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Smith & Wesson have been expanding their M&P line of handguns and rifles. One of the latest entrants into the field: the M&P10 Sport.

Smith’s lightweight rifle packs the hard-hitting power of a .308 Winchester round into a compact package, easily at home on the range or on a hunt. Our review of the gun gave it a solid four stars for providing the right mix of features and price.

It seems like our readers agreed. They voted to award the 2017 TTAG Reader’s Choice Award for Best New Rifle of 2017 to the Smith & Wesson M&P10 Sport. Runner up for this category: the Bergara B14 HMR, just seven votes behind.

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  1. I dunno, the Savage MSR-10 just offers so much more rifle for cheaper to boot. The gas system alone is lightyears ahead of what the M&P offers, but I guess the proprietary part of it is bad as well.

    Was that even around when the voting went up, though?

      • I mistook this for the 18″ version truth be told. Yes at that point you are correct xD though you can find the MSRs floating around for $900 now. They are seriously worth the money.

    • Now while I like the Savage more the M&P 10 is really good for the money, what I want to see is a shoot off of the sub 1.5k AR-10s to see what “can” group the best and maybe which one has the least problems suppressed.

      • The Ruger .308 AR has an adjustable gas option, which can go from fully open for low power (subsonic ammunition maybe?) to cutting off the gas completely and making it so you have to pull the bolt back to eject the case each time.

        I think that cut off feature would be great for suppressors, less gas blow back.

        But… the Ruger AR triggers suck from all I’ve heard. The S&W’s I haven’t heard anything about.

        I would spend my money on the Smith than the Ruger, which is not often I say that because I buy Ruger handguns over Smiths.

    • “The gas system alone is lightyears ahead of what the M&P offers”

      They’re both DI. How is one DI system “lightyears ahead” of another DI system?

        • That’s a basic iterative change that’s nothing new or particularly innovative and has been utilized in the industry for years and certainly not invented by Savage. And while it’s a nice feature, MOST DI AR’s on the market are without an adjustable gas block because 90% of shooters don’t need it, want it, or know what to do with it.

          Hardly “lightyears ahead”

          Besides, for the savings between buying the M&P over the Savage you can install an adjustable gas block and still come out ahead.

      • 1) I mistook the sport version to the 18″ version. My mistake.

        2) adjustable gas system actually matters to more people with AR10s than you think, considering a lot of them without adjustable gas systems are pretty over gassed to be reliable with both 7.62 and 308 ammunition. Having one opens up a large amount if handloading ability that the S&W wouldn’t be able to run with. So, yeah, bit if a strawman but it’s a hugely worthwhile feature to have with AR10s. The difference in recoil alone is significantly noticable.

  2. S&W copies other manufacturers. They are last/late to market. They pick and choose the features and specs. they feel will appeal to buyers, and removes features that will help lower the cost. They do not innovate.

    • Uh… This is just a shorter barrel & cheaper version of the exact same rifle they’ve already been selling for years. I’m not sure how you figure they’re late to the game.

  3. I don’t know what y’all were smoking when you come with your survey But you need quit being biased It’s one of the Cheapest AR’s if not the Cheapest Junk out there

    • You clearly have a funny definition of “cheapest”. You can buy an AR for under $400. This one is over double that.

      • And I can get a Stereo for under $400 dollars and it will play good music too. I kind of like hearing my music better than good though. I bet you do too, correct? It’s already been mentioned previously but an adjustable gas block really is critical for an A10. I’d want one that is reliable. That will run about $50 bucks at the “cheapest”. I’ll want a LPK that is semi OK so lets go with an Anderson at $70 and we’ll fit a “cheapest” receiver in a Armalite pattern (vs. DPMS), another (maybe) $100. That leaves me $180 for an upper, stock, and barrel! All righty! That will be one fine rifle there! It will actually fire a round too! The sides of barns will shiver when I approach them.

  4. Smith Wesson QC has been atrocious over the past few years. All of my SW rifles purchased within a 3 year period had some sort of fit/finish issue. I have sworn off Smith Wesson and have been much happier with Windham Weaponry. You can really tell Windham Weaponry is hungry for business by their excellent fit and finish.

  5. Some valid points on the Ruger and S&W. I have been looking at the S&W as an inexpensive .308 AR that works out of the box – even if it is on the rough side. If I were purchasing a new AR in vanilla 5.56 I’d build my own to the specs I want and need. On a .308 though? You have to watch every detail to get the build right and reliable. For me to get the build right to my expectations I know I’ll end up spending well more than a grand.

    So, for a grand what would I get – S&W or Ruger to have a big bore rifle? Neither… I’d go the other way and purchase the Bergara HMR in 6.5 Creed. This is a rifle that makes a half blind, lousy in the accuracy-department kind of shooter like myself say “Damn! That’s some mighty fine shooting!’ 😉

    Bergara’s barrel manufacturing and triggers really are that good for a sub-$1000 rifle out of the box and… I think I just talked myself off the fence I’ve been straddling and on Tuesday morning I’ll go and make my local gun shop owner think to himself “This is a good way to start the week off…”

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