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With the constantly growing pressure from Democrats for President Biden to step out of the race of president, we’ve reported on a number of different possibilities, from rumors that he would announce his withdrawal on Monday to even a scheme that would pave the way for former President Barack Obama to spend another four years in the White House. So far, however, the president has steadfastly refused to step down.

In fact, according to a number of media reports, on Monday, a day after prominent House Democrats joined calls for him to drop out, rather than stepping aside Biden doubled down, sending a defiant letter to congressional Democrats declaring that he has no plans to get out of the race.

“Now that you have returned from the July 4th recess, I want you to know that despite all the speculation in the press and elsewhere, I am firmly committed to staying in this race, to running this race to the end and to beating Donald Trump,” Biden wrote in the letter.

Biden further said in the letter that those wanting him to drop out of the race are going against the will of the party, since he easily won the Democratic primary.

“The voters of the Democratic Party have voted,” he wrote. “They have chosen me to be the nominee of the  party. Do we now just say this process didn’t matter? That the voters don’t have a say? I decline to do that. I feel a deep obligation to the faith and the trust the voters of the Democratic Party have placed in me to run this year.”

Additionally, Biden wrote that it is time for the conversation about who will run against Trump to be over.

“We have one job, and that is to beat Donald Trump,” he said. “We have 42 days to the Democratic Convention and 119 days to the general election. Any weakening of resolve or lack of clarity about the task ahead only helps Trump and hurts us. It is time to come together, move forward as a unified party, and defeat Donald Trump.”

Despite Biden’s defiance, some in Congress don’t seem ready to back down on their calls for him to drop out and let someone else run against Trump. According to media reports, Senate Democrats are set to discuss the matter at a breakfast Tuesday morning, and House Democrats are set to discuss it over lunch.

Of course, who runs on the Democrat side of the presidential race is of critical importance to American gun owners. While Trump has pledged his support for the Second Amendment and during his first term nominated dozens of conservative judges, none of the Democrats mentioned to possibly replace Biden are any less anti-gun than he is.

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    • I just want him to live long enough to leave office, so that fatuous, empty-headed, sperm bank doesn’t get to claim “first female president”.

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  1. This is outrageous! The Dems in the House and Senate should go pound sand! Biden as been the absolute BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE president in the history of this nation! ESPECIALLY when it comes to the scourge of gun violence. He signed the most consequential gun control bill in thirty years, dontchya know! He has Putin on the run! His economy is the BEST in GENERATIONS! He runs circles around his much younger staff! Kamala Harris is the most loyal, effective and prepared Vice President in history, and is ready to take over should there be need.

    Don’t listen to the Democrat party elites. Biden is the ONLY ONE who can defeat Trump in 2024! He’s the guardian of Our Democracy!

    Vote BIDEN / HARRIS 2024!

    Think they would give me a job??

    • Johnny you are hired which rhymes with soon to be fired.
      I’ll add to your list of accomplishments by stating that the population of our country has grown as a result of the Biden administration’s lose border policy that permits the free flow of un-vetted people from not only Spanish speaking nations but also Asia and the middle east. No other president can boast of such an accomplishment. Not sure about the “running circles” but he does get around, perhaps assisted, when he is awake.

    • That should have been a story two years ago. This was all obvious to anyone halfway paying attention in 2020. They used Covid as an excuse to hide him. When he appeared, it was only with very friendly, heavily managed appearances. They drugged him for the debates. They thought they could continue to do that.

      Watch this video beginning at 7:45. Biden was struggling to get through it. If you watch from the beginning, there are lots of cuts. Notice the extreme transformation at the 8:26 cut. Notice his eyes and the volume of his voice. They clearly drugged him. This is NOT a doctored video. It’s from the official White House account. The same thing happened to his eyes in the last debate. He’s so far gone, the drugs can only do so much at this point. So this to Democrat friends, and ask them where the media has been.

  2. So, did anyone actually SEE him write this letter? As he has problems answering questions he prepped on for over a week, I’d like to see him rattle off this statement from the middle of a cornfield with just him and some Guernseys present… good luck with that one!
    Don’t get me wrong, I hope he stays in it as long as possible to show off his conversations with Uncle Al for all the world to see, but you just know that TheMachine is working overtime in the background to devise a scheme to make hay out of manure instead of the other way around.

    • Te-he-he….visiting with his Uncle Al Zimers ? As this is coming from the “Don’t let any crisis go to waste” party, you can BET their crisis team is busily crafting a plan.
      Say, didja hear about Boeing’s latest misfortune?… a blue and silver 747 / VC-25 just crashed into the Atlantic on approach to D.C. – no wreckage spotted yet.

      • WAIT, I forgot the //sarc
        okay, okay, just kidding… don’t need a knock at the door while nursing four broken ribs.

  3. It’d be easy enough for those “elites” he complained about (as if a (D) POTUS that has been in politics for 70 years isn’t “elite”) to orchestrate his exit from this life even while claiming to support him staying in the race.

    Their problem is nobody polls well enough to beat Trump right now so why bother.

    • The Dems have the printing presses on standby ready to produce several car loads of “just discovered” ballot boxes just after the other party scrutineers have been “told” to leave.

      • Of course they’re going to cheat again. The difference is, the world will know they cheated this time. Trump has never been ahead in the polls before, including when he won in 2016. Let’s see how many morons on both the right and left continue to claim this was the most secure election in the history of the world.

  4. Couple of days ago someone admitted after shaking Joe’s hand, Joe’s hands are cold, like mostly dead cold (40%). Let the ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ memes continue..

  5. As someone who has been to nursing homes & saw my father slide into senility THIS bs is dementia through & through. But my dad was pretty good until he got a quadruple bypass at 86🙄Sure Slow Joe run & stay away from the nuclear football. In the last daze perilous times will(are)come!

  6. Biden isn’t dead. He’s only mostly dead. The only thing that could save him is true love. Unfortunately, Dr. Jill and the smartest man Joe knows aren’t interested in saving him.

    • I wonder if “Dr.” Jill’s first husband (that discovered she was cheating on him when he was called to the site of his Corvette in a crash… with Joe at the wheel) will ever disclose the terms of their hush money agreement, or how flipping glad he is to have escaped that harpy.

      • Some people look at baby sitters and ask “why?”
        Some people look at baby sitters and ask “why not?”

        you do know that Jill was once Hunter’s baby sitter. I can imagine a scenario like former Governor of Oregon Neil Goldscmidt.

  7. “I feel a deep obligation to the faith and the trust the voters of the Democratic Party …”

    thats one of the issues with Biden…he doesn’t have a “deep obligation to the faith and the trust” of ALL of the American people, just the ones who vote how he believes which is soci- alist mark- ist.

    • yes…I spelled “soci- alist mark- ist” wrong on purpose to avoid the crazy moderation. but you get the point and know what was intended if you have a functioning brain.

      but let’s try it this way…

      socia- list marx -ist

  8. 1. He didn’t actually write this letter, so saying that “Biden said” is a little disingenuous.

    2. The letter is not incorrect about the primary.

    3. They don’t have anyone who the DNC is willing to allow to run who can also beat Trump.

    4. At this point they can’t 25A him because they’d need Republican help to get it through Congress.

    5. This is, as Elon kinda predicted, probably the most entertaining outcome.

    6. The wheels come off in a major way here eventually. What that looks like is anyone’s guess. But it’s amusing to point out that the last time there was a serious riot and a contested nomination at the Democratic Convention it was 1968 in Chicago and the Convention is in Chicago again this year.

    But this time Chicago PD ain’t gonna crack skulls.

    • strych,

      When was the last time you actually believed that Senile Joe, the serial child molester and pedophile, actually wrote ANYTHING?? Oh, that’s right – he wrote his own campaign speeches back in 1988 (when he plagiarized Neil Kinnock). Joe Biden was stupid 50 years ago; now he’s senile and stupid.

      As I’ve repeatedly told MajorMoron, the Dims HAVE no alternative to Senile Joe, largely because of Barry Soetoro (who would brook NO competition within the party). Yep, they going to end up sticking with the Senile Pedophile, because . . . who the hell else can they pick???

      Kamal-toe the Ho is (until very recently) polling even worse than Joe. Gavin Newsom is both an incompetent, and idiot, AND completely unlikable. Gretch the Wretch is possibly the only woman I can think of that is LESS electable than Kamal-toe (or Shrillary, who is still trying to remain relevant). Mastro is quite likely to lose her re-election bid. Pete Buttgig? Please run that incompetent idiot! Cory “I’m FIERCELY heterosexual!” Booker? Nope, the Dims are flat out of options.

      Sucks to be a Leftist/fascist, these days.

      • If they wanted a legit win, they’d go in an unexpected direction and pick someone like Polis. I don’t think they will do that because a contested convention isn’t a risk they’re willing to take.

        Short of that, given the current political climate and social chemistry, the real question was if Joe could survive the “scandal” of that debate. It seems he did, Dems are falling back into line though many may be unhappy about it.

        Who “wins” in November? 50/50 at this point because panic overrides logic every single fucking time and the Left is, truly, panicking. They say things like “Trump’s going to put us in camps” because they believe that to be the case. They believe it because that’s what they would do.

        Regardless of who “wins” or actually wins, the other side won’t accept it. The only actual question here is if it “breaks for Joe”, does the Right nut up or shut up?

        Regardless, the lawfare here is going to be absolutely epic. I wouldn’t be shocked if we end up with states refusing to certify slates of electors, which has happened before.

        • Georgia still can’t produce enough legitimate ballots from the 2020 election. We already know how the DOJ will handle anyone questioning the 2024 election. The election fraud and corrupt government would be enough for the US to impose sanctions on any other country that behaved that way. It’s amazing how people are ignoring it.

          • Are you surprised? They ignore that we’re holding political prisoners too.

            We’re even arresting more nearly daily and they’re bragging about it.

            Bannon ends up in prison at nearly the same time that the DOJ announces that they won’t prosecute Garlands for exactly the same offense.

            You’d think the hierarchy would be obvious, but the Right’s full of people who will whine about their church being shut down by the police and then scream “BACK THE BLUE!” in the next breath.

  9. I hope jacked up joe doesn’t blow a gasket trying to look like he’s been cured and he makes it to November. Watch your back joe your democRat pals smell blood…TRUMP 2024.

  10. George Stephanopoulos who just interviewed Biden for ABC news just threw him under the bus and said. ‘I don’t think he can serve 4 more years. When you lose George boy it’s over, because he is the mouth of the democrat party in the media world.
    ABC’s George Stephanopoulos after Biden interview: ‘I don’t think he can serve four more years’ | Fox News

  11. The national republican platform has left off abortion and gun rights.
    Epstein transcripts have finally dropped, with Trump in their many times.
    Corruption in the NRA continues to be exposed.

    Might be time for the right to pick new leadership too.


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