Biden and Newsom Wasted No Time Using the Maine Mass Shooting to Push Their Gun Control Agenda

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From the CCRKBA . . .

President Joe Biden and California Gov. Gavin Newsom have predictably reacted like vultures in the aftermath of the terrible mass shooting incident in Maine to push gun control schemes which would not have prevented the outrage, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms stated.

“Gov. Newsom is demanding adoption of a waiting period in Maine,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “and President Biden wants ‘universal background checks’ and safe storage laws, and both of them know none of these proposals would have prevented what happened Wednesday evening. They’ve pounced like craven political opportunists in hopes of using this tragedy to stir up public emotions in an effort to push gun restrictions they’ve been promoting for years. 

“Biden has wanted to ban semiautomatic rifles for years,” Gottlieb continued, “when he knows rifles of any kind are involved in a fraction of murders, and he also knows there are millions of law-abiding owners of such firearms who have harmed nobody. Why should honest citizens be penalized for the rampage of one clearly disturbed individual with documented mental health issues? 

Biden confused lost
President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“The president also wants to repeal the federal law protecting gun manufacturers from junk lawsuits,” he added, “which has absolutely nothing to do with this case and he knows it. Joe Biden is throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks, which is what anti-gunners do every time there is a tragedy upon which they might capitalize. It is a disgusting process we have seen time and again.

“Meanwhile,” he noted, “media reports show many local residents immediately armed themselves, such as Lewiston Councilman Robert McCarthy, who told a CNN reporter ‘We locked the doors. We grabbed the guns.’ Other reports revealed local residents who did not have firearms said they wished they had guns. Biden’s gun control schemes would keep those people disarmed. 

“This is deplorable political posturing,” Gottlieb stated. “Biden, Newsom and other gun prohibitionists are dragging out the same tired agenda which they have always proposed. They have simply repackaged it with the events in Lewiston, Maine, which is a disgusting exploitation of a horrible crime. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

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  1. Who TF wrote that headline???
    [New post] Biden and Newsom Don’t Wasted No Time Useing the Maine Mass Shooting to Push Their Gun Control Agenda

    • Yeah grammar is a thing. Maybe Dan needed another cup of coffee? You likely have a problem with our resident marsupial possum🙄😀

      • Grammar is overrated. I don’t like Grammar’s cooking, unless I’m really hungry. When I’m hungry enough to eat the north end of a southbound skunk, Grammar’s cooking is alright.

      • Matbe Dan was just wanting to know just how many folks RAD his stuff, so he dropped a bomb of a headline tto count the respinses. Seems he’s hit the jackpot. Or maybe the skunkpot

    • so what else is new?…they’ve become quite predictable…some sort of red-flag law might get passed though…

  2. These two show their ignorance. A waiting period wouldn’t help, he already had the weapon. The Federal government (the Army) failed to report this guy to the local police after his officers expressed doubts about his sanity. Lack of a CCW means nothing here as he wasn’t carrying concealed and the most nonsensical argument is over magazine size. He was a accomplished shooter and mag changes wouldn’t have slowed him down at all. The only thing that might have is a good guy with a gun.

    • Not ignorance, it’s a play book. They want the free people to willingly give up freedom for supposed “safety.” You can’t make logical arguments, you need emotional ones, and right after an event while the blood is still warm and wet is the perfect time. Especially if they have dead kids, especially rich or middle class majority kids. That’s a Democrats’ dream. Even Republicans will go full tyrant like after Parkland, TN Governor after that Christian School trans killer, Marco Rubio was calling for Red flags and mag bans after a killing, etc.

      Sounds like barely Republican centrist Ms. Collins is calling for mag bans, not surprising.

      The only real chance to get these gun controls through is in tragedy, because if you can save just one life, wouldn’t you accept tyranny, er, a safer world?

  3. I think Biden missed an opportunity to advocate putting weapons of mass destruction on the NFA list and updating the 1934 transfer tax of $200 to account for inflation to $3,386.10 in today’s money or else you must turn the weapon in for destruction. This would make it less likely the Far Right Stormtroopers could claim a violation of 2A because the corrupt Supreme Court knows to rule otherwise would nullify the Machine gun and silencer ban so the new law would be a slam dunk for gun control and eliminate 98% of the weapons of mass destruction in civilian hands.

    And if you think people would not turn them in you are ignorant of the history of gun control. People look out for No.1 and they are not about to go to prison, be fined heavily, lose their jobs, and be banned from owning all weapons for life. Few people would risk the draconian consequences for a toy in their closet they only shoot once a year if that.

    Yes a few Far Right Nut cases might openly defy the law but the ATF practicing another Waco type barbeque would convince even the hard liners the game was all over and that civilization had finally come to Capitalvania whether they liked it or not.

  4. Typically found the following script seems to apply to any tragedy exploiter who puts forward a “reasonable regulation” :
    Fuck off. Fuck right off. Keep fucking off until you find yourself in the desert. Locate an appropriate size cactus and occupy your free time.

      • Damn sure seeing a lot more interest in reloading and building manual action ARs up this way as few want to be on a ammo registry database and fewer want to wait on getting a pistol permit with semi auto rifle endorsement just to get a basic NY gimped AR. 5.56 is almost at (or just past) the point it is worth reloading with current component prices. Kinda want to try a 6arc build but not looking to invest in a whole new category of stuff at the moment.

    • Why does any state/county/city/local official think they have anything to do with any part of the bill of rights in regards to restrictions?

    • Authoritarians are like that. Gavin Newsome is the Second (or third, or fourth, or something like that) Son of God, so we gotta listen to him!

    • The guy is literally flying around the world visiting other essentially acting like and pretending to be President. He wants to be president, the establishment wants him to be president, he’s not even hiding his intentions anymore… this type of commentary isnt shocking to me at all.

      • Liar, liar. He does NOT want to be President. He wants to be Emperor. That way he does not have to get approval from Congress for whatever scheme he cooks up, whether it is to ban guns, build mag lev trains from coast to coast, or solve the homeless crisis by putting the homeless up free of charge in hotels paid for by us.

        • Yeah, actually, that’s probably true (hence his fawning admiration for all things China), and because for however sharp he dresses or eloquently he speaks, he’s an outside in Washington, and doesnt have nearly the political capital he would need to get things done legislatively.

        • “or solve the homeless crisis by putting the homeless up free of charge in hotels paid for by us…”

          There’s a much better way to stop that bullshit real *fast*, require every owner of a single house on a lot to host a homeless in a tent on their lawn.

          The homeowners will tell the ‘lawmakers’ real fast to knock that crap off… 😉

    • Agreed! Who put him in charge to demand anything in jurisdictions other than his own? He needs to clean up his own backyard first.

      He is the epitome of arrogance. I don’t care to use profanity on these type of venues but a word that starts with F and ends with Off comes to mind for Gov. Hairgel.

      • He just got back from his psycho Dictator pow wow with ping ping he’s got his exalted ruler training complete

  5. “Maine also does not…
    – Ban assault weapons
    – Require permits to carry a gun in public”

    None of which keeps a mentally ill driven-to-kill killer from harming/killing, cause…come on you know this one… criminals and mentally ill killers don’t obey laws. But I’ll tell you another thing “Maine also does not” do, and that’s keep a mentally ill driven-to-kill killer who tells their mental health system he will kill confined like, you know, their law says to do. And ya know something “Maine also does not” do is keep a left wing dominated mental health system from being able to basically say “We feelz he should be let go” and releasing a will-be-for-a-fact killer into society.

    • the old “it can’t..[or won’t]…happen here” mindset…attitudes will change a bit after this…

  6. “Gov. Newsom is demanding adoption of a waiting period in Maine,”


    Newsom also wants to be the governor of other states soooo badly.

      • well… after 72 hours in California, given the amount of crazy on the streets out there apparently the homicidal voices can qualify as residents and vote.

      • The time period is irrelevant, it’s a number they pulled out of their asses that was as long as they thought they could get away with without being sued. It probably stops some crimes of passion (maybe), but it’s real purpose is to exist as a placeholder to eventually be used to delay sales indefinitely and/or block them entirely when they political (and more importantly, judicial) winds finally suit them.

  7. “President Joe Biden and California Gov. Gavin Newsom have predictably reacted like vultures in the aftermath of the terrible mass shooting incident in Maine to push gun control schemes which would not have prevented the outrage”

    Like all anti-gun, they never miss a chance to figuratively dance in the blood of the innocent to push an agenda for removing 2A rights of ordinary law abiding people who have done nothing wrong and place the blame on them.

    Of course gun-control schemes do nothing to stop criminals and mentally ill killers ’cause they don’t obey laws and policy and bans and restrictions and are still gonna criminal and kill even if they can’t do it with a gun. Nothing was gonna stop this guy from acting on his impulses to kill, even if he didn’t have a gun to do it with and its the same with all mass shooters as even if they did not have a gun they would have simply acted on their impulses to kill using something else either in a single rampage or ‘distributed’ across time and place with single victims and still ended up with the same victim count. Its about the mental illness driving them, not about what they use to do it.

    Hey Biden and Newsom … Ya can’t solve a violent mental illness problem by blaming the ordinary law abiding people and enacting ‘laws’ that only affect them, especially when the state has the mentally ill killer in custody telling them he has the impulse to kill and will and then let him go to roam freely among his prey that you can’t and don’t protect. There has never been, and is not, and will not be, a law or ‘ban’ on something that can prevent an in-progress crime from beginning so stop lying.

  8. Gov. Newsom is demanding adoption of a waiting period in Maine

    How the FUCK does the Gov of California DEMAND anything from the STATE of Maine? Pretty sure his Dictatorship ends at the state line… A Braindead corrupt idiot and a slick haired, pimp looking, moron want to put us ALL in chains.. Fuck them, fix the system so sick assholes like that guy are not walking the streets listening to voices in his head telling him people in a bowling alley are making fun of him… Get people off the streets that are KNOWN to be problematic, the National Guard KNEW this guy had a problem, his fucking family KNEW he had a problem and the FBI was aware of this asshole, they all KNEW he could be a danger to himself and others but he was STILL allowed to walk free among the unsuspecting population… Fuck off Hair Gell and Fuck off Braindead… Newsflash: NONE of their bullshit laws would have stopped this guy from doing what he did…

  9. Robert Card is a firearms instructor.
    He is also a national guard member.
    is he a firearms instructor for the National Guard?

    is he a police firearms instructor?

    This proves that only the police and the military should have guns, NOT!!!!

    • He was trained as a firearms instructor in the military. He’s not in the National Guard, he served with an Army Reserve unit so he was probably a firearms instructor there.

      He is supposedly an ‘expert marksman’ (which is the way news people also sometimes say ‘sniper’ without saying ‘sniper’ because they can’t say ‘sniper’ in the media on some media outlets unless its confirmed) according to one news source.

      According to one news source… their FBI opinion person says, he supposedly did not have ‘combat training’ (or was it ‘combat experience’, they mangled it pretty well on that point and you really couldn’t tell which they were talking about), but (indicated) is a ‘sniper type’ and trained in (advanced – what ever that entails) ‘escape and evasion’ tactics designed to evade hostile military forces in hostile territory in order to reach a target.

      One FBI person on a news cast indicated its possible he’s using trained ‘escape and evasion’ tactics while he works on getting to another possible target, and said he is delusional but aware of what he is doing and has a ‘will to live’ (indicated, to accomplish a mission).

    • Robert Card is dead .. He was dead before this shooting occurred… identity theft isn’t just for credit cards anymore…

      • I doubt they will take him alive, if he hasn’t already killed himself, but you never know. Just a few minutes ago they were still looking for him, and seem to be concentrating on the river. But there are rumors of a suicide note according to MSM but you know how the MSM is in cases like this with stretching for anything they can say or print and that includes unfounded rumors.

  10. Face it, Newson wants to be President. He will constantly open his pie hole to keep himself in the limelight, no matter what stupidity he spews.
    Biden will not run again. He doesn’t know where he is at or what he is doing from day to day. He has not made a positive decision for Americans in the last 48 years.
    If Newsom does become president, start hoarding food, ammo and fuel. He will be worse than Biden. It’s all about power and control.

    • Ehh… Newson doesnt have the political capital to accomplish even half of what he would try to do. Similar to Obama (except not at all likeable), he’ll get up on the podium wearing an expensive suit delivering eloquent speeches and will have nothing to show for his term.

      I said it back in 2008 and will say it again, this country would have been infinitely more fucked than it is now if Hillary had won back then. Her agenda was not nearly as “progressive” as BHO’s but she would have gotten damn near all of it done. Biden is more useful to the establishment as a puppet because of his political ties, and thus more dangerous, than Newsom could even dream of being.

        • Im not sure you are being sarcastic or not, but yes, that’s literally the entire reason that the establishment did anything and everything that they could to get the guy in the office.

          He has been in Washington longer than 3/4 of the electorate has even been alive, he’s a known quantity that the good ole boys trust, and as an added bonus he’s a brain dead puppet who will do what he’s told to.

          Maybe political ties was the wrong word to use, but yeah… they “like” him, because he can get done the things that they want done.

  11. “They ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

    Democrats don’t know the meaning of the word “shame”. They’re never embarrassed about corruption, and only mildly embarrassed about getting caught. And as long as “we the People” keep falling for their lies and electing them, we deserve what we get.

  12. Reports of the people of Maine are buying up guns, mostly handguns, some long guns and even body armor.
    Be interesting to see if the citizens of Maine rather than go down the NY/CA/IL route of gun control, rather go the route of pro-2ndA.

    • They don’t really have a NYC to override them just Portland and some complacent fudds with crazy strict hunting laws and conservation officers. This is more an observation from NY so actual experience from the locals would be good to see.

  13. Convenient.

    Almost as convenient as if this incident, and the response to it, had been planned out in advance.

    • The ban guns now script is even more prepopulated than the Patriot act. With that said was weird how Google maps had the incident on a pin with travel advisories minutes after the initial reports but that could just be new apps.

      • Apparently they were also listing the boat ramp where his Scoobydoo was found as ” closed due to police activity” nanoseconds after the story hit the air. And late last night they were going to give a tease into a note left inside of his home less than 24 hours after the shootings…. how long have they kept the he/she’s manifesto buried for now?
        Had to turn the bullshit on MSM off last night to get ready to relate to the real world today – did I miss anything newly scripted ?

    • the response is always planned…a guy snapped…it happens from time to time…don’t read more than that into it…

  14. Not that it was ever a good argument to begin with, but after 10/7, the idea that we should disarm and put our trust in government to protect us is beyond insanity.

  15. OK. Just from what has been published/broadcast, evidently Maine has laws on the books allowing firearms to be removed from someone’s possession if they are mentally ill and possibly a danger to themselves or others. The shooter was also a convicted felon. Again legal reason to remove firearms from their possession.
    If someone is hearing voices, they don’t need to be walking around. Such issues should mandate hospitalization. Something I can’t forgive Reagan nor Clinton for pushing is the closure of mental hospitals. Again, not a fan of mental institutions etc. but there are those who need to be kept off the streets, but haven’t committed any crimes as yet.
    So, exactly what laws or bans or other so called sensible gun control laws are going to prevent evil or criminal or mentally ill persons from disregarding the laws and doing whatever they want? And what laws would prevent a future want to be dictator from taking control of the government etc. if the last defense of an armed citizenry is removed?

  16. “Why does Newsom think he has the right to demand anything from another state?”

    Commies like to do that – plus he figures he is tall enough to get the female vote – and Xi gave him the OK…

  17. waiting periods are dumb for the second gun,, f this Maine a hole what kind of jackass shoots up a bowling alley?

    the red flag prohibited thing I guess gun nation needs to decide whether you are ok with taking guns

    when can they take your guns?

    There are probably a bunch of similar situated people like that dude that didn’t light up a bowling alley

    what’s the standard were is the line

    also if you want some drama listen to the Chicago police scanner holy hell

  18. F**king waiting periods. If a person intends on doing something terrible with the firearm, all a waiting period is going to do is delay their plan.

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