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‘Carry’ is a way of life, and that extends well beyond firearms. And sure, you might have some rather uncommon EDC gear, such as a lock pick, or a folding knife with a built-in flashlight. But occasionally, you run into someone who carries something no one else for miles around would have thought to carry. That’s when you get into ‘EDC Wizard’ territory, which is right under Inspector Gadget rank. Here are sixteen of the most interesting EDC items on the market.

1. Liquid plastic welder (pictured above): $18 via Amazon

I start with this because, after I met an electrician who carries this thing religiously, it inspired the article. Bondic is a light-activated portable superglue-like substance that supposedly allows you to do quick repairs on all kinds of materials in a pinch. The company claims it works on plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather, etc.

2. 130-decibel micro sound grenade: $45/dozen via BUDK

image via BUDK

The product description reads:

Nothing distracts your enemies like an ear-piercing 130-dB sonic blast, and delivering them has never been easier and more affordable, thanks to Valken Tactical Thunder Sound Grenades. Designed to mimic “flash bangs” used by military and law enforcement, these reusable sound grenades confuse and temporarily incapacitate trespassers, looters, burglars, thieves and all manner of foe, allowing you to get the drop on them before they can complete their dastardly plans. Single-use burst shells and 12g CO2 cartridges (sold separately) drive the paralyzing booms… (more via BUDK)

3. Anti-sleep driving alarm: $189 via Amazon

It’s easy to see how this weird gizmo could spare you a world of pain, if not your life. Using sensors on the inside of the bands, the company claims it will go off five minutes before you fall asleep, drift off the road and meet your doom. The Amazon description also claims that it has a “stylish design,” though, so make your own judgment call.

image via Amazon

4. Portable bite and sting poison/venom removal pump: $15 via Amazon

Many bite and venom extraction methods involve blades. Sawyer makes a small venom/poison removal pump that’s easy to use quickly with one hand and can significantly improve your treatment experience if you’ve had a nasty run-in with a snake or insect. Not a bad EDC item, depending on where you spend your time.

image via Amazon

5. Portable water power generator: $280 via eNomad

Since there’s now apparently a “yuppie prepper” market, all kinds of weird survival gadgets have been developed. This one, which began as a crowdfunding project, makes more sense than most. Here’s a video that shows you how it works:

6. The world’s smallest iPhone charger: $30 via Amazon

Next in the “power over your power” category, Chargerito makes a charger that dispenses with the messy cable, so you have more room in your pockets or pack for all your other EDC necessities.

image via Amazon

7. Selfie printer: $130 via Amazon

Remember the good old days when you could, like, take a picture and then, like, print it? Well, nostalgic millennials have figured out how to take their iPhone selfies and print them, too, with this disturbingly popular selfie printer. Over 1,000 reviews have been written on Amazon for the various versions.

image via Amazon

8. Broadhead spear survival tool card: $20 via Amazon

You’ve seen 99 configurations of the “multi-tool credit card,” but chances are, a spearhead ain’t one of them. Never fear, the same guys make an arrowhead card, too.

image via Amazon

9. Your Very Own Pocket Drone: $40 via Amazon

Look, I’m not saying you should carry this. I’m just saying it’s out there and you should know about it. This 2″ x 2″ x 0.9″ drone is remote controlled via smartphone app, records video, and transmits it in real time. It was only a matter of time.

image via Amazon

10. Stinger .22LR Pen Gun: $1,200 via Gunbroker

Why get an NAA mini-revolver when you can have a really stealthy pen gun? Well, lots of reasons… but this is an insanely cool EDC.

image via Gunbroker

Plus, if you don’t want to pay $1,200 for the out-of-production original, you could make your own:

11. 1080p video camera pen: $24+ via Amazon

In keeping with the “enhanced penmanship” theme, pictured here is the Sharpcam ‘Spy Pen’ which, apparently, really works as a hidden camera. There are many different models, including one with over 1,000 reviews. Watch out in your next meeting… someone could be watching.

image via Amazon

12. Minimalist corkscrew wine bottle opener keychain: $9 via Amazon

Curry favor with a wine lover for $9, I guess. Yeah. There exist people who carry this.

image via Amazon

13. Handgun lighter: $22 via Etsy (or $18 via lifestyle.brando)

Amuse your friends, or perhaps (in California) risk your safety by drawing one of these lighters when the opportunity arises. Lighters in the shape of handguns have been produced since at least the ’40s, and many vintage and modern variants are floating around. Not TSA approved.

Image via Etsy

Image via lifestyle.brando

14. The World’s Smallest Violin: $12 via Amazon

This won’t save lives. However, humor is known to extend them. And if the rare opportunity to use one on a snowflake arises… well, you know what to do.

image via Jessica Catinella/Amazon

15. Holstered Pool Chalk: $10 via Amazon

Shooting is a transferable skill, and many firearms enthusiasts have been known to sink a billiard ball now and again. If you open carry, your firearm may offset the nerdiness of the pool chalk holster. No guarantees. Chalk not included.

image via Amazon

16. Holstered Tabasco Sauce: $32 via Amazon

Why do they think $32 is an appropriate price for this? We may never know. At least it comes with the 2oz bottle of Tabasco. Like an EDC pocket knife, once you start carrying it, you’re sure to find uses for it.

image via Amazon

After two days Prime shipping (or 45 minutes at a workbench), this could be you:


Full disclosure: TTAG makes a small commission on Amazon sales stemming from this article.

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  1. Quote: “Full disclosure: TTAG makes a small commission on Amazon sales stemming from this article.”

    TTAG now is a minion of Jeff Bezos – the world’s ultimate anti-constitutionalist gun-banning multi-billionaire.

  2. My EDC includes a friction bird call. To call birds. Not kidding.
    To be clear, I’ve killed a lot of men, but also, the Painted Bunting is really pretty. Sometimes I cry at weddings.
    We’re just sharing random shit now, aren’t we.

  3. I like the civie legal sound grenades… Sind you can’t get the real deal for anywhere near that price…

  4. OMG!!!! A zip gun!!!! I haven’t seen one of those since junior high – back when LBJ was president. No serial numbers on those guys I’ll bet. How did civilization survive?

    I’ve got a gun/lighter in my desk drawer. It looks vaguely like a Baby Browning and would probably work if I filled it with lighter fluid.

    Back in the day the media called August “the silly season”. Congress was in recess and everybody went on vacation. There was little if any “real” news so the papers printed all sorts of dumb things just to fill up the white space on the page. Its good to see that tradition hasn’t left us.

  5. The venom pump was shown to not remove venom in lab tests, so it really doesn’t do anything. It’s still better than the old blade kits which actually make things worse. Torniquets, elevation, and anti venom are what works. Everything else is wives tales, and even elevation (keep heart above bite) is questioned.


      Standards are always being revised as new evidence comes in.
      Tourniquets have shown relatively poor effects, whereas immobilization and heavy pressure, without a tourniquet effect, have shown to be more effective.
      Reducing the swelling with ice is also effective, but does not seem to have an effect on venom transfer.

    • Depends on the venom and the quantity. If it’s a micro bite with an amazingly powerful venom injected in an amazingly small amount, then yea. Probably not going to work.

  6. That drone has massively bad reviews on Amazon. Only about 40% favorable. The rest are like, “breaks on second flight”. Obviously not worth the $40.

    The liquid plastic welder doesn’t do well in reviews, either.

    Oh, and Youtube has problems with people “advertising guns” on their platform, but not with people making illegal pen gun videos? Way to go, Google…

    • “…but not with people making illegal pen gun videos?”

      Know of what you speak.

      It is *not* illegal to make, use, or own a ‘zip gun’ under federal law.

      Your local laws may vary…

      • But there is that little AOW issue. Disguised guns are generally AOWs.

        5$ and must be registered. So yes, illegal.

  7. Queue the “What does this have to do about guns!” outraged sensitivity mob, with thoughts of: “How dare you. How could you betray me like this TTAG?!?”

    The violin was comical. Would be a great gag gift.

  8. All depends on where you are and how much junk you want to haul around. The boyz in Chicago get by with a hoodie and a 9.

  9. I have several of those co2 “popper” grenades for airsoft. They work surprisingly well if you put a handful of powder in them during assembly it goes everywhere. In all seriousness, I would not like to be on the receiving end of one of them filled with pepper spray.

  10. I’m getting the violin. I have to have it, just so I can annoy some of my friends. 😂

    Though that pen gun… Isn’t the Life Card essentially the same thing? I won’t say it isn’t cool, and I’d love both of them, just not at that price.

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