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    • I’m not sure she was “shot”. The bullet did not hit her; the brass did. What if someone threw a tack at her? That wouldn’t be a shooting.

    • “Sandy wasn’t charged because he had a proper concealed weapons permit.”

      What? Florida firearms owners need a concealed weapons permit to improperly store ammo in their own homes? Or did he conceal the stove on his person and leave the house at some point?

  1. Well if you say so, I guess I better change my mind on everything I believe. /sarcasm

    “We’re not here to take your guns, we’re just going to take your guns”.

  2. Biden is ready for the retirement home…he’s such an idiot it’s an embarrassment that he represents the vice presidency of our country

    • The VP really, really wants to run for Pres. That’s what the gun stuff is about. I guarantee you he’ll (at least by June) be spouting endlessly about women’s equality, especially when a few of the legislative items are brought forward. They have to keep 5 balls in the air to distract us from the economic situation. At least he doesn’t talk anymore about how he loves to stop by a particular blue-collar diner in Wilmington…now that someone has told him it’s been closed for ten years. “The Senator from MBNA.” Friend of the working man? Laugh. Sure.

  3. You can tell the American people are on board with Obama’s agenda by their refusal to buy any AR-15’s, the abundance of high capacity clips, and all that assault ammo collecting dust on store shelves.

  4. See, this is what happens when the mentally ill do not receive proper treatment. They become Adam Lanza or Joe Biden. Unfortunately, Biden will end up with the higher body count.

  5. When I think of all the people who told me I was crazy for thinking Obama/Biden wanted to take our guns, I start to get ill. When I think of all of the hunters and gun owners who STILL say “Romney/Ryan would have done the same thing”, I want to scream. Is half the country truly as stupid as Joe Biden? God help us all if they are.

    • “Is half the country truly as stupid as Joe Biden?”

      Look who’s in the WH for a second term and that answers your question.

    • The same nonsense would’ve happened with Romney as President, it was Sandy Hook that made this all possible. Romney might have even been more zealous as a first time President looking to score points.

      • Nate, anybody thinking Mitt would have gone after the guns with the same zeal as the Kenyan Commie is a moron.

    • These morons damaged the nation Chuck, and if they STILL think there is no difference, they should have their lower jaws shattered with a ball peen hammer.

  6. “you’d have to agree…, who could argue with…, It is obvious that…., The consensus is that…, The majority agree that…, Common sense tells us that…, The American people are with us on….”

    Translation: “What I am about to say is out of my ass and no facts nor proof will be offered”.
    This technique uses the human psychology of momentum. If the listener does not already have the evidence to decide, the speaker invokes the assumed conclusion clause.
    We don’t assume someone like the Vice President would lie, so when “the American people have sided” with the speaker, it sounds like a done deal. A logic fallacy related to appeal to authority. He is asking them to join the convinced, not actualy convincing with an argument.
    I find this type of initial comment to a speech as slimy and akin to “Little girl, could you help me find my lost puppy”. If they say it, you know they have deceptive or evil intent!


    This happened in hoplophobic Massachusetts in a town 25 miles from Boston. A selectman tried to pass an ordinance banning “assault weapons” from town limits (there’s no state pre-emption in MA). 400 pro-gun people showed up. The selectman yanked the proposal and the meeting lasted 5 minutes. This is what he said: “I also thought maybe some other towns in Massachusetts might have also tried something similar and none of them did.”

    So, no, Joe. The people are not with you. FOAD.

  8. Can we just take all the antis that do make up the chunk of America that are with him and give them one part of the country? After a few decades we could invade them, take the land back and ask how no guns is working for them. If they havnt all been killed by the crimminals who would inevitably follow them to their new world.

  9. Part of Obama’s successful reelection strategy was to lull enough gun owners into complacency that we wouldn’t be a factor.
    The American people are voting with their wallets and democrats seem almost insane to me to ignore it. They won the last election but they are behaving as if they won the final election.
    Gun shop shelves are empty. Parking lots are full, not just on weekends but all week. This seems like to me like 1994 times ten.
    In 2 years we are probably going to look at this as the period when the Democratic party self destructed at their moment of greatest triumph.

  10. I am a law abiding citizen and ‘the people’ of the United States. I will not let you bully me into thinking your way because I oppose your train of thought. I am not the criminal you profess me to be. If I do not think the way you do does not make me a criminal. If anyone is the criminal here it is you and the president. All this talk about the children what have you done to protect them. No taking away over 300 million guns from law abiding citizens does nothing for the children. These crimes against children will happen again and again. You as part of my government scare the hell out of me. It has always been about taking the guns away. Fast and Furious, Benghazi and our second amendment rights when are you going to realize it is you who is at fault. Whatever weapon I choose to protect myself, find food, protect my home and family is the right gun for me. Not because my government says so, but because I say so!

  11. Let me put the title into context.
    “The American people are with us!”
    And by that he means, only the people the government acknowledges exist.
    Which isn’t much.

  12. Does this technique of loudly repeating the same crap over and over eventually make said crap true? “Law-abiding gun owners have nothing to fear.” “We respect the 2nd Ammendment.” and so on and so on. Is only the Vice-President endowed with these magic powers of crap repitition or can anyone do it? Can I loudly, repetivly repeat nonsense and make it come true? I will win Megabucks, Jennifer Lawrence loves me, the Lions win the Superbowl…I will win Megabucks, Jennifer Lawrence loves me, the Lions win the Superbowl…I will win Megabucks, Jennifer Lawrence loves me, the Lions win the Superbowl…Nothing yet but I won’t be deterred. Stay tuned.

  13. God, this moron is so clueless it’s pathetic. He’s a classic example of someone who doesn’t engage his brain before he starts running his big mouth.

    STFU, Joe.

  14. Remember, this is the same Administration that illegally walked to drug lords a couple thousand of the same kind of guns they want to take from you. And Fast & Furious was for the same reason as what they’re doing now–a false pretext to disarm law abiding Americans. Upwards of 300 dead Mexicans later, by guns they helped across the border, and they have the brass to say we’re the ones who can’t be trusted with semi-automatic weapons.

    As accomplices, they were involved in as many killings as the nutjobs of the last 10 years. You’d think the media would find that just a little interesting.

  15. Has anyone else had their fill of life long Politicians lecturing us about Morals?
    Poor Uncle Joe hasn’t had an original thought since he was put in charge of fixing our gun control problem. I may listen when he gives up his round the clock protection or when they protect him with a shotgun and 2 shells.

  16. I’m afraid before long sawed-off double barrel shotguns are going to come back into vogue in the tougher neighborhoods, and two barrels to one’s rival will be called ‘a Biden.’ Reminds me of Tony Montana’s end in Scarface. We have some very very intractable problems in the U.S. The Budget. Joe.

  17. Was that taped before a live studio audience…? “The Wizard has spoken, Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

  18. Legislators should be concerned about the survival of our rights. Just because you say it doesn’t make it true; the American people are NOT with you.

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