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Timmer took the prize last weekend and he’ll be toting his favorite shootin’ iron in a comfy new Black Arch holster. If you’d like one too, just enter the best option for the above photo in the comments by midnight Sunday. Go.


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  1. For all you guys who like old western movies, I think this was from Once Upon a Time in the West. One of my favorites with a young Charles Bronson and Peter Fonda.

  2. She thought she had disarmed me, but she didn’t realize that I was still packing a single shot that had put more than one pretty lady on her back.

    • Classy. Subtle. Understated. Little risqué. Points out the gun safety issue. Daring hint of latex free future.

      My vote for winner

  3. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just the one thousandth internet dork to make a creepy junior high sex pun about my breasts?

  4. Hey honey, a new study says men with peacemakers aren’t healthy enough for sex…wait “pacemakers” it says “pacemakers” you can have this back

  5. 3 little boys were sitting on the front porch. In the street were parked 2 Cadillacs. 1 silver and 1 gold.

    1st little boy said “I wish I was covered in silver.” The other 2 said, “why?” He said. ” Then I could afford a silver caddy just like that.”

    2nd little boy said “I wish I was covered in gold.” “Why?” said the others. ‘I could afford the gold colored one.”

    3rd little boy said. “Wish I was covered in hair.” “Huh” said the puzled boys.

    “Cause my older sister has a little patch of hair between her legs and she owns both those cars.”

  6. I’m the Range Safety Officer and if I catch you guys twirling your six shooters I will smack the crap outta you !

  7. Apparently Cosmopolitan’s “Don’t Date a Gunsplainer….Look at my Cleavage” series started much earlier than we knew

  8. Her; If you don’t start looking me in the eyes, I’ll smack you in the side of the head with this pistol.
    Him; You’ve got a pistol?

  9. OK, I get it now. Trick photography! Put your hand over the right half of the pic and a gun appears on the Left!

  10. Safety? Don’t be shy and come closer. This is a single action, hammer is down and chamber is empty. I just want you to experience how holstering a gun feels.

  11. “Ma’am, the judges have decided you are qualified for today’s 3-Gun Match, even though two of your guns are over-caliber.”


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