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  1. Okay, I’m fairly new to TTAG and I’ve found some pretty good information here.

    BUT – “Bill Mahr Rips Obama on Gun Control”??? This looks like something from comedy central. Any ripping was because Obama did nothing.

    Excuse my sense of humor, or lack of, but stating that Republicans are at fault for the end of the limited magazine rule.

    Sorry not funny, perhaps someone will take time to enlighten me?

    • “Does anybody remember when Bill Maher was funny? No? Me neither.”

      Well, that’s funny. 🙂

  2. Welcome. And you’re right, it’s not funny. Which makes it ironic (the discrepancy between expectation and reality). Which makes it kinda funny—in post-modern sort of way. So let’s call it unintentionally humorous.

    More to the point, it’s interesting that Obama’s taking heat from his base for his lack of enthusiasm for gun control. TTAG has repeatedly reported that the Prez may well be a closet gun lover, having admitted to shooting with the Secret Service and writing a note to a correspondent that he supported the Second Amendment, “period.” And let’s not forget, he’s a politician.

    However, like Ralph, I’m quickly forgetting that Bill Maher was a comedian.

  3. Only people find Bill Marh smart funny live at msnbc. I do not watch Msnbc or Bill Marh show I am not missing any thing buy not watching Bill Marh or Msnbc.

  4. This fool was a comedian? I always thought he was a (I know no flames or flaming or whatever) so since I don’t have anything even close to nice to say about this fool, I won’t say anything at all.

  5. Bill Mahr was a comedian? When?

    More guns, less taxes, more Jesus, and more bacon. Sounds fine to me. We should allow some leeway for the Jews among us on the Jesus and bacon part though. Hamukkah Harry and Corned Beef?

  6. Bill Mahr can be funny. He can be hit or miss. This piece wasn’t particularly good but props for calling out his own party. You don’t see that too much from the politically themed entertainers.

  7. this is interesting since Bill Maher stated rather clearly on larry king live earlier that he himself is a gun owner.

    It seems that Bill and all the anti second amendment folks are hell bent on thinking that banning high capacity magazines would have stopped this nut in tucson.

    A 33 round magazine doesn’t make you evil. An evil mindset makes you evil.

    As for Obama being a closet gun guy – hey, it just might be true. How ironic is it that with President Bush I wasn’t able to own a handgun in chicago but now with Obama, I’m able to (no, I’m not blaming president Bush, just making an observation).

  8. HOW does MAHER come off knocking the 2nd Amendment when he dont even have right to the 1st!!! He’s a CANADIAN CITIZEN, for christs sake!! CA – NA- DI-AN!! He’s here on an Immgration VISA. Hence, what he says, what he thinks…


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