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Women Testing New Machine Guns at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, 1942 (2)_1

Last week’s winner was NYC2AZ. He’ll soon be packing his favorite handgun in a new Black Arch holster. If you want on, enter a caption for this photo in the comments before Sunday midnight and you too could be carrying in comfort.


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      • I think that is one of the major problems with the USA these days. The humor is gone due to PC. Now comedians have to fill in the empty space with the foulest language they can come up with. A great many of the funniest religious jokes I learned came from ministers and their kids I grew up with. Same with ethnic jokes. It’s like the PC police of Orwell’s 1984, or the dress code of Chairman Mao where everyone wears grey and chants the same phrases (or Nazi Germany’s ‘Seig Heil’) or someone will turn you in to the state for not speaking PC Speak.

    • boohoo. Un-PC makes for the funniest jokes. Gore a libtard totem and mooooslems even more betterer.

      • Mexican, black guy and white guy were comparing condom wallets.

        Mexican had slots for 6 condoms. They were labeled Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Friday and Sat.

        Black guy had slots for 8 condoms. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. and 2 for Sunday.

        White guy had 12 slots in his. They were labeled. Jan. Feb. March. April…………

    • “What did the Muslin say when he walked into the gay bar? “shots for everyone””

      The bar patrons said: “Thank you, but the first round is on *us*…”

  1. Off topic. But during ww2, which this pic is from, the Germans had women manning anti aircraft batteries.

  2. “Ok, so the belt’s around my waist. Marhtha! How do I get it to start shaking like I saw on the Jack LaLanne show?”

    • Fork over the Black Arch holster or I release the politicians. One more person corrects me and they get it!

  3. Phyliss Schlafly the Eagle Forum president performing one of her war time duties, testing machine guns.
    She can still rock a man’s world!!

  4. Martha finally found a way to get those pesky squirrels to leave the bird feeder alone. And the best part is she doesn’t have to leave the porch anymore.

  5. You guys think you grew up in a bad neighberhood? Meet the lunch lady from my grade school.

  6. Frank- you know I like a womam that can handle a big gun.
    Walter- especially one that shoots quick…insert rim shot here!

  7. The precursor to the 1950’s “vibrating belt weight loss machine” was this 1940’s “vibrating belt-fed weight loss machine.”

  8. Betsie had tried scarecrows, tinsel, bells and harsh language. Nothing kept the crows out of the cornfield for long … until now.

  9. All the real men stood back as Bertha, the Army’s newest trans-gender maiden, began to demonstrate her finally perfected, static emplacement, water-cooled, fully automatic strap-on to the general fear and amazement of the gathered on lookers……….For her gallantry, the joint chiefs awarded her the newly authorized “order of the rainbow,” and said that her demonstration lived up to the best traditions of America’s new armed forces.

  10. I was told to come out here and water the grass. This is the right gizmo is it not?

  11. It looks like that thing had a folding stock that would make it easily concealable. It must be banned immediately!

  12. Wrong way Ethel. Any enemy aircraft would be coming from the west.
    Forget that! I’m aiming for Germany. I’m going to shoot that paper hanging son of a bitch!

  13. Civilians should not have access to weapons of war like this. I propose common sense legislation to ban all weapons that fire rounds larger than 15mm. Its for the children!

  14. Mary the Machine Gunner didn’t make it on any WWII propaganda… America had a different use for her.

  15. “and then I told ’em, SKEET SKEET SKEET SKEET SKEET SKEET SKEET!!!!!!!!”

  16. So you say you have a gun? Take a look at my water cooled, fire spitting, tripod mounted, belt fed baby.!

  17. When the flying saucers started to come around, I just ignored them. But when the cow stopped giving milk, I decided to do something about it.

  18. It’s a fifty round belt. What you gotta ask yourself, punk, is did I fire 49 rounds or fifty? But being as how this is a water cooled .50 bmg, the most powerful handgun in the world and it will blow your head clean off…….

  19. Little known fact that the vibrator was one of the very first home appliances

    The off grid version took considerable development to get the cyclic rate optimized

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