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NICS is the acronym for the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Thanks to the 1994 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, all gun stores have to run NICS checks on prospective purchasers, searching for a criminal record that would prohibit the sale. It’s a  clear infringement on the Second Amendment (and the Fourth) but the NRA considered it the lesser or many evils and, well, there you go. Or not. As Nick reported, the Fibbies’ system crashed from an overload of traffic during last week’s Black Friday firearms feeding frenzy. The National Shooting Sports Foundation can now put a number to the pain: 154,873 NICS requests. That’s the highest one-day total e-va, and doesn’t include the gun stores that couldn’t get through and postponed their requests.  Memo from the firearms industry: thank you President Obama.

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  1. 154,000 + checks in one day. Didn’t the grabbers try to tell us gun ownership in America is on the decline? Don’t look like it from my point of view.

    • Of course it’s on the decline. All those checks were people’s LTC permit renewal checks. Very very few were actual gun purchases. (Tongue now removed from cheek) Honestly, the truth is not relevant to the anti crowd. I think they’ve made that abundantly clear by now.

  2. One of the few gun stores left was packed 3 deep across the entire counter all day, right here in Alameda County, CA. It’s not just about Obama, or in reaction to the fear of another AWB or new restrictions. It is a new appreciation for guns combined with an economy starting to get strong enough to support investing in new firearms.

  3. I am hoping half of the holiday buyers were newbies, and all signing up for the free firearms safety class!!!! Well, I can dream can’t I? Just looking for a few thousand more pro gun votes.

  4. That’s an astoundingly good number. Too bad NICS couldn’t handle the overload. Is there any source who has compiled and added-in the number of buyers that could not be processed? Is there any indication of the percentage of multiple purchases by individual buyers? My understanding is there’s only one NICS check per sale no matter how many guns the person is actually buying in that single sale. Could be a much bigger number of guns sold for that day.
    This may be the only thing I ever thank President Obama for, but here goes, “Thanks, President Obama!”

  5. Its a waste of money and effort to give into the sky is falling hysteria. If you have time and money spend it on NRA and good congressmen who will stop any ban.

  6. It should also be noted that most stores allow multiple gun purchases on one check. So that number is probably lower than the actual number of Firearms purchased.

  7. And now I wait for those panic buyers to receive their CC bills and put the like new gunsup for sale at reduced prices. In 08 I helped out many panic buyers. Fully prepared for a repeat.

  8. I work at Walmart and we was taking phone numbers and calling the customers back when they cleared and the gun was ready to pick up. Some waited more than 2hrs. It was a nightmare but it thrills me to no end to know why it was a nightmare. Two thumbs up for new gun owners. Lets hope its twice as bad next year lol.

  9. Don’t forget gun stocks! Ruger (RGR) declared a $4.50 dividend payable to shareholders of record on 12/7 (IIRC) and Smith and Wesson (SWHC) is moving up on hopes they do the same. I purchased Ruger in August and bought smith for the spouse’s IRA (haven’t told her yet). Yes, Barry has been good to our portfolio.

  10. I was up til’ the wee hours that morning. Waited until 3am for the staff to make the call clearing me to take my Rem 700 varmint 308 home. All lines were busy (worker then told me it happened the year before and that it would be 3-4 hours til’ it got through….wish he told me that earlier). I spent the time from 1-3 buying bullets anyway. Picked up the guns (one for my brother as well) the next day.

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