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“The National Rifle Association of America must stop airing its controversial ads that blast the Black Lives Matter movement and call for violence in response to their resistance, activists from a BLM chapter in Los Angeles said on Friday.” That’s how opens its piece on BLM’s answer to the NRA’s Dana Loesch video.

We’d guess NRA would dispute that their video called for violence at all, despite the Outrage Industry’s reaction to their promise to counter “the violence of lies” with the “iron fist of truth.”

Be that as it may, here’s BLM-Los Angeles’s response:

In a video response first shared with Mic, activists labeled the NRA’s ad as “dangerous propaganda” meant to incite “gun-toting racists.” Surrogates for the gun rights lobbying group have previously lashed out at activists and politicians who criticized its ad.

“When the NRA issues a public call to their constituents, inciting violence against people who are constitutionally fighting for their lives, we don’t take that lightly,” Funmilola Fagbamila, a member of BLM LA, says in the response video.

What does BLM-Los Angeles want?

Fagbamila then concludes the parody by saying, “The only way we stop this, the only way we save our communities and our struggle for freedom is to fight this violence with the raised clenched black fist of resistance.”

Fagbamila then issues a demand that the NRA take their video down. An outcome which, of course, BLM has absolutely zero expectation of happening. On the other hand, it’s bound to get them plenty of the media attention they’re really after.

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  1. I’m confused. The NRA wants to use the truth and #blm wants to use their fists. But it’s wrong for the NRA to use the truth but it’s okay for the #blm to use their fists.

    Did I get it right?

    • Sounds about right. The nra is racist because libtards don’t like a free and armed populous. Blm is correct because black people calling to kill cops is somehow non-violent. Yeah the idiocy of the left is astounding. I guess their freedom includes no freedom of speech for opposing beliefs and no freedom of life for police. If they want a war… Well I’m your huckleberry.

      • No, the NRA is racist because they continue to provide support for a system that contiuously disregards the civil and human rights of many individuals, including black people. NRA picks their battles carefully. Those battles seem to be less of a LEO conflict, more an open and shut issue. If they want to avoid politics and be a second amendmany org, than sop with the politics and be a secon amendmant org. They try to play both sides. Just as BLM does. BLM is more a bunch of violent leftist but the NRA seems to be quickly becoming the antithesis of that. We all will become caught in the middle and some may be forced to choose a side. I am an NRA member and I dont like what I am seeing many times, mostly I agree with the underlying message but the manner is not becoming.

        • Please explain how “the system” is guilty of human rights violations against black people in 2017. Your answer will be graded for accuracy and punctuation. This is an open book test.

        • “BLM is more a bunch of violent leftist but the NRA seems to be quickly becoming the antithesis of that. ”
          So the NRA a group of non-violent conservatives, and this is bad?

        • REN – For the NRA to avoid politics is for them to become absolutely impotent as a gun-rights organization. Why did the NRA donate $50M to the Trump campaign and urge its membership to vote for him? Why do they have lobbyists on Capitol Hill and in the legislatures of every state in the union? It’s because if they didn’t …… For one thing, Hillary Clinton may well have been our president now. Do you think SHE’s a friend of the Second Amendment? Had she been elected the NRA and every other firearms rights organization in this land would by now be locked in legislative combat to preserve our rights under the Second Amendment. Their lobbyists in the various states do their best to influence legislation harmful to our Second Amendment rights and help keep the membership aware of what is going on in the legislatures and which representatives are doing it, for the good or ill of NRA members.

          As the Greek statesman and philosopher Pericles sagely said, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. ” Our lives and liberty are inextricably intertwined in the political process and it behooves us to keep a close eye on those we’ve put in positions of power.

        • It would be standard to counter each of your points in a factual and logical way. You rant is so full of error and ignorance that it certainly demands a response. Instead, I think I’ll take the short cut this time and tell you to assume the rectal cranial inversion position, and, one there, to suffocate on your own shit.

    • Funmilola Fagbamila needs to sit down with Roy Innis and enlighten herself about CORE, The Deacons for Defense and Justice and their relationship with the NRA. The NRA played a large role in arming them. That school to prison pipeline she was educated in no doubt skipped right over those parts of the Civil Rights Era. Oh, by the way. That pipeline is ran almost exclusively by and for the enrichment of the left wing educational indoctrination complex. It’s kind of futile to expect anything else out of it.

    • Its close-minded hypocrites like you that have empowered the anti-second amendment movement and actually resulted in much stricter laws. Black lives matters does NOT mean other lives don’t, but there are not that many suburban white kids being shot by cops. I realize that every decision you make is hate-based, but try opening your narrow mind and putting yourself in the shoes of others. Your pathetically sad failure of a life is not the fault of people you disagree with….try accepting some personal responsibility!!!! As long as a large part of the 2nd amend. community insist on actually being an ignorant, narrow-minded, hate-filled and uneducated group, WE LOSE. Fighting at every turn might have worked in the past, but it doesn’t work any more. We need to convince the middle 50% that our gun-rights position is reasonable, and acting like a bunch of whiners and haters is doomed to failure. The middle 50% don’t want to be lumped into that group.

      • Actually, most of America, including those in the middle, DONT support BLM terrorism. BLM is one of the many reasons many people in the middle voted for Trump last November. Who won it fair and square, by the way.

        • Yea sure you won the election fair and square. Just today more evidence on a secret meeting with Trumps Son and Son in law with a gorgeous Russian babe that works right out of the Kremlin that promised them more propaganda against Hillary so they could sway the election. And remember despite Herr Trumps firing of Comey the FBI is still working on the whole sordid affair with the Russians, just give them a little more time and heads will eventually roll guaranteed.

          No sane person wants the next U.S. election run right out of the Kremlin whether your are a Republican or a Democrat rather its only the Morons that believe it did not happen or if it did its ok as long as the Russians are on our side (at least for now).

        • ciscko kid, or should I say Bob or Gator1, there still continues to be no hard evidence of any collusion with Russia. There is, however, hard evidence that we interfered with their elections in the 90s, though. And remember Herr Shillary’s roasting of Comey even after the FBI and most of the intelligence community have repeatedly said that there is no hard evidence of Russian collusion. The only thing that’s guaranteed is that Herr Shillary’s head will roll over the fact that she gave Russia 20% of our uranium stock for pocket change.

          No sane person in the U.S., which definitively doesn’t include you (being that you don’t even live here and all), wants the next election run right out of Wall Street — who owns and operates Herr Shillary as their personal meat puppet — whether you live here or not. Rather, it’s only the morons who think it did happen because THEIR side tried it already, using a strategic asset, and still lost big time.

      • BLM is a hate filled terrorist socialist front of an organization, that approves of the assassination of police – no matter their color.

      • @Rob Anderson — It’s actually projectionists like you that make up the anti-second amendment movement in the first place. Black Lives Matter DOES, in point of fact, mean that other lives don’t matter. They themselves HAVE, also in point fact, made that abundantly clear to anyone who actually has a functioning brain cell. All I need to do is point to what the vast swaths of them say on social media, including those on the street recorded during protests espousing their hatred of white people — and NO ONE ELSE — and to their “demands” on their official website. Not to mention their origins form an OG Black Panther in exile, the same group that stormed a court house and kidnapped a judge and others in broad daylight, among a laundry list of other nefarious and indeed terroristic deeds. Oh, and the overwhelming and vast majority of black “kids” being shot by cops are, in yet another point of fact, deeply involved in overtly criminal behavior to begin with. Naturally, there will be some unjustified shootings and that is, which we all already agree, appalling and needs to rectified ASAP. It’s a problem that affects ALL of us, regardless of skin color. There will also inevitably be those cops that get away with murder. Such is the nature of the flawed “justice” system we have. But, every decision that THEY (BLM) makes is overtly and exclusively hate-based, as is likewise every decision to “rebuttal” ANY dissent against them that you personally don’t like. As long as even some tiny pocket of the PoTG project their own ignorance, narrow-mindedness, and hate onto others like you do, WE LOSE. Fighting at every turn is the ONLY thing which even got us this far to begin with. We are already well on the path to convincing the fence-sitters that we’re right. Those fence-sitters don’t want to be lumped in with YOU.

      • The 2nd ammendment people i know are not hate filled as you say, far from it.. The BLM i have seen have been. I am glad that the NRA put out that video, it is long overdue and nothing it shows is new. It is the truth, and appeasing the violence of the left by being less political and being silenced is their greatest wish so they can hear only their voice. It is clear if you pay attention to what BLM says and does that they are what theynaccuse others of.

      • @Rob Anderson: BLM is clearly a very racist organization – there’s so much evidence I won’t bother to get into it, HOWEVER, why is BLM so concerned about a few tragic bad police shootings but say NOTHING about the thousands of black on black murders? Why is it they only want to focus on white cops? This is an EXTREMELY small percentage of killings committed against black people – the largest being black on black murders. Please explain why BLM zeros in on a tiny percentage as opposed to the much bigger problem. I would think BLM would focus their actions toward the black community.

    • The truth is that we will use our NRA protected guns against all threats to the White race.

      • The actual truth is what we will use our Constitutionally-affirmed and protected rights against all threats to any of our other rights and to our lives; foreign or domestic; regardless of whom is being threatened.

        Go BACK to whatever fucking far-left cesspool you slithered out of, skinhead. NO ONE takes kindly to you folks here.

        • @Gator1 — Man, why you keep changing your name, cisco kid? You’ve already been outted as a Stormfront shill, skinhead. I was factually correcting you. If you don’t like it, kindly fuck off.

      • Liberal troll. Probably the same person as MDS or the crisco kid that claims to be a conservative democrat and belongs to an all democrat gun club where they use 9mm to shoot through steel helmets at 125 yards ???

        • Yet another pseudo-liberal sycophant afflicted with Drumpf Derangement Syndrome trying to paint us as the racists that they know they are. It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

      • Some BLM thugs attacked a peaceful rally in Virginia yesterday. Nothing on the Libral Media about that though.

        • Yep. As much as I despise the Ku Klux Klan and their despicable drivel, they had a permit to hold a demonstration in Charlottesville. The mayor urged people to simply ignore them but Black Lives Matter organized an unpermitted counter-protest, outnumbering the KKK 10-1. When the police couldn’t get the BLM crowd to disperse from in front of the police station so that they could get the KKK out of there and out of town, the cops turned to tear gas to send the BLM on their way. All but 23 did and they were arrested. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

        • I saw that. those good old boys should have exercise their second amendment rights. oops I shouldn’t say that this is a safe space for wishy-washy moderates I guess.

        • Bob, I mean cisco kid, what they should have done was turn around and go home. There’s no use fighting a group that the media will always paint as the victim no matter what they do. You also shouldn’t say the overtly racist shit you do on a blog whose members vehemently oppose the rhetoric of the KKK, which is all that you can and have spewed here.

  2. When BLM can point to the riots the NRA video incited, then they will have a point. Until then, they’re just criminal apologists and race baiters.

    • Don’t forget the murders. The number of cops murdered by BLM inspired shooters is in the double digits with just the NYC, Dallas, and Baton Rouge shootings. The number of shot but not killed is in the double digits as well.

  3. More of that white supremacist Nazi bull crap. Every time you get in an argument or a discussion I should say that turns into an argument with a liberal they always call you a racist Nazi what’s up with that? It always boils down to the race card. What these people fail to understand is that all human life matters White’s included. What gets me is a lot of white people Asian people Hispanic people get shot by police departments usually 9.9% of the time committing violent offenses and you don’t hear us screaming racism and all this other BS. That entire group needs to be abolished. On the grounds of promoting violence ridiculous.

    • Just call them “rapists, robbers, narcotics pushers, and murderers”…. That usually shuts them up….

  4. Im sorry lady you must live on some parallel planet in another universe.
    None of what she says is even worth listening to and nothing but BS to incite her own kind to more violence.
    When has the NRA on this planet done a single thing she had said.

    • These blacks that belong to this black lives matter group are mentally unstable and somewhat retarded. They do not know history very well. Mr Charlton Heston marched with Martin Luther King with black Americans for their rights during the 60s all the way up to the 70s. He was one of the Great leaders of his time in representing equal opportunity and fairness no matter what your color of skin or what God you claim. And for them to attack the NRA one of the oldest civil rights organization in the world.

      • Calling people ” unstable and retarded,” is not exactly the way to win hearts and minds. Both groups need to chill the tone of their spokespersons.

        • I’ve never seen the NRA do anything racist or call for anything but self defense.

          BLM is inherently racist (they call for segregation), they have repeatedly called for the murder of cops (this has then happened).

          The only thing you can point to is the NRA’s “tone” because they haven’t said or done anything wrong. The only reason people think the NRA is calling for violence and racism is because they think the NRA is a violent and racist group.

        • Their hearts and minds are already lost. These are people who are so deluded that they think they have a constitutional right to burn things and smash property. You can’t win them over.

    • And funny how liberals accuse their opponents of literally everything nasty about themselves. There’s only one group opposed to ‘law and order’ and hateful of others for their skin color here. But that’s what liberals are, nasty little souls who seek to transcend their self-loathing via political power (as opposed to personal achievement)

  5. I couldn’t live with the name FAGbamila. It’s kinda hysterically hilarious.

    This is not a flame, this is just an observation of the name.

    • I thought the same thing…. Funmilola Fagbamila. Almost sounds like an insult if it came out the wrong way. Maybe she gave herself the name as some kind of litmus test. Like to gauge if the person she is talking to is really taking her seriously? If they can say “Funmilola Fagbamila” with a strait face, the she knows they aren’t secretly laughing at the nonsense she blathering on about.

  6. Black Lives Matter and the KKK are mirror images of each others. Moreover, people like this woman claim to be arbiters of what is and is not racism when she actually has vanishing little direct knowledge of racism herself. Just being black doesn’t automatically make you an authority on racism nor does it endow you with a special sensitivity regarding matters of race. Modern black people have never experienced anything close to the genuine racism that they’re grandparents and great-parents experienced. Just having people say things you don’t like or having people be pointedly rude to you isn’t racism. That, at best, defines what most black Americans define as “racism”.

    • BLM and the KKK are mirror images? Well, this topic is going downhill quickly as a conversation.

      • What “conversation?” The BLM video an at best ignorant screed is stating that the NRA are a bunch of racists that should shut up because BLM is championing the 1A. She blames a bunch of police killings of blacks on President Trump that happened when President Obama was in office (I didn’t catch all the names, but Castile was last year).

        She is a lying, racist hate monger who starts a “conversation” by accusing the NRA of being a bunch of violent, racist terrorists.

      • Indeed Black Lies Matter is the photographic negative of the Klan, and “White nationalist” groups in general.

        I was fighting the neo-Nazi National Alliance online back in the ’80s. The fundamental world view of Black Lies Matter is INDISTINGUISHABLE from that of any “White nationalist” group. They BOTH judge ALL matters SOLELY in terms of race. Only the inhabitants of their respective magic chalk circles differ.

        I”m so old that I can remember when [Northern] Democrats were AGAINST racial segregation…

    • Most 60+ black folks would know what it is like.
      I remember as a kid when a black kid was told to use a tree at a gas station because the bathroom was for white people.
      When I asked my dad what he couldn’t use it my Dad just said, son that’s just the way it is.
      This was Ft Myers back in the early 60’s

      • “This was Ft Myers back in the early 60’s”

        Much the same in northeast North Carolina (Elizabeth City) in the late 60’s.

        Where I experienced a *tiny* taste of racism for the first time as a 7 year-old.

        Waiting in line at a store a black girl my age bumped into me. I thought nothing about it, in confined places like that it happens. She turned to me and said “Sorry, peach.”

        I was a bit confused, so on the way home in dad’s 55 Chevy truck, I asked him about it. And got a compressed history of US black-white relations geared to someone my age…

  7. If some percent of fourteen percent want to raise their clenched fist to me, let them do it at their own peril.

  8. I can’t help but notice that 9 times out of 10, when an entity says peace is their ultimate goal, their means to achieve it are anything but peaceful. In fact, a lot of times it seems like “peace” is just a nice euphemism for “Whatever I hate doesn’t exist anymore.”

    • Peace through submission (or domination, or whatever). There’s a good billion or so people who’s faith is fundamentally based upon this self-justifying “philosophy” of justice.

      • “Peace through submission (or domination, or whatever).”

        And that right there is an accurate definition of the word ‘Islam’.

        Where the ‘whatever’ is the sword.

        Submit, pay the tax, or the sword.

        Choose any one of those 3, there is no option for 4…

    • “You stop an old lady on the street and ask her if she wants peace, and she’ll say, yes, of course, I pray for it daily. All the things you’d expect her to say. Then ask her if she would be willing for her clan to share power with another in order to have that peace, and she’ll say, ‘With those murderers and thieves? I’d die first.’ People in these countries – Bosnia is a more recent example – don’t want peace. They want victory. They want power.”

      -A State Department official, quoted by Mark Bowden in Blackhawk Down

      • Gadfry! Something must have penetrated my thick skull over the years. Not only did I recognize the Orwell “Newspeak” reference, I actually know what a “wyvern” is.

  9. The NRA should post a collage of BLM activists in their marches.
    Not that it will shut them up but add more context.

  10. The truth is that black people are more of a danger to other black people than all of the police and NRA members combined. However, for Black Lives Matter Col. Nathan Jessup’s tirade in “A Few Good Men” applies: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

  11. BLM have been declared a domestic terrorist organization in NJ. 49 more states to go.

    • No, no it hasn’t. You’re thinking of ANTIFA which, ironically enough, is compromised almost entirely of rich, white liberals. Basement-dwelling NEETS who are merely LARPing as Marxist revolutionaries for virtue points.

  12. It must be a terrible situation; to implement, wage, and continue a war that resides only between your own ears. The war is over kiddo. You won. I know because I marched with Dr. King. I was there. I lived it. All the minority’s won. All of them. The war is only being perpetuated by you kids looking for a reason you have failed to do as much as you wanted, get as much as you wanted, and BE as pertinent as you think you are.
    Get yourself a life and face it as the rest of humanity.

  13. The NRA said a few things that could be offensive to some people but insufficient to incite violence (I watched the video with Dana Lausch).
    The BLM is making strong metaphors with iron fists. Other than protesting, BLM will probably not incite any violence. Both of these are examples of pointless Twitter wars. Let’s focus on more important things like the economy (Fed raising rates) and what we should do about North Korea

    • Blm will get more Americans in this country killed this year than NK. Yeah let’s pay attention to little bat$hi!! crazy Kim and close our eyes to domestic terrorists. That’s federal threat analyst level reasoning right there.

      • Name one American killed by BLM.
        Compare that to the fact that North Korea can now range Japan and Hawaii which means they can kill a few thousand servicemember’s families.
        Also consider that the Fed rates affect the economy which affects crime or that the opioid crisis exploded during the Great Recession and you tell me where on the threat scale BLM is.
        Don’t agree with either BLM or the NRA in this case but let’s not blow things out of perspective.

        • :Name one American killed by BLM.”

          BLM may not have pulled the trigger, but they sure as hell put the round in the chamber.

        • You cannot deny that BLM (and CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS for that matter) didn’t incite the violence over the past year or so that’s killed many police officers nationwide. They’ve inflamed tensions to this point deliberately. The organizations themselves may not have deliberately ordered hits on cops, but they called for it, and cheered it on while it happened.

        • See above. I’ll also point out that North Korea still isn’t chanting in our streets for dead cops. “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon” or “what do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now”. I will just assume you’ve missed all that. I’m no huge fan of North Korea, but I understand the immediate threat the jack booted thugs of the left pose.

  14. Hope the NRA puts out more videos like the one that got these race baiting, paid protest/rioting, identity politics losers so ass blasted.

  15. When you call the other side is Racist, Nazi, or Hitler? You are now just using the ‘buzz’ words, because your argument or your stated side is all out of valid talking points.

  16. If you are minority, whites are keeping you down. If you are a woman, men are keeping you down. If you a white male, the 1% are keeping you down… everyone is a victim.

  17. I’ve sat here and tried to come up with soenthing clever or snarky and I can’t.

    These people are so stupid that it really just sucks the creativity and life from me after reading it.

  18. Lord Jesus how do you get saddled with a name like THAT?And why do we care what Black Thugs Blather goes on about?!?

    • “Black thugs blather”. I like it. I’m still laughing at that…person’s name.

  19. My fellow patriots, let me sum up what Ms. BLM is really saying, “you’re all wrong BECAUSE you are white”

    • You clearly have not seen how BLM operates. They only get angry in front of cameras because it gets them ratings. Otherwise, they work with a lot of white people who sympathize with them on many campuses.

      • You clearly have not seen how BLM actually operates. The actually get angry in front of cameras because that is how they feel, and they act the exact same way — and often worse — when they think they’re not being recorded. Otherwise, they actually brow-beat a lot of white people into feeling guilty over the past crimes of their ancestors and openly DEMAND strict obedience to their identity politics and brook NO dissent whatsoever.

        THAT is what happens on many campuses. Does Evergreen ring a bell? Probably not.

      • I’ve met some of these people. In the prison I work in. White and black. Just because there’s white people supporting them doesn’t make them ok. There’s a not much talked about history of Jews that aided the holocaust. It’s very sad and sickening.

        • But, that’s what Marxism does. ALL that it does. Primarily focused on classism (meaning that Marxists foment and instigate class warfare in the first place), yes, but they will “by any means necessary” create the divides they need to conquer a people.

    • “The extreme left has a history of smearing the NRA.”

      And every time they do, the membership roster of the NRA grows exponentially. Leftist criticism is right up their with gun control initiatives a prime recruitment tools for the NRA. If the NRA didn’t have the BLM or the Moms, it would probably have to go out and hire somebody to play that role. But, then, it would be really hard to actually hire actors to be that effective at playing NRA opponents.

  20. What a load of bull. They have actively called for the death of police officers. They are basically homegrown terrorists.

  21. I have been an NRA member since 1962 and the NRA video is way over the top. Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters do not just come from the far right Klu Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party, rather they come from all walks of life and all political persuasions. I think the NRA add will lose more people than it gains as civilized people who are products of higher education recognize the video for what it is, only appealing the Far Right, uneducated, lower working class that believe the gun issue is one of “us versus them”. In their ignorance they see everything as black and white, good and bad, liberal and conservative, capitalist v/s communist with no varying shades of grey in between.

    The majority of our gun club ( now over 1,200 people) voted for many Democrat candidates as well as Republican candidates and when you alienate such large groups of gun owners the NRA not only loses membership they end up losing votes for pro-gun candidates. Its about a stupid as voting solid Republican when there are rabid anti-gun Republicans versus pro-gun conservative Democrats. Most of the Far Right Fanatics are too cheap to belong to the NRA and too stupid to read the NRA reports on the candidates before going into the voting booth and they often vote straight party lines thereby often cutting their own throats on the gun issue. They often prove time and time again their own worst enemies.

    Yes the NRA screwed up big time on that add, its so disgusting, so ignorant, and so biased that it even makes a 55 year member like myself contemplate sending back my membership card.

    • How charitable; we white NRA gun owners don’t “just” come from the Klan.

      Your majority-Democrat gun club sounds like a bunch of morons. Probably closet racists, too.

    • The NRA as of late (the last decade or so) has been an absolute waste of money. Despite what I may feel about the organization as a whole, there are some good people there doing a good job.

      However, the video, and its underlying message, are spot on. It doesn’t appeal to “low educated” people, it appeals and hits home for anyone with somewhat clear vision and any sort of brain at all. You can be offended and disgusted all you want, but everything in the video is absolutely true and valid.

      This whole attitude about being upset about what someone (company, individuals, organizations etc) says and then claiming you’ll not give them money is why people act like complete assholes in restaurants and the like, because nobody calls them on their BS.

      • “The NRA as of late (the last decade or so) has been an absolute waste of money.” Gorsuch.

      • “This attitude” is also pretty much always fictitious when it comes to the NRA and Republican Party. Both have an awful lot of members for pissing off the ‘average lifetime member’ at every turn. That and his ‘pro gun Democrat’ gun club says it all.

    • The truth must have hurt your feelings…or your white guilt. The NRA doesn’t need folks like you anyway. Go burn your card in your backyard if it makes you feel better.

      • The demoncrats in his fictitious gun club would probably call the enviro police on him for pollution. Good thing they don’t exist or that would be a sad day for a so called nra member that votes against his gun rights.

    • Well, I’ve been a loyal Democrat since 1927, and I think they’ve gone off the deep end with identity politics, rampant tax & spend policies, and a committed agenda of civilian disarmament.

      …See how easy it is to make up credentials to add gravity to your argument? I’ve been a pro at it since 1698!

      • ^ this ?. Right. I was at the very first NRA meeting in 1872!!! (I think that’s when it was, memory slips in my old age of 175, all those cannon and musket blasts at Gettysburg and Shiloh didn’t help!!)

    • I wonder which is more rare, a truly pro-gun Democrat (one that is truly pro second amendment, not just saying things to get elected) or a BLM “protest” that doesn’t result in property damage.

    • You haven’t been a member of the NRA since “1952.” You haven’t been a member of the NRA, period. I rightly doubt that you’ve even been alive since 1952 in the first place. You’ve only just now admitted that civil rights activists don’t come from the far-LEFT like the KKK, and you’ve always been one to insinuate a link between the Klan and the NRA! The NRA ad won’t lose them any more members and you have no rational explanation behind any claim to the contrary. Or to literally any claim that you’ve ever made on this blog, for that matter. Civilized people don’t include people like you, far-left, uneducated, lower working class that believe the gun issue should be solved by complete and total confiscation — which you HAVE called for already. In your own ignorance, you see everything as black-and-white, good-or-bad, right-or-left-wing, socialist saints v. capilatist murderers. Even though the issue of civil rights, which DOES –counter to any unsubstantiated and indefensible protests YOU might have — include the right to keep and bear arms.

      You most certainly don’t belong to any “gun club,” either. And the DemoKKKratikkk Party platform includes as a plank gun control, a scheme that will eventually leave you and your wholly ficticious friends totally unarmed and even in legal jeopardy if you defend yourself, period. Let alone ballistically. It HAS also been used exclusively to disarm disfavored minorities across the globe before oppressive regimes that sprout from your favored political philosophy killed over a quarter-of-a-billion people just in the last 125 years alone. It’s called Democide. Google it. So, no, they’re not alienating anyone but demonstrable, bold-faced liars like you. The overwhelming and vast majority of DemoKKKrats ARE rabid, anti-rights gun-grabbers, unlike the vast and overwhelming majority of Republicans. The numbers you’re talking about are so small that they might as well not even exist. Most of the far-left fanatics are too cheap to belong to the NRA to change it with their vote, and are definitively too stupid — as you are — to read the NRA reports on candidates before going into the voting booth. No, instead willfully pig ignorant Marxists like you take whatever word the talking head presstitutes in the whorestream media have to say on the matter, or any matter at all, as gospel without a second’s hesitation or a moment’s second thought. Probably because you’re intellectually incapable of the same, anyway. That sure seems to be the only rational explanation for the long littany of thoroughly-debunked lies you’ve spewed here thus far. The only “worst enemies” are you and yours against yourselves, not the other way around.

      No, BLM screwed up big time in their reply to that add. You are every bit as disgusting, ignorant, and biased as you oh-so-desperately want to pretend that they are, that it even makes a non-member like yourself contemplate lying again.

      Oh, and please do send my regards to Herr Schultz of the DNC for rigging the primaries, and thus the election, in Drumpf’s favor because Herr Shillary never stood a snowball’s chance in Hell of beating ANYBODY the Republican’s fielded. Not in this last election, nor in ANY election going forward until the day she finally DIES.

      May you snowflakes continue to lose, forever and ever. Amen.

      • Wow, that was amazing. I don’t know what else to say except “well done, sir.”

      • Shit man…that was an epic rebuttal to Cisco’s asshat of a post. Kudos to you and may he find water to extinguish his flamed carcass.

      • Ok big mouth I will give you the same deal I gave the other fellow. Put up 5,000 dollars in escrow with our lawyers on how old I am and that I have not been an NRA member since the 60’s and by the way your reading comprehension is as low as it ever was, I never said the 1950’s but the 1960’s. Either put up the money big mouth your shut the “FK” up.

          • I should have wrote “To Excedrine” as the comment was the second one directed at Excendrine not to Hank, you got the first comment that was much longer but in essence the same message without the expletive. My apologies.

        • cisco kid, if you actually even had $5,000 to play with — which you likely don’t while having to live under the practically soul-crushing tax code in whatever Eurotrash backwater you reside in — you’d be schmoozing it with whatever sleezeball leftist politician you voted for at some fancy gala to score virtue points on social media. Anyway, it wouldn’t even what year you claimed, because we both already know it’s a lie, anyway, as well as how your reading comprehension is far and away lower than mine, too.

          Either post your bonafides HERE, and in a publicly-viewable link with some way of actually verifying your real identity to boot, or you get to shut the fuck yourself. It’s a whole helluva lot easier, not to mention cheaper, than you trying to rob me of money that I actually worked for, unlike your entitled ass.

          You put up or shut up.

          You made the claim.

          You have to prove it.

          Do it or fuck right back off to Stormfront, skinhead.

          • Nice attempt to dodge the challenge Jethro. I will even let you name the time and place where our lawyers will meet to draw up the contract. Other wise go peddle your propaganda to people as dumb as you are.

            Your beaten big mouth you refused my offer because you know you will have to fork over 5 grand.

            • Nice attempt at dodging my challenge, Ivan. There’s no need for lawyers or money, neither of which you and I both know you don’t even have. Just post your bonafides here, and a way to verify that it’s really you. Otherwise, you get to go peddle your propaganda to people who don’t already know better than you. i.e. Literally everyone else here.

              You’re beaten yourself, Marxist sycophant. You refused to prove yourself because you know you’re full of shit.

      • No, he didn’t. You can pretty much guarantee it. He only takes whatever shit-eating, pseudo-liberal sycophant has to say and automatically agrees with it, because it affirms his preconceived notions on a position that he didn’t reason himself into in the first place. A position that he will NEVER change, regardless of the mountains of data that only prove him and the rest of his deranged, fascist fellow-travelers categorically wrong.

    • Spoken just like an elitist Democrat.

      Poor, uneducated, cheap, working class Conservatives.

  22. All this talk from the left is so boring. So much talk, so little intestinal fortitude.

    • If it makes you feel better, our side is without much of a spine, too, otherwise highly popular gun bills like HPA would be getting a vote.

      • I think you are assuming that just because a politician has an R next to his/her name they are on our side. Their are many many progs with an R next to their name. They aren’t on the side of the potg.

        • While true, they are thankfully a minority among Republicans. Still entirely too many as long as there is even ONE of them anywhere, yes, but they know better than to promulgate their dogma onto too many people or at all aggressively.

  23. I am sympathetic to her concern. There was a time – in America – when minorities had a legitimate fear of violence perpetrated upon them – unjustly – by private organizations (e.g., KKK). There was a time – in America – when minorities had a legitimate fear of unjust violence by the police; recent enough for many of us to remember. And so, it is said, that rights are founded upon 3 boxes: the soap-box; the ballot-box; and, the cartridge box.

    The NRA was an early adopter, advocating and supporting minority acquisition of the means to use the cartridge box. And so it remains today.

    There is – indisputably – altogether too much violence perpetrated upon minorities today. And, who are the perpetrators of the majority of this violence? Where are the numbers? The place to focus attention is the biggest number. Then, turn to the second; and so forth.

    Try as mightily as they can – as they desire – the cops can’t prevent much violence. We are – first and foremost – responsible for our own safety. And who advocates more forcefully than the NRA for empowering each law-abiding man and women with the means to an effective self-defense?

    Tragically, there remain a few occasions each year where a majority-race private citizen or a cop uses unlawful lethal force on an innocent black victim. Until there are none whatsoever, we must all remain vigilant. However, the bigger picture remains. Every minority will – by the operations of politics – always be vulnerable to the tyranny of the majority; as well as that of the elites whom we elect to govern us. And so, Madison used the word “necessary” in explaining the role of the militia to preserve a free state. Our founding generation ratified that conclusion; and so did Black leaders of the Reconstruction and Civil-Rights eras.

    Here, on the issue of unjust violence, whether perpetrated by private parties or government police, we PotG and minorities should find much common ground. All of us – regardless of ethnicity – want a fair criminal justice system to be as effective as it can be to enforce the law and maintain order. All of us are likewise aware of the susceptibility of those in authority to abuse our trust. Moreover, we all recognize that we must rely upon our own prudence and powers to protect ourselves as best we can.

    The NRA is one of several agents who work on these common interests – with no discrimination as to ethnicity. It is on this point where I most fervently disagree with this woman’s advocacy.

    • To Mark.

      I appreciate your response but you are still dodging the main argument here and that was that the NRA Add was way over the top. Surely a man of your caliber (pun intended) is aware that gun owners come form all walks of life and all political persuasions. I have been a left wing radical all my life but still I have supported both the NRA and the Second Amendment. As I have stated many times I have been a member since the 1960’s when I was in High School.

      I find the NRA add extremely offensive and biased by lumping all liberals into gun haters out to destroy the Second Amendment. Surely you are aware that according to your own political surveys that there have been many conservative Democrats that have fully supported the Second Amendment and Republicans that have said one thing and then turned their backs on not only the NRA but on the support for the Second Amendment as well,

      The point being that highly biased and emotionally charged adds like the one mentioned on this forum,( I clicked on it and watched the NRA add) only drives people away from supporting the NRA and we all know in times of crisis we need all the support we can get so lets not offend Liberals or forget Black Gun owners by remaining totally mum when such travesties like the Castille case happens. Surely he NRA could have said something that neither enraged Law Enforcement or totally ignored the black gun owners either.

      People realize the NRA is made up of people and people do make mistakes as the NRA has done in its past history and some have been real blunders but I never stopped supporting the NRA because they have often reversed course to amend mistakes. I think to constantly remain silent when any legal gun owner with a concealed permit gets gunned down by police no matter what color his skin requires some sort of response from the NRA even it risks the temporary wraith of a few cops as most cops do support the Second Amendment and the NRA and most thank God do not gun down people just because they know they have a legal or even an illegally carried gun on them if they are not acting hostile towards the police in a traffic stop.

      The NRA tirade against Liberals, the News media etc was way too far over the top. You only ended up preaching to the choir while driving away people who heretofore actually supported you. Again I am 68 years old and I know and have known many liberals who have supported the Second Amendment and the NRA

  24. I feel like when the uneducated pick a side that there to proud to change sides, how do you save the ignorant? I love the ‘funnel blacks through schools to prison” did you mean to say give them a “fighting” chance to actually succeed with a school program with taxpayer money and fight the want to join everyone around you to be culturally joined to a black (urban) society that promotes drugs and guns in hip-hop as being a normal and cool thing?! As far as I know if any young black man wants to and tries he’s good to go BLA has always pointed fingers instead of go to the root of the problem a society where youth drowned in criminal behavior

    • Yeah, the fact that she admits the culture she endorses is directly opposed to any type of “law and order” policy is rather telling

  25. It is an extension of thier thinking the “all whites are rich”. I lived with this growing up, living on the poor side of town and everyone trying to punk me for money. Surprize, there was nonoe and I gave as well as I got. Funny thing, in Pasadena, ca, many of the black families had 2 income families with professional jobs. Many of the black boys sported clothes and even had silk underwear while dressing at gym.
    I am sure the hate came from fathers that got treated wrong in the 50s, but they had better cars, homes, clothes than the whites from the “poor side of town”.

    While white officers see a black thug every time they pull a black man over, maybe if they did not try to look like thugs, or speak ghetto to the officer, things would different, they could try it.

    They have much more to lose than others if they live in the ghetto, the others there prey on them also.

    They are right about one thing, though. The middle class is dissappearing, this means everyone is losing that peice of the pie. We do need to get real jobs back, we need to stop illegal immigration and limit immigration from countries that take tech jobs from our college graduates who paid(or really owe) much more for the education. Working with some of these immigrants years ago, showed me that most had a lot of trouble because they could not use English the way we do and failed to understand thier peers and supervisors – they did not do a better job, they were not as productive, but they were much cheaper to the company.

    These companies could hire people with assosiate degrees and teach them thier corporate way. They would get much better workers than going halfway around the world for them. The problem here is that they would have loyal employees and they would have to keep them like they did in the past.

      • Yeah and it was called liberty. It wasn’t perfect so we worked with it and helped black people join in on the thrilling concept of independence. For some reason people starting listening to marxists and giving out free stuff to whoever the gov decided deserved it. Now we have neither liberty nor independence and they cry cry cry for more gov dependence. We went from slavery for some, to slavery for none, and now we have slavery for all. Good job marxists! No better way to dance on the graves of those who died for our freedom than to beg for it to be taken away.

  26. Blah blah, blah, blah, blah blah. Guns are bad. White people are bad, and we don’t like them. Blah, blah, blah, blah blah. Rabble, rabble, rabble, blah, blah, blah…

  27. If BLM is “Freedom’s Future Place,” then there is no future and there will be no freedom. And BLM is too stupid to know it.

    • BLM would only call them self-loathing Uncle Toms and all manner of other nasty epithets, and the talking head pressititues in the whorestream media would (along with so-called “liberals” as a whole) shout them down along with them.

        • Go back to Stormfront, good-for-nothing Skinhead. Also, Tom refused to give up the location of the slaves that escaped from his master’s plantation, and was whipped to death for it. You clearly never read the book. Or any book, for that matter.

  28. Well, now!

    To get a response like that out of them verifies we are directly over that target.

    I hope Dana calls them out on their bullshit…

    • Maybe she was referring to black NRA members who live in black neighborhoods with black criminals defending themselves from said criminals.

      • Maybe they’ll all kill each other then we’ll be done with this problem. The Final Solution to our Negro problem.

        • Oh, look. Another lunatic escaped from Stormfront’s asylum. WRONG FUCKING BLOG, SKINHEAD. We don’t operate that way around here, you good-for-nothing piece of shit. Go back to whatever fucking hole you slithered out of.

  29. We know who they want freedom for, what what they want freedom to do.

    It won’t look like freedom to anyone but them. But that’s the point.

  30. BLM = racist toward any who believe all lives matter, BLM is a racist terrorist organization. New Jersey got it right, labeled them as a terrorist organization

    • No, no they didn’t. You’re thinking of ATNIFA which, ironically enough, is comprised almost entirely of rich, white liberals. Mostly basement-dwelling NEETs who are merely LARPing as Marxist revolutionaries for virtue points on social media.