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Richie, a USAF reservist, says he carries his Smith & Wesson M&P9C in a Crossbreed Modular Bellyband. He’d also like a new flashlight because “the lip is really sharp” and he doesn’t “like it sharing a pocket with my knife or keys.”

Are you pro-bellyband carry or against? If you’re for it, do you advocate training with it to speed up your draw stroke?

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  1. I’m neither for nor against, whatever gets people carrying is fine by me. You should practice your draw stroke no matter how you carry, it’s the biggest point of failure in a defensive shooting.

    • bellybands work well for old, fat guys…who usually spend most of their time in sweatpants and shorts…and have trouble finding a belt big enough!….

  2. I prefer a leather holster. I tried a belly band a while and didn’t like it, It may have been me but I can’t yank the gun out very fast with a belly band…… Not related> I live out in the country, I used to hear people target shooting all the time, I haven’t heard any gunfire for about three weeks? People used to shoot off this bridge south of me all the time but no more? Maybe the cops put a stop to it, dang it I got a lot of empty brass down there.

    • I had to zero my new Leupold optic and I may have or not negligently or not hit some of the plinkers. Stuff happen, that’s why I wrote my last will and testament when I was 12.

  3. I carry a Glock 43 every day, everywhere in a Galco Bellyband. About like a big, tight Ace Bandage. I wear it all summer in running shorts or swim trunks and a t-shirt (well, sometimes running it’ll be an S&W638), in my regular street gear during the non-summer months, beneath a tux or tails onstage at a concert, or just sitting around the house. I don’t even know I’m wearing it anymore and it does not print. Of course, I run about 5 miles per day and don’t have a lot of excess rolling body parts but I’ve never had anyone say anything and twice now have been on a range shooting with cops who were interested in trying a 43. Both times I was in the swimming trunks/t-shirt garb and pulled it out to let them shoot it. Both times all involved were surprised I was carrying.

    The Galco can be worn left side, right side, cross draw either side, IWB, OWB, high, low, in-between- about anywhere. It also has pockets for extra mags, money, CCW, etc. For me- very comfortable and about the only way to carry, especially since I want to carry totally concealed.

    Word of advice- buy a size larger than what Galco claims… And YES to practicing your draw stroke- I cross over with the left to yank the shirt as I begin to acquire my grip grip with my right hand. Attaining a full normal shooting grip while the weapon is still holstered is easy for me, if I weighed an extra 30 pounds or more that would likely change.

  4. Belly Bands are a joke. Much like the reserves 😉

    Especially when you wear them at the AIWB position, like richie does. Even worse, it’s cross draw and not for driving purposes.

    I am willing to bet since he wears a blazer to his religious stuff, that he tucks in his shirt as well as his undershirt. I just don’t see this setup being any good at all.

    • Well, I was active duty for 8.5 years. But you’re right, my current unit is pretty much a joke.

      No, I don’t wear it cross draw. I’m a lefty and carry it on my left side. I usually wear a t-shirt or polo shirt untucked during the week. I do tuck my shirt in on Sunday mornings, but not my undershirt. Thanks for assuming though!

  5. Most all of these pocket lights have sharp edge if not a dedicated “DNA catcher” Remove the lens cap from the light and smooth the edges w/very fine sandpaper. I don’t think I would like a bellyband, but I agree with Drew, anything that gets you to carry.

  6. Like most, I use a couple different means of carry depending on the situation. I primarily use a Dara iwb at 3 o’clock. But I found a belly band to work best when wearing more formal clothing…Like when I’m doing my “religious stuff”.
    As for lights. I carry a Streamlight 1L. It’s compact, bright, and doesn’t have a very aggressive strike bezel, so it won’t bite ya. Just my $.02.

  7. I’m for belly bands.

    I’m against the $60-$70 “name brand” belly bands when you can get the same thing on Amazon for $17.

  8. Funny stuff. The gomers around here act like everyone that is legal to carry does so everywhere, everyday, year-in, year-out. BS. The vast majority of permitted owners and those who are allowed to carry either openly or via state constitutional mandate do not. For many, the permit is just some badge of honor to show their drinking, football-watching pals rather than a sacred honor and responsibility.

    The key to carrying is two-fold. First, one should practice clearing their piece from their clothing in various situations. Practice at home, a lot. It does not require shooting, just clearing and placing the piece in an aimed/pointed, shooting position. After one is able to do so reliably, start shooting every week with what you’re carrying. Need not be more than a mag or so, but get comfortable with the practiced grip, draw, point and especially the trigger. Also involved in the actual shooitng drill is the re-holstering, where I believe the majority of self-shootings and negligent discharges occur. Especially with solid holsters of leather, plastic or the like, shoving the firearm back into the holster with the finger still in the trigger guard nearly always ends up discharging the firearm.

    As I posted above, I use the Galco bellyband because it allows me to carry all the time and inconspicuously, regardless of the garb. It is not a joke, especially when one considers I (at least) carry to protect MYSELF, not the entire world, and am preparing myself for that eventuality, not making some sort of assault on a bank, an airliner, or repelling an entire army. If that were to come to pass, I sure as hell wouldn’t be showing up with a carry-sized handgun. Most likely a 12 gauge shotgun or rifle if things were more distant…


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