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SkyMan77 took last week’s honors and will soon have himself a new Black Arch Holster. If you want one too, enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight.


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  1. Do you want the high velocity, high volume cheese whiz or would you like us to grate some fine cheddar for you with these graters we have conveniently attached to our chests?

  2. This is our future lives should Hillary be elected. All life spent in a radioactive suit trying to scrub the atmosphere from nuclear fallout caused by Iran.

  3. “We are the Clintons. Lower your standards and surrender your wallets… Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

  4. I’ll see you reach the Wizard, whether I get a heart or not. Beehive, bah! Let her try and make a beehive out of me!
    -Tin Man (& Family)

  5. General Dynamics’ BDSM gimp-operated Wiffle® ball launcher proved to be a somewhat less effective weapon system than originally promised.

  6. We represent the Acme Vacuum Cleaner Company and we’d love to show you the new and improved SmartVac 3000.

    Second option – (cue up Queen)…FLASH….AHHHHHHH!

  7. Join the Galactic Rangers, they said. It’ll be an adventure, they said. How come nobody ever said anything about the adventure of latrine detail?

  8. “What?! They make us put on these heavy a$$ suits, wear a bucket on our head, stand around the desert all day in the middle of summer doing take after take because the coked up bimbo can’t get her lines right, and we’re only getting paid scale!!?? F¥@% this!!!”

  9. EX-TER-MI- … no, wait, that doesn’t sound right.

    DELE… No, something is still missing.


    Still not quite there, but we got to fire it at least…

  10. Who would have thought the “Cocks Not Glocks” movement would survive until 2297? Now THAT’s staying power, baby!

  11. “Hey Fred, I only read the first 2 pages of the script. Why do we all have double ended dildos stuck to our pants again?”

  12. “Whadja think of the game Bob?”

    “Romo fell down and hurt hims widdle back, Cowboys still suck, SSDD.”

    “Yeah, could be worse though, at least they’re not the Browns.”

  13. “Hey Frank, these new crew served Zap-o-matics are pretty cool!”

    “Damn straight Joe! Now if they could only get us some freakin’ side arms that didn’t look like dildos we’d be set!”

  14. Earthlings, stop polluting the universe with election nonsence within 5 days or we’ll turn your planet into a musketball.

  15. Well I don’t have a caption, but I just want to say that Dr. Who is got to be one of the most overrated pieces of sci-fi I’ve ever seen.

  16. The U.S. Navy today announced the latest version of the enlisted work uniform, designed specifically for engineering personnel assigned to nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers.

  17. Hillary’s make up team prepares to apply the concoction that makes her appear human under the TV camera lights.


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