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This video is a point-by-point analysis of the behavior of the victims of the recent shooting at a FL School Board meeting—what did they did wrong, and what they should have done. The responding safety officer, a retired cop, hailed by the media as a hero, proved to be anything but. His actions are analyzed here as well. This analysis was produced by my company, Armed Response.

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  1. Great analysis. Those board members are very lucky that they weren’t killed by Jones cover fire as you pointed out.

  2. The failure to move is mostly likely rooted in a fear that doing so will make you the primary target especially if you have to move toward the shooter to get to the aisle in order to leave. And even though sitting still actually makes you easier to shoot, it lessens your odds that you’re going to be the first one shot at. Being there with an acquaintance or a family member also serves to anchor a lot of people because you either abandon the person you’re with, or you feel like you need to be anchored to them…an even bigger slower target. And if everybody dashes toward the door, then the crowd gets jammed and those at the tail end are easier targets.

    So I really do understand why a lot of people just sit still, maintaining a low profile, hoping the focus will go onto others. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do for all people in all cases, just that it has a degree of sensibility to it.

  3. Thanks Joe.


    If that were the case, that may be a well-reasoned explanation, however, the rest of the “response” by all involved does not hint at any proper reasoning: merely an extreme exhibition of the sheep mentality.

    • rabbi,
      To be honest, I haven’t finished watching all of the remainder of the analysis past the first 3-4 minutes. But I believe that, absent being seized up in panic , the rationales I listed are at the essence of the sheep mentality. But non sheep, have a larger toolbox. They have these same concerns, but also a realization that certain further actions, while possibly risky, may lessen chance of being slaughtered and hence are worth doing.

      So I think we probably agree more than not. I was just trying to imagine some of what was going through the heads of those who weren’t acting.

      • And now that I’ve gotten completely through the analysis, I say great analysis.

        I still think that some sheep act that way not out of lack of reason, but of limited reason.

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