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Hi there,

My name is Christina and we’re developing a series called Coming Here Soon for BBC3 in the UK, which is a presenter-fronted series that looks at what life is like for teenagers living in the US. The aim is to look at different aspects of young people’s lives in America to give an insight into similarities and differences with life for young people in the UK, in particular looking at topics that are especially relevant to our audience. One area that we’ve highlighted is girls and young women carrying guns and the better understanding of the place of guns in young lives for protection and hunting in the US . . .

We would like to speak with young women who are pro guns and feel that learning how to use a gun is a valid part of everyday life skills. I was wondering if you knew of any such girls and anyone who is campaigning for more Guns to be carried by women in the US on campus. I would also be interested in speaking with you as well as you obviously have lots of knowledge on females and guns. Please let me know if there is anyway you can help me at all and if so a good time to contact you.

The BBC’s Factual Department is the largest provider of factual content in the world. Alongside our globally renowned science and history programming we have a long track record of producing acclaimed documentaries and compelling landmark films.

We produce thoughtful, in-depth and journalistically sound documentaries, informed by thorough research. As the UK’s public service broadcaster, the BBC is bound by values of impartiality and fairness to all. As a department we have an excellent track record of working with sensitive subject matter, working successfully with individuals and institutions and dealing responsibly with vulnerable contributors. We spend much time researching and getting to know a subject matter and take our duty of care to those who are involved in our programmes extremely seriously. Our hope is to make sensitive and thoughtful documentaries which allow people to tell their own stories in their own words.

We have recently produced Our War, a series telling the story of the conflict in Afghanistan through video content filmed by soldiers themselves using personal cameras, mobile phones and helmet cameras. The series gave a unique perspective on the realities of war told from the point of view of the young men and women on the frontline. The critically acclaimed Women War Weddings and Me followed 21 year old Nel Hedayat returning to Afghanistan, the country of her birth, to find out what life is like for women to live there now; and Roger: Genocide Baby which followed a young Genocide survivor, Roger Nsengiyumva, returning to Rwanda to see if he could forgive his father’s killers.

Other recent BBC documentaries have included Wounded, a BAFTA and RTS award-winning documentary following two injured soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Between Life and Death, a sensitive portrait of the moving stories of doctors, patient and families over six months at the UK’s top brain injury unit.

Please let me know if you need anymore information at all.

Thanks so much,
Christina [[email protected]]

[NB: That would be the same Christina Wilby who also scoured the net for contestants for the hypnosis-based game show I Know What You Did Last Friday.]

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  1. I have recently been teaching my mom how to shoot. I am trying to convince her to carry as I will be leaving the house soon (im 17). I am mormon and more people in my church carry than dont carry. There used to be a guy in my ward who was a ranger in ww11. He always had a full sized 1911 concealed on his person.

    • Joe you know that church policy prohibits that right? It’s supposed to be LEO only at Mormon churches…

      • Sorry thats not true. My dad is the bishop of our ward and carries all of the time. He isn’t law enforcement. I know a couple other non leo guys who usually carry. And they cant prohibit a right. After all the church would have the right to say that only leo could carry seeing as how they are a private institution. But irregardless they let non leos carry.

          • Utah criminal code prohibits carrying in churches that decide to not allow it. Listed here is the code: However subsection 3b states that the church may: “provide or allow exceptions to the prohibition as the church or organization considers advisable.”In general terms this becomes interpreted as “Bishop says it’s okay, so I carry.” This is a shaky legal argument but it’s a common occurrence still.Additionally, OUTSIDE OF UTAH, the LDS church has exactly the same legal right to prohibit guns as any other church. If you can carry at the baptist church down the street, you can carry at the LDS church. If the state allows you to legally carry, church policy on that matter can only affect your church membership standing, not bring legal consequences.

            • If the state allows you to legally carry, church policy on that matter can only affect your church membership standing, not bring legal consequences.

              No matter what the state allows you to do, that does not supersede the rights of private property owners.

              Churches are, generally, private property. If the owner, or person in charge (PIC) prohibits guns then you are required by law to honor that prohibition.

              In Washington ignoring a “no guns” prohibition will get you kicked out (if caught). Refusal to leave will get you arrested for trespassing. A very real legal consequence.

              In Oregon ignoring a “no guns” prohibition will get you arrested and charged with trespassing with a firearm, the owner/PIC does not have to ask you to leave first. Ignoring the prohibition (assuming that you know about it) and entering anyway automatically puts you as a trespasser under OR law. Again, a very real legal consequence.

              Laws very from state to sate so before spewing your idiocy read them.

          • I had a friend advise me I couldn’t carry in an LDS church. I just looked it up, and have your dad look up 21.2.4 in the LDS church handbook…

    • Dude, you know someone who fought in World War Eleven? My faith in time travel being possible has been restored! =)

      • Yes and the 1911 wasnt even obsolete! My name is john moses browning. I am a husband a father a gun designer who provided weapons for 2 world wars and I am a mormon.

  2. The BBC should generally not be trusted when it comes to gun rights.

    HOWEVER, for a savvy young gun enthusiast man or woman, this could be an opportunity. If you get an interview, be polite, answer questions, take careful notes, and make the logical, pro-gun case. (If you live in a state that allows it, I suggest you record the conversation. But that’s up to you.)

    After the BBC piece airs, compare their broadcast with what you said (and your notes) during the entire interview. The BBC will probably edit to distort and make the pro-gun case as weak as possible. When that happens, put your version of the interview (with no edits) on the net (or YouTube).

    Americans should realize that the ass-hats at the BBC do receive indirect US subsidies. Many local WelfarePublic Radio stations run BBC so-called news feeds overnight and on weekends.

  3. While reading the first few paragraphs I really got the feeling that this reporter thinks that you’re some sort of redneck hillbilly that was edumacated in the mountains. Idk, could just be me, but it seemed to read like a bad translation.

  4. Just a warning from another subject:

    The BBC did a piece on video game enthusiasm/addiction where two very responsible men agreed to be filmed to show audiences that the whole ‘video games are bad’ thing is false. They both tried their hardest to act in a clean cut, responsible, and educated manner. The BBC distorted the final version to make the two men look like crack addicts with no lives.

    I imagine that they will do the same to whoever decides to cooperate with this gun piece.

    • Agreed. I would not have anything to do with this. They are going to print what they want regardless, and 100-1 it will be anti-gun.

      Print media, more so than visual media, is more easily distorted and misinterpreted.

      Let them “quote” someone else.

    • Don’t go within 100 miles of them. I agree with casey1911 – any questions will be slanted towards the “Have you stopped beating your wife yet? Just answer yes or no” … sort.

      Their anti American position is well publicised and any information will be carefully edited to make anyone appearing in the finished broadcast look like a simpleton or a bloodthirsty, knuckle dragging moron.

      As they say about drugs “Just say no ….”

  5. This doesn’t seem to be very clear, because it only says that it would be INAPPROPRIATE not banned or restricted. There are plenty of things that are inappropriate, and you’re still allowed to do them without penalty. “21.2.4 Firearms: Churches are dedicated for the worship of God and as havens from the cares and concerns of the world. The carrying of lethal weapons, concealed or otherwise, within their walls is inappropriate except as required by officers of the law.”

  6. Many years ago we had a UK film crew record part of one of our CHL classes. It was part of a piece they did on ‘The Texas Solution’ – basically the topic was “We banned guns and crime went up, Texas enacted concealed carry and crime when down. We don’t understand what happened.” My business partner who was teaching the class wouldn’t let the film crew or the reporter talk to or film anyone until they all learned gun safety and did some shooting. When the final piece was aired, the footage that was shown was OK.

    If you want a great example of how “our message” can get through even when the reporter has an agenda, find the Clint Smith 60 minutes interview.

  7. I would not trust the BBC to tell me accurately if the sun was up at noon.

    They are a government-run imitation of a news organization with a hard-core leftist agenda.

    As an Israeli, I tried for years to give them the benefit of the doubt, I truly did. But they were so consistently wrong, on anything having anything to do with Israel, that I finally gave up. And if they’re this biased on a subject I actually know something about, I realized, why should I trust them on issues I haven’t studied?

    “Factual Department” — how very Orwellian of them!

  8. I live in the UK and am a (legal) gun owner there. I collect and shoot historic handguns and rifles, mostly of British and American manufacture, and have well over 100 pistols in my collection. I wouldn’t trust the BBC to give an unbiased report on the subject of firearms. They are institutionally opposed to the private ownership of firearms. Whatever they present on firearms ownership in the US will slanted in such a way to make the British situation appears far superior to the US. They will also use it to argue for further controls on us British shooters, as though we aren’t already bound hand and foot by laws and regulations You will be doing your fellow firearms owners in the UK a serious disservice if you have anything to do with this dishonested and politically motivated organisation.

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