also your Marxism which is what caused them to flee Cuba in the first place.

          And the discussion drifted into Shariah law because that is what’s taking over your backyard, over there across the pond in whatever EuroTrash cesspool you live in. But, as usual, you want everyone to know what a projectionist you are, and that most Muslims came to this country to escape the horrors set in motion and continued by your DemoKKKrat messiahs. And unlike you, I actually have bothered to talk to a lot of Muslims, including some I have deployed with to Iraq, and that’s where I get my rhetoric from. Of course, a hate-filled racist like yourself would never actually think of practicing what you preach. If ever there was a person to deport, it would actually be you, as you are a disgrace not only to all Americans — even though you don’t even live here — but to Humanity as well. You missed your calling by a few decades, you would have been a great executioner at Stalin’s gulag archipelago, Mao’s “work camps”, or in Pol Pot’s Khme Rouge.

          Quote—-As a matter of actual fact, had you not been asleep at the switch, Rafael Cruze was nowhere near the front of the pack at any point in time, and Rubio was no closer than him, either. —–Quote

          Christ, you idiot, you think being a DemoKKKrat you would have at least watched the Republican race for their candidates. (I’m a libertarian myself but that’s neither here nor there.) Everyone is laughing at your idiotic statement(s). Cruz never stood a chance, and you were way too busy jerking your tiny meat to Stalin’s portrait to notice, dumbass.

          You make us laugh, and you’ll be on welfare soon enough when a predatory economic migrant from the Middle East ousts you from your job for half you wage. If you’re not already. You personally haven’t helped anyone do anything but discover what a dithering moron you are. Yes, not only DO illegals receive such benefits anyway, but the rest of us are footing the bill while your favored pols laugh all the way back to office election after election on your vote. You need to quit listening to such idiots as Rachel MadCow or other left-wing miseducation shows that have not a shred of factual information in them.

          Real history lesson, little Stallinite. The Great Depression only ran for 7 years, and would have less than half of that if not for massive interference from the state, and it was still FROM THEN to 1962 that the country prospered with almost a total halt in immigration. Good God, have you ever seen the long unemployment lines and soup kitchens directly caused by The New Deal and that one of your Gods, Bernout, actually praised? You really are laughable. I’m not sorry for beating up on your EuroTrash ignorance, though.

          Most actually civilized countries have an official language, which most everyone is required to master even before leaving grade sk00l. If you were a product of higher education, you would know this and would not be trying to lecture someone who is demonstrably your intellectual superior. And, no, it is not unpatriotic to demand an official language and then demand that newcomers be able to speak it. In fact, it was actually quite commonplace in America at one time. But, since you obviously have no education yourself, you were a lost cause before you decided to infest this blog.

          No, we will actually go there to make you out to be the liar that you are. What I just said is true, and in your ignorance you don’t know why we spend more. They actually spend less because they don’t have a massive bureaucracy to support, and still have most of the same sports programs and living quarters seen here in the U.S. Students in foreign students have wild parties just like we do here. Had you actually ever been outside mommy and daddy’s basement, you’d know this, too. And you also forget that many U.S. children are actually priced right out of higher education because of government subsidization of it, giving sk00ls license to charge whatever price they want because the tax payer — i.e. not you — foots the bill for federal loans.

          On the other hand, the Eurotrash which you previously held as somehow by some miracle superior have had to either altogether cut or shrink their so-called “free” education because — contrary to what you might think — isn’t actually free. It costs this thing called money, which you clearly have no attachment to because you’ve never made any of your own. Oh, and Finland is actually happy and rich because of its natural resources. And “happiness” is entirely subjective, anyway, so it’s a nothingburger metric regardless of what is used to “measure” it.

          The only reason why the U.S. produces functional illiterates from its highsk00ls is because of idiots like you running (READ: ruining) our education system in the first place. The left — and ONLY the left — has for a fact been completely in charge of education for the last four decades. And, by the way (non)Einstein, Finland is still not socialist and neither is Denmark. Oh, and need I mention that “happiness” is a completely subjective emotion?

          I’m glad you replied to the incontrovertible statement that the War on Poverty failed. JFK started the war in Vietnam, not LBJ (he continued and expanded it of course), by the way. And actual studies of the program concluded that it either did nothing or made it worse. It would not have mattered how much money the government spent on it, either — it still would have failed. So, no, he would have never gone down as anything other than he was.

          Try again, Ivan. It’s too east making as ass of you with your Marxist ignorance.

        • Quote——————And, by the way (non)Einstein, Finland is still not socialist and neither is Denmark. Oh, and need I mention that “happiness” is a completely subjective emotion?———————-Quote

          Well you already made an laughing stock out of yourself. Now I will let you hang yourself a second time. Ok then genius then what type of government does Finland and Denmark have if they are not socialist. Brother this should really be laughable.

          And remember before you respond they have Union representation in their Government, Socialized Medicine and free education, maternity leave for husband and wife, longer vacations (4 weeks just to start with before seniority accumulates) they retire earlier than we do and more holidays (30) as well. I am sure you will tell us and them that this is not socialism. Go back to school Jethero.

          As far as the rest of your blather as usual having nothing to add to the conversation you just plagiarized in total what I previously posted with the usual addendum , “I don’t agree with you but have nothing to back up my statement”. Now do not forget to copy that too when you reply.

        • Well, we have already made a laughing stock you, and now we’re going to give you even more rope to gang yourself with. Finland and Denmark are bog-standard democracies. Socialism need not apply

          And remember, before you respond again, the U.S. also union representation in its government, too. As well as socialized medicine. Oh, and even Scandinavians themselves say they’re not socialist. YOU can go back to sk00l, Ivan Skinhead.

          As far as the rest of your own blather, as usual not even having a discussion to begin with, you falsely accuse me of plagiarism instead of realizing that I am constantly correcting you as to the facts. “I’m going to make this claim and I’m going to summarily dismiss the mountains of data that prove me wrong.” Now, do not forget to remember that when you reply. 🙂

          Or, you could just shut the fuck up because you’re ALWAYS categorically incorrect no matter what you post.

    • Jews were thrown under the bus LONG ago. The “mainstream” Democrat Party is EVERY bit as anti-Semitic as any European “nationalist” party, if not vastly moreso.

      And gays got thrown under the bus after the Pulse Nightclub massacre.

      Today, jihadist Muslims are at the top of the Democrat Party pyramid of victimology.

      Jews, gays, and eventually Blacks will all fall by the wayside. Islamist killers are the strong male hand that sends a thrill up leftist legs. It’s like they saw a gay S&M movie and decided that was their preferred model for soceity.

  34. I’d just take my dad’s advise….I wish I could move to another un-populated Earth like planet (with lots of modern equipment of course) , to live out the last of my as an adventurer, and pioneer….That would be a wonderful dream ! Or, as my dad would say , his old adage…”My money’s on the Comet…for another reset…..”

      • to Jethro Excederine

        Quote———–Out west, the actual reason for mass immigration for Latinos was that corrupt politicians lured them here with guest worker programs.——————–Quote You also stated immigrants are not a benefit to society.

        Wrong, it was President Busch that recommended that we change our guest worker program to admit far more people rather than the very restrictive policy we now have. Naturally the Republicans rejected Busch’s recommendation because to do so would require corrupt Republican Businessmen to pay taxes on workers such as workmen’s comp, holiday pay, vacations and minimum wage. This problem has been going on since the 1930’s when white European immigration was severely curtailed .

        “Quote ——–No immigration took place after 1930 but America prospered”———– Quote

        Your ignorant of History as usual as it was during this time period the mass illegal immigration took place bringing in the millions of illegal Latino’s to take the place of white Europeans that formerly had been immigrating to the U.S. Go back to school Jethro you are out of your league.

        I might add that immigration is not the sole requisite on a Nations Prosperity either, I never stated that or even implied that but I did state that in no case in History have immigrants been a detriment to society or its economic system. I know you cannot be expected to understand or even accept such knowledge of history as its obvious you are not a product of higher education. Go back to West Virginia Jethero “Ma” is calling for you.

        The U.S. has an aging population which are retiring and no longer paying “into the system” right now America needs more immigrants and refugees not less.

        Contrary to hillbilly belief immigrants are not eligible for retirement benefits under Social Security but they pay into the system there by bolstering it making it more solvent. Illegals , Jethro,are doing your a favor but as usual your ignorance prevents you from realizing it. Illegals also lower your Federal and State tax rates as they are not eligible for tax refunds either. Illegals pick and harvest most of the produce in the U.S. therefore lowering your food bill because the wages they work for are far lower than legal workers. NOW JETHERO HOW CAN YOU SAY IMMIGRANTS ARE HURTING THE ECONOMY. HOW THICK IS YOUR SKULL ANYWAY.

        I might add they do not get free health car either as to apply for such they would get caught and deported so many do not seek health care when they become ill.

        Quote————I’m glad you replied to the incontrovertible statement that the War on Poverty failed. JFK started the war in Vietnam, not LBJ (he continued and expanded it of course), by the way. And actual studies of the program concluded that it either did nothing or made it worse.————–Quote

        I would rather believe the excellent documentary that was presented by “The History Channel” last weekend rather than take any credence in your unsubstantiated claim (rectum gas) that the war on poverty failed and or had no benefits. The documentary ran a full 2 hours but I am sure your attention span would not have allowed you to watch it or gain any knowledge from it. You spend all your time listening to the ranting’s of Rush Limhead who by the way flunked out of college as a freshman. Some reference you lionize, the blind leading the blind.

        • Wrong again, it was Bushwacker’s predecessor that did that. Naturally, the DemoKKKrats went along with it because they could use it to buy more votes with virtue signaling. This “problem” was deliberately manufactured by the DemoKKKrats in the 1930s because, like you, they wanted to replace Europeans with third-worlders that their corporate donors could pay less.

          Your own willful pig ignorance of history is yet again on display, as it was during this period illegal aliens would either be deported or self-deport because they couldn’t make it on their own. You need to go to sk00l in the first place. You’ve been beaten like a red-headed step-child, and I’m going to keep taking out behind the woodshed until you finally learn better.

          I might add that you did indeed imply that immigration was the end-all be-all, and you have never, ever proven that mass illegal immigration is no detriment to a society when as a matter of incontrovertible fact it very much is. Every single solitary piece of available data points to this, exactly this, and absolutely nothing else.

          I know you cannot be expected to wrap your empty little head around such knowledge, let alone actually have the intellectual capacity to process it, but it’s obvious you’re no product of higher education. Or ANY education, for that matter. Go back to the gulag, Ivan, “Master” is calling for you.

          The U.S. only has an “aging” population because Marxist lemmings like you told them not to have children all throughout the 1960s and 70s because of an alleged “overpopulation” problem, which was later exposed as a complete myth. Just like every other piece of propoganda you peddle. Oh, and it’s people 55+ and up that are coming back INTO the workforce while people of working age are leaving in droves — partly because of YOUR favored immigration policies.

          Right now, America needs NO “refugees”, NOT more.

          Contrary to Marxist beliefs, immigrants ARE eligible for retirement benefits under Social Security — if they’re legal. If they’re illegal aliens, THEY DON’T EVEN PAY INTO SOCIAL SECURITY AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE — EMPIRICAL OR OTHERWISE — TO SUGGEST THAT THEY DO. Illegals, Ivan, are doing neither me nor anyone else (including you) ANY favors whatsoever by being a net drag on the economy in every metric you care to measure. NOW, IVAN, HOW CAN SAY ILLEGALS ARE HELPING THE ECONOMY? HOW THICK IS YOUR SKULL, ANYWAY? I could probably take an industrial drill to your dome and not make a scratch in it! Not that I would, of course, because that’s assault and that’s illegal. YOU, however, probably would if you knew you could get away with it, just like your ANTIFA fellow-travelers and your murderous Bern-bros.

          I might add that they DO get free health care, because they can go to ANY ER in America and they MUST be treated — and then they simply skip out on the bill leaving the rest of us to foot the bill. THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR PANTS-ON-HEADED RETARDED IMMIGRATION POLICIES.

          I would rather believe the excellent biographies, autobiographies, and economists that unequivocally say that the “War on Poverty” was an abysmal failure rather than some fictitious “documentary” that you never watched. These actual tellings of the events surrounding these goobermint boondoggles that never succeeded at anything other than keeping people poor and helpless would not have held your attention for longer than a few minutes. You instead spend all of your time listening to Rachel MadCow who, by the way, never went to college for anything actually relevant to anything she ever talks about. She knows nothing about anything that doesn’t directly relate to herself. Some reference you fetishize, the blind leading the blind yourselves.

        • Jethro

          Just out of curiosity I did read your first reference from Political. The Author makes all kinds of wild accusations and claims with no references as to where his info came from. Contrast this to Fareed Zakaria and other “real” professional news journalists who always list where there info comes from. But of course you have never thought of the validity of such trash Political web sites. When have you seen this nut case on a Nationally syndicated political talk show? Never as the professional News Media would tear him to pieces. As Herr Trump said and was broadcast on MSNBC News “Conservatives are so dumb I can tell them anything and they will believe it”. Your a living example of this.

          By the way the author failed to mention that many jobs immigrants take are available because no Americans will work at those jobs either because of the back breaking labor or the low wages. And remember its the Republicans that have fought any meaningful minimum wage hikes which only results in even more immigrants coming here to take these low paying jobs Americans cannot even live on if they did take them. Thank your Republican gods for just another reason so many immigrants come hear illegally. The Republicans love them, they are their slave labor pool.

          And your reference to immigrants skipping out when they go to an ER, I was not speaking of emergencies but people who go in sick and need not only just one visit but many. Since when do you think one visit to a doctor cures you instantaneously. Obviously like most hill jacks your too cheap to even seek medical treatment when you need it or you would be familiar with the basics of medical care.

        • Ivan Skinhead,

          Just out of curiosity, you clearly didn’t read any of the links I’ve posted at all. You’re the only one making any kind of wild accusations and you have never, and will never, bring any supporting evidence because none exists. But, of course, you’ve never even posted any “real” professional journos yourself, either, so you still don’t know your own ass from a hole in the ground in that regard. That’s not news to anyone. As Herr Shillary said and was broadcast on all networks, “..They have to be brought to heel.” Meaning you, naturally. And she sure did! That gullible little Wall Street meat puppet who sold U.S. uranium to the Russians for personal profit as Secretary of State (and has more financial and business ties to them than anyone else in government — including ANY of the Drumpfs). Also, Drumpf never said that and there is no evidence he ever did, either.

          By the way, you failed to mention that Americans supposedly won’t take those jobs (even though they actually will) because your favored immigration policies have allowed them to push wages down low enough. And, remember, it’s actually the DemoKKKrats that have fought to bring many more of these low to no-skilled third-worlders into the country, who compete directly against blacks and Latinos, to deliberately put negative pressure on wages to justify their economy-destroying minimum wage campaign. Thank your DemKKKratikkk gods for just another reason so many immigrants come here illegally. The DemoKKKrats love them, they are their slave, wage, labor, AND voting pool.

          And your reference to immigrants skipping out when they go to an ER, I was not speaking of emergencies but people who go in sick and need not only just one visit but many. Since when do you think one visit to a doctor cures you instantaneously. Obviously like most hill jacks your too cheap to even seek medical treatment when you need it or you would be familiar with the basics of medical care.

          Oh, and just so we’re clear, your reading comprehension is slow and intellect so minute that you think — THINK, because you obviously don’t know jack squat about anything — that I actually implied that I believe a single doctor visit can cure you instantaneously. Newsflash, dumbass: NOBODY made that claim but you. Oh, and yes, illegals DO skip out on paying their hospital bills. It’s a long-settled, widely-know, and well-documented fact. Not that you would actually know what a fact is, how to actually source one, or even have the wherewithal to post it.

          Which you HAVEN’T, and I HAVE.

          Obviously, most basement-dwelling NEETS like you are too cheap yourselves to even seek medical treatment when you need it, otherwise you’d be familiar with this thing you need to PAY for it called money — which you’ve clearly NEVER had to earn yourself. Not to mention even a passing familiarity with the basics of health care, which I HAVE and you DON’T. None of you socialist bigots do.

  35. The freedom of getting your skull cracked by angry BLM supporters looking for a little payback for personal failure, for racism, for being the blah blah blah blah blah.

    I’ve experienced more than enough racism in my life, and as an American of hispanic heritage, it doesn’t get me down, I don’t blame others opinions or views about me and my skin color, or their beliefs about who and what I am, nor do I blame anyone for my successes or failures in life on anyone but ME.

    But, if anyone comes at me with murderous intent, I’m covered by the Constitution of ME, to kick ass and take names to protect myself, my family, and other innocents from violence initiated by others. They may want to start a fight but I will end it. So, protest (riot) as much as you want BLM, but don’t think that my skin color makes me your ally or co-conspirator in your crimes and terrorism against innocents. Good lord, is this what triggering is? Or is it what happens when I go to the range? TRIGGERING needs to be taken by the pro-2A community.

      • America IS my country, Bob.

        My family has been here since before the land purchase made California an American territory. My people didn’t travel here by boat, or immigrate from Europe, or swim across a body of water to reach home. I was born here like the generations of my ancestors before me.

        So hit the bricks pal.

        • America is the white mans country. As the NRA and many here says my guns are to protect against the government, the brown invasion, and the blacks.

        • America doesn’t “belong” to anyone race, and you’d fucking know that had you actually ever cracked open a history text. ANY of them. Ever. Oh, and none of the rest of us have guns to defend against “the brown invasion” or “the blacks.” That rhetoric has long since been consigned to the dustbin of history. LEAVE IT THERE.

          We have our guns to protect us against anyone, of any creed, color, origin, orientation, political stripe, or faith that threatens us or our way of life — be they white, black, brown, purple, green, or whatever. I’ll also have you know that some of America’s best people came from elsewhere, and I mean other than Europe or the Far East.

        • “America is the white mans country.”

          So, how long have you been a Democrat?

          Democrats, the party of:
          * slavery
          * secession
          * Jim Crow
          * lynching
          * racial concentration camps

  36. Hopefully the average American has figured out that Black Lives Matter is a racist organization under the control of socialist/communists that incites violence against law enforcement and law-abiding citizens.

    Further, Black Lives Matter’s ultimate goal is no less than to decriminalize crime so that their members can terriorize society with impunity.

    Obviously, armed law-abiding citizens and the rule of law are contrary to their goals and pose a substantial risk to their criminal members.

  37. Ms. Imadethissillynameupmyself is correct in that there is a serious interracial crime problem in the US. Unfortunately for her it’s not the one she thinks it is.

    • About 85-90+% of all violence is intraracial, meaning that more than likely you’ll be victimized by someone who at least approximately shares your complexion. This has been the trend for the last quarter-of-a-century or more.

      Where spillover does occur, however, there is 25 times more per-capita black-on-white violence than there is white-on-black violence.

      This according to the FBI’s UCR tables, when broken down by the race of the offender and victim.

      • Nah, he’s just the “mainstream” of the Democrat Party these days.

        I’m so old that I can remember when [SOME, Northern] Democrats were AGAINST racial segregation…

        • Wow. You must be old. lol

          Nowadays, DemoKKKrats everywhere; north, south, east, and west; would happily acquiesce to BLM’s demands of segregation, and just as happily try to beat down anyone like you who actually remembers their history and speaks truth to power.

          Just another reason to ABC: Always. Be. Carrying. Everywhere. As in, every-fuckin’-where. Concealed means concealed, amirite? 😉

          These liberal plants here are laughably bad. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

  38. The Black Woman in the video makes some valid points on the numbers of people murdered by cops. In 2015 U.S. Cops slaughtered an astonishing 1,500 people as opposed to China that killed only 4 people and Germany that killed 12 people so that counters the argument that other countries cops kill less people because their populations are less dense as China’s population far exceeds that of the U.S.

    In the information below a Cop screams that he can murder a young man and get away with it and horrifically he is right as it is almost impossible to send a cop to jail even when their is horrific video evidence.

    “Let me go!” Jordan pleads in the video.

    “No, you are on my fucking property. I could fucking kill you,” the officer responds.

    “You guys are on my fucking property!” the cop can be heard saying in the video as he holds Jordan down on the grass with a knee, his hand on the boy’s neck.

    Of course, the officer’s story varies greatly from what Jordan told WGN TV days ago. Jordan told the news station that the officer never identified himself as a cop, never asked the teens what they were doing on the property and never asked them to leave. He said that the officer came out of nowhere and tackled him.

    • The Mayor of Lansing has requested that the Cook County Sheriff’s Department conduct the investigation of the incident. I realize that the video looks pretty bad but I’m going to reserve judgement until after the investigation is completed.

      • I may have gotten the exact year wrong on the 4 killed as I did research this some time ago but regardless like most Right Wing flag wavers you fail to see the forest for the trees and by the way you got your figures wrong for 2015 the Chinese actually killed double that number but half of that number was a war not with civilians but with an actual terrorist gang that had committed mass terrorists murders on innocent Chinese civilians and that was even documented by world news organizations in Europe and the U.S. That hardly counts for the argument I was making to begin with.

        Now even if we include the entire figure of 50 instead of 26 you fail to see the forest for the trees as that figure even at 50 people pales in comparison to the 1,500 people gunned down in the U.S. Whether it was 2015 or 2016 is immaterial, what is horrific is that this is an on going slaughter not duplicated in other civilized industrial countries except our own which today is anything but civilized. How any sane person could attempt to denigrate China over such a small number as compared to the U.S. mass slaughter of 1,500 is beyond civilized comprehension.

        • You DID get the number wrong. You ALWAYS get the number wrong. And no, you DIDN’T research this or anything else you’ve bothered to prattle on about. Like most projectionist morons, you fail to see that nothing coming out of China’s entirely state-controlled media can be trusted. Of course it’s going to paint itself as anything other than the civil rights black hole that it really is — a civil rights black hole that you DO want to see America turned into. Your (non)arguments are what don’t count to begin with.

          You fail to see anything for anything other than what already affirms your preconceived notions, positions that you DID NOT reason yourself into in the first place. Lest you forget that the vast and overwhelming majority of police shootings in the U.S. are, in point of fact, justified as the vast and overwhelming majority of “victims” WERE involved in overtly criminal activity at the time of their demise. What is actually horrific is this is not even an “ongoing slaughter” as your lying ass makes it out to be, and IS replicated with frightening regularity just south of the U.S. border in the failed state of Mexico — which YOUR favored policies WILL eventually turn us into. How any sane person could denigrate the U.S. over such equally small numbers of unjustified shootings and not even bother looking at actual government-sanctioned violence such as China or Mexico is what’s actually beyond civilized comprehension.

        • “Quit creating the poor.”

          A quick at some real truth, for a change, about welfare and poor people, and how the twisted minds of the DemoKKKratikkk rich elite really are.

    • And there you go, lying yet again like you always do. There’s actually no telling how many people the police kill in China because it’s a police state — which IS what you would just love to turn the U.S. into. The State controls the media there, down to what individual “reporters” and “journalists” can actually write about events that they witnessed with their own two eyes. I shouldn’t have to remind you about the appalling human right’s abuses there. Or, do I? Especially given that you absolutely refuse to do any research about anything under the Sun, ever.

      Also, no, she doesn’t make any good points, whatsoever.

      She has a pathological hatred of police, just as you have a pathological hatred from America and what freedoms remain there. A place you’ve NEVER been to, have NEVER lived or worked in, and have NEVER loved; nor its people.

      As any rational person would, i.e. NOT you, I would reserve judgement about ANY case until the investigation is actually finished. THEN form an opinion having gathered all the facts available to me. YOU, like so many of your fellow gun-grabbing ghouls, take the exact opposite approach — which is the ONLY approach you had ever learned or are even intellectually capable of taking.

      • quote—————And there you go, lying yet again like you always do. There’s actually no telling how many people the police kill in China because it’s a police state — which IS what you would just love to turn the U.S. into. The State controls the media there, down to what individual “reporters” and “journalists” can actually write about events that they witnessed with their own two eyes. I shouldn’t have to remind you about the appalling human right’s abuses there. Or, do I? Especially given that you absolutely refuse to do any research about anything under the Sun, ever.————quote

        Like most right wingers you have a paranoia about watching foreign news channels or reading books by well known authors that have spent years and even life times there. Where do you think most of the news footage comes from when China is featured on American News channels. It comes from American Reporters, European, Japanese and multitudes of other foreign news organizations. There are foreign business men in China, American and foreign diplomats in China not to mention a host of American and foreign students and teachers there. All this adds up to China being nothing like the closed society of North Korea. Its where we get much of our info on China, we do not rely solely on Chinese Government info. Your ignorance on foreign countries is appalling but that is to be expected from the far right.

        • Like most left-wingers, you project your own paranoia onto others that disagree with you. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that Chinese media is state-owned and state-run, and extreme censorship in the norm. And where do you think American “reporters,” Europeans, Japanese, and multitudes of other foreign “news” organizations get their information from? Oh, that’s right. Chinese media. Which even reserves the right to review and edit “news” footage taken there by foreign correspondents, by the way.

          Your own willful pig ignorance of foreign countries is appalling, but that is the norm from the far left. Especially if those countries are politically aligned with your desires for big government.

        • Quote—————–And where do you think American “reporters,” Europeans, Japanese, and multitudes of other foreign “news” organizations get their information from? Oh, that’s right. Chinese media. Which even reserves the right to review and edit “news” footage taken there by foreign correspondents, by the way.————–Quote

          Your a real scream that’s for sure. If that was true there would be no reason even for a foreign reporter to ever set foot in China they might as well just copy the news off the Chinese internet. You have not a clue how foreign reporters work nor do you ever watch foreign news channels that’s obvious. Next you will be telling me Richard Engle and others like him simply report what the Chinese or any other country they are in give them. Why then would the risk their lives in the hot spots of the world. And are you going to tell me their on the spot coverage has a Chinese official whispering in their ear. Get real Jethro. Your so dumb a rock could surpass you in a civics test. I might add that many times their narration is often dubbed in long after they have left the country. Do secret Chinese agents accompany them on the plane home. Again you have not a clue how the news media works.

        • You’re a real idiot, that’s for sure. It is true, and I gave you the evidence as to why. You are, as usual, refusing delivery. Not my problem. You have no clue as to how any media outlet works, let alone American ones, and that’s obvious. Next you’ll be telling me that China actually has a free press and doesn’t employ KGB-level censorship to everything within its borders. But, y’know, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Not to coin a phrase. Get real, Ivan. You’re so stupid yourself even a DemoKKKrat could score higher on any civics test than you. Again, you’re every bit as clueless as you oh-so-desperately want to pretend anybody else is.

      • to Jethro Excedrine

        In America you flaunt your patriotism by attaching a full size flag to your pick up truck (Or a Confederate flag to show alternate patriotism) Singing the Anthem before every baseball game or sending 18 year old kids to Iraq so that later you can thank them for their service as the roll by you in wheel chairs at Wal-Mart.

        In Germany they show patriotism by voting for higher taxes on themselves to make health care and college education universally affordable to their less fortunate fellow citizens. They also pick up after themselves in public parks to keep them clean and presentable for everyone to use.

        Strange since the end of WWII Germany and the U.S. have reversed rolls in the world. Germany has since WWII become liberal and has given financial help to many other countries in regards to global warming and famine or to those that are in financial difficulties while the U.S. seems to invade and bomb another country every 24 hours.

        • In Germany they show patriotism by voting for higher taxes on themselves to make health care and college education universally affordable to their less fortunate fellow citizens. They also pick up after themselves in public parks to keep them clean and presentable for everyone to use.

          They also make excuses for migrant rapists.

          By the way, the United States offers tuition-free university education.

        • Quote————–They also make excuses for migrant rapists. —————

          As if German citizens never commit rape and when they do racists say “its ok they are one of us”. And by the way the ratio is way lower as German citizens commit more rape simply because they out number the immigrants by a large ratio. That’s obvious even to a mental midget. Ditto for the rabid racists in the U.S.

          Quote—–By the way, the United States offers tuition-free university education.—————– quote

          Tell that to the average student that can owe up to 300,000 dollars in debt when they graduate.

          The Germans have free health care and free education because they realize that to be “Hillbilly cheap” and save a penny in taxes today you end up going bankrupt tomorrow but that is way over their heads. As Herr Trump once said “The Conservatives are so damn dumb I can tell them anything and they will believe it.” The only truthful thing he ever said, that is what got him elected, he played the race card which is exactly what they wanted to hear. Blame Americas problems on a “scape goat”. With Hitler the Jews were the scape goat and with Herr Trump it was the immigrants and refuges. History repeats itself but when did a lower white class person know anything about history.

        • In Europe, where you reside, there is effectively no patriotism, and you still send your kids to Iraq and Afghanistan so you can spit on them on their wheelchairs when they come back.

          In Germany, they eschew patriotism by taxing themselves to death and consequently having a close to zero birthrate ( even lower than Japan’s). So-called “right wing” groups here also pick up after themselves in public, even after left-wing groups trash a place, as they usually do.

          Strange since the end of WWII Germany and the U.S. have reversed rolls in the world. Germany has since WWII become liberal and has given financial help to many other countries in regards to global warming and famine or to those that are in financial difficulties while the U.S. seems to invade and bomb another country every 24 hours.

          Strange, since the end of WW2 the U.S. has basically rebuilt Germany practically from-the-ground-up and defended it from the Soviets until 1991. Since then, Germany said no to a lot of the financial follies of their beighbors and THAT’S why they’ve been able to loan money to them. Meanwhile, leftist politicians that you would vote for, if you lived here, would march only in perfect lockstep to bomb countries that have nothing to do with us. Like, say, Libya for example. Or Yemen. Or Syria. CREATING the current migrant crisis we’re seeing now. Deliberately, too.

        • Quote——————Strange, since the end of WW2 the U.S. has basically rebuilt Germany practically from-the-ground-up and defended it from the Soviets until 1991. Since then, Germany said no to a lot of the financial follies of their beighbors and THAT’S why they’ve been able to loan money to them. Meanwhile, leftist politicians that you would vote for, if you lived here, would march only in perfect lockstep to bomb countries that have nothing to do with us. Like, say, Libya for example. Or Yemen. Or Syria. CREATING the current migrant crisis we’re seeing now. Deliberately, too.——————-Quote

          Your out of your league Jethro. It was Busch who invaded Iraq which upset the balance of Arab power and resulted in the current unrest in the Middle East. And it was a civil war in Libya that overthrew Kaddafi not the U.S.

          And as usual you trapped yourself. Germany has taken in over 1 million refugees while the U.S. backed out of the promise to take in a much smaller number (100,000) as to date we have taken in less than 10,000. That does not do your World credibility any good especially in future international negotiations over the worlds problems.

          And by the way genius Germany has made huge loans to Greece, Italy and Spain etc while the U.S. which is much richer as sat on its cheap hillbilly ass and has done little to help alleviate the Great Recession in Europe that was caused by President Busch and his deregulation of the banks, that is exactly why Obama tried to regulate the Banks only to have his excellent fiscal program shatter by the Greed Monger Republicans and Herr Trump setting the U.S. and the World up for another world wide depression soon to come.

          And by the way thick skull how many times do I have to tell you I do not live in Europe bone head. I am still waiting for your cheap hillbilly ass to put up 5,000 to settle your ridiculous accusations. I have not seen any money yet Jethro.

        • To Jethro Excedrine

          Instead of indulging in your fantasies of Finland and Denmark I suggest you look out your front door some time the U.S. is a Socialistic Country as well, its just less so than the more advanced and civilized countries of Western Europe. BELOW ARE JUST A FEW OF THE SOCIAL PROGRAMS OF THE U.S.

          Social programs in the United States

          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          The Social Security Administration, created in 1935, was the first major federal welfare agency and continues to be the most prominent.[1]

          Social programs in the United States are welfare subsidies designed to aid the needs of the American population. Federal and state welfare programs include cash assistance, healthcare and medical provisions, food assistance, housing subsidies, energy and utilities subsidies, education and childcare assistance, and subsidies and assistance for other basic services. Private provisions from employers, either mandated by policy or voluntary, also provide similar social welfare benefits.

          The programs vary in eligibility requirements and are provided by various organizations on a federal, state, local and private level. They help to provide food, shelter, education, healthcare and money to U.S. citizens through primary and secondary education, subsidies of college education, unemployment disability insurance, subsidies for eligible low-wage workers, subsidies for housing, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, pensions for eligible persons and health insurance programs that cover public employees. The Social Security system is sometimes considered to be a social aid program and has some characteristics of such programs, but unlike these programs, social security was designed as a self-funded security blanket – so that as the payee pays in (during working years), they are pre-paying for the payments they’ll receive back out of the system when they are no longer working. Medicare is another prominent program, among other healthcare provisions such as Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

      • to Jethro Excederine

        More proof the U.S. is Hillbilly cheap compared to other countries when it gives aid. In other words it does not pull its weight.

        It’s not surprising many Americans are willing to listen when the Trump administration suggests that other countries aren’t paying their fair share in foreign aid. After all, surveys show that Americans typically believe their government spends far more on aid than it actually does, writes Peter Singer for Project Syndicate. The truth is, though, that despite spending almost $34 billion on assistance in 2016, the country doesn’t really pull its weight.

        True, in absolute terms, the United States last year “spent more on foreign aid than any of the countries that met the target.” But Germany, despite its economy being less than one-fifth the size of the United States, spent more than 75 percent what the U.S. spent. “If Trump’s proposed cuts are implemented, while Germany maintains its aid spending, the U.S. would no longer be the biggest donor, even in absolute terms.”

        “Another significant comparison is with the UK, which is clearly not as wealthy as the U.S. – its per capita GDP is 31% lower. Yet a few years ago, with bipartisan support, it reached the recommended 0.7% level — more than three times the proportion of gross national income spent by the U.S. It has since maintained that level.”

        • To Ivan skinhead,

          More proof that the Eurotrash sycophant is cheap compared to the U.S. when it gives aid. In other words, the rest of the world does not pull its weight.

          It’s not surprising many Americans aren’t willing to propagandists like you when you knowingly erroneously suggest that the U.S. isn’t paying its fair share in foreign aid. After all, surveys actually show that Americans know that their government spends more on just about everything than official budgets say. The actual truth is, though, that despite any and all claims to the contrary, the U.S. more than pulls its weight — and other countries don’t.

          Yes, it’s true — by the left’s own admission. Americans donate more time and money to charity than anyone else on Earth. In fact, Americans out-donate Germans 20-to-1.

          So, even if Drumpf makes the cuts he wants, Americans will still be the most generous people by a very, very wide margin.

        • Quote—————Yes, it’s true — by the left’s own admission. Americans donate more time and money to charity than anyone else on Earth. In fact, Americans out-donate Germans 20-to-1.————Quote

          You read right wing radical propaganda. You do not have the ability to think or analyze. True, the dollar amount is more but that is not in proportion to our GNP. We have went over this before Jethro ad infinitum. Smaller Countries like Germany, Britain and France spend a higher percentage of their GNP on helping other countries than we do. I am sure this is way over your head.

        • You read left-wing radical propaganda. You project your own intellectual impotence onto people vastly superior to you. Not only is the dollar amount more, but I’m not even accounting for goobermint spending on foreign aid. I’m talking the total dollars of individuals giving to charity, Ivan Skinhead, and THAT is what we’ve actually been over, ad-infinitum. Smaller countries like Germany, Britain, and France still give LESS to helping other countries than we do. I am sure you’re projecting again, and all of this is way over your head.

          As is literally everything you try (and fail) to argue over.

        • to Jethro Excedrine

          I did not expect you to show any reading comprehension or even an understanding of elementary math in regards to percentages of GDP. Its way over your head, your response just proved it.

          Quote—-To Ivan skinhead——

          Ivan and Skinhead are not a match Jethro. Skin heads are German neo Nazi’s (your kind of people) and Ivan is a Russian name. Now if you knew anything about history (which you have proven many times that you do not) you would know the Russians and Germans (even today) are not the best of friends.

        • I did not expect you to actually stick to the topic at hand: the generosity of individuals, not governments, which WAS in fact my argument from the beginning. YOU moved the goalposts and started talking about goobermint boondoggles like foreign aid. Shows how much you love to project your own non-existent reading comprehension onto others. Just like every other fault you’ve falsely accused others of.

          Ivan and Skinhead are a match, but only in your case. You definitively don’t live in America and we already know you’ve had at least two other screen names here — Bob and Gator1 — spouting typical Stormfront dogma like the good little leftist you are. Now, if you knew anything about history yourself, which I’ve proven several times that you don’t, you would know that Russians can be every bit as racist as Germans, and both can be every bit as racist as you.

      • quote—————No, we will actually go there to make you out to be the liar that you are. What I just said is true, and in your ignorance you don’t know why we spend more. They actually spend less because they don’t have a massive bureaucracy to support, and still have most of the same sports programs —————-

        Your making this too easy Jethro. Germany is known as having more red tape to go through than any other European country. On German DW TV the Turks were complaining that when they import goods into Germany they have to meet pages and pages of German Red tape permitting them to sell their manufactured goods there. I would suggest you start watching educational foreign news channels Jethro as you might then cease to always make an absolute fool of yourself every time you go off on one of your usual ignorant rants.

        As far as sports they are not financially connected with higher education in Germany, Jethro. As I previously stated that is one of the primary reasons they have less costly education , that and not building expensive dormitories for on campus living. Students live off campus there. Sure, Germany has plenty of sports but they operate on a completely different financial system that does not make college unaffordable. I might add they also have states sponsored educational programs as well so all can afford to go to college and not go bankrupt like they do here in the U.S. with life long debt crushing loans that have to be paid back over a life time. Some screwed up system we have here, corrupt from the top down.

  39. The net of NRA-Dana’s “clenched fist of … hey, isn’t that your logo?” promo is living even bigger, rent-free in the anti’s heads. Really. 3-bedroom penthouse with jacuzzi lifestyle here. Her schtick has been picking conflicts to draw attention. She’s good at it, and here they are falling for it.

    It’s worse than that. “We are freedom’s future place…” plugs the NRA’s tag-line / meme every time it’s played. Somebody got trolled hard. The clenched fist is their logo, “freedom’s safest place” is established associated with the NRA and gun rights, and the violence montage is of the clenched-fist folks. “We are freedom’s future place, after we have ground all of you into homogenous submission. It’ll be quiet once you quit fighting back.”

    Every time they mock the NRA piece, they reiterate it’s point. Yeah, I don’t think they thought this through. Here’s the hint: When you make a parody, your audience thinks about the thing you parody every time they see your piece.

    They used to know this. Somehow the agitprop-wranglers among the anti’s got sidelined. This latest is badly done propaganda. They’ve leveled-down in skill. Someone is letting the amateurs in front of their cameras lately. Maybe there was a post-election purge: “You skilled folk couldn’t drag our wheezing agenda-bucket across the finish line, so what good are you?” Then they keep the personal and policy problem, n purge the actual talent.

    In any case, you don’t parody something unless reminding people of the thing is to your benefit. Baldwin’s parodies of The Orange Crush are an example: they please the already snickering, and reinforce the “so what” of the “so what’s.” Indeed, they reinforce what brought half of The Donald’s voters to vote for him. (The other half were decidedly: “Literally anything, even hairzilla, is better than that other thing.) Everybody these parodies reach has *already thought through to a conclusion* on what they’re mocking. Baldwin’s parodies are hilarious and dead-on, but also useless as propaganda: there’s on new information, they remind of nothing that hasn’t been noted and accepted.

    Contrast this with the drought of parodies aimed at the prior president. The partisan outlets like SNL — Really? A mourning piano piece when the “anointed at last” one blew it. Really? Really? — wouldn’t parody President Boyfriend because they didn’t want people looking again at him. The illusion only holds up so long.(*)

    They are losing control of their propaganda operation. The problem with recruiting useful idiots is they go off and do idiotic things, as we are seeing. /popcorn

    (*) Seriously. Name a politician or even well-known media figure in the last 30 years anywhere near as ripe for parody as the most recent ex-president. From the body language, to the affected speech, to the endless pronouncements, to the decent into slogan, to the flailing when TPOUTS glitched (Doubtless because Russians. Or maybe aliens.) to the bad, really bad, not very good accent, phrasing, pronunciation when he drifted into colloquial expression, to the stock phrases and entire ecosystems of straw-arguments.

  40. nothing says “freedom” more than the “clenched black fist of resistance” burning down their own neighborhoods.

    BLM, why do you hate CVS’s so much?

  41. Legit the NRA should issue a statement on the philando castile shooting. Why? Because they said they would. It is an integrity issue.

  42. To Texas Lawyer

    Go sling your bullshit to the hillbillies.

    Quote—————Tragically, there remain a few occasions each year where a majority-race private citizen or a cop uses unlawful lethal force on an innocent black victim. —————Quote

    1,500 deaths by Cops last year is hardly “a few occasions” compared to Germany that had just 12 and China in the same year that had just 4.

    Black People today have become so fearful of police they panic when they see one. Just yesterday my Son was driving on the freeway when he saw a Black Man being pulled over for a minor traffic violation. The man was so fearful he immediately put both hands out the window in mortal fear he would be gunned down without warning. My Son said to me, “My God what kind of a Nation have we become when minorities know they are the target even in a minor traffic violation”.. He remarked he has seen plenty of “White People” pulled over and none were so panicked that they immediately put both hands out the window of their vehicles. And you have the White arrogance of making such idiotic statements that Black People in todays America no longer are discriminated against or are the object of unjust brutality and violence. Your arrogance, prejudice and ignorance and complete divorcement of reality is disgusting beyond all comprehension. You and people like you are not part of the problem, “you are the problem”.

    Quote————Hitler was a Liberal————–Quote

    If that is the summation of your knowledge of the German People and their culture and of Hitler’s rise to power I sure as heck would not want you representing me in court. Socialism in Europe is not the paranoia of the Far Right as it is here in the U.S. If you knew anything at all about German History you would know that “National Socialism” started under Bismarck and no one on earth save Hitler was farther to the right or more of a Nationalistic Maniac.

    I think too that the Far Right panics whenever the name of Hitler is mentioned as it opens the door just a crack into their sub-conscience mind and they do not like seeing themselves sitting next to smiling Adolf with a copy of Mein Kampf in his hand, the bible of far right wing philosophy. Its no accident the far right KKK and American Nazi Party give the stiff arm salute and praise Hitler and everything he did including mass murder of minorities, its in the far right credo written in their demented philosophy. They never have denied it they are even proud of it.

    I would say I would have given you far more respect if you had just admitted your true feelings rather than deny you do not harbor the same philosophy as Hitler did. When one reads your posts its very evident you do. Its just that you try and couch it in flowery language that fools no one except fellow far right fanatics that are not educated enough to see or know anything about the far right in Germany during the WWII period.

    Mein Kampf mirrors far right credo. Hate and fear of minorities, Hatred of other religions, Hatred of any sexual orientation not considered by them as “traditional” and the belief that all other political orientation other than their own is a threat to their way of life. Even though Socialistic programs have benefited them as much as the far left they seem to live in a myopic fantasy world completely divorced from reality. How many of the Far Right could exist at retirement without pensions and Social Security benefits? Not many and they were all Socialistic Programs that are the very social safety net that they rant and rave against. To say the Far Right are their own worst enemies would be an gross understatement.

    Today it is reported that one of the U.S.A.’s super racist Far Right Fanatics Jeff Sessions was caught giving a rousing cheer leader speech to one of the most rabid “hate groups” in America at the “Alliance Defending Freedom’s Summit” who would like nothing better than to send all LGBT people to the gas chambers. I would say that is as close to Hitler as any fanatical right wing group can get and you still call Hitler a Liberal. Is beyond hilarious, its obscene as no Liberal Individual or Organization has every supported such social obscenities here in America.

    • Go sling your bullshit to the DemoKKKrats.

      1,500 deaths, the vast and overwhelming majority clearly justified, IS a “few occasions” compared to a population of 321 million people. Also, what happens in other countries is irrelevant and inapplicable, anyway. (Also, the number for China is actually substantially higher — they’re infamous for covering things up.)

      Black people feeling apprehension and even fear at the sight of police is not a new occurrence, at all. So, how it could only be happening “now” is a mystery, and one not to be solved by intellectually-bereft sycophants like you. I also sincerely doubt you even have children, for that matter, being that literally every single word of everything else you’ve posted here has for a fact been repeatedly proven an out-and-out lie. Oh, and nobody here suggests that black people aren’t discriminated against, either, and nor do you have ANY evidence of such an assertion whatsoever. Your own arrogance, prejudice, ignorance, and complete divorce from reality is beyond compare. You are people like you CREATE these problems, and then blame them on others based only on the color of their skin. You’re every bit as racist as anyone else you’ve ever knowingly, falsely accused here.

      Oh, and Hitlet was, in fact, a liberal. He was a socialist, regardless of whatever empty protests you have to the contrary, automatically and default settling him firmly on the left side of any traditional political spectrum. Socialism in Europe is what lead to the deaths of tens of millions of Russians in the Gulag Archipelago. Socialism in Eurpe is what lead to the Second World War, started by a socialist. It is every bit the boogeyman that you’ve been told it is, and told this by people clearly far and away much, much mow knowledgeable on this (and every other) topic than you could ever be. One of the regular commenters here was actually born in the Soviet Union. Not that you care to ask his opinion, because he knows more than you. If you knew anything at all yourself about German history, you would know that “National Socialism” is as far left as Communism.

      I know, too, that the far left panics whenever the name of Hitler is mention, as it opens the door directly into their psyche. They already see themselves with a copy of Mein Kampf, the Bible of left-wing philosophy, in their hands as they storm college campuses and cities solely to destroy property, indiscriminately knock people unconscious and try to set them in fire, and shoot at sitting Representatives of their rival party. Just as your ANTIFA and socialist fellow-travelers HAVE in fact done — and in recent history! It’s no accident that the far-left KKK and other nationalist groups gave that very special salute to Drumpf, who will ultimately not follow through with their imagined changes because he’s a complete nutjob (only mostly one). The far-left even praise the mass-murder of political dissidents by Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Guevara, and Castro.

      I never would have given you any respect, because you are not in any way a respectable person. But, now you’ve held up a mirror to yourself and tried (and failed) to project your shortcomings onto all of the rest of us. All of the rest of us who show absolutely no signs or even the slightest inkling of the bigotry you’ve shown here. And don’t even try to pretend that those other aliases slinging that nasty racist shit weren’t actually you, either. We’ve had you figured out from the get-go. When anyone reads your posts, it’s plain as day that you’re projecting. Not even your fellow far left-wing fanatics are as uncreative as you. Even they are more educated on this stuff than you are, and they know jack squat.

      Mein Kampf was and still is far-left screed. Exalting the state above everyone else, and not wanting anyone else to compete with better ideas than the assured failure of socialism — in ANY of its myriad forms. Hatred and fear of the majority, and accusing them of guilt for the crimes of their ancestors that they’re not answerable for, and accusing them of continuing those crimes with NO evidence to show for it. Even though socialistic programs have only caused problems for everyone, including the left, they still believe that trying the same thing over and over will result in something different. How many of the far left could exist at retirement without handouts stolen from working people and handed out to those that refused to save for their future? None. That’s why socialistic programs are only predatory on working people and can only accrue unfunded liabilities that are borrowed against future generations. To say that the far left are everyone’s worst enemy is about as accurate as it gets.

      Today, it was actually reported that America’s NAACP-awarded Jeff Sessions was “caught” actually defending freedom (of speech anyway), and that you yourself would like nothing more than to see your political rivals sent to the gas chambers. Or deported. That’s actually as close to Hitler as any fanatical left-winger can get without actually killing people, as your socialist fellow-travelers have already tried to do. And failed, might I add, because you apparently really suck at that, too, NOWADAYS. And, yes, Hitler was still a liberal. And liberal individuals and organizations HAVE supported such social obscenities here in America. Remember Margaret Sanger? THAT’S all I really need to say.

      • Jethro

        Feel better now that you proved you know not a thing about Hitler, Socialism, or Jeff Sessions. Your response says it all. No need for me to make a bigger fool out of you than you do, its the only thing your great at.

        • Ivan Skinhead,

          Feel better now that you’ve actually heard the cold, hard truth from someone who has, in fact, demonstrated that they know better than you? Your responses say it all. No need for you to make a bigger fool out of yourself. That’s the only thing you’ve ever done here, and probably elsewhere, too.


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