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From Black Collar Arms . . .

Black Collar Arms Desperado

Leander, TX (01/16/2023) – The Black Collar Arms Desperado system allows the use of a guitar strap as a rifle sling, complete with locking QD attachment. Not only are guitar straps incredibly cool looking and available in thousands of styles and dozens of materials, but they make for some of the most comfortable, best rifle slings going!

No surprise there, as guitar straps and strap locks are designed to hold heavy, expensive guitars comfortably and securely for hours on end. Some even offer fast, single-handed length adjustment like some of the best tactical rifle slings!

Desperado is available in five versions for mounting a guitar strap quick release locking lug to any firearm model via its:

  • QD sling cup

  • M-LOK slot

  • M1913 Picatinny rail

  • Sling swivel stud

  • Universal design with a 0.250-inch hole for the use of 550 Paracord (included) or other solution.

Desperado is compatible with standard guitar strap locks (e.g. Schaller, Fender, the ones available on the Desperado product page, etc.) and nearly any guitar strap you so choose. Simply pull up on the guitar strap lock’s spring-loaded pin to attach or detach the lock from the Desperado lug (Schaller locks click right onto Desperado and lock in place without even having to touch the pin). Letting go of the pin locks the strap in place automatically.

At launch, Black Collar Arms is carrying strap locks and four different guitar straps for your one-stop-shopping convenience.

From tactical flowers…

To skulls and roses…

To red jacquard weave…

To waxed canvas, hand-tooled leather, padded leather, neoprene, corduroy, and every color, pattern, texture, and width you can imagine, there’s a guitar sling out there screaming your name.

If you aren’t into one of the four we’re carrying at this time, there are literally thousands on Amazon that are fantastic and inexpensive, and your local Guitar Center or similar store will have dozens if not hundreds in stock. Some, like the D’Addario Auto Lock, quickly snap on, lock to, and quick detach from Desperado without requiring separate strap locks.

“We knew Desperado was a cool idea, given the near-infinite number of truly badass guitar straps out there, but we didn’t realize it was also a good idea until lugging guns slung with guitar straps all around a Texas ranch hunting for hogs. It turns out most guitar straps make for some of the absolute best, most comfortable rifle slings ever made. I’ll never go back.”

– we totally made up that quote, but the story is true

Jeremy, Black Collar Arms Co-Owner, is going to get a tattoo of the Desperado logo soon. It’ll be his first! If a t-shirt is more your speed, they’re HERE.

For more information, visit:

About Black Collar Arms

Based in Leander, TX, Black Collar is dedicated to creating innovative and functional firearms and components. The Pork Sword Chassis forged the market for minimalist, modular firearm chassis and Black Collar’s first ground-up firearm design, the straight-pull MBA rifle and pistol line, is coming this spring.

Questions, feedback, concerns, or naughty pics to share? Email our boy Jeeves at [email protected] or find us on Instagram, Facebook, and

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    • Have you seen the current prices for one of the once $79 closeout Squier Hello Kitty guitars lately? The damn hipsters appropriated them especially the pink ones, they’re literally selling for nearly $700 each these days if you can even find one.

  1. I’m a bit surprised that these adapters weren’t already part of the Magpul or Strike Ind lineup. Some straps would actually look really nice but it’s easy to go over the top with it.

  2. Well how about that, I’ve tried using a guitar strap as a sling however I did not like the way I had it hooked up to the gunm.
    BTW the far right strap in pik looks like my blanket and the near right looks like my guitar strap.

  3. How fashionable…If that’s your bag Dunlop has neat Hendrix straps, I have Dunlop’s first version on a 74 Strat. As for my AR carbine builds with A1 Stocks they all have USGI silent slings with simple Talon swivels, all other ARs and AR-308 builds with A1 stocks get Talon or Uncle Mike’s HD swivels and hook silenced USGI Garand slings…I won’t venture off a path that works.

  4. Boom!! They just got 100,000 new Gun Owner 2.0 customers. The old FUDDs not so much. I believe it was the indian tribes that did this first 150 years ago. I love this. The designs you could make would be unlimited.

    I see at least 10 other companies doing the same thing next year. Capitalism!!!

  5. IDK about this, Im a guitar fanatic, the only thing I own more of than guns is Guitars, I have about 30. The straps are great, these days I have Couch straps on almost every guitar but I think they are too wide to operate as efficient gun straps. Additionally, the strap lock standard they choose to favor is inferior, Ernie Ball strap locks are far more reliable and operate with one hand.

    • We tried that style of locks and preferred the Schaller style. Didn’t like the skinny shaft or tiny little detents in the EB style. The Schaller type with its large cup that wraps around the load bearing side of the lug and its steel pin that drops down into the lug is pretty dang solid and we find them easier to operate one-handed, too, as they simply click right on and then removing them involves pulling a knob away from the gun, which is also the direction you want the strap to move. I think it’s easier than the EB style, which is similar to the firearm QD style, in that it’s a bit awkward to push a button in toward the gun while simultaneously trying to pull the lock out away from the gun. The Schaller style has all your force moving in the same direction to detach. So…anyway…obviously TONS of stuff is very much personal preference but this is why we chose the style we chose. They’re also more ubiquitous, from what we could gather.

  6. Wake me up when they offer guitar cases like Antonio Banderas’ character “El Mariachi” in the film “Desperado”.

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