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Two-faced Hollywood types are about a rare as outraged social justice warriors in Ferguson. You can’t swing a dead cat on Santa Monica Boulevard without bumping into some actor spouting his views on how Americans should live their lives while at the same time raking in mega-cinebucks portraying precisely the behavior they decry. But we live in the 21st century now, a time in which it’s easy to publicize and mock that kind of sanctimonious malarkey. An era in which it’s easy to call the hypocrites out on their deceitful double-dealing. Take, for instance, the ads that have recently appeared on bus shelters around the Los Angeles area . . .


“Redesigned” versions of the movie poster for Liam Neeson’s new action release, Run All Night, appeared around Los Angeles today – the work of street artists offended by Neeson’s anti-second amendment rhetoric.


As someone once said, the way to deal with intransigent opposition is to punch back twice as hard. It’s a start, anyway.

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  1. Liam is a recent addition to my list of anti-gun entertainers who won’t see a dime of my money.

    • Same here. I’d also like to see how well he can actually shoot or fight MMA like a real guy. It’s pretty easy to knock someone out in a movie. Austin Powers fight scenes were about as realistic as Liam.

      • Sean Penn is another one i won’t waste my money on…oh ya and his girlfriend charlize whatever her name is..

      • I haven’t seen these movies, but I did catch a fight scene from Taken 2 while flipping channels, and you are right. It was the lamest fight I’ve ever seen in a big time movie.

      • +1, A81. I was going to watch Taken3, and that new one, Tombstone something, until Neeson started attacking gun owners, while applying for US citizenship. Since then, cant help but feel disgust for the guy.

        At least Pierced Organ was honest about his views. Neeson is just free riding on the blood of patriots shed to secure his 1A right to be a douchebag in public.

        Besides, his recent movie quality is at the level of Steven Seigals later stuff. Makes me wonder who he is in debt to, so desperate to whore hmself out like that.

        Or it could be early Alzheimers, and his true politics are showing. Remember who his mother-in-law was…maybe he is just warmed over cat-shite from that failed 1930s eurosocialism that is still holding fast in lefty circles in the UK, while its collapsing in failure here, under the new branding of Progressivism v.2.0.

    • well of course. the bourgeoisie run Hollywood. so them and all their little friends make sure that at least a good portion of their employees are anti gun. I always laugh when the ruling capitalist class tries to legislate anti gun bills. they will never disarm the working class.

  2. Nice, but Liam is no hypocrite; all of his roles are ex-something, and his wife/daughter/son are always in eminent danger. Then, in the one movie where he does not kill goombas, his hunting rifle breaks and he is eaten by wolves. Lots of liberal affirmation, in those scripts.

    • When you really break it down, almost all action movies are conservative — pursuing justice and defending the weak through superior firepower is not something progressives advocate. Stridently traditional values often appear in films by raging liberals.

      • And sometimes they manage to unintentionally make films that contradict their whole worldview. “In Time” was one of the most unintentionally pro-capitalist films I’ve ever seen.

    • Isn’t this exactly why he is a hypocrite? He portrays people defending themselves in his movies but in real life he decries the very same thing.

      • Neeson and his fellow Hollyweirders aren’t hypocritical so much as they’re sending mixed messages. They don’t seem to realize that what they see as toxic gun culture isn’t toxic — and to the extent that there is “gun toxicity” in our culture, it’s driven in large part by the violent stories they themselves have created.

        If he owned and used guns himself while trying to remove everyone else’s right to do the same, then he’d be a hypocrite. Mike “the gun guy” Weisser is an utterly hypocritical piece of sh!t. Liam Neeson isn’t a gun guy; he just plays one on TV. The only thing gun-related he ever does is tell fictional stories about characters who use them.

        Hollywood spends an awful lot of time making guns and (fake) violence fun to watch. Whether heroes or villains, the characters who use guns in movies are almost always pretty damn cool — because the moviemakers go to great lengths to portray them that way.

        So when they turn around and tell us we’re not supposed to think any of this is cool or acceptable in any way, cognitive dissonance happens. It’s infuriating when someone makes something look so attractive and enjoyable (and guns *are* a lot of fun), and then has the gall to berate you for enjoying it.

        • I’m not familiar with Neeson’s full body of work, but has he ever not used a weapon of some sort as a prop in his movies? He uses weapons, not in the way most of us do, but as a means to line his pockets. To then blast Americans for owning guns for peaceful purposes and to defend themselves is indeed hypocritical.

      • +1. He is either fully aware, and blatantly hypocritical, or he is a typical Hollyweirdo, operating on the same level as a circus dog.

        Eh, no, thats not fair to the dog, for at least it knows when to get down on all four legs when the show is over…

    • Actually, it seems like pretty much all action movies feature a hero who is ex-something or other, a fall from grace typically undeserved. It’s kind of a cheap plot device that both facilitates obstacles and allows redemption.

      Whatever place Liam Neeson is “ex” from sure didn’t teach him how to fight realistically. Or talk without growling.

  3. I enjoyed his movies until he shot off his mouth about the freedoms of my country, now I won’t be spending any money to watch this dickheads crap.

  4. How many Americans go to the the UK and criticize their culture the way Piers and Liam do to us? How about we all fly over there, book appearances on Graham Norton, and insult the rank and file limeys who drive on the left and haven’t seen a dentist since Thatcher was PM? And they call us imperialists.

      • Actually since before 1776. The shooting war started April 19, 1775 and civil unrest since at least 1770.

    • Roku, with respect for you are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I applaud your effort at fairness,

      but you are applying the moral equivalence fallacy (ie some American actors are whoring hypocrits) in defense of Neeson, and raising another fallacy in support, the strawman argument (that all Americans would bad mouth all Brits. )

      • I think you mistook my meaning. The answer to the question “How many Americans go to the the UK and criticize their culture?” is “not many that we hear of.” Freedom of speech aside, I would feel embarrassed to bad-mouth my adopted homeland and the people who show me such appreciation. But that’s just an ugly American talking.

    • Soon as you started criticizing the UK and their worldview on their turf, you would end up being arrested,sentenced to prison banned from ever being allowed to enter again and then deported.

      • Good point. Look up libel and slander laws in the UK, its no wonder Neeson came here to shoot off his big mouth.
        Its even worse in France, and look how long it took Mark Steyn to win the witch trial against him in Canada, by pc thought police abusing the commision there.

  5. Liam is definitely a hypocrite. In his movies he uses guns extensively to fight the bad guys and to overcome incredible odds to rescue his family. So much so as to be unbelievable really. But that is just Hollywood and movies. For him to make a LOT of money, as an actor, chasing after and shooting the bad guys with guns on both sides and then come out with his sanctimonious crap about our second amendment is sheer hypocrisy. No other way to define it as far as I can see. But then I don’t really see where these actors are authorities on anything most of the time anyway. They make their livings pretending to be someone else so how does that make their opinions any more valid than you, me or any person on the street ? Boggles my mind when anyone uses any actor’s opinion to justify or validate anything. Way too much weight is given to actors and rich people’s opinions IMO. They often are don’t have any special knowledge on whatever they are talking about and some of them appear to be downright stupid. Matthew McConaughey’s opinions on the 2nd amendment and gun controls is an excellent example of STUPID. Liam probably very close to the same. Must say I very much like the guerrilla poster. Kudos to those responsible.

    • “Liam is definitely a hypocrite. In his movies he uses guns extensively to fight the bad guys and to overcome incredible odds to rescue his family. So much so as to be unbelievable really. But that is just Hollywood and movies. For him to make a LOT of money, as an actor, chasing after and shooting the bad guys with guns on both sides and then come out with his sanctimonious crap about our second amendment is sheer hypocrisy.”

      So is Anthony Hopkins also a hypocrite for playing Hannibal Lecter and yet not (I assume) also eating people in real life?

  6. I would like to see the fool deported since he demonstrated epic fail on understanding the U.S. Constitution.

  7. Another possibility:
    Liam Neeson is walking lock step with the Hollywood communists but he actually believes in the values of his movies, as mentioned above – traditional values like fighting evil with great firepower. It happens. Sometimes you have to play chameleon. One’s actions speak louder than words. “Hear my pandering to liberals while I demonstrate that violence is an option for goodness.”

    • Don’t buy it. He could’ve kept mum on the topic, but he had to mouth off and insult the whole nation. Plenty of A-listers have either said they support gun ownership or said nothing.

      • To be fair, once an actor is well and fully on the A-list, their position is relatively secure. For the B-list and below (which, I believe, counts in Liam Neeson), they probably either have to, or at least feel they have to, play politics for the sake of their career a lot more. I can’t really think of many/any B-listers coming out strongly pro-gun, but, I don’t really follow/care about what they have to say, so I rarely remember what any actor thinks about stuff.

    • Give me a #^@%!^& break! Really?

      Don’t confuse the plots of crappy action movies with somehow being a wink and nod to “our” culture. Super liberal action hero plots don’t work well because nobody wants to see Liam Neeson whine and cry until the kidnappers tire of his sobbing and give in.

      It’s no skin off my back because I always disliked this goofy chump and his half-assed “talent”.

  8. “Taken” was pretty cool, but at this point, I’m just tired of the genre. Neeson’s a one trick pony, and it’s not a very good trick.

  9. This poster, if I am correct, is the work of Unsavory Agents. If so, look for more in the same vein.

  10. Movies????? Haven’t been to one in years, I’m waiting for something decent to come out, ( gonna be a long wait). Refuse to support the Hollywood machine and the obscene amount of money these people get paid.

  11. If the hypocrisy bothers you, stop consuming their product, don’t go to movies and turn of your television. Simply complaining about it will not accomplish anything.

    • Actually, it does. I get to vent in a community of like minded, with many who are fair minded enough to call me out, when I go too far out in my rant, and others cantankerous enough to disagree (even when I am right…;)

      and smart enough to use facts, reason, and well constructed arguments to prove they are right. Forcing me to think deeper, and grow, too).

      The cooment section is half the value of Ttag, as it is in a double handful of other sites online, which makes this place highly useful as you dont get that much, elsewhere on the innertubz, especially forums or comments in the StateRunMedia, where trolls and true believers bleat the progtard party line, and run shrieking in panty-twisting victim blaming foolisness when confronted with the truth (WAPO), or rely on moderators who censor uncomfortable truths, or opinions that differ from the group-think…(NYT, etc).

      Lots of noobs coming here to learn about guns, who get exposed to the culture, which includes a diverse range of opinions, uncluttered by pc brainwashing….

  12. Love the new ad! Professionally done too…these anti-2A a##wipes need to pay a price. Like PBS who has been pitching for $ after financing a hit piece on the NRA. Whatever I haven’t been a neeson fan since Darkman…

    • I don’t know about professionally done……

      They just cut out two letters (a “G” and an “R”) from another copy of the same poster and placed them over the first letters of Run and Night. The black background easily hides the fact that they are pasted over the original letters.

      Clever? Yes.
      Professionally made? No.

  13. I was going to say something like he should take up snow skiing again, but I wont.
    He’s just another elitist, statist who lives in a bubble.

    • That was a good one. I felt sympathy for Neeson for his loss, as his wife seemed to be genuinely good people.

      But that was long ago, and he is responsible for his actions now. He opened the debate with his own blatant disrespect for his own fans, and for that he is accountable for his words, and the consequences.

      I’m voting with my wallet.

  14. I’m at the point with this “I know how you should live” idiot that I won’t even watch the ads for his movies,, or any star wars film that he’s in. What’s with these Limey disarmament creeps? That can have all the disarmament they want…………if the will Just, Go, Home.

    • I think the Limey disarmament creeps tried to disarm us once before, and it didn’t turn so well for them.

      Liam Neeson is nothing more than a whiny little bitch who moves to our country to tell us how to live.

      I will be watching closely to see how well his latest movie does after opening his mouth and crapping in it.

      I hope the movie dies a painful death.

    • Carrie Fisher ( Leia) is also really anti-gun. However James Earl Jones is pro-gun. Most of the brit actors in the backgound of the 6 films are probably antis.

  15. Neeson is also a coward…leaving his native lands, under attack by crippling pc multi-culti suicide, and disarmed citizens, cowed police who fear to report a clas of immigrants who whore out the UK’s own neglected children.

    Neeson’s probably got a fatwa on his A$$ for dissing the Albanian muslims who sold his daughter to the fat Arab sheik in the movie.

    How much you want to bet Neeson’s personal security detail looks like Shannons group of Bloomy-paid for shaved baldy penis-head ex-NY cops.?

    Neeson is just another “ok for me, not for thee” progtard totalitarian..

  16. How many more movies is this old man going to make pretending to be a young tough guy? There must be a shortage of better actors if they keep going back to Liam.

  17. Do to these actors the same thing that was done to jane fonda , don’t go and see anything these people do. Don’t buy anything they hype or endorse…..hit them where it hurts their pocket book. This is what I do. There are alot of good actors and actresses that are not lame idiots and we should patronize them and their products.

  18. The dude’s an actor. He acts. There’s no rule that says an actor can only act in roles he believes in 100% personally.

    If you play a Nazi in a film it doesn’t mean you must love Nazis in real life. If you play a gun-toting cop, it doesn’t mean you have to love (or even like) guns.

  19. I just have to say this: How dare he come to my country and criticize one of its most important founding principles. Just because some idiot liberal judge signs a paper insinuating that this dweeb is somehow magically a citizen of the US does not make it so in my book. One day, We The People will muster the courage to throw these 5th column invaders from our borders.

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