Black Friday From SHIELD Sights: 25% Off Everything Plus Free Shipping

Shield Black Friday

Co-witness this deal! Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 25% off everything in your basket plus free international shipping from SHIELD’s UK facilities. U.S. Customers also don’t pay VAT, so that’s another 20% off your total (price example below). Visit and pick yourself up some amazing red dots. Not familiar with SHIELD? Check out Jeremy’s June review on their RMS mini sight.

Final price using the SHIELD RMS as the example:

•  Price listed on SHIELD product page: £318.00 (British Pounds)
•  Price after BLACKFRIDAY coupon code and removal of VAT for entering U.S. address: £198.75
•  Price charged in U.S. Dollars at today’s rate: $273.96


  1. avatar Smitty says:

    Great sights for the money, especially at this price.

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