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President Joe Biden’s dark “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” speech might go down as the moment he joined Hillary Clinton in categorizing those who didn’t agree with her far-left policies as “a basket of deplorables.” The president has been roundly criticized for many of the aspects of the speech and some political insiders are marking it as the moment he labeled nearly half of American voters as “enemies.”

Well…welcome to the club. President Biden started his list with us – the firearm industry. Standing on the Democratic primary debate stage in 2019, President Biden said, “Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA, the gun manufacturers.”

He’s now extended that to those who disagree with his own far-left radical agenda.

“They do not believe in the rule of law,” President Biden said. “They do not recognize the will of the people.” He labeled his detractors as “extreme,” “a clear and present danger” and “threat to democracy.”

Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson told CNN’s New Day the president’s speech was, “… a divisive speech, and that’s not presidential,” adding, “In his speech, he said we should look at each other as Americans and not enemies, and yet he singled out a segment of Americans and said basically they’re our enemy.”

Labelled the ‘Enemy’

Here’s what to expect, now that tens of millions have been added to the president’s “enemies list.” Expect to be maligned. Expect to be scapegoated. Expect to be marginalized and villainized. This is because the president, and his close circle of advisors, don’t see opposing views as points upon which to debate or even politely disagree. They must be crushed.

The late Charles Krauthammer, a political columnist, noted this. He wrote in 2018, “Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.”

Enemies – like evil – must be vanquished. The rhetoric gets increasingly heated. The political jabs become blame. It escalates to hyperbole and outright lies. This is the reality the firearm industry has faced under the Biden administration. A Constitutionally-protected industry has been slandered by a president even as he passes off accusations and lies that even a cursory examination shows are untrue.

That doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that once President Biden fixes an “enemy” label, that group is targeted for elimination. For the firearm industry, this has meant an onslaught of political attacks and defiance of the Constitution the president swore to protect and defend. The right to keep and bear arms, affirmed as an individual right by the U.S. Supreme Court, is relegated to a second-class right.

President Biden has maligned the firearm industry by blaming them for rising crime rates. His Congressional allies called firearm manufacturing CEOs to Capitol Hill to denigrate them for lawful business, ignoring the fact that Congress and the Biden administration refuses to lock up criminals and put an end to spiraling crime.

The Biden administration doesn’t place blame for horrendous murders by deranged and truly evil criminals that prey on innocent victims. They instead scapegoat the firearm industry, going as far as to back far-fetched radical notions that not just Second Amendment freedoms must be limited, but also First Amendment free speech. President Biden’s Congressional allies introduced H.R. 8570, the Firearms Marketing Act, that would trounce First Amendment commercial free speech and restrict truthful firearm advertising.

Ignoring Real Solutions

Those now on President Biden’s “enemies list” can expect to be marginalized. The firearm industry has witnessed this. The firearm industry runs the Real Solutions. Safer Communities. campaign, the safety initiatives that have proven effectiveness in reducing the criminal and negligent misuse of firearms. Two of those programs are partner programs with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Those include the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy program and Operation Secure Store (OSS). The Don’t Lie initiative works alongside the ATF to try to prevent illegal straw purchases of firearms. OSS assists firearm retailers to increase security at stores to prevent and deter burglaries and robberies. The ATF’s own figures show that OSS is working to reduce gun store burglaries and stolen guns. When firearms are stolen, the industry through NSSF matches ATF reward offers for their recovery and bringing those criminals to justice.

Further, the firearm industry’s suicide prevention partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) was extended to include the Department of Veterans Affairs because of its effectiveness of getting suicide prevention resources to firearm ranges and retailers to prevent tragedies.

None of those are mentioned by the Biden administration. It doesn’t fit the narrative and doesn’t please the special-interest gun control groups shaping his administration’s gun control agenda.

There’s no room in the Biden administration for dissent or opposing views. There are only dark and ominous visuals of a president vilifying Americans against a blood-red backdrop, pounding his fists on the lectern.

Those new to this “enemies” label are rightfully unnerved. For the firearm industry, we’ve been here and we know the message that must be sent will come Nov. 8 when everyone must #GUNVOTE.



Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • Site logo image The Truth About Guns
      Biden’s Enemies List Began With the Gun Industry, Now Includes Half of All Voters”

      Hey, Larry: Biden’s “Enemies List” has always included at least half of the voters. All put in the same basket as the Hilldebeast’s “Deplorables”.

  1. I suppose I am trolling. JESUS said I will make you a fisher of men. Read the BIBLE, read Kings and Chronicles. Read about the kings who left GOD out of the equation. Things didn’t go well for them. Still think murdering babies and same sex marriage is a good idea? Still think adultery and fornication are the thing to do? Have you not seen the falling away? Repent turn away from your sin.

    • No, you’re not trolling. You’re being an unseemly asshole. Take your pushy evangelism elsewhere, this ain’t the place for that.

      • So, in other words, Rider, no freedom of speech for Christian Soldier, then? All of us here who may agree with them should take a hike as well? Are we now enemies of your own State because we hold a certain view, just as Biden has now declared those who hold certain views enemies of the State?

        FWIW, CS is spot-on, and mentioning Jesus and the Gospel is what evangelism is all about. You’re free to decline God’s offer of forgiveness, of course, but it’s supremely ironic to call CS an “a$$hole” while you act toward him in a demeaning manner (instead of simply ignoring him).

        There’s a reason why the United States enjoyed over a century of incredible blessing and growth while acknowledging Providence at the highest levels (even stating so in our Founding Documents), and why we’re now unraveling as our leaders now fall away in the opposite direction.

        • Don’t put words in my mouth Haz, it ain’t a good look. I’m protesting his sudden and constant single track pushing of a personal belief into the faces of all those around him. You don’t do it. There are other, more proper venues for that and you know it. It isn’t about free speech and you know that as well; it’s about having a sense of decorum, being polite and understanding that the majority of people on this little rock hurtling thru space, not to mention probably this blog, have more than had their fill of listening to it. Should I end every comment with a loud denouncement of your chosen ways and insistently press for you to change, to follow my choices, to infer you are hopelessly lost for eternity and only my ways can ‘save’ you? Didn’t think so. He reduces himself to the level of a strident, street corner used shoe salesman by what he’s doing. Lower, actually.

        • I’m not just looking at a few of his comments, but all of them. They come across as over the top and trollish, like a caricature of a Christian. I’d ignore him (CS).

        • I’ve been on TTAG for several years, and a regular participant in the comments for 3-1/2, and I’ve only seen a handful of comments from CS ever. I don’t recall the last time I saw something from him/her.

          I only have his/her single comment above to go on, and I stand behind my statement in light of that single comment provided.

          However, if you’re aware of – and have read – additional comments from CS that paint a larger picture of his/her intentions, then you have the advantage of that larger picture and of course you should make your statements accordingly.

          That being said, TTAG *is* primarily a gunn site and not a faith-based one, true. But the conversations here have delved into a variety of topics that involved numerous participants.

          *That* being said, I’ll keep an eye on this CS character. I’m a bit surprised to learn he/she has been allegedly making multiple comments of a provocative nature and I never saw them. Snuck by me, I suppose…

        • Haz, I’ve read (damn near) every word on this site since sandy hook. CS blew onto the scene a few days ago to the best of my usually reliable recollection. I couldn’t care less what the man believes, only in what he has to say. Maybe Hound Dog is right; he’s a poser/troll. I respect you because you don’t stand on my street corner yelling repent! repent! at every passer by, all day long. If you did I would certainly and happily return your disrespect of me. Hope you understand that. I can talk god or religion with others, as I have here before, but when it turns to mindless bible pounding like a homeless guy wearing nothing but a placard saying the end is nigh I’m gonna tell him to stfd and stfu. I would hope you would do the same. Getting real tired of everybody’s bullshit. Peace.

        • Okay. I do recall seeing CS a while back, but to be fair I did take a couple weeks off from TTAG due to the increasing moderation (yet another of my comments was completely removed today on another article…absurd). So if this CS has made a recent resurface, I appear to have missed it.

          (Stands up from chair, approaches podium, clears throat, breathes deeply before leaning into the mic…)

          In light of this conversation’s progression, I now know more than at the beginning, and I apologize for the kerfuffle. I stand rightly admonished for my quick jump to a conclusion of the matter. I humbly request that the matter be set aside, and we part the day as friends.

          (Mrs Haz is preparing a stir fry dinner at home, so this is when I step away from the podium and skedaddle…)

        • I think evangelists are those who think their beliefs and lifestyle should be forced on to others. It doesn’t matter what faith they have.

          I avoid such people.

      • I don’t see anything in Christian Soldier’s comments that are trying to push his beliefs on anyone else. Mere suggestions, take them or leave them.

        I also suggest people read the Bible, particularly an NLT book if only to acquire a sense of history not usually presented anywhere else. Most of the historical aspects are fairly universally accepted- the faith issue is up to everyone’s own choice.

        One thing readers will find somewhat remarkable if they read the Bible, particularly a translation that is easily understood in 21st Century vernacular: There is little happening today that wasn’t also driving human nature and politics 4000 years ago. Same old sex, drugs and rock n roll, pre-Abraham to Biden.

        • Yup. And all the crap humanity foists on each other and that we allow to happen over n over n again has absolutely zero to do with anything more than just us. There’s a price that comes along with being a highly intelligent, highly social and cunning primate with an evolutionary tendency to elect ‘leaders’ (or to seek dominance or to profit through deception). The mere existence of your 2A is demonstrative of this, the Magna Carta and other constructs as well. And Craig, I’ve read the Bible and all I can say is only the already devout could ever recommend it and I’m a prolific reader, or I used to be. The bible is a work that can unduly impress many and that certainly isn’t a ringing endorsement of humanity’s critical reasoning skills over the millennia. Flame away 😉.

    • Show me where Jesus said, “Go and condemn people in My Name” — or shut up and go away. Your comment is a superb example of the #2 biggest reason that college students are turning away from God: you make Him look like a hateful, spiteful despot. That’s the opposite of being a “fisher of men”.

      • These people that are the problem are not what they are because they have abandoned your chosen belief system nor are we now suddenly suffering their abuses because people at large have abandoned your personal beliefs; we have always endured the abuses of those who seek and attain power, most notably under the auspices of various organized religions throughout history. These people are instead duplicitous criminals, nothing more, nothing less, and slither right along beside many so called pious figures in our religious past. We don’t need to ‘turn to god’, we need to turn to tyranny and drive it out. Why just trade it for another?

        • So- without some sort of Judeo-Christian base for living in an ever-increasingly “diverse” world, exactly what moral code would you suggest guide law and regulation?

          Islam? Buddhism? Hindu? Shinto?

          Only the Chrisianity “moral compass” suggests/teaches the fundamental that one is to “love their neighbor as themselves”, or, that regardless of what one has done in the past, there is still a chance for redemption through faith alone until one has expelled their last breath. A number of the others actually command that non-believers be eliminated at worst, segregated and shunned in the least.

          By all means, stand fast in your own beliefs (or more correctly, your own non-beliefs), but realize that “pushing back” your own is the same thing as you are accusing Christian Soldier of doing.

          One certainty about the American Constitution: it is based on a Judeo-Christian, Deity-Creator acknowledged system. Not much argument there… And it is the actions of a large, dedicated number of people who (as you suggest “we” should), are ignoring those laws and principles, who are actually the real “problem” and threat to the future of the United States, not some person who advocates the true basic Christian fundamentals of love, respect and tolerance. To be sure, there are a fair number of hateful, spiteful people acting only in the name of Christianity, but by their actions, you shall know them.

        • Craig, respectfully, you go right ahead and hold your religion to be the bringer of all things decent. Understand what a bridge that can be to tyranny and persecution though, as we have seen all too often. For myself I have absolutely zero doubt that morals, compassion, altruism, etc existed long, long, long before anyone ever thought of craftily/piously ascribing these social mores to a number of gods, finally whittled down to just one super daddy, no doubt simplifying taxation and tithe enormously. And no, your constitution is not based on anything ‘christian’ per say; you only choose to say it is. It is instead based on truth, reason and LIBERTY, which most certainly cannot be said to be entirely the province of your (chosen/chosen for you) particular (or any) faith. Don’t you dare, bro. To put it another way: Christianity adopted these principles, (along with many pagan precepts) it did not originate them, regardless of how much you might believe/wish that to be the case. And the only thing I’m taking exception to with CS above and previously is constantly shouting REPENT! in my/our faces. Do it once it’s free speech, do it twice it’s eye rolling, do it every time you speak and I’m gonna tell him/you to stfu with that shit. I mean, you aren’t rude like that. If I yelled ABANDON YER FAITH! after every time I addressed you or after every comment you would, I hope, do the same (c’mon man). And just to be a tad offensive but prob entirely correct in over 90% of cases (yes, such as yourself, like it or not), people are almost always indoctrinated into a faith one way or another. I stand outside of that circle looking in. I’ve been left free to choose in my own good time, knowledge and reasoning (and maybe you have as well but sorry, I would bet against that, heavily). As the left is led into their beliefs so, almost always, are the religious, and mostly as children. Then of course there’s the clergy, in large part driven throughout history by greed, a desire for power and other exceedingly non Christian ideals, including child abuse at an abnormally high rate (and this among ‘your best’, with titles such as “Father” and “Your Holiness”). Indeed, at the end of the day, organized religion (separate and distinct from a personal belief) smacks of nothing so much as it does the ‘left’ and their idealism, sometimes fanatical. Why? Because people gonna people. The dishonesty, hypocrisy and duplicity from creationists (for example) when arguing evolution, geology, cosmology and the scientific method in general is truly astounding and I would swear it is all headed by Mom’s Needing Action,The Giffords Center of Spousal Abuse and Ken Hams Magical Museum of Paleolithic Dinosaurism the arguments are so overwhelmingly similar in nature. You ask what moral code would I choose to base a system on? First off, you err (again) in assuming that morals can only spring from a religious origin. Honest question: could that be an indication of previous indoctrination? Here’s my chosen ideals (and remember, I am but a lowly heathen): Truth, Rights, Liberty, Reason and Honor, all of it free from the potential tyranny of organized religion. Sound familiar to your American ears? It certainly does to my ears. Sorry (Canadian eh?) for all the words.

  2. and yet he singled out a segment of Americans and said basically they’re our enemy.”

    To be fair, he DID forget he’d said that by Friday morning…

      • I’ll sling the rope brother! Let’s bring Mayor McCheeseepantz to the trees, and ‘Pillhead-losy’ and the rest of their pilot-fish dumb-a-crats who blindly follow this dipstick! I AM getting real tired of people (who don’t know US !) preaching @ US! Telling US that basically we are gonna Die because we are Deplorables, MAGALICOUS ! “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” so on and so forth. For this POS president….not my President, but this fool of a Tool! MOLON LOBE Mutha’ Fucker ! You guy’s know where I live! BRING IT!

        • Telling US that basically we are gonna Die because we are Deplorables,

          Deplorables was Hildabeast, Braindead called us “Despicable”, semi-FASCIST and Ultra-MAGA among other “lesser” descriptive terms.

        • I so, so, so hope so. Maybe not with extreme prejudice on a washed up, half senile old fool like him but most certainly on his coaching team. And then their team owners…

  3. Look fat, look, here’s the deal. I’m not talking about everyone that disagrees with me. I’m only referring to the ones that voted for my opponent. This is a time to heal in America. We’ve always found ways to come together. We could find that unity again – and the message said – end of message.

  4. Wow an enemies list! How’d that work out for Tricky Dick Nixon?!? Americans are overwhelmingly better armed(& informed)than 50 years ago. Except Leftard dims of course…

  5. quote——-The president has been roundly criticized for many of the aspects of the speech and some political insiders are marking it as the moment he labeled nearly half of American voters as “enemies.”———quote

    This is not just propaganda it is a far right wing bold face lie. In reality the majority of all Americans “including the majority of gun owners” all support Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws hands down. Survey after survey prove it beyond all doubt.

    The Vast Majority of Americans Support Universal Background Checks.
    72 percent of NRA members also supported universal background checks.

    9th Court of Appeals stabs gun owners in the back and changes its mind over its prior ruling declaring California’s assault rifle ban to those under 21 unconstitutional (just as I predicted they would). Those in power have always wanted absolute power which includes Conservatives.

    • I don’t think anyone reads your comments anymore. It’s easy to just keep scrolling since you use the same account like this is reddit.

      Seriously, look at this long ass comment. Knowing what you are about… it’s time to change it up or you might be wasting your time as you’ve trained many glazed eyes.

    • I was going to say “nice try, quoting two fraudulent “studies”” but then I realized it’s all you ever offer here. Begone foul troll.

    • dacian the demented retard,

      I’m sorry, direct me to the part of his speech where he said his vile spew of hatred was directed towards those who oppose “Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws”. Oh, you can’t???? Hmm. Perhaps because THAT’S NOT WHAT HE SAID, you f***tard!!!!

      He specifically, and explicitly, called out “MAGA Republicans”. I am not a “MAGA Republican” – I am not a Trump voter, I am not a Republican, and I oppose “Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws”), as do ALL of the gun owners I know. But, in addition to being STUPID, you insist on being a liar, as well. Hie thyself off and fornicate thyself, you lying douchebag of a stupid troll.

    • Well I can tell you never read past the headlines..

      9th sent the case back to the same “JUDGE” and told him to consider the Supreme Court ruling in his ruling!!!!!!!!!!!

      Who was against it being sent back to the local court???


      Now why would they be against it, the now know for a “FACT” that the Judge will rule the same way and the 9th won’t block it when it arrives back into their court..

      JFYI, the 9th has the highest number of court rulings overturned by the Supreme Court, even the head judge of the 9th in an interview admitted that stigma is an embarrassment!!!!!

    • A poll from 2015 is your evidence???
      Try the same poll now, without the leading questions and see what you get.

      Your friends changed a lot of minds over the last few years. I would suspect that even with the same leading questions the numbers would be lower.

    • Of course members of severely melanine impoverished exclusive gun club would agree on UBCs. Keeps guns out of the hands of the riffraff and deplorables.

    • This is not just propaganda it is a far right wing bold face lie.

      I see YOUR memory is just as sharp as Braindead’s… Guessing YOU didn’t watch the part where he declared ALL Trump supporters a “THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY” (which of course he refuted the next morning)… Butthead is right, no one READS your BULLSHIT any more, I prefer a speed read hit the supposed high notes and point out your infallible ignorance. You never fail to entertain, it amazes me that someone can be so STUPID and still live… STFU dacy boy

  6. The Left is encouraging their base to violence. The creature that went on the shooting spree in Memphis made several remarks to that effect. This is what the communists did in the run up to the 1917 revolution in Russia. They released criminals from prison and did not pursue charges against obvious criminal activity, but went out of their way to harass the law-abiding.

    Democrats and their enablers are sc*m. “Progressive” is another word for “communist.”

    • Nah Johnny,
      The left want to incite the right to violence. I hope some duh mass doesn’t take the bait. I’m still pissed those morons went to the capital. All these idiot’s had to do was just think for ten damn minutes and wonder “how will the dems and the media spin this”. Stupid bastards.

    • They really are down to just bottom of the drawer imitations, aren’t they? They’d be laughable if there weren’t so many gullible young idiots out there. I think this all started getting out of hand shortly after pizza pops were first introduced…

  7. quote———“They do not believe in the rule of law,” President Biden said. “They do not recognize the will of the people.———quote

    Biden was 100 per cent correct. The Jan 6th Trumpite Nazi Storm Troopers who tried to over throw the government with a 1923 style beer hall Putsch wanted Trump as life long absolute dictator and one party system to establish an all white protestant Utopia only granting constitutional rights to themselves and destroying freedom of speech and free and fair elections.

      • Laughable Right wind nonesese Ross. The majority of BLM protests were peaceable and only protesting police murder and brutality not overthrowing the U.S. government and replacing it with a Nazi led dictatorship by Herr Drumpf and his storm troopers.

        And by the way the Portland damage was done by Nazi Proud Boys posing as BLM as verified by the FBI after they were caught and interrogated.

        Sorry try again.

        • Not doing well with the facts there Jerry. Keep trying you may convince some idiot from your basement someday.

        • CHOP/CHAZ and Portland were all about overthrowing the government, idiot. All the rest supported those two.

        • You need to check your “FACTS”..

          Founder of BLM in DC stood up on top of a car in DC when Trump was president at a road junction, and called for BLM to storm the White House and drag the orange man out…Direct threat to the president of the USA!!!
          He called for all institutions be burnt to the ground and rebuilt. Therefore he was calling for the overthrow of the US Gov’t..
          It proves you are a Paid troller!!!

        • I live in OR, BLM and ANTIFA did do the attacks on Gov’t buildings, even the OR State Police, Portland Police, HS, FBI in Oregon have all said this on our local TV stations, even our state paper has these “FACTS”!!!

          So you have proven you are a “BLATANT” LIAR and Manufacturer of “LIES”!!!! So in effect a “PROPAGANDIST”!!!!

        • Far-Right Boogaloo Admits Shooting Up Cop Station Amid Floyd Protests

          FBI: Far-Right Extremist Posed As BLM Protester, Fired On Minneapolis Police Precinct

          Portland’s Bizarre Experiment With Not Policing Proud Boys Rampage Ends in Gunfire
          Portland’s police force chose to stand back and stand by as Proud Boys who came to the city to fight with anti-fascists assaulted protesters and a right-wing gunman opened fire.

        • MADDMAXX September 9, 2022 At 00:13
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          not overthrowing the U.S. government, Sorry try again.?… OKAY!

          I must have imagined:
          Apr 11, 2021 · Antifa rioters in Portland, Oregon, set a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building on fire while agents remained trapped behind blocked doors…
          On Oct. 14, 2021, climate activists breached the Interior Department, with demonstrators who were left outside struggling with law enforcement officers as they reportedly tried to force their way in…
          In June 2020, then-President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and their son Barron were reportedly rushed to a secure bunker when a group of protesters breached temporary barricades that had been set up around the White House complex…
          The federal courthouse in Portland has been a repeated target of violent Antifa rioters. In July 2020, a mob began setting fires inside the fence protecting the courthouse, shaking the fence, launching projectiles over it, and even trying to take it down. Several people even breached it, with rioters launching projectiles and flashing lasers at the federal police officers who responded.
          The next month, the courthouse was shut down completely over domestic terrorism threats that someone might drive a vehicle filled with explosives into the building. Just hours after a security fence was removed from the courthouse in March 2021, rioters’ broke glass and lit fires once again. Antifa had previously attempted to menace people inside the federal courthouse on the afternoon of March 11, yelling “come outside,” “you don’t scare me b-tch,” “death to America,” and “f-ck the United States” while hurling water and other liquids inside the glass doors, banging on them, and attempting to get inside…
          In July 2013, an unruly mob of pro-abortion demonstrators interfered with the democratic process when thousands of them occupied the Texas Capitol and screamed at the top of their lungs, “grinding the Senate to a halt”…
          Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg, two left-wing extremists, along with five others planted a bomb outside the Senate chamber inside the U.S. Capitol, where it detonated and caused $1 million in damage in 1983…
          In now-President Joe Biden’s farewell address to the Senate in 2009, he claimed to have broken into the chamber and sat in the vice president’s chair when he was 21 years old. The first time he stood on the Senate floor was when he visited with friends in the early 1960s…
          Of course, there is no way of knowing if the Braindead thing is true or not, after all it was HIM telling the story…
          And of course, the burning of the Milwaukee Police station, the takeover of Seattle’s Capital area by the “CHOP”, totally peaceful, only four murders, and a 525% increase in VIOLENT crime including rape, robbery and assault. Yeah, the MOSTLY PEACEFUL riots of 2020/21 only did in excess of TWO BILLION dollars in damage and cost and approximately 25 lives. I’m sure glad they didn’t go all medieval and shit…
          ANTIFA has a FOUR step plan to overthrow the US Government:
          (1) Vote Green Party
          (2) Keep country mostly shut down by strikes, boycotts and demonstrations.
          (3) Establish a consensus on a plan for a NEW system
          (4) Persuade the National Guard to assist the majority(?) in the OVERTHROW of the STATE. (obviously overestimated the support for THEIR fascist efforts)
          So, once again dacy, school is out so STFU…

        • “The majority of BLM protests were peaceable…”

          HOLY CRAP!

          Now you appear to be auditioning for Karine Jean-Pierre’s gig when she gets tossed.

        • to Mad Maxx

          Your quotes are from radical far right Breitbart news and you have no links to accredited news outlets, naturally.

          Sorry try again. Educated people laugh at hour far right propaganda.

        • Your quotes are from radical far right Breitbart news

          I watched MOST of that shit happen live on my TV. Breitbart does NOT skew the facts and they are NOT the only available reference. If you are the Intellectual Mountain you profess to be YOU can locate those resources yourself in a matter of minutes. Sorry I couldn’t find any 10-year-old Harvard studies to validate my information, but it is factual whether YOU choose to accept it or not. Just because YOU don’t like the sources does not make it any less true so STFU and STFD.

          The Antifa PLAN was posted around the city of Portland, I watched the nightly attacks on the Portland Courthouse for several MONTHS. I saw video of the guy that was shot and killed during the attack on the ICE building in Portland, the CHOP numbers are from the Seattle PD… If you are THAT dedicated to YOUR ignorance, then you are obviously too far gone, so continue to post you exercises in futility, you have no credibility.

    • dacian the demented retard,

      I’ve seen dog turds on the sidewalk smarter than you, you uneducated idiot. Go micturate up a cable.

    • Just like Marxist/Democats never accepted Trump victory???

      So how much are you making from your Gov’t and US INTEL agencies to “TROLL” gun websites???

    • Much like how the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, and Communist China all represent the “will of the people”?

      In your mind, the people must think they NEED to be oppressed, for their own good of course.

  8. This guy, or more his handlers, is beyond tolerating and here I thought he couldn’t really sink any lower. And who knew jim carrey could act so well? He’s got biden, mussolini, hitler and bo bo the clown all wrapped up together in a gabby giffords kind of role. Wonder if it was dr jill that actually did him in? Or maybe that barack hussein gay muslim dude? Nah, he prob wouldn’t get his own hands dirty… You guys need to stop this. You are Numero Uno in the world and the last (relatively) free nation left on the entire planet. And look at this shit… straight outta Cuba, Venezuela, the USSR, etc. The idiot manchild up here might be second or third runner up but your guy is gonna fuck up the world.

  9. “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.

    “But if you don’t go along with what we want, then you are the enemy and the Woke Military like the Marines behind me will kill you.”

    — Dementia Joe

  10. The only advice we all should follow is to buy more guns and ammo. You can try and vote, of course, but given what happened in 2020, there is reason to doubt voting’s efficacy.

    The Left is going to push this all the way. Count on it. The Left’s foot soldiers, Antifa and various groups of pets, are committing violence against the law-abiding now, as we speak. As the election approaches, they will ramp things up, just like they did in 2020. Some of those who rightfully and morally defend themselves against this violence will be prosecuted and martyred. If you haven’t already, move close to like-minded family and friends, stock up on essentials, and prepare yourself mentally for what is coming.

  11. Embrace it. They’re gonna come and they’re gonna blame you for their actions.
    We have plenty of examples for how this turns out from indigenous peoples the world over, from the Japanese and Germans here in the US the educated of Cambodia the business owners of Cuba and the farmers of Zimbabwe.

    Don’t get in the truck. Don’t get on the train. Don’t move to the special new reservation or housing projects out west.

    I struggle to find a “wild conspiracy theory” times passing hasn’t yet proven to be true. They’re being open and honest about their intentions and time keeps on tickin’. No excuses for claiming you didn’t see this shit coming.

    • Yup. And yup. I’m sure I won’t last long because I’ll now be among the first to either get their door kicked in or among the first few to actually ‘take it to them’ (what other choice will I have?) but they will most certainly af know I was there. Good luck.

  12. “Half of all voters”?
    Not even close. The most generous estimates put it at one in five; more generally it’s assessed at one in seven or eight. It has to be recognized that somewhere between 24% and 28% of U.S. adults identify as Republican, and only half of Republicans consider themselves MAGA Republicans.

    Not that this excuses Biden for such asinine assertions, especially since he promised to be a uniter. Someone needs to tell him that far, far less than half of the people voted FOR him; most of the votes that got him elected were votes against Trump — and the “lesser of two evils” is still evil (in fact by some assessments the number of people who actually voted for Biden as opposed to against Trump is about the same as the number of the MAGA people he insulted so baldly).

    • Roymond,

      I suspect that even YOU understand the point – assuming the 74M Trump votes, and the (LOL) 81M Biden votes are legit (a GIANT leap of faith), ROUGHLY half of the voters voted for Trump. Whether any Republican voter considers him or herself a “MAGA Republican” is irrelevant – the Dimocrats consider ANY Republican voter a “MAGA Republican”, for purposes of demonization. Assume, as would be rational, that those who didn’t vote had comparable ratios of preference.

      So, effectively, approximately half of (voting) America. That’s the point . . . but I think you knew that.

  13. You asked for it.
    You should have co-operated with the implementation of long overdue gun control legislation instead of challenging even the mildest of measures with hysteria and ignorance . Gun control measures the gun owners of THe USA, above all people, should have known were nessessary from the start to control the less responsible members of your community.
    Instead, of which, you have allowed the vested interests of the Firearms Industry which have put death before profits using sperious logic, billions of dollars and the BUYING of politicians, to mislead and missinform, to prevail.
    The net result is liklely to result in far more Draconian legislative measures than may have been strictly nessessary.
    Do not blame the electorate blame YOURSELVES . Now you may well have to watch those REPUBLICANS, and the number grows, with an eye on the ballot box and the changing winds of politics, change their stance.

    • Meanwhile, Americans are buying over a million firearms a month. Seems these people aren’t falling for the gun control lies.

      Go mourn your monarch, who witnessed your nation turn from a proud country into a globalist shytehole. Didn’t matter to her though; she knew she would always be spared the consequences.

    • In other words. Co-operate as we take your rights away. Kinda sounds like the guys that blame their wives when they beat them.

      Same old story. Free people have to decide. In order to maintain our freedom we will have to get our bayonets wet.

      • The ones on my sksss self identify as bayo-nyets. It’s getting closer and closer and I’ve most certainly decided. Ain’t gonna live on my knees or under a thumb. Most especially the thumbs of these lying fools.

    • “You asked for it.”

      Do you say that to your rape victims?

      We asked to be left alone. We are not committing crimes. Because Jack the Ripper prowled London, we don’t make men remove their penis to make woman safe.

    • Supposed to be a cold winter this winter Albert. You better get after it, not much time left to season the firewood. We can handle our problems just fine without you.

    • Do not blame the electorate blame YOURSELVES

      Fuk are you raving about now? Shouldn’t you be on your knees in front of Buckingham Palace wailing and pulling you hair over the passing of your Queen Mum?

    • So you will volunteer to be the Brown/Black shirt jack booted thug???

      I expect you will be cowering in the corner, once you awaken the “GIANT”!!!

      Cause the vast majority of F-15,F-16’s, stealth fighters, stealth bombers, tanks, APC’s, warships, and subs will be with the 2nd Amendment side of the “WAR”!!!!

    • Prince Albert the Poncey, Fake-Military, Fake-Limey, lying, fascist, Wanking Poofter,

      Well, nice job saying “the quiet part out loud”, fascist.

      “You asked for it.
      You should have co-operated with the implementation of long overdue gun control legislation instead of challenging even the mildest of measures . . .”

      So, if we don’t agree with your fascist “gun control” measure, we “deserve it”, amirite??

      F*** you, you fascist, Fake-Limey scumbag. IF you were a Brit, I’d invite you to stay on your sorry tiny little Island of Misfit Toys, and enjoy your subjugation. Since you are most likely a basement-dwelling American high school dropout, posting with your mom’s stolen laptop, let me extend a hearty matched pair of middle fingers, you useless tw@t.

    • Albert the Lying, Fake-Limey Ponce,

      Another sign you’re a fake Brit???? If you were a PROPER subject, you’d be in mourning over the death of your Queen (perhaps the last Brit that actually had balls).

  14. My mommy always said that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
    Well mom is long dead and with that FUCK JOE BIDEN!

    Oh dear, what a dreadful thing to say!

    • My Mom is a lifetime Democat, first time I heard her say a Cuss word, was after she heard Biden speech!!!

      She doesn’t like guns but she always tolerated them in the house and the family shooting them.. She has only shot a gun two times in her 70 year life..

  15. Just another badge of honor for the sane people in America. Mr. Potato Head, his administration, and the MSM are completely insane. They believe that they can make people disbelieve what they see with their own eyes, and hear with their own ears. Yet no matter how many times they repeat the lies, sane Americans know what they know. They repeat the lies to convince themselves, and keep the collective in line.


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