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Cruising this year’s SHOT Show looking for exhibitors for the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival, we happened upon Bergara Custom Rifles. We described the event to them. They immediately asked about the 1000-yard spots on the Rifle Range (sponsored by The Range at Austin). We told them we only had space for three manufacturers at maximum range. Bergara signed-up on the spot. And why not? The company stakes it reputation on long-range accuracy, enabled by their increasingly legendary rifle barrels. The Douglasville Police Department S.W.A.T. is on board. They’ve purchased the Bergara Premier Tactical chambered in .308 [press release after the jump]. it’s the same rifle that’ll be ringing steel at the Texas Firearms Festival on November 14 and 15 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill. Come and shoot it! Click here for tickets – before the next price hike . . .

Douglasville PD SWAT with Bergara Premier Tactical (courtesy

Duluth, Ga. ( – Bergara USA, a division of BPI Outdoors, today delivered on its third Bergara rifle contract received from a Georgia police department. The sale was arranged through Gables Sporting Goods, located in Douglasville, Georgia. The Douglasville Police Department S.W.A.T. selected the Bergara Premier Tactical chambered in .308. The rifles are equipped with the Dead Air Armament™ Keymount™ combination muzzle brake and suppressor mount, specially designed for the attachment of the Dead Air Armament™ Sandman™ suppressor, also manufactured by BPI Outdoors.

Douglasville Police Department
Douglasville, Georgia is a metro area of Atlanta and the county seat of Douglas County. The Douglas PD S.W.A.T. serves a community of over 32,000 citizens. Bergara USA, based in Duluth, Georgia, a well-known supplier of precision OEM rifle barrels, has designed a law enforcement tactical rifle by combining its precision barrels with its newly developed Premier actions. Built on a custom XLR Element chassis stock with an adjustable buttstock and a Bergara 416 stainless steel barrel with a suppressor-ready muzzle brake, the Bergara rifles will provide the Douglasville S.W.A.T. team with years of continuous precision performance in the line of duty.

The Bergara “Douglasville S.W.A.T. Rifle” features are as follows:

Barrel:                               Bergara 416 SS in .308 1:10 Twist with # 6 Contour

Action:                              Bergara Premier

Stock:                                XLR Element

Trigger:                             Timney 517

Muzzle Brake:                  Dead Air Armament™ Keymount™

For more information on Bergara USA, visit Join the conversation on Facebook.

About Bergara USA:

Bergara USA, headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, combines the world-class rifle barrels manufactured in Bergara, Spain with the high-tech design, materials and functionality in high demand by hunters, target shooters and professionals in the American Market.

About Dead Air Armament™:

Dead Air Armament™ is a division of Sound Moderation Technologies™, a North Carolina company designing, patenting and marketing the next generation in sound suppressor systems for civilian sportsmen, law enforcement, security and the military. Dead Air products are manufactured and sold through BPI Outdoors.

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  1. Well that proves stealing money and expropriating property from the citizenry is a lucrative trade.

  2. Hmm… using a SWAT team as a selling point on TTAG? I’m not sure if it’s a case of not knowing the audience or knowing the audience and hoping that it will generate clicks…

  3. WHY do the manufacturers (nearly all of them) insist on artsy-fartsy intros and power music on their commercials?
    Just show the darn item and give a reasonable statement about its features.

    • They may be ‘in fear for their lives’ from attacks by international terrorists. You need to understand how many Mexican Chihuahuas, French Poodles and Black Labrador retrievers are already in this country.
      The danger is real.
      As proof, here is the first line from a Wikipedia entry – The Labrador Retriever, also known as simply Labrador or Lab, is one of several kinds of retrievers, a type of gun dog.[3]

      • Yes. The country has been infiltrated by many many gun dogs. Its a whose who of criminal intent. In addition to the tactically armed Labrador retriever, we’ve got German shorthaired pointers, English pointers (remember the war of 1812), Flat coated retrievers (the flat coat helps with camouflage)

        I’m actually frightened that my town doesn’t have a SWAT team to resist these undocumented immigrants GUN dogs.

  4. Your tax dollars at work. I wonder how many lives the Douglasville SWAT team has saved.

    Its a sad commentary that Douglassville, with a population of 32,000 people. (laughable) has two snipers on their swat team.

    The pathetic need to play Soldier is evident in the enormous optics on their “sniper” rifles. Since most police sniper shots are taken at less then 200 yards, their “military style” (hey, I’ve got the same scope on there as the marine corp uses) scopes are probably less than ideal at their more likely engagement distance. . . .

    if they ever actually get engaged.

    pure idiocy.

    Mr Farrago, citing the equipment decisions of a paramilitary force in a TOWN of 32,000 is not going to win anyone any respect.

    Bergara makes nice stuff, in America. I too got a chance to speak with them at SHOT this year. I also spent a few minutes speaking with the CEO of the holding company that owns the US entity as well as Dead Air. Nice people who are intent on making quality stuff.

    But lets stop talking up a bunch of self important soldier want-to-be cops who “serve” a TOWN of only 32,000 with SWAT snipers. Does the Douglassville SWAT team have a promotional video with them driving around in a tank and Die Mother F&*Ker playing in the background?

  5. If anyone doesn’t get the Die Mother . . .reference above. search on youtube for Doraville SWAT. or go here:

    These guys actually think they serve a purpose. They represent more of a threat to our nation’s citizenry than anyone realized.


    p.s. Doraville (also in GA) has a population of 10,000 and has a de-milled tank for their SWAT team. In contrast, the town I came from in CT has 9000 residents and has a resident state trooper and 4 constables. Its a miracle we survived.

  6. To the SWAT sniper dudes posing in multi-cam BDUs in front of your armored ride. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are not in the military and certainly not in a war. Nice rifles though. Me likey.

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